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Volume 472 - Blame Runner
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May 07, 2001.......Advertise with Update..........Sweep Weeks.......Help Wanted........Did you hear it? 
Angryburgher - send me some e-mail - you are the new Sports Editor

 Ralph Reed is the new chairman of the Georgia Republican Party.

 Today in History

  Sixty-two years ago, Germany and Italy announced a military and political alliance known as the Rome-Berlin Axis.
  Exactly six years later, Germany signed an unconditional surrender at Allied headquarters in Rheims, France
  Twenty-six years ago, the Vietnam War came to an end, along with 58,000 lives.
  Eleven years ago today, President Bush said he was "just kidding" about "Read my lips, no new taxes."

  ...and it's Traci Lord's 33rd birthday


 "Tim McVeigh's got a case - you don't send the FBI in to kill women and children.''
        -- Gore Vidal

 Here we go again...
 Senator John Danforth, highly respected by right-wing Republicans, said
 "The federal government was 100 percent innocent of starting that fire at Waco."

 Why isn't Gore Vidal aware of that if I am?
 Does Vidal think the F.B.I. shot some kids early in the raid?
 There's no evidence any kids were harmed until Vern set the compound on fire.
 But that hate clouds their minds.

 Some people hate Bill Clinton so much, they think Danforth was covering for him.
 Some people hate Bill Clinton so much, they think Robert Fiske was covering for him.
 Some people hate Bill Clinton so much, they think Kenneth Starr was covering for him.
 Some people hate Bill Clinton so much, they think Dan Burton was covering for him.
 Some people hate Bill Clinton so much, they think Bob Barr was covering for him.
 Some people hate Bill Clinton so much, they think Tennessee Tuxedo was covering for him.
 Some people hate Bill Clinton so much, they think Newt Gingrich was covering for him.

 ...and the Freepers are so crazy, they accuse Rush of covering for him.


Subject: Derby Day

Click  Here

 From: Tamara Baker

 President Weak and Stupid Begs Bill to Bail Him Out of China Mess

 Click  Here


Subject: The Sopranos

No Janet, and no narcoleptic religious freak, but boy, wasn't that about
the BEST episode EVER of The Sopranos? Paulie and Christopher are in
deep Russian doo doo! And what a treat to see Paulie's hair in such disarray!

Only two more episodes left.
It's like trying to make your favorite tequila last just a little longer, isn't it?

Yes, that was a damn good episode.
It was Blair Witch meets Survivor.

Is there anything funnier than Paulie when he's scared?
And who knew Paulie gets his nails done at some women's salon?
ha ha

Then Christopher said, "Who knew the Cuban Missle Crisis was real?
                                      I thought that was just bullshit!"

I thought I was gonna die laughing when they fought over the ketchup packs.
Koresh, they'd been without food for what, 6 hours?
And they drew their guns on each other?
The only thing missing was talk of another Donner Party.
And since they were so afraid of freezing to death, when they got under that carpet,
trying to stay warm, they should've had Christopher suggest they cuddle to save
body warmth just so Paulie could say, "Get the fuck outta here."
The writers missed that opportunity.

When Christopher started whining, Paulie told him to "stop acting cunty."
That caused Chinaco to blow out my nose.

Meanwhile, Tony goes to visit the Russian mob boss.
(Who's best friend was the victim of a bungled hit by Paulie.)
They shared a shot of Grey Goose!
Check it out - the Russian mobsters drink French vodka?
ha ha

If I was in the Russian mob, I'd buy Grey Goose and pour it
in a damn Stoly's bottle so the other mobsters wouldn't call me names.
Plus, Jackie Junior may be cut into small pices if meadow tells her dad how he disrepected her.

One thing - when Paulie attacked the Russian guy, it reminded me of President Weak & Stupid
and the way he mishandled that whole spy plane deal. Paulie can't afford to take any shit from anybody.
He's the top button man for the top mobster in the state. If he's dissed, he's GOT to attack.
He can't let word get out that you can tell Tony's money collectors to fuck off and get away with it,
just like Smirk couldn't afford to bend over and spread 'em whenever the Chi-Comms say "Boo!"

...but he did.

Also, did you notice it was directed by Steve Buscemi?

Everything Buscemi does is great. He never disappoints.

I need to watch that episode again, tonight.
This was mas fina TV.

Busting the Bad Guys
 You're not going to believe what is doing to Mike Barnicle.
 He deserves it.

 Click  Here

 While you're there, check out the answer to the question Who is Cynthia A. Henderson?


Subject: What the...

 You wrote:
>"If you own property in America, and it rains on it, on your land, and if a puddle forms,
> I can almost guarantee you that some liberal, federal bureaucrat will declare it a "wetland"
> and take your property from you without compensation."
>  -- Word-for-word, from the tape of his 4/16/97 broadcast

It amazes me that Rush Limbaugh can say something in 1997 and it can affect events
two years prior to his original statement…kind of like how G.W. Bush is guilty for
oil companies making record profits during the Clinton Years.
Wow, your I.Q. really is 64!

Sir, you have failed to make a valid point.
Are you saying Rush never called the feds "oppresive" prior to 4/16/97?
Are you saying there was an old Rush that thought one way,
 and I shouldn't compare the old Rush to the new Rush?
Are you saying my point isn't valid because I didn't record his previous anti-government hysterics?

The quote was meant to show how Rush can take an anthill and scream "Rocky Mountains"
until the idiot sheep (perhaps you qualify?) believe him and buy some ammonium nitrate.

And only Koresh knows what the second half of your garblism (homage to W&S) meant.
If you think BIG OIL made record profits during the Clinton years, what do you call
the 500 percent increase in profits they're making now?

Remember, domestic gas and foreign oil started rising during Smirk's campaign,
when money was needed for him to steal the White House. Clinton was hardly in a position
to launch investigations into BIG OIL when BIG OIL's friends had a bought-and-paid-for Congress
and he only had 4 months left in office as a lame duck.

You, Sir, have made zero valid points, and are now dismissed.

 Ari & I
  White House Press Briefing with Ari Fleischer

 Click  Here least someone is asking some questions...

 A salute to Reagan's Compassion
 for the people of Central America

 In the howling wind
 comes a stinging rain
 See it driving nails
 into souls on the tree of pain
 From the firefly,
 a red orange glow
 See the face of fear
 running scared in the valley below

 Bullet the blue sky
 Bullet the blue sky
 Bullet the blue
 Bullet the blue

 In the locust wind
 comes a rattle and hum
 Jacob wrestled the angel
 and the angel was overcome
 Plant a demon seed,
 you raise a flower of fire
 See them burning crosses,
 see the flames, higher and higher

 Bullet the blue sky
 Bullet the blue sky
 Bullet the blue
 Bullet the blue

 This guy comes up to me
 His face red like a rose on a thorn bush
 Like all the colors of a royal flush
 And he's peeling off those dollar bills
 Slapping them down
 One hundred, two hundred, three hundred

 And I can see those fighter planes
 And I can see those fighter planes
 Across the mud huts where the children sleep
 Through the alleys of a quiet city street
 Take the staircase to the first floor
 Turn the key and slowly unlock the door

 As a man breathes into a saxophone
 Through the walls we hear the city groan
 Outside it's America
 Outside it's America

 Across the field you see the sky ripped open
 See the rain come through the gaping wound
 Pounding on the women and children
 Pounding on the women and children
 Pounding on the women and children

 ...who run
 ...who run

 ...into the arms of America


Subject: Camille Paglia

If you haven't seen this yet and need a reason to vomit today, here it is.
A link to the full column (from Salon), and the excerpted ugliness below...

>>  Hillary, clad in a gold, leopard-print, full-length evening gown designed
by Oscar de la Renta (at whose villa in the Dominican Republic the Clintons
had recently vacationed), was the beneficiary of an insult to first lady
Laura Bush. The occasion was the swank, $3,500-a-seat gala opening in New
York of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's exhibit of Jacqueline Kennedy
Onassis' clothing at the Costume Institute. Mrs. Bush wisely attended only
the cocktail party and departed before Hillary's arrival for dinner, so
presumably she did not hear honorary chairwoman Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg
gratuitously hailing Hillary for having "interpreted the role of first lady for our times."

Wait a minute - it was Pickles that dissed the crowd, not the other way around.
Pickles beat a hasty retreat because she couldn't stand being compared to women
who are allowed to openly express their opinions without her husband's father's
handlers telling her to shut the hell up.

Only Rush Limbaugh hit back at Caroline with the force that she deserved.
Listening to his radio show in my car on the way back from classes, I cheered
loudly (as at a great football play) as Limbaugh in one of his trademark
flights of Roman oratory unleashed zinger after zinger, climaxing in an
electrifying indictment: Caroline, charged Limbaugh, was honoring Hillary for
imitating the depressing example of her own mother, Jackie Kennedy, who
"looked the other way" and allowed herself to be personally humiliated and
the White House to be profaned by the adulterous antics of a crude philanderer.

This isn't a legitimate point.
If Newt's wife had left his adulterous ass,
If Henry Hyde's wife had left his adulterous ass,
If Bob Livingston's wife had left his adulterous ass,
If Dan Burton's wife had left his adulterous ass,
If David Shipper's wife had left his adulterous ass,
If Bob Dole's wife had left his adulterous ass,

THEN they might have the beginnings of a point, but even that would fall short because just
think of the damage the drunken hyenas would have done to America if they'd been able to claim,
"The president is so untrustworthy, his wife can't even live with him."

Hillary was right to stay with Bill while he was in the White House.
What's the Republican's excuse?

Conclusion: Camille Paglia is a Limbaugh shill and a lying whore.

 In Praise of Bill Clinton

 Click  Here

is on again tonight, and they've been having a great year.
 One of my favorites is that narcoleptic religio-nut who's been running with Janice.

 He loves to ambush people with, "Have you heard the news?"
 And Tony would say, "What news?" thinking the president had been shot or something,
 and Narcoboy says, "Jesus Christ has risen."

 ha ha

 Tony didn't fall for it the second time.
 When Narcoboy said, "Have you heard the news," Tony shot back with, "Yeah, I have."

 Why can't he just be honest, instead of ambushing his friend's dinner guests?
 Why can't he just say, "I'm totally consumed with religion, and you should be, too?"

 Plus I love the way he drops off in mid-word.
 I get a big kick out of that guy whenever he's on the screen.
 And Janice - don't get me started on Janice.

 Aida Turturro must be a helluvan actress, because I hated her right from the start.
 But now that she's murdered her boyfriend at the dinner table, and was beaten up by the Russian mob,
 for stealing a woman's prosthetic leg, she turned religious and wants to burden us with her "conversion."

 Now, she's funny.

Mexico Likes Us!
 by Maureen Dowd

 Click  Here

So why, only three months in, is America roiled by all these bristly spats around the globe?
We couldn't be playing the bully boy with a heavier hand if Pat Buchanan had won.

After complaining that Clinton foreign policy was erratic and impulsive, the Bush team turned out
to be erratic and impulsive. The Bushies wanted to be more muscular, but have succeeded only in
being more high-handed, infuriating allies and rivals with moves both unilateral and pointless.

 Kentucky Derby Quotes

 "I knew my horse would  'splode."
    -- Jorge Chavez, riding Tulsan-owned  Monarchos into history.

    Only Secretariat ran a faster Derby

Condi Loses Oil Tanker "Honor"

 Click  Here

 Critics said the ship served as a giant floating symbol of the Bush administration's cozy ties to the oil industry.
"As soon as I heard she was named to Team Smirk, I figured they'd get out the paintbrush."

 Call to Action

 Have you heard about the new Janet Jackson album?
 To start, the cover catches your eye like a fish hook:

 If that wasn't bad enough, then there's the lyrics.
 Check this out from her song - Love Scene.

 Lying here
 I imagine you with me
 On this rainy night
 As your hands move slowly
 Up my thighs
 You taste the honey
 They begin to pour it slowly
 Wherever you desire
 I feel you play with my body this way
 Makes me say

 Ooh Baby, Ooh Baby
 Ooh Baby, Ooh Baby

 When you're hold me
 When you're loving me
 When you're fucking me

 Ooh Baby, Ooh Baby
 Ooh Baby, Ooh Baby

 (Cold, wet cloth to my forehead...)

 Can we allow this?
 A great-looking superstar cooing the "F" word?
 Doesn't that put our children in grave danger?
 Shouldn't we get all upset and organize or something?

 I, for one, don't see how this can simply be ignored.
 Now that I know this, ...this filth is on her new CD,
 I just feel like it's important to do something.
 Maybe you can sit idly by, but I can't do nothing for another minute.

 I'm going to my family-friendly Wal-Mart right now and buy it.


Subject: St. Agave's Birthday

How I Spent Cinco De Mayo

Not being a connoisseur, and drunk as well, I was unable to purchase any Chinaco Anejo for the big event.
At any rate, I probably would not have been able to appreciate its subtle charm, for I had been drinking beer
and rum all day, in a funk after my horse, Jamaican Rum, finished an ignomious 6th in the Kentucky Derby.

Living in Louisville myself, I find the Derby to be a collosal cluster-fuck; a nightmare of traffic and half-mad
tourists in the infield guzzling mint julips with both hands and throwing up on one another between races.
So I said fuck the Derby, this year I am celebrating Cinco de Mayo, because I like getting drunk,
and I used to live in Texas, and I like tacos, and my cousins are Hispanic, which is odd because I'm white.
So I went to the local spirits store (you're right, that is fun to say) and bought my favorite budget-level Tequila:
Margaritaville. It's smoother than Cuervo gold, its a buck fifty cheaper a pint, and its Jimmy Buffett!
I mean come on, the guy made a living for 25 years of a song about drinking margaritas,
I am inclined to believe he knows about tequila.

ha ha

Anyway, I wake up this morning and my head feels like a slightly overripe melon, my tongue is dry and my head
hurts where I ran into a wall while inebriated. I am asking myself "why do you do these things to yourself?"
Then I log on and read  and remember "Oh Yeah, Its St. Agave's Birthday"
and that seems to make all the blunt head trauma worth it.
Keep up the good work BC, this Shot is for you.

En Tequila es Verdad,
-Senior Doosh Bag

Right back at ya, Senior!

 Why I bombed the Murrah building
  by Tim "government is the problem" McVeigh

 Click  Here

 'How do you know I don't agree with the non-violent philosophy?
  Did it ever occur to you that I mindfully emulated the behaviour
  of our government, to make a statement in itself?
  By killing me they prove who they are. They make my point for me."

 Seriously, this is partly Rush's fault.

 From way back in Volume 94 - Outside, It's America

Did Rush Contribute to McVeigh's Crimes?

This, from Rush's hate radio show...

"If you own property in America, and it rains on it, on your land, and if a puddle forms,
  I can almost guarantee you that some liberal, federal bureaucrat will declare it a "wetland"
  and take your property from you without compensation."

   -- word-for-word, from the tape of his 4/16/97 broadcast

Now, you and I would hear him say that and think,
"Boy, that Rush is a funny bastard.
  He's been saying crazy shit like that for years."

Harmless fun, right?
But what do the McVeigh Republicans think when they hear crazy talk like that?
How does the right-wing see that puddle of water?

Rush, the most honest man that ever lived, talent on loan from God,
GUARANTEES them (do sheep even hear Rush's "maybe" qualifier?)
that King KKKlinton is coming to steal your land.

YOUR land.

Land your great-grandfather fought and died for.

YOUR land.

Land your father worked until he was 85 years old.

YOUR land.

Land you had hoped to pass on to your kids someday.

YOUR land.

But nooooooooooooooo.
King Klinton and Janet Reno are coming to take it all away!

Look at the TV!
Look at the TV!

The forecast calls for RAIN!!!
The forecast calls for RAIN!!!

Stockpile the automatic weapons and ammonium nitrate!!

So, a fellow-with-problems like Tim McVeigh agrees with Rush and Reagan that "government is the problem."
Tim decides he's the perfect patriot to attack the "big-government traitors" and "save" America.

He's a soldier.
He's been to war.
He's got a job to do.

McVeigh commits a horrible mass-murder, and what's Rush's reaction?

"It's not my fault."
  ...over and over, always, constantly

For a decade, Rush has made millions per month screaming whatever wild horseshit
that the Freepers will pay to hear, and now he wants to cry, "It's not my fault?"

Rush brags what an effective communicator he is.
He brags how his show is the biggest in history, and he brags that he's "so influential,"
even to the point of taking credit for Newt's 1994 Republican revolution.

The biggest irony here is that Rush isn't even a political animal.
He doesn't care about any of this - it's all about the bank deposit.
Rush doesn't own guns.
He's not religious.
He's not deeply pro-life, he just saw the dollar signs earlier than most.

The wilder his hate rhetoric got, the more his ratings went up.
The wilder the charge, the more rabid the response.
..and then Klinton the anti-Christ came along and launched King Freep into orbit.
Is there anyone in broadcast history who was more in the right place at the right time than Rush Limbaugh?

One thing is indisputable:
The dangerous right-wing fringe hangs on every disingenuous word from his mouth.
And when they erupt in violence like we saw in Oklahoma City,
the fraudulent millionaire prophet (or is it profit?) cries, "It's not my fault?"

 Scary talk from Shrub and the Veeper
     by Molly Ivins

 Click  Here

 Speaking of campaign contributions, Time magazine reports Cheney's aides consulted
 with the West Virginia coal baron Buck Harless, a Bush pioneer (at least $100,000);
 Stephen Addington of AEI Resources, whose executives gave more than $600,000
 to Republicans last election; and of course, our old favorites Peabody Energy --
 the biggest coal miner in the country --whose chairman gave over $250,000.

 Could this pay-off possibly be more obvious?

 News Flash

 I am such a dork.
 (To many of you, this is not news.)

 I just found out that when you send a donation thru PayPal, there's room for a message, too.
 I did not know that. I've never seen any of the messages that have come in with the donations.
 I'm such a dolt, dimwit, dumbshit and dork.

 In the future, I will print some comments, unless they're too gushy.
 And I will list your names as you requested, which is new for me.
 Now & then I'd get semi-angry e-mail saying,
 "Please list me as 'Bright Angel' instead of my real name on your contributor's list," and I'd think,
 "How was I supposed to know?" but that was when I was even more stupider than I am now.

 Sorry about that, will fix.

 Star Wars Insanity

 I used to tease Bill Maher about having the worst monolog in the business.
 Now, he's one of the best, especially when he goes after President Weak & Stupid.

 This is his explanation of Smirk's Star Wars fantasy.
 It's 1.3 meg, so you slower bauds might cringe, but it's damn good.

 Click  Here


 Is there a rule, that if you have a site on, you have to have
 at least a few broken links so they can stealthily slip their ads in?

 I don't think I've ever been to a geocities site that didn't have broken links
 that seemed designed to introduce you to their "wonderful" world.

Former DEA Agent on Peru Cover-Up:
"It's Bullshit!"
By Michael C. Ruppert

Click  Here

"It's bullshit! I was in Iquitos and I flew on those shootdown missions.
  Nobody, I mean nobody, shoots down anything unless the CIA says so."
  So says retired DEA Agent Celerino Castillo, a Bronze Star winner in
  Vietnam who served as a DEA Agent in Peru from 1982-4.

Mr. Bush Catches a Washington Break
 Or, "Whatever happened the the press's balls?"
By John F. Harris

Click  Here

James Carville, one of the few Democrats to match conservative zeal for combat, is frustrated by his party's timidity.
"There's a tendency not to get all gassed about things: People just don't have the energy for it now." He is even more
disdainful of the media for not reacting more aggressively to such things as Bush's discomfort at news conferences
and confusing statements on Taiwan that left aides on clean-up duty. "In the Clinton administration we worried the
president would open his zipper, and in the Bush administration, they worry the president will open his mouth," he said.
"The press finds it easier to cover sex than stupidity."

There's a point touched on in this article.
Each time the Bush people make the outrageous claim, "We changed the tone in Washington,"
the silly whore press echoes that lie. "They've changed the tone in Washington."

Why don't they ask John McCain, the man branded by Team Smirk as a
"polluting, pro-cancer, back-stabbing P.O.W. traitor" how the tone has changed?

 I forget...

 Is it illegitimate president or bastard president?

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

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