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Volume 735 - The Fake Behind the Fear

A weekly column about what's what


 Monday     March 4, 2002          Send Me an Angel          Recent old stuff          Shopping w/ Bart 
 VCR Alert
- Michael Moore attacks BFEE big-time on Daily Show repeat tonight, Comedy Channel, at 7 PM EST 

  Check this totally devastating column by my new good friend Ted Rall

 Too Much, Too Late
  Sympathy for Reporters Follows the Death of Danny Pearl
     by Ted Rall

  Click  Here

 ...Rumsfeld issued an order to American troops in Afghanistan: they were not to give assistance
 to journalists, period. Even Northern Alliance commanders were advised that they would lose
 U.S. support if they helped a reporter get out of a tight spot.

 Several times each day, American and Northern Alliance helicopters left Afghanistan for bases in neighboring
 Tajikistan and Uzbekistan to restock ammunition. As Afghan doctors worked under primitive conditions to extract
 shrapnel from the bodies of dying journalists, fellow reporters begged authorities to airlift them to safety.
 But the choppers flew out empty. Rumsfeld again: No medevacs for reporters.

 The Conservative Myth
    by  Larry Martin

  Click  Here

 “We are good. They are evil.” W. continued, donning his powerful Revisionist Cloak,
 “We’ve never done anything to them and the Axis of Evil, in a cowardly, evil and sneaky attack,
  blew up the World Trade Center and killed 3000 Americans.   They hate us because we are free
  and they are evil and… uh… not free. Our only option is to - regrettably - annihilate these godless,
  evil, tyrants, before they develop weapons more powerful than the, uh… evil sticks and rocks they
  currently have.   Oh, and we’ll need to send aid to all the innocent Afghan children who are also
  victims of evil in this… uh, evil… tragedy.”

From: John Hartsfield

Subject: Ashcroft and Calico cats?

Howdy, is Ashcroft really afraid of calico cats?
If he thinks they are tools of the Devil he is fucking nuts.
I wish the media whores would run this story Ashcroft would be laughed out of town.
He might even be so embarrassed that he heads off to Oregon for some good old suicide
or atleast some marijuana maybe.


The mainstream media has written reports that say when Ashcroft went to Europe,
when he got to some embassy he had his advance people go thru the compound
to be sure there were no calico cats there, and that started the ridicule.

It's apparently true, but not too surprising.
Acting illogically is normal behavior for the religiously insane.

From: Kai

Posted to a Garbage newsgroup

In early Oct 2001 my good friend Bartcop (Shirley Manson's most devoted fan) at  bartcop.com
who lives in Knuckledrag (Tulsa), OK bought  Beautifulgarbage  and set out on an oddessy
(misspelling intentional) with Mrs. Bartcop through the redwoods of northern California.
The link is here:
It's complete with Bartcop's unique political analysis.

In part 2 of the oddessy is a "Garbage Detour."  This is the best review of Beautifulgarbage I've ever seen.
See it here
This is where Bartcop is listening to Beautifulgarbage over and over again with Mrs. Bartcop
in the rental car and they are enjoying Humboldt's best of God's flowers *cough.*
Pot laws suck, don't they?

In part 3 of the oddessy Mr and Mrs Bartcop meet Rudy, the Talking Raccoon.
The raccoon has the largest baculum (penis bone) of any animal it's size according to info I read here
and Rudy performs his penile dexterity for Bartcop's vidcam.
See Here  for vidcaps.

A few weeks later Bartcop goes to the Garbage/U2 concert in Kansas City and the review is here:
Fucking great review, wish I could have been there.  The next night he went to the St. Louis concert.

Enjoy Bartcop's unique political commentary at www.bartcop.com and ....

Shirley Manson please contact Bartcop at bartcop@bartcop.com.

 An Evening with Julie Hiatt Steele

 Click  Here  for the latest updates.

 Write to Julie at   PO Box 1351, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

 E-mail to Julie, use juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com

 PayPal to Julie, Click  Here  -> 


"This stranglehold [the Jews have on the media] has got to be broken or the country's
  going down the drain. [My Jewish friends in the media] swarm around me and are friendly to me.
  But they don't know how I really feel about what they're doing to this country."
    -- Billy Graham, being just as anti-Semitic as Nixon

From: Bridgette in OK

Subject: Let's Roll

I have often read your site, but have never posted to the message board or wrote in before.
But after reading your Let's Roll comments, I just have to say I agree 100%.
What a shame that weak and stupid made a mockery of a dying man's last words.

As a believer in God/Jesus I was not offended at all, for Jesus knew that his sacrifice and resurrection
must take place.  Todd Beamer, on the other hand, knew that he and all those people on board were going to die.

It sickens me every time  pResident in Thief shows his nasty, lying and cheating face.  If he was truly
a moral man, he would have taken into consideration the votes of a majority of the American people
and stepped down to allow the ELECTED President to lead America.

Keep up the good work,

Bridgette in OK

 Policy Change

 I'm no longer going to print the e-mail addresses of those who write.

 Maybe the Bart-stalkers will be forced to write to me or each other,
 instead of terrorizing and preying on the women who write in.

 If you WANT your e-mail printed, say so, otherwise I'll leave it off
 (unless your're a ditto-monkey.)

 Besides, this way I can more easily send fake praise mail to myself.

 "Independent" Counsel Robert Ray is a partisan Republican
     ...who knew?

  "Independent" Robert Ray spoke at a Monmouth County Republican fundraiser on February 10, 2002.

   Click  Here  to read the lying SOB's statement of denial.

 I'm a lying, partisan SOB who likes to beat up
 defenseless single women - just like John Fund.

From: Samantha Dent

Subject: RE: The DNC!

 I read your piece about the concessions the democrats made on not investigating the whole iran-contra mess.
 I was unaware they backed down on that so easily. It's astounding when you think about what knowledge may
 have been lost forever, especially now that daddy's records are sealed indefinitely. But as far as the DNS not
 getting involved in fund-raisers, perhaps you could ask them what they call this: (I call it fundraising)

 Dear Friend,

 The Democratic Party needs your support today, now more than ever to elect Democrats to office nationwide in November.
 Please make as generous a credit card contribution as you can to the DNC today.

 With a contribution of $25 or more, we'll send you a "Kick 'Em Out" bumper sticker so that you can display
 your Democratic pride. It is only through the support of generous contributors like you that we will be victorious.


 Terence R. McAuliffe

 Nobody likes being lied to. I wonder why the DNC fundraising specialist told me,
"Sir, we don't get involved in fundraisers."

 Minnesota economy has been worse
   - but not in a long time

   Click  Here

 The greatest signs of pain are in the labor market, both among workers who've lost their jobs
 and the employed who've seen bonuses disappear and the value of their stock options evaporate.

 In the current recession, initial unemployment claims statewide have climbed 50 percent.
 "We haven't seen that kind of hit since the 1980 recession," said Toby Madden,
 regional economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.

 It only took that crazy Bush boy 15 months to destroy the Clinton economic miracle.
 He screws all the non-millionaires, and gives the super-rich a hueueueueuge tax break
 A recipe for disaster and just the opposite of what Clinton did to make America richer.

 America is poorer, in so many ways, for having lost our right to vote.

 Concerning the Evening with Julie Hiatt Steele

 If you send me any correspondence about this, anything at all,
 please send your phone number with EACH e-mail you send.

 I thought I had mail gridlock before, but I was bluffing.

 If it's related to April 27th, send that number so if you have something big,
 I can call you right then and not have to wait twenty four hours playing e-mail-tag.

 Send Juliefest stuff to  Juliefest2002@yahoo.com

From: Father Mushroom

Subject: Smirk Alert

The Idiot King is speaking at our local high school tomorrow.  He's talking on  "Inner City Schools."
We live in a 92%- lilly white affluent suburb where the average home goes for $250-300K!!!!!!
The kids drive nicer cars than the teachers!  And he's fucking talking about "inner city schools!"

Also, the security has right out of Dr. Strangelove--Secret Service clowns in trench coats roaming
the halls all week, no backpacks allowed tomorrow, students must have ID, no students may park
in the lot, no one admitted without a ticket, etc.  A total joke.  Would you like a short rant on this
after it's done and I stop throwing up?

Boy, would I...

Don't hold back, tell us what you really think.

 Guess who turned 2?

 60 Feet Under
   by Maureen Dowd - She hates everybody, this time it's Smirk.

   Click  Here

 In a banner headline on Friday, The Washington Post blared: "Shadow Government Is at Work in Secret."
 The article said President Bush had assembled a cadre of officials to operate under the radar, out of the sunlight.
 This is news?

 The president did that on Jan. 20, 2001.
 He formed a secret government within a secret government. A shadow of a shadow.

 Sixty feet under, the vice president will never be sued by the General Accounting Office.
 Executive privilege is safe when the only branch is executive.

 Hey, Modo!

 You helped elect this idiot man/boy with your constant falsehoods against Al Gore
 and your dreadfully suspicious silence on Smirk's lack of qualifications.

 This is partly YOUR fault.
 You were so busy fabricating lies about "Hillary's bridal registry," that you didn't do your job.
 If you had told the truth a few times in the last campaign, maybe people might've asked
 if the moronic Momma's boy who never held a job was qualified to steal the White House.


 Right-wing-nut Mel Gibson buys rights to Bill O'Reilly novel

 Mel Gibson, the tiny Nazi-leaning, semi-actor who has purchased the movie rights to Bill O'Reilly's novel,
 "Those Who Trespass," indicated yesterday he plans to make the film.

 "It's a very compelling little journey," he said of the novel.
 "It's dark and almost funny. It will work."

 O'Reilly, a reactionary millionaire-slimeball with a penchant for abusing the guests that only Fox would invite,
 told Gibson he was "stunned" when he learned that the actor, one of Hollywood's most diminutive,
 recently bought the film rights.

 The only good thing about a Mel Gibson movie is it employs lots of midgets.

 Price-gouging inquiries target Enron
  Overcharges in California may exceed $40b

  Click  Here

 The practices of Enron Corp. and other energy companies that designed California's
 energy-deregulation bill resulted in $40 billion to $70 billion in utility overcharges and
 ancillary costs, said a consumer group and the agency that operates the state's energy grid.

 Does anyone think it was a coincidence that Bush allowed Enron to rape California?
 Bush spent $12,000,000 in California, Gore spent almost nothing and still won the state.

 The vengeful and spiteful Bush boy turned Enron loose to fuck California - and they did.

 Do you remember the famous Rush Limbaugh TV Show  where
 Rush called 14-year old Chelsea Clinton, "the White House dog?"

 Did you know that TV show was produced by Roger Ailes?

 Do you know what Roger Ailes is doing now?
 He's the Supreme Dragon at Fox News, answerable only to Field Marshall Rupert Murdoch.

 Does is surprise you that the producer of "Chelsea the White House dog,"
 is now running "fair and balanced" Fox News?

 It doesn't surprise me...

 If you didn't have a chance to check  bartcop.com  over the weekend,
 and my counter says a third of you weren't able to,

 Vol 733 - Let's Get Thru It  wasn't the best issue we've ever done, but

 Vol 734 - There’s an Art to Growing Old had some spark!

 And the opening toon was so good, it was held over!

Pioneers Pointing the Way for Bush

 Click  Here

President Bush has rewarded his most successful campaign contributors with ambassadorships,
key appointments and personal perks. And for good reason: If campaign finance legislation
becomes law, he will reap even more benefit from them in 2004.

The group is the Pioneers, the early supporters of Bush's presidential campaign who each agreed
to raise $100,000, with many of them far surpassing that target. They started the fundraising momentum
that eventually brought the Bush campaign about $113 million, by far the record for a political campaign.


 "Kathleen Willey's encounter with Clinton in the Oval Office
    in November of 1993 involved no harassment at all."

  Who said it?

 A. Linda Tripp
 B. Julie Hiatt Steele

 Answer:  Both of them!

 Linda Tripp

 You've probably heard - Linda Tripp has breast cancer.
 I hate to be cynical (you know me) but certainly that announcement was timed to
 counter the things Monica said about her on the HBO special last night. It's gotta be
 tough to be the most hated woman in America, and then have a really bad turn of luck.

 They say she lost her house, too, just like Julie Hiatt Steele.
 One big difference, tho...

 Julie's "crime" was answering the phone, then agreeing to help
 an old friend when she didn't have any time to think about it.

 If you saw the Monica special on HBO last night, (it was very anti-Starr, anti-GOP so I loved it)
 Monica and the recordings proved how Tripp kept egging Monica on. Tripp kept telling her she was
 certain that Clinton liked her, telling her how, as an older women she knew these things and that
 Monica should pursue Clinton because they were "perfect" for each other, etc.

 When you read The Hunting of the President, you'll see she testified she did the same thing
 to Kathleen Willey, giving her tips on what to wear to catch Clinton's eye, and when to
 "accidentally" run into him when he might be alone etc.

 Linda Tripp is no Julie Hiatt Steele.

 Tripp's crime was spending YEARS trying to bring down America's last elected president, stabbing a
 young and naive girl in the back like nobody's EVER been stabbed in the back, playing all sides - Monica,
 Paula Jones's lawyers, Bill Bennett, Spikey Mike Isikoff etc - and trying to make a book deal with Lucy the Bat
 where she could fabricate more and more lies about the Clintons.

 It must be hell to be Linda Tripp.
 What chance does she have,
 what steps could she take
 to rid herself of the title,
 "Most Hated Woman in America?"

 None, I'm afraid.

 Don't forget to check 

 A gift from the State of Oklahoma

 The Oklahoma state legislature is about to pass a law
 making it illegal to execute anyone with an I.Q. under 70.

 ha ha

 So, with my I.Q. of 64, I will be bulletproof!

 Barry Crimmins


 Check today's 

 bin Laden has made George W. Bush more popular than Reagan with the American Taliban.
 George W. Bush has made bin Laden more popular than Saddam with the original Taliban.

 bin Laden will never be caught and Bush's war against every country on Earth
 that he secretly suspects might contain "evil-doers" will never end.

 It's a match made in Hell with the blood of 3700 Americans.

 The Bush Family Evil Empire always gets theirs.

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