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Volume 762 - Subhuman


Monday   April 1, 2002           Send Me an Angel          Recent old stuff          Shopping w/ Bart

Starts tonight - the new Crossfire team
Carville, Begala, Bow-Tie boy and the Prince of Darkness


 “One night last year he called about 1 a.m. ranting and raving about something,”
     ...and I said, ‘Sir, are you watching Fox again?’ ”
         --  Julia Payne, Clinton spokesperson.

 ha ha

 Citizen Clinton Up Close

  Click  Here

 Living well is at least some revenge.
 Tuesday he had lunch alone with Willie Mays at the Harlem office.
 Wednesday it was Robin Williams and Billy Crystal at a midtown restaurant,
 then interrupted by George Judas Maximus Stephanopoulos, the first time
 the two had seen each other since Judas stabbed his old friend in the back
 and twisted the knife sp he could get that fancy ABC job with Sam and Cokie the Ho.
 Word on the street is Judas got $20,000 per twist, nearly broke his damn arm trying, too.

 * That's close to what Jonathan Alter wrote in Newsweek

 WASHINGTON, March 29 (UPI) --
 Capital Comment -- Daily news notes, political rumors, and important events that shape
 politics and public policy in Washington and the world from United Press International.

 She's Steele the one -- F.O.B.'s from across America are coming to Washington
 to meet Clinton scandal figure Julie Hiatt Steele on April 27.   Steele achieved minor
 celebrity status thanks to her involvement in former independent counsel Kenneth
 Starr's investigation of possible presidential perjury in the Paula Jones case.

 Not surprisingly, these friends of Bill are meeting at West 24, the Washington restaurant
 partly owned by former Clinton political adviser James Carville.

 Tickets to the event are now going for $200 but, sponsors say,
 space is limited and the price may increase without warning.

 Note: At Julie's request, tickets are just $100

 bartcop.com  will not be the site that stops the killing in the Middle East.
 I'm getting mail that says "We need to stop the killing."
 Trust me, none of those suicide crazies work for  bartcop.com
 We try to do the comedy thing here.
 That whole "maim and murder" thing isn't my style.

 But, ...and we're not sure why, sometimes Tequilaboy comedy
 makes more sense than what the "smart people" are saying.

 Rush says there's "no need" for Governor Bush to be personally involved
 in negotiations between Arafat and Sharon.

 Good thing, because Bush can't talk intelligently to adults about anything.
 Condi and Unka Dick can speak for Bush in the meetings, and when it's over,
 they can go back and tell the governor what his opinion is.

  The first casualty
 Don't always trust what they tell you in the war on terror

  Click  Here

  Downing Street said al-Qa'ida was using chemical weapons: it was wrong.
  The Pentagon said Saddam was to blame for the anthrax attacks: it was wrong.

 It's sad that we have to get honest news about the Bush Empire
 from other countries because our press is owned by the power stealer.

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 Subject: Oklahoma and the Jews

     Saturday night J.C. Watts, Jr.'s alma mater lost a nationally televised basketball game to Maryland.
If there were four million Jews in Western Oklahoma, who do you think the fine Baptists in Oklahoma
would blame for celebrating a seder and a sabbath rather than praying for the Sooners?

    Jewish history includes things like pogroms, inquisitions, final solution, etc.,etc., etc., etc.
Religiously "insane" Jews, of which there are plenty in Israel, do not behave like "normal" Americans.

Utah is no longer available.  Western Oklahoma is not isolated enough for the "insane",
who prefer to live in a religiously run village rather than an integrated community.

     I don't see any answer for the Israelites other than to fight.  The non-religious
and their children will die for the religious because disarming and living in peace
with neighbors who percieve you as different has been a disaster.

Damn, I wish I had a staff...

 There's always something good at 

 Tom Tomorrow's latest...

  Click  Here

 If you didn't check in over the weekend, I called for the extermination of all Jews.
 ...at least that's what some people thought they saw when they read

 Vol 761   Temptation Waits


 Vol 760   Go Pick a Plum

 Don't forget to check 

 Enron: What Dick Cheney Knew

  Click  Here

 Enron CEO Kenneth Lay knew he needed high-level help. So he arranged to meet
 with a man who had headed a corporation with extensive business ties to Enron and
 who had been a prime recipient of Enron's political largesse. Dick Cheney cleared his
 calendar for an April 17 private meeting with Lay regarding what aides described as
 "energy policy matters" and "the energy crisis in California." At the meeting Lay handed
 Cheney a memo that read in part:  "The administration should reject any attempt to
 re-regulate wholesale power markets by adopting price caps...."

Subject: Wanna be a hero?

Dear Bartcop,

Wanna be a hero?  Be a mensch (Yiddish term for a real man) and admit
that for once you were wrong.  We've all done it--said something ridiculous
in the heat of battle which we later regretted. We'll all think even better of you.

Yes, I'm the idiot whose kids are still alive. Call me crazy.

If John Ashcroft and his Bible study group over at DOJ were unhappy with you
and decided they were gonna shut down your website OR ELSE, would you go
peacefully into that good night?  After all, yours is just a tiny piece of real estate
on the Internet.  Not really worth fighting for, is it?

A better comparison would be if 150,000,000 Ashcrofts made it clear thart their
goal in life was to murder me and I was surrounded by them, you'd want me to fight?

I'm surprised Bartcop.  I thought your battle cry was to take off the pink tutus,
make the hammer heavier, grow some testicles.

Yes, I'm a coward, with living children.
Your bravery sends you to how many funerals a week?

I guess that doesn't apply to a people who have been wandering the world
for 2000 years until finally being given a homeland a few decades ago.
Now you want them to shrink off in silence.  Hmmmm.

I never said I wanted them to shrink off in silence.
I said I wanted their children to continue to live.
One of us is forgetting to keep their eyes on the prize.

So far, nobody on your side willing to say what needs to be said.
Seems like your side should be saying, "I love my God so much,
I don't mind if my children get to meet him before I do."

Sure, that's insane, but at least it addresses the question head-on.
The last few days, I've been called a Jew-hating, naive, ignorant coward.

How does calling me names make it any safer for Israeli children?

How about a hemp/cotton t-shirt?

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 This Sinking Ship of Fools
    by William Rivers Pitt

  Click  Here

 Recent events in the Middle East have proven beyond a shadow of doubt that the Bush
 administration's complete lack of engagement with Israel and Palestine will stand as a
 historic example of deadly poor judgment. What we see is an administration that is
 hopelessly in over its head, groping for a solution far past the time when one could
 be reached, and all the while hedging its bets to keep a conflict with Iraq on the table.

 Stop Making Sense
   by Isaac Peterson

  Click  Here

 From: Larry Tooth

 The last word on the screaming eagles?

  You overlook a couple of critical points:

 * Jews can run from Israel, but they can't run from being Jewish.
  Jewishness is not just a religion, it is an ethnicity.

 * The establishment of the Jewish homeland came after Hitler's annihilation
 of millions of Jews who were successfully assimilated into all of the
 countries of Europe. Think it can't happen again?

 I think it can't happen again in Oklahoma :)

 A Jew who, for the sake of the children, takes his family from Israel and
 renounces his Jewishness will not find peace, and will have saved his
 children's lives at the cost of their souls.

 We may have to agree to disagree on this.
 If that makes me a "weenie," so be it.
 (And for what it's worth, I am not Jewish)

 You're the opposite of a weenie.
 You have the balls to say what needs to be said.
 Everyone else has ducked the question, but you've stated outright that if
 the cost of being Jewish is their children's lives, then they're willing to pay that.

 I think that's what you said, right?

 I disagree, but I applaud your courage.
 Nobody else dared say it out loud.

 A shot of Chinaco for you, Larry

 The Case for Sedition:
 High Crimes of the Bush Cabal (Part 1)
   by Al Martin

  Click  Here

 A case for sedition can be made against the Bush Cabal, including George Herbert Walker Bush,
 James Baker, Cappy Weinberger, and the late Bill Casey et al. They perpetrated a series of frauds
 against the public purse under the thinly disguised veil of political policies, to wit, the tremendous
 increase in military and defense expenditures, in order to try to defeat the "Evil Empire" of the
 Soviet Union, which in itself was a ruse.

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