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 July 25, 2001.  ...... ....... ... ...Ad-vertise.....................SPORTS..  ..........  Sabutai Concert
 VCR Alert - Tonight - Daily Show 5th Anniversary with Jon Stewart - Best-of Clip show

 Spend that $300

 From:  Anna and John

 Hey Bartcop!
 My fiancee and I are getting married, but we are NOT going to use the money towards our wedding.
 We are by no means rich people, and we are scrimping every dime for our wedding and honeymoon
 in Belize, but to use it towards our wedding would be like getting a wedding present from pResident Bushit.
 That is, if it actually is $300 dollars.

 So, if we get it we will donate the money to charity.

 From:  VNannieS

 What $300 ???????
 After they did all the adding and subtracting we don't get a check.
 WooDoo Tax Relief.

 From: Rick W

 BC: I received a letter in the mail from the IRS saying because I didn't pay any taxes last year,
 I won't be receiving a tax refund. Well FUCK ME, as a very small business owner what the hell
 do I pay a CPA for, what do I quarterly taxes for, what do I pay sales tax for, what do I pay
 payroll tax for, and what about FICA, SS, FEMA, resale tax, TPTand FuCk Me taxes for?

 This whole thing is horseshit, and the idiot Shrub knows it. No I take that back, he doesn't know shit.
 I'm going to send Ms Steele some money she deserves a hell of a lot better than this government has given her.
 Can't even write anymore I'm so fucking mad.
 Keep up the great work Bart.
 Rick W.

 From: John F. Abbick

 Help Greg Palast and the Guardian survive the lawsuit brought against them by Bush's client.

 From: Jeff & Missy

 Hire midget wrestlers to entertain at a party!

 ha ha

 From: Jennifer Gardner

 What a glorious idea. I never thought of sending the check to *you*.
 I thought of doing many things... buying a digital camera, putting the money in the bank,
 buying lots of clothes like Peta Wilson wore in La Femme Nikita, sending the check back
 to the government with a note attached that says "please put this toward our national debt," etc.

 I thought of charity too... but since the Salvation Army won't hire gays anymore and the
 American Legion is run by fascist pigs, I didn't know what I was going to do with my gift
 from President Ninety-One.
 And then, as if my prayers had been heard, they were answered.
 The IRS sent me a letter saying I'd get no rebate.

 ha ha

 Sorry, ...not laughing at the fact that Weak & Stupid screwed you,
 but I enjoyed your clever phrasing that made the joke work.

 Well should write more,

 Girl, Maimed by War, Is Brightened by Bill

From: Donna Smyth

Subject: E-mail problems

Dear Bart,

I am a loyal follower, but please, spare us the "no e-mail" bit.
You tell us how we have a chance in hell to have our e-mails read,
so why bother to e-mail you about Murder in Small Town X?


I really enjoy Bartcop but sometimes I long for the days when you weren't so popular.
It was less professional, but I think something has been lost in the quest to grow the hammer higher.


Denise, (or Donna)

I wish you had written something about Small Town X.
I would've enjoyed reading your comments.

As far as  getting too big, what comes up must come down.
Maybe you'll get your wish, sooner than you think.

 Who is Jello Biafra, and why should we care?

  Erik Schimek has an answer

  Click  Here

 Some good stuff at the howler

From: Lost it, sorry

Subject: I see a trend here...

I just hit Yahoo finance news and browsed the headlines....

Stocks Dip on Profit Jitters

AT&T's Profits Drop 92 Percent

3M Posts Lower Second-Quarter Earnings

American Express Profits Down

Texas Instruments Profits Fall, Sees Loss

BellSouth Net Income Falls, Cuts Outlook

On and on it went like this.... Nasdaq went below 2000 today. Apparently Smirk's Bribe isn't working.

Oh ya, why did the letter I got in the mail, say it was GW Bush and Congress who gave us this rebate?
Isn't this just Clinton's SURPLUS they are squandering away?   Alas, I'm sure I'll spend 3 times more
than I get in the long run paying off the deficit-budgets that are a coming...

 From the President of the United States

 Dear Opek,

 when jeffers left the republuican GOP, the demoncrats got some power back
 so are origiale plan wont work why dont you raise prices on you're end and
 uncle dick will make things wrok out ovber hear
 George W


 "It's so hot this week in Washington, the only breeze
    was the DC cops blowing the Gary Condit case."
       -- Dave

 Stroke Me, Stroke Me

 It would've been funny, if he'd meant it, but no, he's a stroke victim and shame on me.
 When the Rolling Stones bumper music brought Pigboy back on the air,
 he said the name of the song was "Tie me up," instead of "Start me up."

 Gee, maybe Rush has spent the night with Gary Condit, too?

             Rush, in his bondage-fetish period, in 1993.

 ha ha

 See the entire Rush-kink collection by Clicking Right Here

 Fools RUSH In

 Perhaps Limbaugh's sizable contract can be attributed to the close to 20 million angry white males
 who listen to him on nearly 600 radio stations nationwide. But does that mean he matters? Like others
 with debatable talent - super-rich popsters like Britney Spears and boy band N'Sync come to mind
 (ha ha maybe this guys reads ?)
 -- Limbaugh has found a passionate audience and has been -- by market dictates -- justly rewarded
 for this popularity. Impressive, yes, but by no means an indicator of the political reality in the U.S.

 UK Entertainment News

  Click  Here

 Spend that $300

 From: Cara Compton

 I was thinking of a gun and a ski mask.

 From: James Farek

 Use the money to pay my electric bills for the next two months.
 Thanks alot, Shrub.

 From: hrpufenstuf

 Actually, as a working single mom, I only got $273,  but it's a helluva lot
 more than most of my friends got, which is nothing.

 Maybe I could finally find out what Chinaco Anejo tastes like, if I could buy it here.
 I suppose the best way to spend it would be to invest it in, say, a big bag of pot,
 which you could then cut up and resell for a profit.

 Hey, that's the entrepreneurial spirit at work!  Right?


 Helen, I'll bet Chinaco Anejo tastes great with pot, but I wouldn't know...

 (cough, cough)

 Another day of name-dropping from the vulgar Pigboy

 Sure, when I meet someone like Susan McDougal, and put an idea in her head, I tell you about it.
 When I talk to Julie Hiatt Steele, and tell her a joke that makes her laugh, I tell you about it.
 When I get e-mail from Joe Conason, Gene Lyons or Ben Affleck, I mention it on the page.

 ...but that's because I'm nobody!

 If I get a minute with somebody who changed American history, I'm humbled.

 But If I'd just signed a contract for $285,000,000, ans was America's premier flaming Nazi gasbag,
 I wouldn't need to spend all day trying to impress people with tales about how great I think I am.

 The poor, vulgar Pigboy - all that money and still, he feels worthless.

 He thinks if he tells us about meeting all those TV stars (who really hate him, but agree to play
 golf with him to help out those charities) then we will love him, and maybe even respect him,
 which must mean all of his "I'm the greatest - I'm a legend" horseshit  really is more for
 his benefit than our, the sad bastard.

From the New York Whore Post

 WHICH wild child daughter of a politico was smoking pot at an L.A. party?
 The hard-partying lass puffed right under the nose of the minders who try to keep her out of trouble

 The NY Daily News has a similar article which names Jenna
  but does not mention that she was illegally smoking pot.

 Of course, the wild Smirk daughters must be protected, and doesm't have to worry about
 obeying any laws because the Bush Family Evil Empire is royalty, thus they are above the law.

 You watch - something serious will happen, and the Supreme Court will reverse themselves and rule
 that the Secret Service are NOT allowed to testify against those they protect.

 They re-earn their "whore court" nickname with every partisan ruling.
 They serve at the pleasure of Mr Rove, and the party of all-white tobacco whores.


Subject: NY Times

Hey Bartcop, thanks to you I've caught The New York Times is engaging in image management
for Smirk, cleaning up quotes so they don't sound as stupid as they could and should.
Here's their version of the quote you pointed out the other day:

"I know what I believe," he said Sunday night in the Roman Forum and added,
"and I believe what I believe is right."

Still stupid, mainly because it says nothing, but not as bad as the accurate (I'm sure) Reuters version.

Keep the hammer swinging!


Jay, yes, and the Rush/Fox News cabal will complain that the NY Whore Times is a left-wing paper,
even tho they're printing lies to help Bush, and wrote that Clinton fathered a black baby with a crack whore
in Little Rock and placed that humiliating lie above the fold on the front goddamn page.

What they did was take Weak & Stupid's exact words,
give 'em a bath,
cleaned 'em up,
bought 'em a suit,
gave 'em a haircut,
put some fine smellin' French perfume on 'em
and told America it was a George Bush quote.

The Tulsa County Democratic Party is holding a Rock the Vote concert
and voter registration in honor of my old friend  Sabutai  on August 18 in K-Drag.

Being an agnostic, (Sabutai, as much as I) it seemed like a good way to remember him.
To this day, when I'm writing, and I get stuck on a name or the details of something
I still reach for the phone to call him for clarification, then I remember.
Death's a bitch.

Here are the details.

The party is being held in the club owned by the fellow
who was my bouncer at the Hard Rock IslandJoe the Azorian.

They serve Chinaco Anejo at this club :)


 Subject: What I'm doing with my tax cut from JB the Stalinist


 My hefty, gargantuan $300 is going toward having my Labrador, Emmett, neutered.
 That way he'll be just like the emasculated Dem leadership. ouch!

 Actually, the procedure leaves me with enough left over for a fifth of Grey Goose.
 A shot to Bartcop and Mrs. Bartcop!

 JB the Stalinist

Pigboy and Silvio

Rush has been bragging about how tight he is with Silvio of The Sopranos.
They got paired in some golf tourney, and Pigboy squealed with delight.

I wonder if he knows about a song Little Steven wrote called The Scum Lives On


Subject: Rush,  Steve Van Zant thinks you're scum!


I noticed that you we're bragging earlier this week about playing Golf with Steve Van Zant
in some Tournament. You even had pictures of the event posted on your website.

I was wondering if he you happened to disccuss about his song called "The Scum Lives On".
It seem that he refers to You, Ronald Reagan and Dan Quayle, among others as scum in this
ong off off his 1994 album "Demolition":

"Brian Jones and Keith Moon had style
Bon Scott was a problem child
Rob Tyner bugged the FBI
Was Abbie Hoffman really a suicide?"

"And the scum lives on
All my friends are gone
Why they gotta die so young
And the scum lives on"

"Jesse Helms' gonna live forever
Jimmy Swaggart's gonna live forever
Dan Quayle's gonna live forever
Ronald Reagan's already lived forever
Rush Limbaugh's gonna live forever
All the politicians gonna live forever
Nixon taught them all how to live forever"

Biggest Virus Alert since I've been on the Internet - 1995

Whoever wrote this virus was good.
Every month we get "warnings" about the "new killer virus," but this is the biggest ever.
I've gotten literally hundreds of these, but then, I get a lot of mail.

It takes random words and names from the infected hard drive and puts them in the subject header
(so they're never the same) and sends it to everyone on the victim's mailing list or address book.

So if you see this:

Hi! How are you?
I send you this file in order to have your advice
See you later. Thanks

It's radioactive, so don't open it, OK?


Subject: MSN has REMOVED your direct link....

     Just tried to link to todays page and I find that MSN has removed your direct link
from its browser. Now, THAT'LL put a crimp in yer hit volume...'cause I for one am
NOT that interested in going to a lot of trouble looking for the latest volume.

And I bet there'll be a lot of other people who are not interested in going to a lot of trouble
looking for what basically is a hate-page with nothing of real value to offer its readers - - 'cept HATE...

for those who NEED that kind of fix. And NO, I did NOT add you to my "favorites" wasn't really that important to me. I just liked to check in for entertainment purposes only.
Someday, I may try to find you again...until then - ADIO ! Mon Ami !!

Peter, using Rachel's account again

Peter, I don't know what a "direct MSN" link is.

But I'm not surprised that ditto-monkeys can't stand to see the truth.

Murder in Small Town X
  Feedback and Suspects

 Click  Here

 Stroke Me, Stroke Me

 "There's not enough civilness in the world."
    --He who grunts, second hour yesterday

 How to spend that $300

 From: (withheld)

 Cocaine and 15 year old hooker binge in Old Mexico.


 Tommy, you cheated.

 You're supposed to tell us what you'd do with the money,
  not what the Failure in Theif would do with it.

 Bev Conover on the Death of Jim Hatfield


Subject: The Pope and the Dope

This is not the first time smirk has conversed with the Pope.
The Pope has begged smirk to spare lives before and smirk more or less said fuck you.
The Pope is against the death penalty but smirk don't care because the gohp is for it.
The Pope is against stemcell reserch and so is the gohp so smirk can say I did it for the Pope.


Dave, I heard Smirk say he respected the Pope "for his absolute position on the value of life."
This, from the asshole who holds the western hemisphere record for most state-sanctioned murders.

Oh, God, ...what did we do to anger you so?

 Wanda Sykes is the funniest woman in America...

 ...but this is the worst, unfunny show I've seen in years.

 This was Mallard Fillmore unfunny.

 This was Carrottop unfunny.

 Koresh, I feel so sorry for Wanda.
 They could've given her a mic and a live audience and I guarantee there would've been
  more laughs than the 30-minute funeral I watched last night, which is a no-fault guarantee
 because there were no laughs at all in this horrible half hour.

 Poor Wanda, went from The Chris Rock Show to pure-D shit.
 That's gotta hurt.

 But she'll be back.

 Kansas City  - Protesting at Dick Cheney's Photo-Op
   by Michael Bersin

  Click  Here

 Murder in Small Town X

  Click  Here


Subject: "Tax relief for America's Workers"

I got my check from "Dubya" and it actually has printed on it "Tax Relief for America's Workers" forgot to tell "America's Workers" to kiss their Social Security goodbye.

I almost puked when I saw it.


 How to Interview your Idols
   by Michael Dare

 Click  Here

From: unknown, there was a "reply-to-all" criss-cross thing going on

Subject: RE: "That cocaine arrest story was a Rove creation"

>>But why would Rove, of all people do that?

Because the story has flaws that  were immediately able to be leaped upon by the Bush team and the press.

Hatfields own past was the perfect fuel for the media fire that ensued upon the annonymous tip about
Hatfields past to the Dallas Morning Whore the minute the press release for Fortunate Son was issued.

>>Whether or not Hatfield was guilty of the crimes he's been accused of, has no relevance on
   what Bush has or hasn't done.  They are two separate entities.


But Hatfield admits to having been duped by Rove over the cocaine story.
I just don't believe him because nearly a year later he was still working with Rove
when he sold an altered document to Georgemag.

The document in question was shown to Jo Thomas of the New York times by a Bush
spokesman when she wrote her July 22nd story on Bush's past.

Rove slipped the same altered document to Hatfield and he  tried selling the story to several papers.
I made inquiries to several papers and one, the London Times, told me that Hatfield had attempted
to sell them the same story.

And, as I mentioned in my first e-mail, one of the writers of the Georgemag piece  finally admitted
to having worked with Hatfield on the piece involving the altered document.

Interesting chatter...


Subject: Tequila  Tips >more

When I took the Tequila Distillery tour the last time I was in Puerto Vallarta,
they talked about how to drink it properly as well.... they suggested to EXHALE FIRST,
then take a small sip, roll it aound your tongue, swallow, then INHALE.

You will get flavor all the way down your throat, and heat into your head.

I've done both, inhale first or exhale first.  Both are awesome, yet a bit different.



ha ha

Are you kidding me?
That's crazy!
What makes you think the  Mexicans  know how do drink tequila?

Oh, ...that's right - they make the stuff..

I'll have to give that a try :)

 News You'll Never See on TV!
Hugh Rodham Cleared...
GOP Congressman's Young Female Staffer Found Dead Under Mysterious Circumstances

    by Tamara Baker

Courtesy of Wizard of Whimsy

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 It had everything.

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