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Seven days left for Julie Hiatt Steele

From: Tamara Baker
RE: Julie's address
Don't use her website PO Box, 
that won't get to her in time.
Send it to her directly:

Julie Hiatt Steele
10701 Arsenal Drive
Midlothian, VA 23113



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Volume 535 - The Battle of Genoa

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 July 23, 2001.  ...... Small Town X...  ...Ad-vertise.......SPORTS..  ..Did you hear it?     Bush Abortion Shocker!
  In case you missed it - Conversation with Julie Hiatt Steele
  VCR Alert - The Travel Channel
is doing a triple-dipper on fabulous Las Vegas tonight.

 Who's going to Hell this week?

 From: (withheld)

 Man, I'm freaked about the death of Hatfield.  We have to add his name to a
 long line of mysterious deaths surrounding the Bush family.  If you ask me,
 a murder of a second-level journalist - who was getting too close - is nothing
 compared to stealing an election, especially when you have a family so deeply
 immersed in CIA tactics and black operations.  No doubt Hatfield's death is
 going to cause some people to re-think things or recoil in fear, which would be
 just what the Bush's want.

 It's a warning.
 It's a lesson.
 Don't look too closely.
 You might just lose your head.

 It is really sad to see what's happening to this country.  But if you look back,
 the Republicans have been pulling this shit for years.  They killed JFK - in my opinion,
 Nixon sabotaged the settlement of the Vietnam War, sabotaged his opponents
 for President, Reagan/Bush pulled the October Surprise on Carter, Iran-Contra,
 they packed the Supreme Court, all culminating in the installation of Bush in 2000.

 We're fucked.

 And our Democratic leaders just kinda sit there, making speeches.  I would not
 doubt that some of them are being blackmailed by the Bush Crime Family.)

 Well put, I just had to print it.

'Sopranos' gets top honors from critics

 PASADENA, Calif. (AP) - "The Sopranos" was named program of the year by the
 Television Critics Association Saturday and tied with "The West Wing" for top drama honors.

 Sid Caesar, who set the benchmark for TV comedy with "Your Show of Shows" in the 1950s,
 received a career achievement award from the critics' group. Acting honors went to "The Sopranos"
 star James Gandolfini and to Jane Kaczmarek of Fox's "Malcolm in the Middle," which was chosen
 as the outstanding comedy. The WB's "Gilmore Girls" was named best new program.

 HBO's "The Sopranos" and NBC's "The West Wing" will compete for the best drama award at the
 Emmy ceremony Sept. 16. "Malcolm in the Middle" also is an Emmy nominee. The 17th annual TCA
 Awards ceremony at the Ritz Carlton Huntington Hotel was held during the group's annual summer meeting.

 FOX Whore news & LEVY
   by Tally Briggs

  Click  Here

 Snail Mail

 From: (withheld)


 I cancelled my cable access and bought a set of rabbit ears.
 Here's part of the money I saved. (Enclosed check)

 But it's not only money I saved, it's also my sanity.
 No more O'Reilly, Hannity, Coulter and the "fair and balanced" cabal.

 TV and cable networks depend on advertising revenues.
 If a couple of million households cabcelled their cable access for a year we could
 drive the whole Taliban out of business. All the moaning and groaning about the
 unfairness won't change a thing. The only thing these people understand is money

 Thanks for being there,

 Los Angelino

 Thanks for that.
 It was a very generous gift.

 Murder in Small Town X

 Where's Jessica Fletcher when you need her?

 Like an old episode of "Murder, She Wrote," there's a serial killer stalking a peaceful hamlet in Maine
 in the new Fox series "Murder in Small Town X." The crimes, of course, are fictional - but this time,
 the detectives are real people. Or rather, real contestants.

"Murder in Small Town X," which will have its premiere at 9 p.m. Tuesday on Fox, takes the Clue board
 game and sets it to shaky video a  la "The Blair Witch Project" with a rulebook inspired by ABC's
 "The Mole." (Fox didn't supply a full hour episode to critics, just the murder scene.)

 In the next few weeks the 10 players will quiz the suspects, played by nearly two dozen improvisational actors.
 (There is a "General Hayden" among the cast of characters, but no Colonel Mustard.) The players will work
 with a real-life crime investigator to figure out whodunit. Each episode ends, inevitably, with one contestant
 being eliminated - and if you've been watching the promos on Fox, you know that won't be pretty.

 This happens tomorrow night.
 Let's watch the first one. If it blows, it blows.
 But if it doesn't, we could play along
 and whoever unmasks the killer first gets a Corvette!
 Whay other website gives away Corvettes?


 "I know what I believe. I will continue to articulate what I believe
   and what I believe  -- I believe what I believe is right."
    -- President Weak & Stupid

 Think this quote is so nutty it has to be a gag?

 Click  Here

 Genoa says the visit by the Mensa Kid will cost them $45,000,000.

 Let that me an omen for any city who wants to host the Failure in Thief

 The McLaughlin Group's Michael Barone, who is almost as stupid
 as Cokie Roberts,  (well, I'm sorry, that's a lie - nobody in DC is as stupid as Cokie Roberts)

 Michael Barone said this on McLaughlin this weekend.

 "Instead of concentrating on CO2 and the ozone layer, we should
   be looking at elimination the methane problem, which is much cheaper."

 Mikey, let me ask you a question:

 If you have a termite problem in your home, but the exterminator tells you
 it would be cheaper to concentrate on eliminating the ants, what would you do?

 ...I could be wrong.

 Barone might be almost as stupid as Cokie the Whore.

 Help Wanted

 And, for the first time, I  may  be willing to pay.
 I need a tech-savvy person for a short assignment, probably about 3 hours of work.

 The Store  that sells the  stuff is now selling baseball caps,

 What could be more cool than a  baseball cap?

 ...tank tops, Gilligan hats, (can't live without one of those) boxer shorts (a Clinton special)
 and tote bags that are suitable for transporting drugs, small dogs or infants.

 They even sell wife-beater t-shirts that we can put BILL BENNETT's picture on!

 ha ha

 A shirt with a picture of Bill Bennett saying "I beat my wife" would be great!

 Back to business...
 Because of the sensitive nature of the job, it'll have to be someone I know.
 If you write and say, "I've been reading for years, but never wrote till now,"
 you could be a crazed Freeper and I can't take the chance.

 You'd have to know a little bit about graphics and html, but not a whole lot.
 Put it this way: If your page is snappier than mine (ha ha) you'll do.

 So, if you're a good friend to  and we've talked before,
 (the more times we talked, the easier I'll feel about giving you the car keys)
 send me some e-mail so we can attempt to update the  store.


 We need new and better slogans for the stuff.
 Truth be known, I haven't had a chance to look into the sales reports to see
 what's selling and what's not selling. I know some people like a shirt that says
 "BUCK FUSH" and some other people wouldn't wear it if it was free,
 even if they dislike the Failure in Thief as much as I do because it's just too much.

 So we need slogans for the new and old merchandise - any ideas?
 Surely "Strategery" should be in there somewhere, and "Make the Pie Higher," too.

 I know, we could put Smirk's dumbest quotes on twenty different shirts - collect them all!
 But we'd have to rotate those every thirty days or so.

 And - come to think of it, the Store Manager position could be permanant.
 We could probably sell more stuff if we rotated the slogans and pictures.

 I got a check for  $66  from The Store, so I'm all excited about it being a big moneymaker.
 If I could get a check ten times that amount every week, I could quit my job and expand the
 scope and hammersize of

 So - send me slogans (put slogan in the subject line) and if you're a good friend of
 and want to be Store Manager, send me some e-mail.


 "So I would like to remind you: Most of us in America believe in judging people by
   the content of their character, not by the color of their skin. Those are words uttered by
   the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King and most of us in America believe them.
   Apparently a small minority of bigots left in this country still don't get it."
    -- the vulgar Pigboy, from his website

 Yes, and that small minority of bigots is the Republican Party.

 Rush, tell us why your party WILL NOT elect a black man.
 Tell us why there are no black senators and just one (partially) black congressmen.

 Why won't the GOP vote for a black person, Rush?
 Is it because there are no blacks with good character?
 Is that what you meany to say?

 I think it is...

 You said you judge people NOT by the color of their skin,
 so that must mean there are NO BLACKS of character,
 since your party only votes for white people.

 Could you explain that to us, since you know everything?

This just in from the G8 Summit in Italy...

 Oh, they love Smirk in Italy like they do in Sweden.

Truncheons rained down on me in the Battle of Genoa html?999

 Since I had joined a band of demonstrators as an undercover reporter perhaps it was not surprising.
 Two policemen dragged me along the ground, shouted at me in Italian and then hit me some more.
 My cycling helmet disintegrated under their blows. Truncheons whacked my back, arms and shins.

 They dragged me over railway lines towards a signal box where I was ordered to put my head on a steel rail.
 I tried to obey, unable to believe this was happening.
 Gripped by fresh impulses of violence, they started kicking my head, back and legs.

 Repeatedly they pushed me to the ground for a fresh pasting.
 Then I was roughly pulled up on to my feet. Police took turns to yell abuse while one cuffed my hands
 behind my back and frog-marched me down the track to the railway station.

 I was overjoyed when a senior officer walked past and said something like:
 "Resisting arrest with violence. Take him to the station."

 Because Weak & Stupid has screwed up everything,
 this is how America's leader is received by our allies.


 Is this the "honor and dignity" the Boy King promised in his fraud campaign?

 Our enemies have heightened suspicions, our friends don't trust us anymore.
 They know the Bush Family Evil Empire is in it for personal wealth,
 and screw all those treaties, the economy, the environment and everything else.

 Meanwhile, where's the best and brightest America has to offer?

  "...two on and nobody out, Alex Rodriguez
       takes ball two, high and inside..."

 All Hat - No Cattle: European Version

 GENOA, Italy, July 21 Just before a 40-minute meeting with German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder
 Weak & Stupid told reporters they would discuss U.S. plans for alleviating global warming and have
 "a very honest and open dialogue" about arms control.

 But when Bush got behind closed doors, global warming never came up, and the two leaders had
 no substantive discussion about the missile defense system that Bush wants to build.


Subject: Ask the right questions about Hatfield.

Once again, the press asks the wrong questions about the Hatfield suicide.

The question is not, whether there is a direct Bush connection in his death,
so that it would be murder, not suicide.

The right questions are:
Did Rove feed Hatfield information about Bush's cocaine use and convictions?
Did Rove know this information to be true?
Did  Rove leak the information because he knew he could discredit Hatfield and with it the information?
Did Rove fear the information in the hands of credible journalists, so he funnelled it to this discreditable source?
Did Rove then discredit this source, leading to the distress and despair of  Hatfield?
Did Rove create, at least in part, the kind of life for Hatfield that Hatfield felt life was no longer worth living?
And, finally, why does Bush have such a man as Rove, a man without a moral compass, as one of his closest advisors?

These are the questions the press should be asking about this sad incident.
My last email from Hatfield was about how proud he was of the new information in the
second edition of Fortunate Son, and how the Bush's were certain to dislike the revelations therein.


 This is a secret.

 Florida Bar Clears Hugh Rodham

 Hugh Rodham did not violate ethics rules by lobbying President Clinton for clemency
 for two clients convicted of felonies, the Florida Bar has ruled.

 The bar's grievance committee found insufficient evidence to file a complaint against Rodham,
 saying he did not violate any ethics rules.

 Mr. Rove doesn't want this news to get out


Rolling Stone Magazine in Trouble

I guess they need to sell magazines REAL bad, calling this
quintet of Bobby Sherman clones the biggest "band" in the world.

They aren't even a band.
A band plays music.

They guys don't play anything.
They stand there and look good for 10-year old girls.
Like Smirk, they don't even have identities.
They're pre-programmed to follow a script every day of their lives.

Unlike almost every other "band" in the world, these guys are told what to wear,
how to cut their hair, which ear to pierce and what to say to teen mag interviewers.
This is Madison Avenue's guess what happens when you cross rock with Twinkies,
and it's the exact opposite of what real rock n roll is supposed to be.

These guys are no different than New Kids on the Block or Menudo or Backstreet Boys
or whatever other teen groups are out there, hosing the kids who don't know any better.

Don't get me wrong - I realize kids need idols, too. But what the hell is a once-respected
magazine like Rolling Stone doing, fawning over these cookie-cutter fakes and calling them "a band?"
Not only "a band," but, "the biggest band in the world?"

These kids (the band, not the fans) are told to get onstage, get in some silly-ass military-style formation,
then take two steps forward, then look to the left, then take a step to the right, then lift their arms on the upbeat,
then take one step to the right, then cast a loving gaze to make the pre-pimplers squeal with pre-pubescent delight
while their management (who's no doubt screwing them financially) rakes in hundreds of millions of unearned
dollars like he was a member of the Bush Family Evil Empire.

Besides, USAToday said their crowds are shrinking ...and they'd never lie, right?

Attendance is down 50 percent, and they're still the biggest?
Looks like they're dropping like a rock.

Mark my words, in two years, they'll be on VH-1's Behind the Scenes some Saturday afternoon,
whining about what a joke they were and how badly they got screwed

Biggest band in the world?

They aren't even a band.
A band plays music.

 Letter to the Tulsa World TV Answerman

 Question:   How could "The Daily Show" win an award for excellence for it's coverage
 of the presidential election? It's a comedy show, and Jon Stewert is a comedian.

 Answer:   The people who hand out the George Foster Peabody awards for broadcast
 excellence apparently decided Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" with it's "Indecision 2000,"
 had more realistic election coverage than the clowns on the network news shows.

 ...and who can argue with that?

The G7.5 Summit
Thanks to Dewey

From: withheld

Dear Bartcop,

Please don't refer people to to buy ANYTHING. They have an "Associates" advertising
relationship with "dr.", in direct violation of their own policy concerning web sites that are
unacceptable to advertise on.  An excerpt of the policy follows:

"Sites that Do Not Qualify for the Associates Program include:

* Sites that promote sexually explicit material
* Sites that promote violence
* Sites that promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion,
   national origin, physical disability, sexual orientation or age
* Sites that promote illegal activities
* Sites that violate intellectual property rights"

I'm sure I don't have to tell you how "dr." laura feels about homosexuality,

 You can order Fortunate Son by James Hatfield from (Barnes and Noble), instead.
 I have been ordering books, CDs, VHS and DVDs from them for about four years.
 They have never failed to have what I was looking for, and their service is top notch.
 I highly recommend them.

 Thanks for your attention.

 I understand what you're saying, but is one of the few internet businesses
 who has agreed to do business with me - at least they have in the past.

 I will consider the options and make a decision.

 In the meantime, it wouldn't hurt to buy Hatfield's  Fortunate Son  from

 Hatfield, and Rove and Son

 Click  Here

 Help is on the way!!!
 Isn't that what he promised?

 Men in uniform get big screwing at hands of President Weak & Stupid

 Liza Grady, the wife of a Camp Pendleton Marine, opened a letter this week expecting
 to read about the $600 tax rebate owed to her and promised by Bush.

 Instead, the IRS told her that she and her family will get just  $69.

"This is wrong," Grady said Thursday.
"Sixty-nine dollars does not relieve me of anything."

 Wrong, Honey.
 That tax cut is relieving Americans from their economic stability.
 The Bush Family Evil Empire needs hundreds of millions more to expand their power
 Who in the hell did you THINK was going to pad the pockets of BIG OIL?

 Admit it - you voted for Bush, maybe twice.

 Remember, Mrs. Grady, the BartCop Tax Plan would've given you $3000
 and that was a guarantee, not a promise from an appointed Weak & Stupid boy king.
 Tell me, Mrs. Grady, which would've been better for you and your family?

 Smirky's $69    or    BartCop's $3000?


 Subject: Julie Hyatt Steele and Tax Refund Checks

 One possible thing you might with to suggest that Bartcop readers might
 consider doing with their tax refund checks is sending them to Julie Hyatt Steele.


 Brew, I think that's an excellent suggestion.

 Click  Here  for the snail address and to contribute online.

 You can contribute to her legal fund OR her personal fund, but,
 I'll bet her lawyers know where they'll be sleeping next week.

 Which beer is better?

 European Beer  or  Bush Beer?

Bono - Our Last, Best Hope For Freedom?
     by R.B. Ham

 Click  Here


 Subject: Julie Hyatt Steele & Barbara Streisand....

 C'mon Bart, you're the one with all the JUICE these days!
 Can't you get these two gals together, so Barbara can get Julie a radio show,
 and Julie can serve as the anti-venom to Pigbutt, and Gordon Lie-dy, and their ilk,
 and then she can make $250 million, and get her house back?


 Anne, Julie is too good for radio.
 I, however, am not.

 I'd do the seven years for $2.5 million and buy Julie a house myself.

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 It had everything.

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