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Volume 763 - Deadwood


Tuesday   April 2, 2002           Send Me an Angel              Recent old stuff             Shopping w/ Bart


“[Clinton is] hardly about to join the reigning Washington consensus, even
  among many Democrats, which is that if Clinton’s skillful stewardship  to a
  post-industrial economy was right for the 1990s, Bush’s unadorned moral clarity
  worked better after September 11.
    --  Jonathan Alter, yesterday's opening story.

 Any Democrat who thinks the idiot who stole our right to vote has "moral clarity"
 needs to get his ass out of the Democratic party as fast as possible.
 That's like Sharon saying Arafat is his moral superior.

 I can't fault Alter for saying it, because it's true. The Democrats have laid down and
 bent over for this unqualified fraud and they need to stop fawning over Bush's "greatness."

 New Crossfire Premier

   Click  Here

 Crossfire snippet

 NOVAK: James, where did President Clinton ever get any idea he had any reputation left?
                 He certainly didn't with anybody I knew.

 CARVILLE: I'll tell you what he did that this president never did, is he got elected fair and square,
                       and he led this country through the greatest economic boom in history.

 Bush's foreign policy catastrophe
  The bumbling and arrogance of the administration has made
  the Middle East -- and the world -- a more dangerous place.
     by By Gary Kamiya  at Salon.com

   Click  Here

 In a little over a year in office, Bush has allowed the Israeli-Palestinian crisis to explode from
 a small brush fire to a raging conflagration; squandered the global goodwill toward the United
 States after Sept. 11; set back the cause of moderates in Iran with a comic-book invocation
 of "evil"; endangered key allies in South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Egypt; failed to pursue vital
 peacekeeping and nation-building efforts in Afghanistan; clumsily pushed the Arab world into
 greater solidarity with Saddam Hussein; put forward a potentially dangerous new first-use
 nuclear doctrine; and filled our European allies with contempt and rage at our heavy-handed
 unilateralism. The Bush administration is rapidly staking a claim as the most incompetent
 foreign policy presidency in the post-Vietnam era.

  "Condi and Unka Dick say
  I'm the best president ever."

 Subject: Carville

 His wife is a republican stratigist & she works for poppy & you still suck up to Carville?
 What kind of a liberal are you BC, shame shame shame?


 Ed, are you from Earth?
 You've never heard of the man who got Clinton elected?
 Clinton is the biggest Democrat in America, Carville is second.

 Why did you think you could write and explain things to me?


"Soon it'll be April 15!   It's tax time.  One good thing about tax time,
  the hookers in Times Square ...right now during tax season,
  for an extra $50 they'll handle your extension."
    -- Dave

 George W., Journalists, and Revisionism Envy
    by P.M. Carpenter as seen on buzzflash.com

  Click  Here

 "...otherwise responsible journalists and commentators are indulging in full-blown denial
 of the obvious -- that being the manifest banality of this administration -- and searching instead
 for an imagined complexity somewhere inherent in W.'s inner self. These column-filling exercises
 are reminiscent of the satirical absurdity in the film Being There, in which the intelligent multitudes
 surrounding vacuous-yet-president-to-be Chauncey Gardner invented a presumed profundity
 deep within the man merely because he had made it so far."

 There's always something good at 
 Marty is looking for volunteers to help chronicle The Osbournes on MTV.
 Everyone who has voiced an opinion really loves that show.

 If you'd like to get in on Ozzymania, click on the BartCopE! logo and ask Marty
 where she needs help.  We'd be looking for the best quotes from each show, the most
 outrageous things the pets did, Ozzy's most clueless moments - things like that.

 A favorite of mine was when Ozzy said,
 "We gave the kids a 2:30 AM curfew, but they don't come in until 4."

 Any Ozzy freaks out there?


  New French book makes nutty-ass claim
 US invented air attack on Pentagon

  Click  Here

 A bizarre book, The Frightening Fraud, by Thierry Meyssan, claims that the plane
 that ploughed into the Pentagon on September 11 never existed, and that the US
 establishment itself was at the heart of the New York and Washington attacks,
 has shot to the top of the French bestseller lists to indignation on both sides of the Atlantic.

 Mr Meyssan's conspiracy theory argues that American Airlines flight 77, which killed
 189 people when it smashed into the Pentagon did not exist, and that the whole disaster
 was a dastardly plot dreamed up and implemented by the US government.

 This has Karl Rove written all over it.
 This way, Governor Bush and the never-ending GOP whore media can claim

 "Some people say we invented this whole terrible attack - our enemies are so crazy."

 Yep, that's Karl Rove...


 "I would like to be paid for this."
     -- Don Rickle's opening line while speaking at Milton Berle's funeral.

Crossfire snippet

BEGALA: There's a hell of a difference between failure and success and the difference is measured in blood.
                   Right now, our policy in the Middle East has been an abject failure. Our president is rudderless
                   and clueless. He doesn't know the Middle East from the Midwest...

NOVAK:  There you go again. There you go again.

BEGALA: ... and we ought to get somebody in there who knows what the hell they're doing.
                  He ought to be in control of his mouth...

 ha ha

 They talk like me, except about a hundred IQ points higher...

  Say Anything
    by Ted Rall

   Click  Here

 What about the 9-11 victims? Well, it was the Bushies who rushed through legislation
 depriving survivors of their right to sue the government or the airlines. When push came
 to shove, Bush sold out the victims for a few millionaire airline CEOs. Let's all repeat it
 together: the victims, American and Afghan, have been used by this vile, cynical administration
 to line the pockets of its corporate sponsors. And now our soldiers are dying, not for nothing,
 but while carrying out orders that are making things even worse.

 Dying for nothing would be an improvement.

 Garbage, the best songwriters and performers in rock, started their latest tour last night.
 They're doing the UK, then Germany, Holland, France then they finally
 get back to North America with a Toronto gig on April 19, St Koresh's Day

 I sure would like to see them this year.
 Ain't nobody like Shirley in all of show business.

 At that last record convention, I talked to some big-time Garbage fans
 and they told me about a certain ritual the band has, and how to meet them.

 Also:  Behind the Music on VH-1 will feature Garbage this Sunday at 11AM and again
            at 8PM (Eastern Time). Beats the hell out of This Whore with Judas Maximus

Connect the Dots
  by Paul Krudman

  Click  Here

 Remember the "bring out your dead" scene in "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"?
 It's the one where the old man declares, "I'm not dead!" "Yes, he is," insists his younger
 companion, who persuades the undertaker to hit the old man over the head and cart him away.

 Now you understand the Bush administration's policy toward Social Security.

Was John Lindh Walker tortured by the US government?

I wonder what the temperature was in this cave?

"The government had said that they treated John the same as American soldiers,"
 Lindh attorney James Brosnahan said outside the courtroom.
"The picture might indicate to the casual observer that that was not the case."

 Prosecutors said in court papers on Friday that Lindh was not tortured by the
 U.S. military after his capture, and said he got medical treatment for his wounds,
 better sleeping conditions than his doctor, healthy meals and a haircut.

 If Walker looks like this, under what conditions did his doctor sleep?

  Mother of All Lies About 9/11
 Barbara Olson's "Phone Call" From Flight 77

  Click  Here

  This is a pretty wacky site that "proves" Barbara Olson could not have used a
  phone that day to call her husband from the plane. Another sneaky Karl Rove trick?

 Don't forget to check 

from DemocraticUnderground.com


  Panic Room
    a movie review by BartCop with spoilers

    Click  Here

Tickets are going, going....

 Next time we do one of these, we'll be a whole lot smarter. 
 Let me tell you what today's crisis is...

 We only have a couple of tickets left...unless we get a flood of requests for tickets,
 then we can put a sign on the front door that says, "Fans of Julie Hiatt Steele only."
 which would make a great visual to start the commemorative videotape, wouldn't it?
 (Just kidding, James.)  But seriously, we need to shut off ticket sales
 OR sell another 70 tickets in the next 48 hours.

 As previously stated, Julie is The Gambler but I'm going to strongly recommend
 to Julie that we not risk it unless we're flooded with dozens of ticket orders today.

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 “The church has enough trouble defending herself against non-Catholic
   attacks without having to contend with disloyal Catholics.”
      -- Omaha, Neb., Archbishop Elden Curtiss, rebuking a parishioner for speaking out
          against his decision to reassign a priest accused of viewing child pornography


 From waaaaaay back in Volume 124 - And The Horse He Rode In On
 when we were a bit more salty with the language most Americans use...

 Poor Kenny (Starr)

 When it's all over, he'll have nothing but
 his dick in his hands and a ruined reputation.

 Four years later, looks like I was right.
 The only place he can get a job is with the Bush Family Evil Empire.
 His old co-conspirator Ted Olson fixed him up.

Subject: Could you please explain to me.....

I read in one of the links about how the BFEE robbed the national treasury,
by getting Germany to prop up Russia, thus having an evil empire to justify
"Star Wars". There was also quite a list of other programs used to part the
taxpayer from his money, such as the S&L, HUD, Iran Contra, involving Jr.
and Jeb and Neil. Then the article said the The Big Dog almost had a stroke
when he took office because our debt was so massive, and Greenspan pretty
much saved the day. My question is: if this is true, why didn't the Big Dawg
say something to the 'Merican People about the fraud of Reagan/Bush during
any of his 8 years, and point out that there really is a vast right wing conspiracy.

No, I can't.
It's been reported in many places that Bani Sadr, the KGB, and British and French
intelligence services provided Clinton with clear proof that the Reagan/Bush team illegally
pulled off that October Surprise gaggle of compound felonies but Clinton chose not to
use that against his enemies - even after what they were doing to him with impeachment.
There must be a good reason - I'll ask him on the 27th.

"I'm getting richer.
 Unka Dick is proud of me."

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