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Volume 764 - Afterglow


Wednesday   April 3, 2002           Send Me an Angel           Recent old stuff          Shopping w/ Bart


"Character matters because there is such a thing as absolute truth,
  and the scouting principles are based on absolute truth - it is better to
  be honest than to lie, it is better to show integrity in your life than to just slip by."
     --Jeb Bush, to some Boy Scouts

 Hey Jeb, does character matter when you're rigging an election?

Crossfire snippet

Tucker Carlson calls Reagan "uncivilized terrorist."
     by the Last Honest Reporter

On Crossfire Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson (R-Prettyboy}
said the reason Arafat is a terrorist and Sharon is not, is their intent.

He said Sharon does not target innocent civilians and children and that
leaders who target innocent civilians and children are "uncivilized terrorists."

Let's not forget, Ronald Reagan, The God of War, targeted Khadahfi's kids
when he ordered his compound bombed in Libya in the eighties.
Khadahfi lost a young daughter in that raid.

"Nyah, nyah - gotcha!"

Subject: Clinton Legacy

Hey BC -

Just a little tidbit from the Citizen Clinton story from yesterday -

>"Sensitive to the charge that the good times were not his doing,
> he was cheered by U.S. Census figures showing that while the
> Reagan boom lifted 50,000 children out of poverty,
> the Clinton boom did the same for 4.1 million."

I wonder, can the ditto monkeys do math?


Tally - no.

Bush Relies on Polls to Deceive the Public

Have you ever wondered why Bush emphasizes certain words in his sentences, like they were manufactured?
Wonder no more - they were!

"A Washington Monthly analysis of Republican National Committee disbursement filings revealed that Bush's
principal pollsters received $346,000 in direct payments in 2001. Add to that the multiple boutique polling firms
the administration regularly employs for specialized and targeted polls and the figure is closer to $1 million.

That's about half the amount Clinton spent during his first year; but while Clinton used polling to craft popular
policies, Bush uses polling to spin unpopular ones---arguably a much more cynical undertaking. Bush's principal
pollster, Jan van Lohuizen, and his focus-group guru, Fred Steeper, are the best-kept secrets in Washington...

They toil in the background, poll-testing the words and phrases the president uses to sell his policies to an
often-skeptical public." When will the media expose Bush's poll-manufactured vocabulary?

 Click  Here

"Condi and Unka Dick told me I'm
  the most trusted president ever."

 Tuesday on the vulgar Pigboy's show, his ditto-monkey army was bitching
 and whining about how horrible it was that Carville and Begala, who represent
 the majority of voters in America, are actually allowed to express an opinion
 on Crossfire that differs from Karl Rove and the mainstream pro-Bush media.

 There's almost an entire generation that has grown up without having heard
 a non-ditto-monkey opinion. These people are shell-shocked that there might
 be a voice of dissent in a country where the right to vote was stolen.

 All they've heard since Bush pardoned the Iran-Contra gang is that Bill Clinton
 was a draft-dodging, dope-smoking, child-raping, crack-baby-fathering scumbag.
 They have no idea what the majority thinks because the rich minority refuses
 to let both sides of an issue hit the airwaves.

 Will this change in our lifetime?

 Sure it will - just as soon as money is no longer the driving force behind the news.


“I say it’s time for our representatives in Congress — even those afraid of
  not being re-elected — and for our citizen leaders, for each and every one
  of us to stand up and speak out. This is not a question of party, but of principle.”
       --Barbra Streisand blasts the “secrecy” of current administration

 Keep an eye on David's Project 60
 Things are heating up in the Pacific

  Click  Here

 April 3, 1942

 Japanese bombers hit Mandalay, killing 2000 and destroying much of the city.

 The Japanese open their final offensive on Bataan with a five-hour artillery
 and air bombardment, followed by infantry attacks supported armor.
 The tank support, limited as it was, still forced the US-Filipino defensive positions.
 Resistance was collapsing quickly.

 Let's all hope Condi, Colin and Vice Oil aren't stupid enough
 to let the idiot Bush boy put American troops in Israel.

 That would GUARANTEE increased violence there.
 That would GUARANTEE dozens/hundreds of American dead.
 That would GUARANTEE a repeat of Reagan's Beirut disaster where we lost 241 brave men.

 It would be nice if we could depend on the Senate MAJORITY to stop this madness,
 but, of course, they will green light every bungle the Bush boy gets us into.

 I need a drink...

Subject: Question about Gene Lyons

What happened to your site hosting his columns?
I really liked them, and I would forward them to five or six
acquaintances who, or some strange reason, do not read your site.

Can they come back, or is there some kind of copyright issue?


Nathan, Gene has gone AWOL.
He was last seen in Monterey, Texas, drunk on Jim Beam with two hookers.

No, wait, that was Governor Bush - not Gene Lyons


Gene is in LA working on his BIG film project, The Hunting of the President.

Unrestrained by laws or morality,
Bush continues to savage the Constitution,
plunder funds from Social Security,
and bungle America into wars
so his oil buddies can earn.

One man installed this fraud...

...the voters be damned.

 Bush Is Criticized for Mideast Role
   by David E Sanger and Michael R Gordon of the NYWTimes

 Click  Here

 Mr. Bush, his voice tinged with resentment during brief comments in
 the Oval Office this morning, also grew testy about suggestions that he
 had kept his distance from the conflict. He said those who maintained he
 was insufficiently engaged "must not have been with me in Crawford
 when I was on the phone all morning long talking to world leaders."

 Gee, "all morning long?"

 That's a lot of work for a tenth-wit.
 I'll bet Condi gave him a pin to wear that said, "I did work today!"

 Addiction to Addition
   by Maureen Dowd - she hates everybody - today, it's Governor Bush

  Click  Here

"We don't stick our finger in the air trying to figure out which way the wind is blowing," Bush
 told steelworkers last August. "I do what I think is right for the American people. And we'll let
 the political chips fall where they may." As it turns out, the chips are not falling quite so randomly.

 The Bush White House, mirabile dictu, is giving the Clinton White House a run for its polling money.
 Karl Rove, a master of nasty push-polling for tobacco companies and politicians (the kind used to
 destroy John McCain in the South Carolina primary), devours polls as rapaciously as Dick Morris.

 There's always something good at 

 We Can’t Stand By While Mideast Burns
     by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 "...the Bush administration’s decision to abstain from diplomacy in the Middle East—and even
 to mock former President Clinton’s strenuous engagement—was a disastrous mistake, with
 consequences yet to be fully revealed. The "tough-minded" foreign-policy veterans surrounding
 George W. Bush ought to have known better than to abandon Mr. Clinton’s unfinished business,
 no matter what they might feel about him or his policies."

"Hey, kids, Ozzy here
 with a f*ing message for you:
 'Don't use f*ing drugs!'
 And if you do, use them
 in f*ing moderation, understand?

 I have to f*ing go now. I have to
 change the f*ing trash can liner
 in the f*ing kitchen - Sharon!"

 MTV reports The Osbournes is their highest-rated show ever.

  Fox News steals ideas from  bartcop.com?
 How 'Bout Relocating Israel to Mexico?

  Click  Here

 That's why I'm asking you both to consider my big idea of moving Israel to the lovely
 and sparsely populated Mexican state of Baja California Sur. Presidente Fox, you're the
 first democratically elected leader of Mexico, and most Mexican Jews voted for you.
 Prime Minister Sharon, you're an old warrior who needs a vacation and a bucket of
 Corona beer on the beach. Israel has money and smarts. Mexico has a bright future
 but could use a few hundred billion in foreign investment.

 Yeah, it's easy to invite Israel to move to some other country.
 We could only guarantee their safety on our turf, moron.


 "Last night Richard Simmons came over – I was in my panic room for seven hours!
   That's the big movie right now, "Panic Room," with Jodie Foster.
   Panic room – that's sort of like Yasser Arafat's office."
       --Jay Leno

 Today in History

 In 1865,
 Union forces occupied the Confederate capital of Richmond, Va.
 In 1994,
 Confederate forces took it back, along with Washington

 In 1882,
 outlaw Jesse James was shot to death in St. Joseph, Mo.
 Senator Don Nickles (R-Knuckledragger) says on Meet the Press that
 Hillary will be indicted any day for this "unspeakable atrocity."

 In 1968,
 Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous "mountaintop" speech to
 a rally of striking sanitation workers. Republican party wonders aloud,
"What will it take to shut that nigger up?"
 Doctor King was assassinated the next day in Memphis, Tenn.,

 In 1996,
 an Air Force jetliner carrying Ron Brown and others crashed in Croatia,
 killing all 35 people aboard. Rush Limbaugh begins the most fun of his life, blaming
 Clinton for Brown's "murder," and playing funeral footage hundreds of times, backwards,
 upside-down, slow motion etc, while giggling and laughing, that godless son of a bitch.

 In 1996,
 Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski was fingered by his brother.
 Candace Gingrich refused comment.

 In 1992,
 Poppy Bush , speaking in Philadelphia, said members of Congress should retire
 after 12 years. Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond led the standing ovation.

 In 2001,
 Governor Weak and Stupid begged communist China to quickly release
 the American crew of a damaged Navy spy plane.  When they refused,
 Bush said he was "very sorry" they flew near Chinese airspace.
 When China still refused, Bush fell to his knees, openly weeping, and said
 the United States was "very, very sorry," and promised to back China's bid
 for the Olympics and to have his uncle green light trillions more in trade.
 (If I had a staff I could tell you his uncle's name and title)

Subject: They cut off our signal...

...of Greg Palast on C-span as he JUST STARTED to describe the Carlyle Group
Our Cable is owned by AT&T.......Ican't believe it......


I just hope the B.F.E.E. doesn't have Palast commit "suicide."



 "Running for president, George W. Bush promised to restore integrity to the White House
  and demand the highest standard of ethics from all members of his team.

  Of course, Bill Clinton made the same pledge. But, unlike Clinton,
  everyone expected Bush to keep his promise. He hasn't."
    -- Bill Press

 I am searching for reasons why Bill Press should not be criticized for saying,
 "everyone" expected Clinton to break his promises, but I'm coming up dry.

 Bill, I'd say you have some explaining to do.
 Why would you say that about our last legally-elected president?

 Don't forget to check 

 My Cardinals are undefeated.

"I'm making good money.
 Dad says I saved Barrick."

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