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Volume 745 - War Without End, Amen 


 Thursday    March 14, 2002             Send Me an Angel               Recent old stuff               Shopping w/ Bart
Julie Hiatt Steele's "Final Report" rebuttal
Listen to Julie on Mike Malloy  TODAY at 5 PM EST
If you can't hear Julie at 5 PM EST, the taped re-broadcast is at 11 PM EST
 Maybe Julie will mention  bartcop.com ?

 Report filed last night - 9:30 K-Drag time

Perkel is Free

  ...and he's surrounded by babes!
 Michele, known to most of you as Michele the cook  just called,
 he was out of the stinking jail cell and picking up his personal property from the LA jailers.

 Then Marty, from BartCop Entertainment, is driving him to LAX
 to see if he can catch a flight to San Francisco tonight.  If he can't get a flight, Tammy the Diva,
 who you've seen on BartCop as "The Diva," from Bush Brothers Banana Republic

  is going to let him spent the night on her couch!

 Perkel, surrounded by fabulous babes!!

 I have a quote for you -

   "I'm out."

 I'll let him tell the rest of the story, about who did this... and why... and with whose help...


 A shot of Chinaco for Marc Perkel!!

 I can't wait to read Michele's report, Marty's report, Tammy the Diva's report
 and the sure-to-be-blistering report from Marc Perkel.

 Marc Perkel is the most dangerous mind on the Internet.

 Did anyone grab a copy of yesterday's Volume 744?
 As my mind drifts further into the goo, I'm going to lose more issues.
 If you have it, send it - don't write and say, "I have it, or maybe can look for it," please. 

 Thanks again to everyone for their support, especially Dan Chiles for hooking us up with some
 great lawyers in Springfield, and also especially to Marc's sister Atia for retaining said lawyers,
 and for being so cool :D

 Woo woo!!!!
 Michele Kaeder,
 Perkel Defense Coordinator

 Greg Palast is dropping major bombs 
 on the Bush Family Evil Empire

  Click  Here

 ...you sell off your local banks to foreign banks. Then you go to what's called market-based pricing.
 That's the stuff like in California where everything is free market and you end up with water bills
 - we can't even imagine selling off water companies in the United States of America. But imagine if
 a private company like Enron owned your water. So then the prices go through the roof. Then open up
 your borders to trade - complete free marketeering. And Stiglitz who was the chief economist, remember
 he was running this system, he was their numbers man and he was saying it was like the opium wars.
 He said this isn't free trade; this is coercion trade. This is war. They are taking apart economies through this.

 Did you think I was kidding about the B.F.E.E. taking over the world?
 This is why they HAD to steal the election.

 It also makes September 11th a little more likely.
 They are stealing trillions.
 Would evil men allow thousands to die to steal trillions?

 Click and read that Palast interview.

 Feisty and Furry, Gore Starts Race, Whacking Bush
   by Josh Benson  at the New York Observer

  Click  Here

 The guests were thrilled with Mr. Gore's unexpected candor and feistiness.
 They quickly pledged $200,000 to Mr. Gore's treasury. When it was all over,
 one donor leaned to another and asked what they were all wondering:
"Why didn't he talk like that during the last election?"

  I didn't write that...

 Sony Buries David Manning
  Sony Pictures is spending a wad of cash to rub out the infamous David Manning.

  Click  Here

 Hoping to end the fiasco of the fake film critic, the studio has agreed to pony up $326,000
 to settle charges brought by the Attorney General of Connecticut. Sony was accused of
 deceptive advertising projects for inventing Manning and his glowing reviews of Sony films
 and attributing them to the state's Ridgefield Press.

 As part of the deal, Sony marketeers are forbidden from manufacturing nonexistent
 film reviewers to hype its releases.

 Wait a minute!
 If this is illegal, why is it legal for Robert Kudlow and Bill Nichols to take money
 from Richard Mellon Scaife and then give us their "honest" opinion on issues?
 If the GOP can fake their whores, why can't Disney?

 When Smirk gives hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars tohis friend Ken Lay,
 the GOP harlots get on TV and say, "This will help working familes," when it won't.

 Why isn't that WORSE than lying about some damn movie?

 Comedy Rant
   by  Paul.Breau@telus.com

  Click  Here

 Did you watch the Olympics? At first I thought it was just a really long
 McDonald's commercial, but then I got into it. The hockey was great,
 but for me, it's the curling. It's like porn to me. It always sounds like a
 great idea, but when you get down to watching it-- you end up
 fast-forwarding so you can watch everyone get their rocks off!

From: RP

Subject: Dear Citizen of Knuckledrag

I've been reading your site for the past few months, and I have to say it's highly amusing.
Great stuff...good for edification and humor. Heavily recommended reading in my opinion
(even counting the truckloads of crap, but hey: it's YOUR site and I'm damn glad it's there).


 Marching Into Georgia
   by Nat Parry at   consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 George W. Bush's "crusade" against evil is headed for the former Soviet
 republic of Georgia, where U.S. troops have been tasked to root out alleged
 al-Qaeda operatives amidst Chechens rebels and refugees. The morally murky
 conflict illustrates the dangers that the war on terrorism could make worse.

 Help Wanted

 I need a transcript of one day's worth of the vulgar Pigboy.
 I'd like to get all three hours of one day of Rush as an html file.
 Is there someone who can do this?

 There's a reason Rush doesn't have his shows archived.
 I'm going to show you why.

Ol' Bart and put "steno"in the subject line.
 We'll pick a date and watch the vulgar Pigboy hang himself.

 Many people have written to say they can almost help with this.
 Maybe if we give it a few more days we'll get lucky.

 Did you see 'Celebrity Boxing' on Fox last night?

  The Brady boy got his ass kicked - by a Partridge.
  I guess his dead career is now even deader.

 Then Todd Bridges mauled Vanilla Ice,
 as tho the white guy had a chance in a boxing ring.

 But the highlight was my girl Tanya (TNT) Harding.
 She fought Paula (the Pounder) Jones.
 She was formerly known as "the two-pounder" until she had trunk-reduction surgery

 Who did the trailer trash people root for?

 Tanya kicked her ass pretty hard.
 She knocked Paula down 2-3 times and then Paula
 cried "no mas" mid-way thru the third round.

 The most crushing blow of the night was a Harding right that sent Paula crashing to
 the ground like Smirk eating a pretzel, but the Fox commentators called it, "a slip."

 Gee, who can believe the Fox people would lie?

 ha ha

 After the fight, both women were interviewed without their head gear.
 Even after she was soundly beaten, Paula had fewer marks on her face
 than Usurperboy after his grudge match with Mr. Salty.

Thanks to April

Hi - this is Marc - I'm out of JAIL! I'm at Tammy's (the Diva) house.
I'm doing well. I spent 2 weeks in Australia followed by 3 days in Los Angelos.

I'll write more when I get home. I was released without bail (OR) about noon - but it took an
additional 10 hours to make it to the street with my stuff. I was not gang raped by fellow inmates
as some of you have feared - in fact - I was rising to alpha male at the time I was released.

Yes - this is something started by my x-wife - who after 8 years after the divorse still has to put
a knife in my back. But - the legal skills of Missouri prosecutors was not very impressive in
California courts. I was appointed a public defender who described the charges as "total bullshit"
and recomended that I sue the prosecutor. When we got to court - the California prosecutor agreed
and they both recommended a bond of $0 reduced from $100,000 which is standard on a fugitive warrant.

I (hope) to be back in san fran tomorrow and get caught up on my email. I just wanted to
thank you all for your support and it's good to know I have a lot of friends.

 Going somewhere?  ...like, ...maybe ...Washington DC on April 27th?
 If you use this link and they'll send me a nickle.

 Perkel arrest makes the front page

 Former candidate jailed for 2 days
 Marc Perkel is freed in LA after Greene County warrant recalled.

 Click  Here

“We don’t have an active warrant. We don’t have any charges on him here,” said Greene
  County Sheriff Chief Deputy Tom Martin. “We’re not going to pick him up.”

 In the 2000 Republican primary for the Senate, Perkel lost to incumbent Sen. John Ashcroft,
 who was appointed U.S. attorney general after losing the general election for the Senate seat.

 What we have here is a case of severely crooked cops.
 There was never ANY reason to issue the arrest warrant.
 They did it to fuck with Perkel because he sued them.

 Cops don't like to lose, so when they do, they just break the law.   (That's not )

 The cops in Springfield are crooked, and the crooked judges back them up.
 This judge would've backed them up with this nonsense, horseshit warrant if the LA prosecutor hadn't
 gotten involved and told the crooked Springfield cops and crooked Springfield judges to knock it off.
 They arrested an innocent man for answering the door.

 That's why perkel had to leave Springfield - because of the crooked cops,
 who are backed up by the crooked judges.

 And where in the hell is the whore press?
 Why don't they write an editorial and ask why
 this phoney warrant was issued in the first place?

 What happens when a crooked cop tells the truth under oath?

 Click  Here


 They arrested me to keep me from going to court.

 Discovery has begun. The lawyers for the police sent me a copy of a set of answers that
 the Internal Affairs Department asked the arresting officers as to why they didn't get a
 warrant to arrest me. It's clear from the answers that the Trespassing charge was fabricated.

 Officer Holle's answer to question #13 is very interesting. In response to the question about
 why he didn't get a warrant, he responds that I was arrested because they didn't want
 me at a hearing the next day, and that they wanted to teach me a lesson.

 Crooked cops + crooked judges = Springfield, Missouri

 ...and when Perkel left town, they fabricated a phoney warrant for no goddamn reason
 other than they're still trying to teach Marc Perkel a lesson, the crooked, vengeful bastards.

 If the judges are crooked, even I could lose a case in Springfield, Missouri.

 There is lots and lots of entertaining stuff at 
 Maybe Marty will write about her adventure with Marc Perkel...
 She also has an Ann Coulter story to die for (we can only wish)

 Special Bonus

 Marty is hosting sound clips of the best guitar player in Texas.
 He's my good friend Rick del Castillo.

 Click  Here

 Thanks to Marty, who'll be breaking 100K hits soon.

 Powell Quiets Fears Of Bush’s Nuke Talk
     by Smoking Joe Conason

  Click  Here

  ...our friends tried not to panic, while our enemies argued that the "posture" review provides
 fresh evidence of our malignant, imperialistic and inhumane character. (We know we aren’t
 like that, of course, but other people who don’t know us as well as we know ourselves– which
 includes several billion on this planet–aren’t quite so sure. They still recall that our leaders once
 dropped atomic bombs on Japanese civilians.)

 An Evening with Julie Hiatt Steele
 >>> April 27th <<<in Washington D.C.

 Click  HereWe have a important new updates.

 Write to Julie at   PO Box 1351, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

 E-mail to Julie, use juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com

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 If you send me anything send your phone number
 Send Juliefest stuff to  Juliefest2002@yahoo.com

Let's party with Julie like it's 2099.

...Senator Steele

 I like the sound of that.
 I can't wait to meet her.
 44 days from today.

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"Today, as we celebrate The Washington Times' 15th anniversary,
  I cannot help but feel deep emotion. Fifteen years ago, when the world
  was adrift on the stormy waves of the Cold War, I established The
  Washington Times to fulfill God's desperate desire to save this world."
    -- From a June 16, 1997, Sun Myung Moon

  God has "desperate desires?"
  What's the point of being God if you have "desperate desires?"
  And how can the head Moonie fulfill God's "desperate desires?"

  By doing nine year's worth of stories inside Clinton's zipper?
  Why would God have a "desperate desire" to get in there?

  If God really has a desperate desire for Clinton's penis,
  He must be really, really happy with you, Sun Myung.

 Amnesty for Lawbreakers?
   by Rude Rich

   Click  Here

     How about a hemp t-shirt that pricks our Failure in Thief?

                                                  click   to  order   Buy 3, get free shipping

 The US National Debt Clock

  Click  Here

 Under every Republican, it goes up.
 War and recession - every time with the GOP

 Bush Says bin Laden is fading into irrelevance

 Bush has declared that Osama bin Laden is fading into irrelevance.
 Saddam Hussein remains "a problem," and "we're going to deal with him," Bush said.

 Shortly after the Sept. 11 attacks, Bush said he wanted bin Laden "dead or alive."
 Since then, bin Laden gave him the slip and now he's "irrelevant?"
 Fuck that.

 I doubt he's irrelevant to the thousands of still-mourning New York families.
 I doubt he's irrelevant to the millions who watched TV September 11th.
 I can guarantee he's not irrrelevant over here at  bartcop.com

 (trying to control the rage...)

 You stood on the bodies buried in the rubble at Ground Zero and got that bullhorn
 and swore to the whole world that you were going to bring bin Laden to justice.
 Why do you think your approval rating went so high?

 Did you use those remains to grandstand for political purposes, George?

 It was because people, even me, believed you when you said you'd kill bin Laden, because,
 after all, having people executed is the only job you've ever done well in your entire life.

 ...and now you're saying "nevermind?"

 Bush said, in a news conference Wednesday, "I truly am not that concerned about him."

Well, we don't care what you think,
President Never-Won-an-Election.
 We want you to prove your word means something.

 Don't you go hopping around from country to country to distract us while your
 crooked family rapes the US treasury and monkey's with the Bill of Rights.

 You PROMISED bin Laden's head - and we want it.

 I couldn't care less what you CLAIM is your concern.
 carry out your promise to bring him to justice, jackass!

 I took a lot of heat from the left when I supported this war,
 because I wanted revenge on bin Laden, but now you want to let him go?

 Was that always in the script, George?

 Letting your friend Osama get away?

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