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Volume 480 - Kick the Tires

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 I'm working hard on my New York trip report, should be up soon.
 It's mostly done, but I'll only get one shot at getting it right, so wait for it. 


Subject: The tutu's come off...

Olson nomination. Dead. No right-wing judges allowed. ABA vetting reinstated.
Two confirmation hearings of right-wing judges CANCELLED.
Blue-tickets back, for Dem senators ONLY (getting even for having them denied by the Scorpion Party).
ANWR dead. Nukes, dead. Death tax repeal dead. Star Wars, dead. Minimum wage, patients' bill of rights,
saving social security, prescription benefits for seniors, all back on the agenda.

Smirky and his thugs won't be able to pass gas.


Pete, whatever you're smoking, can I buy a little?
I wish what you just wrote was true.
I wish it was just half true.
I wish it was 10% true.

Here's what the headlines say:

Whore City - The Senate on Thursday confirmed Ted Olson as U.S. solicitor general,
which had been strongly opposed by the few Democrats who haven't sold out their ideals.

The Senate voted 51-47 to confirm Olson, a key leader in the Clinton Cock Hunt.
To get 51 votes, the Gas and Oil party needed two traitors to join their unholy jihad.

Zell Miller of Georgia and Ben Nelson of Nebraska voted to confirm the Cock Hunter.

The pink tutu Democrats haven't changed.
They can't go to the store and buy courage.
They are frightened little bunnies, afraid of their own shadow.
They have no balls, and they have no convictions.
They don't know what they stand for, they just want to please Uncle Dick and Karl Rove..

After the voters were raped last year, the Democrats stood up and said,
"Smirk is my president, and we support him," the scared little weenies.

Oh, God, I need a drink.
...and a hit off that pipe you're tokin' on.

How Karl Rove tricked the media into trashing
the messenger while ignoring the message
 by  Sander Hicks   Publisher, Soft Skull Press

Click  Here

Rove used Governor Bush's re-election campaign in 1998 as an opportunity to portray Bush as White House material,
even if it meant falsifying data on minority voting. Rove made Bush campaign hard to decimate his already weak opponent
Gary Mauro. With the "landslide," they created the impression of a racially-diverse, popular mandate, setting the stage
for the superficially inclusive "Compassionate Conservatism" two years later.

 More West Wing

 Thanks to Anita Stafursky, I got to re-watch a few minutes of the final episode.
 I've seen several articles about the last show, but nobody else pointed out that Bartlet
 started his sit-down with "You're a son of a bitch, you know that?"

 It's not that I'd get a charge out of hearing SOB on TV, but how remarkable that the President
 would call God an SOB and none of the reviewers thought that was worth a mention...

 Also, when Bartlet was talking to "Mrs. Landingham," she called his Daddy "a prick."
 That also failed to make the reviews.

 His Daddy was played by Lawrence O'Donnell, the ass from The McLaughlin group,
 who gets a "producer" credit on each West Wing episode, for some reason.
 Mrs Landingham was right, Jed's daddy was a monsterous prick.

 I know it's easy for me to sit here and say "I'd refuse to take that abuse from my dad,"
 but at least Bartlet could've thanked his dad for not smacking his face for expressing his
 second opinion the way he did the first. I grew up in a too-happy home, so I know nothing
 about child abuse, or Dad beating Mom etc. but I'll be goddamned if I'm gonna just stand there
 and take an unwarranted smack across my face from any son of a bitch once I was a grown man.

 A child has no choice but to accept being beaten unfairly, but there's no excuse for a grown man
 to take that kind of shit from anybody. Remember the stories about young Billy Clinton standing up
 to his drunken step-daddy? He warned him not to ever lay another hand on mom again, or that was his ass.
 That's how you handle a bullying asshole - just like Smirk should've handled China.

 Maybe the biggest part of the show that I failed to mention was the music during that dramatic conclusion.
 Someone said the song was "Brothers in Arms," but I've never heard it before, and didn't recognize the title.
 Who recorded that? Or is "Brothers in Arms" the group? If so, what's the name of the song?

 The guitar player was doing his best David Gilmore impression, and that's a good thing.
 It provided a floating, dreamlike canvas for Bartlet's iron-clad determination to ride on.

 In the limo, on the way to the speech, the camera showed a worried Leo's face, then panned to Bartlet's
 calm and forceful sense of destiny. When all the staffers were buzzing around Bartlet like bees,
 how could they not notice that zone their boss was in?

 Another part I missed, the part where clueless Leo finally figured it out, was when Bartlet intentionally
 called on the wrong reporter - so he'd get the tough question right up-front.  The reporter barked the question
 the staff had been fearing - "Will you run again?"  and Bartlet showed the balls that I wish at least a few
 Democrats would demonstrate when he said,
 "I'm sorry, there was a noise and I didn't quite hear your question. Could you repeat it, please?"

 That's when Leo finally figured out what was happening, and that's when he said, "Watch this!"
 The camera was still circling Bartlet's face as that "Comfortably Numb" guitar was wailing.

 In that 2-3 seconds, Leo was reminded that his boss was a fighter!
 In that 2-3 seconds, Leo realized that not only was Bartlet going to stay and fight, like a man, but that he
 was going to use that steely resolve to overcome this "minor" problem and win the damn election.

 Christ, it's so sad to think this only happens in the fictional land of television.
 It's so fucking sad to realize there are NO DEMOCRATS with any balls in Washington DC.

 Christ, that's sad.

People around the world are getting to know
President Weak, Stupid, Greedy and Heartless.

How Dare You?
The White House gets offended by a Houston Chronicle question

Click  Here

In case you get all your political news from the Rush Limbaugh show and other right-wing radio,
and you hadn't really heard about Jenna Bush's arrest, that's because her incident is very, very different
from Al Gore's son getting a speeding ticket or being rumored to have been disciplined for drugs at school,
or Chelsea Clinton being (wrongly) rumored to have been seen smoking at a public restaurant.

Those subjects were worthy of lengthy on-air discussion because they demonstrated the inherent hypocrisy
and disregard for The Rule of Law that all Democrats exhibit. Jenna Bush, on the other hand, falls under
the category of Private Family Matters.


Subject: Your Web Site

(I'm guessing this guy is responding to "The Liberal Media?" above.
 I don't know why they always start in mid-conversation)

Well, I am not going to name the obvious ones, like Dan Rather, tom, etc..
Typical liberal, You cant make a cogent arguement without the ad hominum?!, Can you!?
..."The Whore", "Smirk", and all of your other name calling.

Half of the people you named, I consider to be the "Liberal Media".

The liberal media, that people talk of, are really the broadcast media, not necessarily the cable talk shows.
I will stipulate the cable media has alot of conservative "Talking Heads".
However, the broadcast media, and the printed media, are largely liberal.

Even if I showed you proof, your narrow mind wouldnt let you believe something from a conservative,
a right wing Born Again, Christian conservative, at that!


Gary, you're a nut.
If you think the people who tried to bring down Clinton via Monica are "liberal media,"
you must think everyone to the left of Tim McVeigh is a left-winger.

The reason you're not going to name Dan Rather, tom, etc.. is because you can't.

How about you and me getting into a contest - you up for a challenge?
I'll give you fantastic odds, and you can get all the help you want.
Doesn't that sound fair?

Here's the deal:

You write back to me with two dates:
The first date is the WEEK that YOU will assemble nasty, personal slurs and outright lies
about Republicans from the "Liberal media" people on my list.

The second date is the DAY that I will assemble a list of personal slurs and outright lies
about Democrats from the half-cocked handjobs from the Nazi right on my list.

That gives you a 5-to-1 edge, doesn't it?
And with "so many" liberals spewing "so many" lies about the "innocent" GOP,
it should take you mere moments to compile a decent list, right?

The two caveats here are:
1 - How nasty the comment is.
     If Rather says "Bush seemed testy and clueless at his speech today," that's not
     the same as Hannity saying, "Bill Clinton likes murdering helpless children."

2 - Who made the comment.
     Use the people on my list - they are the subject you're disputing, right?

The comments and their authors will stand as the proof that you're either crazy or lying.

I predict you're going to run away like a scared little girl.
Even though I'm giving you 5-to-1 odds (I'm limited to a single week day YOU pick)
I'm certain you'll refuse the challenge because you don't have a chance in hell of winning.

Send me the two dates, and the day after my date, send me your list.
I'll print my list, I'll print your list, and we'll see where the lies and hate is coming from.

Your side is wall-to-wall lying scumbags, and this challenge will prove it.

This would work a lot better if you had a web page, because without one,
after I kick your ass, you can just slither away, making my victory short-lived.

Well, punk? feel lucky?

 Acadia National Park

 It's big park, and it's beautiful, but you know what was weird?
 We couldn't hear any birds in the park.

 It was like that Star Trek when Charles Bronson's wife made Spock smoke the spores.
 ...everything was beautiful, but there were no signs of any animals.

 I know Acadia is way north and way east, but bird's can fly, y'know?

 Anybody have a clue?
 Mid May and no birds chirping?


Subject: sniffle!

Bartcop, you are making me so homesick with those pictures!
I downloaded all of them except the one with cris the screamer & the whore street journal.
I'm going to make a picture screensaver out of them.

What a city, huh?
No wonder people LOVE New York - 3 blind guys on one dog??
Where else are you going to see that - ONLY in New York.

Thanks for the tour.


Cartoon by David Horsey, Seattle Post Intelligencer, a great newspaper
(We had a little talk about copyright infringement issues)

 My most precious possession may be a flashlight
  By James Higdon as seen on

 Click  Here


Subject: bushie awards


Thought you might want to know that you were ahead by a few percent yesterday, but 15 mins ago
it was down to 50 votes.  Now your leads at 17, now 16, now 15...

Also the category has attracted 2.5 times as many votes as the next biggest, and 8-15 times as many as the rest!
Uh-oh: you're behind by one!
It's like a Florida election there...


Mike, thanks for the note.
Yes, I've resisited the urge to ask people to Go There and vote for
I've also resisted tellling people you can vote more than once. I think they allow repeat voting
if you go back the next day, but as my ethics mentor, Richard Nixon, used to say,
"...but that would be wrong."

Truth be told,, AMPOL, Bush Watch and are all more deserving
since the catagory is "Best Smirk watchdog."

If the catagory was "Host with the Funnest Treehouse," I'd lobby like a tobacco whore.

Isn't that Chadsux/Cunningham (Political Strikes) rivalry exciting?
Less than one percent separates them, just like Florida.

Of course, the winners won't be known until July 6th, which leads me to believe
this is more of a hits-generator for than a legit awards presentation.

Can I say one more thing, off the record?

When I first went to that page,  had 160 votes.
It was midnight when I posted my pretend Kathie Lee disclaimer.
By 9 AM the next morning,  had 1700 hits.

Now, either  is big in Japan and China, or....

I don't want to say I'm suspicious, but how many people voted before 9 AM that day?
And why have so few, comparatively, voted since 9 AM yesterday?
You can't convince me that 75 percent of  readers log on before 9 AM,
because I know most of you are reading your  at work.

And wouldn't a tight race mean more hits for



Subject: Jim Jeffords is a Hero

I just want to thank Senator Jim Jeffords of Vermont for leaving the Republican Party to become an independent.
What he did was both courageous and heroic, something  that I have not seen in a long time.

Politics has become a war between two parties where the game of who wins is more important than what is done.
Party members from both sides are expected to put loyalty to the party ahead of the interests of the People.
Finally one person has stood up and put the People ahead of party politics, and it is my hope that this act sends
a message to the members of both parties -- that the government exists for the sole purpose of serving the needs
of the People, and not the self interest of members of the Republican and Democratic parties.

 I forget...

 Is it illegitimate president or bastard president?

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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