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Julie gets mail 

Volume 761 - Temptation Waits


Sunday   March 31, 2002              Send Me an Angel             Recent old stuff             Shopping w/ Bart


"It's easy to imagine an infinite number of situations where
  the government might legitimately give out false information."
   -- Ted Olson, (R-Nazibastard) confirmed by Democrats for Solicitor General

 Sure, like the Bush Family Evil Empire depleting the Social Security lockbox?

  Does Frank Rich of the NY Times read  bartcop.com?

 The Wimps of War
   by Frank Rich

  Click  Here

 It isn't treason for a party out of power in wartime to talk about these matters.
 If anything, it's the Democrats' patriotic responsibility not just to hold up their end of
 the national dialogue over the war's means and ends, but to say where they want to take
 the country in peace.  Yet now that they've capitulated on issues ranging from fuel-economy
 standards to gun control, the sum of a Democratic social vision these days often seems to
 have dwindled down to a prescription drug program for Medicare patients.
 For the party itself, however, nothing short of a spine transplant may do.

 The cowardly Democrats, especially in the Senate, are sooooo afraid of Mr. Rove.
 Anyone who's too afraid to do his/her damn job should resign immediately.

From: Zepp News

There is a fascinating controversy going on at MWO at the moment.

Susan Schmidt who reports for the Washington Post (some might say she reports for the OIC)
has been deluged by emails from angry readers in the wake of the final Whitewater report.
Seems "Steno Sue" has been a conduit for Ken Starr in reporting leaks from the OIC in
an effort to smear the Clintons.  Now that the Clintons have been cleared of wrongdoing by
the Ray Report (despite the Post's editorial board's  contentions that "crimes were commited"),
many readers have written demanding an apology for the shoddy reporting of the last 9 years.

This loathsome woman has resorted to the worst kind of pettiness and vindictiveness when she
attempted to rat out at least two letter writers to their employers.  It seems that some of those
who complained about the biased reporting did so from their work email accounts.  Sue took
the time to track down the employers from the server address, and forwarded a copy of the
offending email to their bosses in an effort to have the writer disciplined or fired.  This has caused
a groundswell of outrage among readers of MWO, myself included, and a letter writing campaign
to the Post has ensued.  MWO has published some of these letters, and it's exhilerating to see how
many readers are paying attention and writing to express their outrage at this once great newspaper.

It's a great read.

[Zeppnote]  MWO, for those as outraged by the shabby and shoddy tactics of this Washington
"Drop a Dime" Post employee, was kind enough to include e-mail addresses for her and her boss.

 One doesn't want to pick a fight with MWO.

The Women of Enron

 Subject: So Julie sends me this e-mail...

 Click  Here

 I have received so many e-mails about the screaming eagles/Israeli situation.
 Much more than I could print.

 I'm certain that everyone who didn't get published is convinced that I failed
 to publish their letter because "they had me."

 Shorter is better, a little humor helps, and please - no more histories of Israel, OK?
 If my choices are dead kids or live kids, a history lesson won't affect my decision.

From: Saldana

Subject: two comments...

>By the way, could somebody send me a list of 1,000 reasons
>why moving every Israeli to Oklahoma would NOT work?

1. They really really like living on a pile of sand.
2. Oklahoma doesn't have a toxic inland sea.
3. The invisible ghost in the sky would rather have dead Jews in Israel than live Jews in Oklahoma.

For real, though...

1. They might not like the climate of Oklahoma (I know I wouldn't)
    They live in a desert now - we have dust - what's the different?

2. Who's going to give them the land?
     I admit, I've never seen the deed to the hundred of thousands of grass and trees
     in Oklahoma, but we have a $160B budget to work with. We buy the land.

3. How do people treat Jews in Oklahoma?
    Like they treat the blacks and the Native Americans,
    but we have such a shortage of suicide bombers here.

Maybe we should move them to New York. They might like it better there.

>By the way, if we had peace in the Middle East, gas would be 25 cents a gallon.
>Please, please somebody argue with me on that.

How could the BFEE buy the next five presidential elections if gas was 25 cents a gallon?
Honestly, sometimes these things are just so obvious.

F-ing bingo on that!

Look what I got from Alex Mnatsakann
(I got the real thing and scanned it.)
Thanks Alex!

Subject: Smears against Chelsea Clinton

Hi Bartcop -

Recently I came across a fellow who was going on about how "the papers" tell him
that Chelsea Clinton "is partying her ass off and just barely scraping by academically."

Now, I did a bit of online searching, and found no news articles (that weren't from
the National Review) related to this topic. Have you seen any?

One of the tabloids ran a story saying "unnamed sources" claimed that Chelsea
was partying too much.  It's all trash.  Chelsea's a Clinton.  She'll get straight A's.
But just to be sure, I'll try to remember to ask Bill on the 27th.

 Rude Rich has agreed to an ass-kicking on a Washington DC pool table.

 Ticket prices not yet decided on, but we will tape it.

Auntie Fashions is anti-fascists


 "Keep moving, keep moving - this ain't fucking Disneyland."
    -- unidentified NY cop to pedestrians on Sept 11, as heard on CBS

   I finally saw the De Niro special.

Subject: Why don't you answer a question please

I'll answer your question on Israel. The reason it was created and needs to
continue to exist has less to do with religion and far more to do with the
fact that Jews were driven out of various countries due to persecution.
Most Israeli's are secular and not any more religious than American Jews.

That's answering my question?
I didn't ask why it was created - it doesn't matter.
I asked why death in the sand is preferable to life in Oklahoma.

Now if you would please answer the question as to where those millions
of Israeli's are supposed to go? Do you expect the U.S. to absorb them all?
And how many other countries besides the U.S. would take them in?
None I would guess.

Have you ever been in an airplane?
When you fly, you leave a city and fly over trees for hundreds of miles
and then you see another city and then you land.
I'll bet less than 10 percent of America is populated.

Obviously being a gentile from Oklahoma I would assume you have never
experienced bigotry.

You mean if I had experience with bigotry my desire to have my kids
grow up alive would be more valid? Who do I have to be to have the
opinion that the lives of my kids are worth more than a pile of sand?

 There's always something good at 

  Escaping the Hell of the Holy Land
 Israelis Contemplate the Unthinkable - Moving Out


  Click  Here

 It is no longer unmentionable, but people are still careful. Young mothers at
 the playground whisper about it so the kids won't hear. People test their friends
 at dinner parties by casually mentioning the "worrying" trend. Many Israelis are
 "preoccupied with a subject no one likes to talk about ways to get the hell out of here."

I was saddened that the president-select only took 45 minutes out of his day to talk
with 9 world leaders concerning the violence in Israel & occupied Palestinian territory,
(AP reported 3-30-02)

Gee, he spoke about 5 minutes each to these leaders.  I guess his priority
is cruisin' around in his pickup while the Mideast burns. Reminds me of his
daddy toolin' around in his Cigarette boat while the Gulf War was underway.
The B.F.E.E. response is to just fuggedaboutit and don't ruin their vacation time.


Subject: the whores vs?????

Yep, they're (the press) whores, no doubt about it.  But what puzzles and grieves me is this:
Why are there no solid, liberal-backed, liberal-funded alternatives on cable?

I mean, Maher is good, but there's only one of him....don't your eyes grow misty at the thought of,
well, say..."the Buzzflash Evening Sun?"  or, 'the Bartcop Report?"

Somebody has got to do it, sometime, somewhere..
.because 3/4 of the public get it all, ALL from the tube.

And I do not believe that the money isn't there.
It's just that the Dems gotta hustle and start to hiss if they don't want to get bitten again.

Thanks for your site, guys.


Avanti, nice thought.
I think The BartCop Report would be a hoot!

 Don't forget to check 

From: scrodd@attbi.com

Subject: "Isolating" Yasser Arafat

Isolating Yasser Arafat will not stop the the bombings in Israel.  Rather, it is posturing
by the religo-wacko Ariel Sharon.  The bombings will escalate and it will give the Likud
nutjobs justification to systematically drive the Palestianians from the West Bank and Gaza.
But this is what Ariel Sharon wants, and he can achieve his wishes through these disingeniuous
measures.  President Bush seems to agree with this.  It is unfortunate our foreign policy must
follow our leader, who is capable of little more than one-dimensional thinking.

But wait, maybe this line of thought isn't such a bad idea!  We could pattern the same policy
in the United States!  Every time a miltia wacko tries to bomb a government building, we could
bulldoze some Republican houses in Idaho and Sugar Land, Texas.  When threats against
Planned Parenthood clinics become too numerous, we could "isolate" Trent Lott and Tom Delay.

We can even take it a step further!  We could mirror the ideas of Sharon by building "settlements"
in red states.  It could easily be justified by demonstrating the "overcrowding" in the economic
powerhouses of California and Massachusetts.  Land could easily be seized in underdeveloped
backwater communities such as Alabama and Oklahoma.  Parochial communities of liberals
could be built, federally subsidized, with gurantees of the majority of resources such as water
and fertile land.  Like Israeli settlements, we could justify these actions with our firm belief that
we need to liberate these lands held by those who cannot manage it or keep it free of pollution


How about a hemp/cotton t-shirt?

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A Jerusalem journalist lives near the Western Wall.
Every day, she sees an old Jewish man praying at the Wall.
She was certain he would be a good interview subject, so she
goes down to the Wall, and introduces herself to the old man.

She asks, "You come every day to the Wall.  What are you praying for?"

The old man replies, "For 25 years, I've prayed for peace between the Israelis and Palestinians."

She asked him, "How does it feel, praying for peace for 25 years?"

The old man says, "Like I'm talking to a fucking wall."

Thanks to vcz

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