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Volume 718 - Bring the Virgin Home

Friday     Feb. 15, 2002                Send Me an Angel                 Recent old stuff                Shopping w/ Bart

 Stroke Me, Stroke Me

 "Waylon Jennings did every drug in the world.
   He probably invented some drugs that still don't exist today."
    -- The terribly, terrible sick and brain-addled vulgar Pigboy, third hour yesterday

Radio "Incorrect"

BILL Maher is thinking about becoming a syndicated radio talk show host.

The cranky and frequently venomous host of "Politically Incorrect" says talk radio is a viable option
if ABC cancels his controversial late-night show when his contract runs out later this year.

"I've had meetings," Maher told TV Guide. "I might be very happy doing radio because I really
want to do other things in show business. I could certainly make more money in radio," he said.

Indeed, the mega-millions collected by radio heavyweights Rush, Stern and Laura
are in a league with today's biggest movie stars.  If Maher, 46, enters the increasingly crowded
talk radio arena, he'll be a rare high-powered, left-of-center personality in a medium packed
with conservative blabbers like Limbaugh and Bob Grant.

Koresh, you know  bartcop radio  would be riotous...
Is there room for humor and truth on Nazi AM radio?

 Scientists clone first cat

 Good thing, too.
 Koresh knows we're almost out of cats.

 Click  Here

 Keep it away!

 Tool of the Devil!
 Torture Room Seven!


From: fboiii@yahoo.com

Subject: Ken Lay's Resort Home


A friend of mine suggested the same thing about buying one of Ken Lay's vacation homes.
I know you are a slow learner, but you've got to pay attention. You don't need money.

(WTG is White Trash Gazette. It's not a publication,
its just a group of south Louisiana boys mostly in the real estate business.)

This is the letter I wrote him:


Excellent ideas, but maybe we need a new spin-off partnership.
How about a used trailer dealership?
We could call it Used Trailer Trash, LLC (UTT).

'Cause of federal regs, UTT can't be totally owned by owners of WTG,
 so 1% would be owned by my mother-in-law.

OK, so now we need Windy to go to the bank.
Windy has to show the bank that UTT will make ten million in three years.

So, the bank loans UTT six million against the projected ten million dollar profit.
Alright, keep following me now.
UTT then declares a stock dividend of six million to its partners.

Then we buy the lodge. If the bank forecloses they get UTT.

Is this good or what?


Brad, great idea - count me in!
But can't we figure a way to screw 4500 families out of their life savings, too?

No, wait, we're scared bunny Democrats, not evil Republicansl.

 Betty Bowers Opens Halfway House Exclusively For Bush Children

 Click  Here

 ...isn't she sweet?

Democrats screw up again
Fetal Mistake
The abortion rights crowd squanders a victory

 Click  Here

Why couldn't liberals have come up with better sound bites? They could have welcomed
Thompson's acknowledgement that expanded health-care coverage for poor people is a
good idea and then upped the ante by asking an obvious question: Why does Bush
favor health-care coverage for more fetuses but not for more first-graders?

Liberals could have seized a golden opportunity to twit Republicans for opposing Democratic
proposals that all children, not just embryonic ones, should have health insurance.
Along the way hey could have defended the morality of legal abortion and put in a
good word for Hillary's long-term goal of universal health-care coverage.
Instead, they whined.

...that's my party!

Should Noelle Bush be getting favorable treatment because she
is the daughter of Jeb and niece of the appointed Usurperboy?

If you say "Yes," then relax and turn on Rush's show or Fox News.

(Remember, the first three pharmacies let this druggie criminal go with no charges being filed.)

But if you think she should get the same treatment under the law that a poor black woman would get
in the same situation, then get a little outraged and    Click  Here

...and register your utter disgust with the Bush Family Evil Empire's attitude
that they are above the law because they were appointed by Grandpa's crooked judges.

 You must Click  Here  and check out the graphic under "Myth of the Liberal Media"

 I've wanted to run it for weeks, but it's too big.
 Now somebody has posted it so you can see it.

 Some mirror sites for you who are shut out of  bartcop.com  at your fascist employer's cages

 When you are home, (or at a non-fascist site) go there, copy the URL's then send
 an e-mail to yourself so you can read "subversive" BartCop on "the man's" time


"A negro?
 Oh this will be fun!!!
 Get Torture Room One ready.
 Strap the darkie to the gurney.
 I want to do this one myself."

From: clavius@cablespeed.com

Subject: Republicans' Cease & Desist Letter to EnronOwnsTheGOP.com

Hey, BC -- Love the site, love Garbage, love Chinaco.

There must be something in the Texas oil that blurs one's appreciation of the First Amendment.


    In a move apparently designed to quash free speech and disguise the unfortunate fact that the GOP
    is a wholly owned subsidiary of Enron, the Republican Party of Texas has delivered a 'cease and desist' letter,
    demanding that the EnronOwnsTheGop.com site be pulled down.

    For the record, any resemblance between this website and the official Republican Party website is
    as 'totally coincidental' as the $25,000 check Rick Perry took from Ken Lay the day after appointing
    an ex-Enron executive to oversee utility deregulation in Texas.

Read all about it at : http://www.enronownsthegop.com/

Keep hammering!
Clave in Seattle

Clave, great stuff!
Send more like that!

From: dalcock@teleteam.net

Subject: rush billboard photo

Way back in the mid 1990s I was driving down Central Expressway in Dallas
and looked up at the Rush Limbaugh Radio program billboard.  Someone spray
painted "nazi c*nt" on it.   I could kick myself because I didn't go home and get my camera.

The next day when I had my camera,  it was too late, the sign had been fixed.
Did anybody send it to you?   If not, why don't you ask for it in a future bartcop?

A picture of that billboard would be worth a pound of the world's best chocolate.


Thanks to Wizard of Whimsy

From: yen_yen@37.com

Subject: Democrats stuffing $'s in Pockets

It is embarrassing to you that Democrats have been pinpointed as the corrupt politicians
with bags open for "donators" to stuff cash in them for personal use.

Chang, in America, when you write a question, you should put a (?) at the end.
That was a question, right?

"Am I embarrassed that democrats have been pinpointed?"
Pinpointed by whom?    The vulgar Pigboy?    Dan Burton?     Larry Klayman?
To answer your question - no.

You are indeed a disgusting wannabe leader of the masses
of uneducated and uninformed drone-like Democrats.
Chang Yenyen

I'm a leader?
You think so?

...and as far as me being "uninformed,"
...you got the balls to go a few rounds in the chat room?

In 30 minutes I'll have you crying like Bob Dole at Nixon's funeral..

 Have you heard the latest on those crooked Olympic judges?
 Rumors are most of them are former Enron board members.

 Better check out to be sure.

 It's chock-full of sports stuff!

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 If she does, send me an e-mail about it.

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 ...and if you hear from her,  me.

 I have a problem with spinsanity.org

  Click  Here

From: (withheld)

Subject: Bush = cockroach

Regarding the Shrub disappearing down his rabbit hole and the argument that it was for his "safety."
He was running away long after all "credible threats" were over. And this site makes the point that he
was most at danger when he was reading the goat story at a previously scheduled event (near an airport, natch)
while an unknown number of hijacked planes were STILL IN THE AIR.

Worth a read


 JK, it damn sure is worth a read - thanks.


 American Democracy R.I.P.

BartCop Defends Drug Dogs

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 Pro-bono CD reviews, Mott the Hoople news, Freddy Prinze Jr - drunk on Leno and
 bad-mouthing his fiance Buffy, Pickles + Dick on Leno, Miss Cleo, Osama's Valentine to Smirk,
 Britney's new movie, "Not a Mousketeer, not yet an Actress," opens today,
 Rosie is a lesbian? Who knew?   Is that why she told Hillary to dump Bill?
 Island of Whores update,

 and, ...seriously, you gotta read the Robert DeNiro story.
 He's hosting a TV documentary about 9/11 that had a full film crew INSIDE the Towers.
 ...all this and more in today's

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 That means it's fund-raising time here at  bartcop.com

 We're supported by impoverished Democrats.
 We're so poor, a hamster running inside a wheel powers my monitor and he's getting very tired.

 I told the hamster I'd sell him to Rush if he quit running - that scares him to death!

 Please support  bartcop.com

 The hamster says "Thanks."

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 Consumer Consumption


From: pschuman@bellsouth.net

Subject: Re: Schuman vs Last honest reporter

Dear The Last Honest Reporter (can I call you 'Last'?)

Look, I'll give you a hearty amen, brother on almost your entire screed.
Generally absolutely true (I'm hedging there), and not even arguable, but proven fact.
Now what 'publican or their apologist would say that? I'm 98% your main man here,
and no enemy over a 2% disagreement.

But friends may argue heatedly over marginal differences, and even lose their friendship over it.
('Farve??? What about Montana!!!' 'Idiot.' 'Loser.') We can't afford to kick out anyone over
not believing this or that part of the liberal catechism, when we face a battle for the soul of America
against the Bush Family Evil Empire. (They're only front men for faceless Big Oil/Big Business neo-fascists,
so we really shouldn't flatter these sycophant toadies by implying they're in charge of anything.

They're hired help, totally created by their masters, who are the real top-dog evildoers of this world.)

Hoping this clears the air a bit. My 2% worth to follow.


 Lawsuit Mania!

 Larry Klayman, Gennifer Flowers and her pet snake Sparky
 want to sue Hillary because "her rear end is smaller than Gennifers."

 "We're going to sssssssue..."

  Click  Here

 Happy Birthday to...

  Jane Seymour is 51      Valeria Mazza is 27

 Also born today:  Susan B. Anthony (1820)  Chris Farley (1964)  Galileo (1564)
                               Harvey 'Raisinettes' Korman (1927)  Cesar 'The Joker' Romero (1902)

From: mr_utopia@hotmail.com

Subject: Stephen Emerson, the Fraud

I knew I had read Steven Emerson's name before.  He CONFIDENTLY said that Oklahoma City
was the work of Muslim terrorists and not of the right-wing nuts it eventually turned out to be.

Here's a web page that details all people need to know about Emerson:



Paul, that guy had "handjob" written all over him.

More on Stephen Emerson, the fraud

Last one, From Tamara Baker 

...we'll teach the ditto-monkeys a lesson.

 True or False?

 Today's target, my good friend Affleck, Ben.

 Rude and a boor. "Boring." May possibly be more than just friends with Matt Damon.
 Has a filthy mouth. Tranny chaser. Recovering alcoholic. Linked with Pamela Anderson,
 Sandra Bullock, Salma Hayek, Lauren Holly, Famke Jannsen, Jennifer Lopez, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

 Wait a minute...
 Young, ...rich, ...good-looking, ...dating Pammy, Sandy, Salma, Lauren, Famke, J-Lo and Gwenyth?
 Tipping cocktail waitresses$10K while UP six-figures at the blackjack tables at the Hard Rock in Vegas?

 All men should live lives that boring...

  I see evil.

That's a mirror, Dumbass.

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