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Volume 534 - There will never be another Bix

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 July 22, 2001.  .......... Small Town X...  ...Ad-vertise.......SPORTS..  ..Did you hear it?     Bush Abortion Shocker! 
  In case you missed it - Conversation with Julie Hiatt Steele


 "Bush Sr. was a jerk, Quayle an idiot, Clinton was atrocious and disgusting,  most of those
   who persecuted him were hypocritical, Gore is shallow and weak,  Bradley is an idealist,
   Bush Jr. a fool, and all of the independent candidates act like they're on drugs."
       -David Borenstein, on the politics of the 1990's

  ha ha
  This guy hates everybody, just like Christopher Hutchins and Mo Dowd.

 A funny sound clip I found in my mailbox.

 Click  Here  it's only 120K

 It's some morning zoo guys beating up Jenna & Smirk

 Now Cheney is Condit's Alibi?

 Click  Here

 This is getting way past stupid.
 Why did The Dick wait 80 days to speak up?
 And why did Condit say he was with an ABC reporter that day?
 He can't remember being with the Vice Oil man at the White House
 on the most important day of his entire political career?


Subject: Julie Hiatt Steele

Thanks for sharing the details of your conversation with Julie Steele.
It's so infuriating that Ken Starr can conduct his evil business with impunity.
But, I am a great  believer in a cosmic balance sheet and I truly believe that
decent folks like Julie will ultimately emerge the winner and thugs like Starr
will fall under their own despicable weight.

Just wanted to let you know that I sent a contribution to her.
Thanks again.


Patricia, that was nice.
I wonder how many of us would've had the courage to do what she did?

 No Resignation for Condit
    by Margaret Shemo, with BartCop rebuttal

  Click  Here

 Why does Rush claim Tom Daschle is The Devil?
   Because there's nobody there to smack his lying ass, that's why.

 Besides, he has 'talent on loan from God,' and if God says Tom Daschle is the Devil,
 you can agree with God or your can feel the flames of blasphemy for all eternity.

"We’re Screwed”
  or, What Greenspan Should Do
          by RB Ham

  Click  Here


 This space intentionally left blank

 The BartCop Hex continues to punish

 from last Tuesday's Volume 529 - Fundamentally Corrupt

 "Even if you put a blindfold on Tiger this week he could still win the title,''
   -- Butch Harmon, longtime coach to Tiger Woo   ,  lying his ass off,
       trying to convince the hexed man he has a chance at the British Open

 Gee, Butch, maybe I'm the guy with the blindfold on,
 because I don't see "Mr. Perfect" anywhere on that leader board.
 Matter of fact, "Mr. Perfect" (stifles giggle) finished 27th.

 ...the hex continues, by fiat of readers.


July 20, 2001

Leader Richard Gephardt
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
P.O. Box 96039
Washington, DC 20077-7243

Dear Leader Gephardt and the DCCC,

My husband, Eric F. Benjamin, was recently in receipt of your latest fundraising effort. I think it's humorous
that the mailings from the Democratic Party seem to arrive at our home addressed to him, owing to the
fact that I make the financial donation decisions in our family. I also am a lifelong Democrat.

This letter is to let you ALL know that there will not be one more dime to the Democratic Party, DCCC,
or any other Democratic candidate from our family until you TAKE OFF THE PINK TUTUS and
FIGHT BACK  against the Republican Party!

I am ONE VOTE AWAY from losing reproductive choice. The Democrats have fiddled while Shrub Bush
has burned women, minorities, gays, children, the elderly, the working poor, and anyone else not making half
a million per year minimum. The Democrats sat on their thumbs while John Ashcroft and Ted Olson were both
confirmed. The Democrats are still giving Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris' theft of the election a hall pass.
And now you want money?


When you grow a spine, I'll be more than happy to register voters, volunteer for local and national campaigns,
and contribute heavily to Democratic candidates. Until that day, just call me -

Another Disenfranchised Democrat,

Julie Revell Benjamin

Go, Julie!
I'd vote for you.

  Criticism of the appointed Boy King?
  That would come from overseas, from a paper being sued by the Bush Family Evil Empire

 America the Unbeautiful
  by Bianca Jagger

  Click  Here

 Corporate payback. This has been the defining trait of President Bush's administration.
 His election was a straightforward capitalist venture for the energy corporations. Oil, gas,
 coal and nuclear companies are the power behind Bush; together, they donated more than
 $50 million dollars to put him in the White House. As soon as he was elected, it was payback
time and Bush declared the Kyoto Protocol on reducing carbon-dioxide emissions dead and buried.

 The message was: 'US corporations have the right to pollute the entire planet.
 The people and the environment don't matter.'

From: (withheld)

Subject: Your Chicken


I just tried your fried chicken recipe.
You weren't kidding; that's some damn fine chicken.

Now, not willing to leave well enough alone (I blame my republican parents), I altered your recipe slightly
by adding some garlic and wine seasoning to the heavily-salted-and-peppered flour.  I admit that I was
a bit skeptical about the whole floating-in-the-oil thing, but damn if it didn't.

I served Bartcop's Train Station Chicken on a bed of pasta, and covered in mozzarella cheese
and marinara sauce.  After dinner, my wife promptly strapped me to the bed and ravished me mercilessly.

Good stuff. :-)


 Minister Recants Story About Condit
  Preacher Told FBI His Daughter Had Affair With Condit

 A Pentecostal minister who told the FBI of an affair between his then-18-year-old daughter
 and Gary A. Condit informed investigators this week that he had fabricated the story.

 So give this ass a couple of years in prison for lying to the police.
 It's gotta be a crime to fabricate horseshit when a woman's life is at stake.

From: CBIX

Subject: Your stuff on Louis Armstrong

Interesting that you'd put up the little tribute to Louis Armstrong.  My great-uncle was a player
around the same time. He actually played with Louie in Chicago and on riverboats from time to time.
His name was Bix Beiderbecke, and that's why my address and handle is CBIX.

They have had a three day jazz fest here in his home town every year, and this year is the 30th!
There's a bust and plaques erected down along the Mississippi river on Beiderbecke Drive
and I attach a couple photos of part of it.

Bix died in NY when he was only 28 years old.

Louis Armstrong said of my uncle:

"You can tell the whole world there will never be another Bix.
  He was a born genius, but they crowded him too much, with love."


"Bix, there ain't nobody played like him yet."

as well as,

"You take a man with a pure tone like Bix's and no matter how loud the other fellows
 may be blowing, that pure cornet or trumpet tone will cut through it all."

Take a peak at if you have a minute. It's a VAST site devoted to Bix.
Just thought that since you'd mentioned Louis, I'd take the opportunity to hip you to my uncle Bix.

I still get contacted from people around the world regarding Bix, the jazz fest is coming up next week,
and I'm supposed to go out to NYC for a ceremony where they're placing a plaque on his last residence there.



Chris, good stuff!
(Chris is a multi-frequent contributor as a graphics artist.)

 WWII and  Project 60 - a couple of things
  by Josh in Sydney, Australia

  Click  Here

 The point is that if you want to establish a thing like Project 60 it is important to remember
 what other people did too. There is a very common attitude that America is the saviour of
 the Western World and is responsible for single- handedly winning WWII.

 There is more of an argument to suggest that the US saved the West in WWI - this is certainly
 something that did not rely on many other elements. America plugged the gaps in the Western
 Front and prevented the Germans from breaking through in the Spring Offensives - they saved
 Britain then, but it far less black-and-white in WWII.

 Josh, it warms my heart to see a fading subject debated.
 I expect the conversation to get hotter when the war gets underway.

 Thanks for the contribution.

 A Second opinion on Jurassic Park 3
  by Ice Weasel

 Click  Here


Subject: Bartcop and Clinton

hey Bartcop,

  When Clinton began his run for the presidency I did not like him. I thought that almost any of the other
Dems running had a better chance at beating Bush. He seemed like a poser and the biting of the bottom lip
made me feel ill. I voted for Jerry Brown in the NY primary. But, by the time Cinton walked thru the halls
of MSG to accept the nomination, the wife and I were in tears. This man HAD to win.

  I mention all of this to ask you a question. When Clinton first hit the scene did you support him?
Was he the Dem you wanted? I guess I want to look into your head during the 1992 elections.
Were you a Tsongas supporter (that sounds dirty doesn't it?) or Brown, Clinton...ect.
  As always, I love your site. Its the best out there and I consider it home.


PS. More recipes please! The chicken was GREAT!!!!

ha ha

The BartCop Fried Chicken is causing a commotion.

I wish I had been doing the page back in 1992, so I could look it up. I can't remember when it was
when I decided Clinton was the man. I remember in some primary, he told Jerry Brown to eat shit
for dragging Hillary into the fight - I liked that.   I never liked Tsongas or Brown.
Right now, I can't remember who else was in the running towards the end.

Smirk: So, the Hatfield problem has been taken care of?

Dick: Big-time, but his damn book is up to #77 on

Smirk: What does that mean?

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