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Volume 738 - Let’s Burst All the Bubbles


 Thurssday     March 7, 2002          Send Me an Angel        Recent old stuff      Shopping w/ Bart

 The Gambler
   by BartCop

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  If my IQ is 64,
 How can I be smarter than President Moron?

  Proof   scroll to the bottom

 Watch for this Sunday on ABC's Ford's Theatre Presidential Gala:
 When Stevie Wonder sat down on stage, the idiot chimp in the front row got very excited.
 He smiled and started waving at Wonder, who understandably did not respond.
 After a moment Bush realized his mistake and slowly dropped the errant hand back to his lap.

 President Monkey in a Man Suit can't figure out why Stevie Wonder didn't wave back.

 ...and he's in charge of planet Earth?

 Will ABC show the moron for what he really is?

 Of course not.
 They'll cover for him like they always have.

 More Covering for the Failure in Thief

 It's gone now, but the Yahoo headline yesterday said,
 "CBO says small surplus in Bush budget."

 That way, if you only read the headline, you think Smirk has turned the corner
 on his family-busting recession and we're headed back in black.

 When I finally got around to reading the story, the details said,

 "Bush's budget would produce a larger deficit next year and a smaller total surplus
   over the coming decade than the White House has projected," the CBO said.

 That means exactly the OPPOSITE of what the headline said.
 "Smaller than the White House projected"means the White House lied.

 Just like ENRON, Bush is cooking the books to cover the billions he's stealing.

 Why are the news organizations covering for the idiot-thief?
 Why can't they just report the news and stop lying to protect him?

  Your tax dollars at work

 Even after three years...
     by Julie Hiatt Steele

   Click  Here

  Before I could look at the now forgotten papers, or decide which call to return first, the phone rang again.
  It was my sister and, clearly shaken, she repeated the words spoken to her by an unidentified caller:
"You better tell your sister that if she knows
  what is good for her and her son,
  she will back Kathleen Willey's story."

 Yes, they wanted Bill Clinton real, real bad.
 They would do anything to uninstall the last elected president.

 Nobody had Julie's sister's phone number but the goose-stepping bastards tapping Julie's line.
 Our federal government made that threat.

 Gee, that's almost like tampering with a witness...

 Not the People's Choice
  How to democratize American democracy
    by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.  as seen on The American Pospect

   Click  Here

 The true significance of the disputed 2000 election has thus far escaped public attention.
 This was an election that elevated the popular-vote loser to the American presidency.
 But that astounding fact has been obscured: first by the flood of electoral complaints
 about deceptive ballots, hanging chads, and so on in Florida; then by the political
 astuteness of the court-appointed president in behaving as if he had won the White House
 by a landslide; and now by the effect of September 11 in presidentializing George W. Bush
 and giving him commanding popularity in the polls.

 How many popular-vote losers will we have to send to the White House
 before we finally democratize American democracy?

  Julie has asked if anyone has a VHS copy of
 Kathleen Willey on 60 Minutes years ago.
  She would like to get a copy of that - if you have it.
  Send it to me at PO Box 54466, Tulsa, OK 74155
  She would be very grateful.

 An Evening with Julie Hiatt Steele
 >>> April 27th <<<in Washington D.C.

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 Write to Julie at   PO Box 1351, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

 E-mail to Julie, use juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com

 PayPal to Julie, Click  Here  ->

 If you send me any correspondence about this, anything at all,
 please send your phone number with EACH e-mail you send.

 Send Juliefest stuff to  Juliefest2002@yahoo.com

 Hillary Murders Again

 Once again, the New Whore Post has caught Hillary in murder.

 Can't anybody stop this woman's crime spree?
 It doesn't mention "two shots to the head," which is Hillary' style, but the Post wouldn't lie,
 so as far as I'm concerned, she's guilty of murder and should be impeached.

 It's another Clinton scandal.

 Last night's West Wing was a great show, wasn't it?

 The Republican jackals are still going after the First Lady (just like real life)
 and in the middle of her can't-get-more formal birthday party, she gets bad news
 and grabs CJ and Josh's girlfriend and says, "We're getting drunk."

 The drunk scene was funny as hell, the English ambassador was good,
 Donna turned Canadian - then back, and did you see Sheen whip on his coat?
 How does he do that without hurting himself?

 Great show, maybe the best of the season.
 I just wish they could be this good every week.


Let me get this straight; Paula Jones who sports a new schnoz and whatever else
she received, compliments of the Clinton haters, who posed in Playboy for bucks,
and who will now wrestle Tanya Harding for more bucks, is the same Paula Jones
who originally sued Bill Clinton so she could "get her good name back"?

John W

John, remember, Paula was just a trailer-trash pawn used by Scaife and Scalia
to try to remove Clinton from office.

Did you know Scalia was Catholic?
Maybe he justified his illegal actions to himself as "likely to save more babies"
because Clinton and Gore back a woman's reproductive rights.

 Kerry Fires Back At G.O.P. Snipers
    by Smoking Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Mr. Daschle and his colleagues have remained inert during recent weeks and months,
 while their adversaries compared him with Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and accused
 him of giving "aid and comfort" to the nation’s enemies. They have stood by in silence
 while authoritarian propaganda emanated from Republican fax machines and spread
 across the country. They’ve allowed the South Dakota Democrat, an Air Force veteran
 and bioterror target, to be taunted like a traitor by Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove
 and other tough-talkers who avoided military service as if it were anthrax.

 Don't forget to check 

 Arkansas Sports Akin to Politics?
  by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Well, I grew up in New Jersey, where football's an equal-opportunity game for clumsy people.
 Like my father, I played organized basketball into my thirties. My brother's still playing in a  rec center
 league at 55. We have a distant cousin exactly my age who's in the NBA Hall of Fame. I even had the
 wisdom to marry an Arkansas coach's daughter, who not only thinks it's normal to watch a whole lot of
 ballgames-and ALL Razorback games-but agrees that Charles Barkley's commentary on TNT's NBA
 broadcasts is the funniest thing on TV. Sir Charles is my favorite black Republican. He recently explained
 that underprivileged high school stars were foolish to declare for the NBA draft before their game was ready.
 "They can get paid playing college ball," Barkley deadpanned. "Send them to Alabama."

 From: Sean Foushee

 Subject: Glaring omission on front page

 Click  Here

 Koresh - I love it when they challenge me.

 Have you been reading Project 60?

 March 7, 1942

 The Government of the Dutch East Indies flees Java for Australia.

 Japanese roadblocks at Taukkyan hamper British troops, attempting to retereat from Rangoon.

 Japanese naval forces shell Christmas Island.

 The German battleship Tirpitz sorties with three destroyers from her berth in Trondheim in Norway.

 Her mission was to intercept an Artic convoy heading for Russia. The British Home Fleet
 sortied to meet the threat and for several days both sides attempted to hit the other.
 Both failed.

 This is great stuff!!!

 Click  Here  to read more, and thanks to David Friedrich for the most excellent work!

 That baxter guy from Enron
 Was it suicide? Or was it murder?
 Would evil men murder to steal billions?
 Why did the Texas cops call it "suicide" BEFORE the investigation began?

  Click  Here

 Note that Baxter was killed with rat shot*, essentially a small shotgun shell sized to fit a handgun,
 which fires spread pattern useful against rodents and snakes. The spread of the rat shot indicates
 a distance of about 2 feet between the gun and Baxter's head. This clearly argues against a suicide.

 * I wonder if "rat shot" was a message to the others?
     Are the Texas police covering for the Enron gang?
     When billions are missing, can cops be paid off?

      How about a hemp t-shirt that pricks our Failure in Thief?

                                                  click   to  order   Buy 3, get free shipping

 The Dude in the Python
   by Maureen Dowd - she hates everybody - this time it's ...hell I can't even tell.

  Click  Here

 When baby boomers were coming of age, everyone said that because we were such
 an outsized cohort, society would always cater to us and shape itself around us.
 We would be "the pig in the python," indulged and spoiled. But now, even though we
 have the most economic clout, the culture is no longer pitched to us.  It is pitched to
 teenage boys.  Boomers may be the pig, but dudes control the bacon.

 Bully brigade
  Limbaugh, Novak and Hannity smack down dissenters:
  Dare to disagree? You're helping the enemy!
    by Brendan Nyhan

  Click  Here

Tell me... are the people who tell us to "get over" the 2000 election the same
assholes who haven't gotten over the fact that the South lost the Civil War?
It's been 137 years you know.


  The case of Julie Hiatt Steele:
 The human cost of the Kenneth Starr witch-hunt

   Click  Here

“They intended to get me convicted and roll Kathleen Willey back out. The Paula Jones thing
  was always flimsy. But they could have made this perjury, because Clinton sat straight up in his chair
  and leaned forward and said, ‘That didn't happen [with Willey].'

  They took an hour on August 17 1998 in questioning him about the Willey grope. To turn it into
  a perjury charge, they needed to convict me in order to raise her credibility. They needed to get me
  out of the way, so her charge against him would hold.  And that was a federal venue, instead of
  a civil case, like the Jones case,” said Ms. Steele.

 The Denver Connection
  More Conspiracy, Cirruption and Coverups
  Part III in the Denver Connection Series
     from the long-overdue Barbara Hartwell

   Click  Here

 The so-called 'assassin' Jeffrey W. Swedenburg, was not an assassin, but a Patriot and Defender
 of the Constitution, a Special Forces veteran whom I later learned had been targeted for the same
 basic reasons as myself: He was deemed a security risk and a threat to The Agenda of the powers
 that be. And the people who issued the first of what were to be several warnings from various
 sources, Kurt and Lee Ann Billings, were, as I finally came to understand, part of a conspiracy
 designed to neutralize me using Psy Ops.

 Coming soon....
 A Timeline of CIA Atrocities
  by Steve Kangas

  Update from Volume 734 - There’s an Art to Growing Old

 I was wrong - she did write back
  Worldnetdaily columnist Jane Chastain does her best to defend Paula Jones

  Click  Here

  Is her best good enough against Ol' BartCop?

 Long-Time Pot Users Show Mental Deficits 

   Click  Here

 Long-time, heavy marijuana users may eventually see their memory and
 attention span go up in smoke, new research suggests.

 Investigators found that, among pot smokers seeking treatment for
 marijuana dependence, long-time users performed more poorly on tests
 of memory and attention than shorter-term users and non-users.

 ha ha

 Thank you, Mr. Ashcroft.
 ...and could you also repeat the warning about the calico cats?

 SHOW ME a scientific study that says pot is in the top ten of
 harmful drugs that are sold at every fucking Walgreen's in America.

 This country is a walking handjob with their drug laws.
 Politics and religion tell us what drugs are bad for us,
 and the doctors are told to remain silent about the truth or lose their license.

 Jesus, this subject gets me going...

 If I buy 200 acres of Oklahoma farmland, and want to grow some harmless plants that
 make me feel better when I smoke 'em, why do I need a bigger, more intrusive government
 on my ass threatening me with death in prison if I don't tell them where I bought the seeds?

 Why can't the FBI and DEA go after bin Laden and let me smoke some hemp like Abe Lincoln
 used to talk about, ...sitting on his front porch, playing his harmonica, smoking a bowl...

 If you write and say Abe smoked hemp because he liked the taste
 I'm coming to your house in the next hour to backhand your Gomer ass..

 Republicans and conservatives are LYING when they say they want less government.
 It's just an easier message to sell to the uneducated, God-fearing, whites-only monkeys,
 which is enough votes to swing an election. - just ask Al Gore.

        Thanks to JDWRods for the photo of this billboard.

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