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Volume 750 - From Hollow into Light


Wednesday   March 20, 2002           Send Me an Angel          Recent old stuff          Shopping w/ Bart

 Lott Retaliates for Pickering Loss
  Judiciary Panel's Funding, Daschle Nominee Targeted

 Click  Here

 Trent Lott (R-Racist) yesterday blocked a $1.5 million request from the
 Judiciary Committee for its post-Sept. 11 oversight operations as part of
 a retaliatory strike against Democrats for killing the Pickering nomination.

 Sounds like that was their plan all along. They nominate a cross-burning judge,
 and when the Democrats turn him down, they deny funding for the illegal administration
 to be investigated for their part in the September 11th attacks.

 What does Bush have to hide about September 11th?
 Why does September 11th have to remain Bush's little secret?
 What about September 11th don't we have a right to know?
 Why is all Bush Family busines none of our business?
 He stole his way into power, now he's using our money and our
 military to enrich himself further and it's none of our business?

 I'm going to get away with it!

 Starr: "Unethical and Unscrupulous"
   by  Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 It's interesting to speculate what the legal and political consequences might have been had
 all this become public knowledge when it was all taking place between 1994 and 1999. At the
 very least, Jim Guy Tucker might still be Governor of Arkansas, and Starr's prosecutors even
 more disgraced than they are. But the lesson for Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee,
 however, couldn't be clearer: Confirm no Bush administration nominees with a history of
 substituting party loyalty and ideology for facts and law.

 From: Bernie

 Where can I find the article about the bin Laden family being whisked away
 from 5 different U S airports just after  9/11?

 I thought I saw it here and can't find it again.
 Hope it wasn't an urban myth.

 Love your site!   Thanks,


 Michael Moore made that charge on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
 He said The New Yorker magazine printed that extra-explosive charge,
 but, of course, the media has no interest in Bush's helping the bin Ladens
 because it has nothing to do with Bill Clinton's zipper.

 Brock’s Confessions Expose Political Decay
  by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 During the months that followed, I was able to confirm everything Mr. Brock told me
 (and much more) about the Spectator, the Arkansas Project, the "elves" behind the
 Paula Jones case, Richard Mellon Scaife and the other secret financiers of the campaign
 against the Clintons. I found independent sources who provided documentation of the
 Arkansas Project’s personnel and expenditures. Eventually, The Observer and other
 news organizations–including The New York Times, the Chicago Sun-Times,
 The Washington Post and Salon–proved his veracity about key figures and events.
 Whatever his motives, the repentant "hit man" was telling the truth.

 Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapses

  Click  Here

 An enormous floating ice shelf in Antarctica that has existed since
 the last Ice Age 12,000 years ago collapsed this month with staggering
 speed during one of the warmest summers on record there, scientists say.

 According to the vulgar Pigboy and Smirk the Boy Wonder, there IS no
 global warming and the South Pole is melting ....because the Earth ....is NOT
 getting any warmer and they have their Scaife-funded experts to back them up.

 ...and the whore media can make more money agreeing with Bush than
 doing their damn jobs reporting the damn news.

 Julie gets mail

 From: Mudcat

 Subject: Thanks

 For the great fight for truth. You are not alone. With friends like BartCop
 and the readers that support his site your truth will see the light of day

 I will not be able to attend the "Juliefest" but I will be there in spirit
 and I know it will be a great success because you will be there. and I know it will be a great success because you will be there.

 So have a ball and "be Julie," because you're the best.


Rush says, "Screw the draft.
My butt's too dirty.
The Army won't accept dirty butts."


 From Missouri, about KMOX
   by Dennis

  Click  Here

 It never hurts to be riminded of the FACTS.


Bush Pardons 6 in Iran Affair, Aborting a Weinberger Trial;
Prosecutor Assails 'Cover-Up'

Well of course it was a cover-up.

Those six were pardoned because they were about to go under oath
and talk about the secret crimes of the Bush Family Evil Empire.
It was cleaner than having them murdered, and don't think
these thugs wouldn't resort to murder to cover their evil deeds.

That's why they stole the last election, so Puppetboy could appoint
Olson and Poindexter and Cheney and Rummy into positions of power
where they could rape America's treasury under the "cone of silence."

They're taking over the whole world.

 Going somewhere?  ...like, ...maybe ...Washington DC on April 27th?
 Use this link and they'll send me a nickle.


 March 20, 1942

  The Red army offensive in the Crimea ends in defeat and heavy losses.

  Heavy air attacks on Malta begin as Axis forces hope to eliminate the
  island as useful British base of operations in the central Mediterranean Sea.

  Chinese troops under Stillwell engage Japanese forces along the Sittang River in Burma.

 David Friedrichs is the hardest working man on the Internet,
 covering an entire World War, day by day, by himself.

 Way to go, Dave!

 A heartfelt thank you

After reading your email page, I realize that you probably won't get around to reading this, but I just
wanted to say thanks for stirring it up and saying all the things that I would love to be able to say, but
don't have the presence of mind to say them quite so eloquently as you can.  I live in Toledo, Ohio, and
for all the blue collar union workers out here, I have never in my life seen so many stinky Republicans.

I have such a sense of urgency right now to stand up and say something to these blind little sheep, but I
haven't the faintest idea where to start or whether I'll be the only one around here doing it.  Not only
that, but I think I have so much to say that I don't even know where to begin if I managed to get an
audience to hear me.  If you happen to find the time to read this and you have any suggestions or
organizations that I can contact to possibly get some organization out here, I would really love to
know about it.  Thank you very much for your time.


 There is lots and lots of entertaining stuff at

 Marty has Oscar Fever
 Check her site for details, but I believe she's giving away a pound
 of the best-tasting pure milk chocolate in the whole world

 for the person who can most accurately predict the Oscar winners.

 Since likely more than one person will win, maybe she'll devise
 a tie-breaker, like what time the credits roll when the broadcast is over.

 Don't miss out!
 Marty's E! page is the best, and so's the chocolate

 An Evening with Julie Hiatt Steele
 >>> April 27th <<<in Washington D.C.

 Click  HereVERY important updates

 Write to Julie at   PO Box 1351, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

 E-mail to Julie, use juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com

 PayPal to Julie, Click  Here  ->

 If you send me anything send your phone number
 Send Juliefest inquires/confirmations to  Juliefest2002@yahoo.com

 Let's party with Julie like it's 2099.

 ...Senator Steele

 I like the sound of that.
 I can't wait to meet her.

 39 days from today.

You asked for a Stupid Bono Quote - here it is!

You asked for a quote of Bono saying something stupid.  Well, here it is!

"President Bush continues to show effective leadership on important issues
 such as a responsible federal budget, the importance of lowering taxes,
 strengthening and protecting Social Security, and pension reform."


Of course this is from the stupid [Mary] Bono (R-Dimwit), not that really cool Irish Rock Singer....


ha ha

That's called "a trap."
Bono is installing the snare around Dubya's lil' scrotal sack

When it's time to yank on that snare
the whole world is going to hear Smirk yelp.

We're trying for a West Coast Sweep for Juliefest

Larry Tooth from San Diego might come.
We're trying to convince BartCop E!'s Marty in Los Angeles to make it.
Marc Perkel (D-Framed) from San Francisco is coming.
Perkel rescuer Michelle the BartCook is coming from Portland.

...so we need somebody from Seattle.   Anyone coming from Seattle?

You East Coasters better not let the West Coasters make you look bad.

If would be a shame if the West Coast made it, but the Philly, New York,
Baltimore, Pitts burgH, Newark, Buffalo, Norfolk, Cincinnati etc. people
said they couldn't come because it was "too much trouble."

You can still get in for a mere $50, ...but tick tock...

 Don't forget to check 

 How's your basketball team doing?

From: John

Subject: No Cameras?

No cameras in the room?

What if the Big Dog shows, or Begala, or Carville or Hillary, or McAuliffe or whoever.

(Sidebar:  Starting April 1 Crossfire will be broadcast from GWU in DC where they
will have a studio audience so who knows who will be in town that weekend.

Also, McCartney is playing at the MCI Center on the 24th...just an FYI).
I will gladly pay for that photo with Julie, but you might want to re-think that camera thing.
People just might want to snap a few with friends they meet there.

Anyway, its just a suggestion.
I'm coming regardless....

John, I'm afraid it a necessary evil.
It will certainly help with security, because people with cameras often have boxes
with extra lenses and tripods and stuff.  If someone if going to be pointing something
at Julie we want a guarantee that it's harmless.   If some BIG dogs do indeed show up,
we will have the official Juliefest cameraman and videographer to go crazy.
Plus, this way I can be sure no pictures of Ol' BartCop get out.
Also, how exciting to think some great bands might be in DC around that time!

Good work on the Carville mention, too.
If he's doing Crossfire from 7:30 -8 PM he can drop by the Juliefest around 8:30.

James - we'll even send a car!

Lastly, there's nothing to prevent people from getting together before of after
the reception for pictures in their rooms, in the halls, in the hotel lobby etc.
AND, Dennis C is putting together a package for people wanting to tour DC.
He's got discount coupons and maps and tour info to give out.

Reminder: If, at the end of the night, the hotel says I owe them money,
                           we're going to need volunteers to get rid of the free liquor.
                           Maybe you should take your pictures sooner, rather than later.

Prominent Washington Post Supporter of CoupGate 
Now Pooh-Poohs OIC's Admission that Starr Witness
Willey's Testimony Simply Wasn't Credible
 By Tamara Baker

 Click  Here

 Remember, the Washington Post is crawling with people like Kurtz, people who defended
 Willey's honor in print, people who just somehow didn't want to spotlight -- or even mention
 -- such nastiness as the fact that Willey lied so blatantly about so much that Starr wound up
 giving a second grant of immunity after she'd violated the terms of the first one. They wanted
 to see Clinton destroyed, and Kathy Willey was, as one of Ken Starr's favored weapons,
 someone whose credibility had to defended in print at all costs.

 It drives me crazy, too.  ..and Julie almost has to be tied to a chair when she recalls
 that her life was almost totally destroyed because of Willey's lies and the crooked OIC
 knew all along that Willey was lying and lying and lying and lying.

 They even admit that in their final report, but ALL the mainstream headlines screamed,

 "Robert Ray, the nicest and most honest guy you'll
   ever meet, declines to indict Clinton because he
   wants to be extra-fair and non-partisan."

 I'm going to help put Robbie Ray and Kenny Starr behind bars.

    How about a hemp t-shirt that pricks our Failure in Thief?

                                                  click   to  order   Buy 3, get free shipping

 Hi, I'm Jackie Bennett and I'm one screwed dude.
 I enjoy terrorizing single mothers for the IOC.
 I'm going to prison along with Ken Starr and Robert Ray.
 Bart's going to do this to me and make me like it."

 Only two days left to get Juliefest2002 tickets for just $50
 If your snail mail is postmarked the 20th, that'll be OK.

 C'mon, meeting Julie is worth more like $200.
 Paying $100 is a bargain, paying $75 is a steal.
 so paying just $50 is downright ridiculous.

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