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Volume 771 - Self-centered and Vain


Thursday   April 11, 2002          Send Me an Angel    Recent old stuff     Shopping w/ Bart


"No human life should be exploited or extinguished for the benefit of another."
     -- Governor Bush, yesterday, on the subject of cloning

 Gee, Governor, how many black men with ineffective, drunk or sleepy counsel
 did you execute so you could appear tough on crime for the Texas voters?

 Life is so precious to Governor Bush, he mocked, "Please don't kill me!"
 when doing his Karla Faye Tucker impersonation for Crossfire's Tucker Carlson
 He's the most fraudulent ignoramus to ever steal his way into power,
 but that's OK, because he's brought "honor and dignity" back to the White House

U.S. agrees to pay damages for Japanese deaths
 Killer sub was driven by Governor's fat-cat Enron buddies,
 the ones he now claims he can't remember

 Click  Here

 In one of the most shocking cases of abuse of press power, the Fourth Estate has given the
 Unelected Fraud a complete pass on the fund-raising gimmick that killed nine people.

 To this day, the GOP-controlled press continues to broadcasting the LIE that Ken Lay spent the night
 in Clinton's Lincoln Bedroom, meanwhile giving out a free pass to Bush and the Enron fat-cats
 who killed nine people with their horseplay when they wanted to drive "Georgieboy's new toy."

 Why does this happen?
 Because a true story about the man who stole the White House won't sell as many papers
 as a juicy lie about the best president we've ever had.

 That's why the press won't ask about that abortion Bush arranged.
 That's why the press won't ask about Bush's arrest record.
 That's why the press won't ask about Bush going AWOL during wartime.
 That's why the press won't ask about the felony Bush did community service to hide.
 That's why the press won't ask about the missing trillions from the treasury.
 That's why the press won't ask about his lack of qualifications to be president.
 That's why the press won't ask about any goddamn thing - because the lies sell better,
  and we have a money-driven media run by the greediest of whores.

 So what do we have?

 We have a man in the White House who didn't earn the title "Mr President."
 His fat-cat Enron buddies got CAUGHT playing with Bush's bathtub toys and killed nine people,
 and the American whore the press won't ask any questions and the guilty young Bush boy skates AGAIN!

On Heroes, Heroism, and Julie Hiatt Steele
   By Robert C.    as seen on DemocraticUnderground.com

  Click  Here

 And what about Julie Hiatt Steele's bravery, would I be able to rise to that standard? Again, I
 would like to think so - wouldn't we all like to image ourselves being that valiant? But the
 disquieting and absolutely frightening reality is, that as America endures the 15th month under
 rule by judicial coup - as we watch our Constitutional protections erode, indeed, as we watch
 the Constitution itself being dismantled - it is possible that many of us may find out soon enough if
 we possess even a small amount of the fierce passion for Truth and Justice that Julie Hiatt Steele
 has displayed in abundance.

 That is why I am going to James Carville's restaurant on April 27th - to see for myself what a
 true hero looks like - to feel her aura, so to speak, and to see if I measure up - and to shake her
 hand, maybe some of it will rub off.

 Sharon Vows to Keep Fighting

  Click  Here

 West Bank (AP) - Ariel Sharon on Wednesday delivered a blunt message:
 Israel will not pull back until Palestinian militias are crushed.

 "He...if Sharon was smart,
  ...what Israel needs...

  ...I don't think that...
  ...it's not right that...

  ...what Israel needs...

  ...Unka Dick!!!!   Condi!!

  ...what's my line again?"

Subject: B.F.E.E.'s Net Worth?

Hey, BC, with all the info about the B.F.E.E.'s raking in millions here and millions there,
especially in China, can somebody come up with what their net worth is (in $$$$, not human worth)?

John G

John, I imagine anyone outside the BFEE with that information is
due to check in to the Springdale, AR Days Inn right about now.

We know one thing - for the B.F.E.E. to get bigger, they needed to fix the 2000 election.
Even if that cost them a cool trillion dollars, they're making that back in spades now.


 People are asking about transfering their Juliefest tickets if they can't come.
 We talked about it and decided you could transfer your tickets before this Saturday.
 For security's sake, we can't have a bunch of last-minute switcheroos, y'know?

 Also, Julie is thinking about doing a question-and-answer session, (which we'll tape)
 but to prevent some ditto-monkey from asking an inappropriate question,
 we're asking for the questions to be sent in advance.

 It's my opinion there's no question Julie can't answer - so fire away.
 Send the question you'd like Julie to answered to  juliefest2002@yahoo.com
 and if it's a good one, we'll have Julie answer the question live on camera.

 Just between you and me?
 I'll bet she'd prefer the tough questions.
 That doesn't mean you have to be nasty, but if you're familiar with this incredibly complicated
 and intricate bag of who-knew-what-when, I think she'd enjoy batting a high, hard fastball out of the park.

 You see, when you're telling the truth and you have a memory like she does,
 you don't get tripped up like that poor, confused Willey woman who can't even
 remember which room she was in when Clinton "attacked" her.
 So send Julie some questions  juliefest2002@yahoo.com
  Polite questions from conservatives and even ditto-monkeys will be answered, too.

 In the news...

Ohio Jury Mulls Rep. Traficant Case for second day

In deciding the corruption case of Rep. James Traficant, jurors must weigh
whether the congressman was the victim of a government vendetta, as he claims,
or if he accepted kickbacks and gifts for his political help, as prosecutors contend.

"There's not one damn bit of evidence
   that anybody gave me any money.
   ...now give me $800."

Wrecking laws that

protect our environment is easy

when big corporations tell you

exactly how to do it.


 There's always something good at 

 Bad news and good news

 On June 8th, Julie loses her lease on her condemned apartment.
 I think part of her wants to stay, even though the place is condemned,
 but her landlord's not too happy that the city agreed it needed condemning.

 So, for the second time in her life (and the second time since I've known her)
 she's being thrown out of her home and she doesn't even know where she's going.
 She's thinking she wants to leave Virginia, her home state of 24 years.

 Can you imagine what it's like to walk in a grocery store and hear whispers behind your back?
"Look, it's Julie Hiatt Steele, the lady who helped that awful Clinton monster."
 Julie never wanted to be famous.  She had a happy life with friends and family and then
 a tornado named Willey destroyed everything and now they whisper behind her back.
 She lost her beloved paid-for home of 23 years, moved into that condemned apartment
 which would shock anybody, especially someone who once had a very nice home.
 And now she's getting thrown into the street for the second time.

 So, she's going to move again - but where?

 The "normal" Democratic bastions, New York, LA, San Fran etc are too expensive.
 I suggested Arkansas, where at least half the people don't hate Clinton, and she has
 supporters there, but no close friends.   Any suggestions?

 OK, that's the bad news, but there is some good news:

 YOU PEOPLE have donated  $18,450 - so far (much applause)
 Some of that has already been spent, and more will be spent before J-fest,
 but as Igor said in Young Frankenstein,"Things could be worse."
 After all - neither of her legs is currently broken.

 Who knows, maybe she'll meet someone at J-fest who has publishing connections
 and she can make a deal to get her almost-completed EXPLOSIVE book published
 and she could go back to being self-sustaining.    Koresh knows she's due some good luck.

 So if you own a truck rental company in the Virginia Beach area, reserve a big truck for the
 second week of June, would you?   She needs a one-way rental to some Democratland.

 Last thing - as bad as the picture is, when you meet Julie in two weeks (it's that close?)
 she's not going to be playing the victim. She's going to be a tornado sweeping through West24.

 She's going to be smiling and laughing and bubbling and telling funny stories to everyone.
 She's sharper than a scalpel, and a sense of humor that won't quit.
 When you're talking to her, you better listen fast.

 You've never met anybody like Julie Hiatt Steele.
 It'll be a night to remember.

 Don't forget to check 

 Too Little Too Late?
      by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 As some warned, it turned out that government by slogan had limited uses.
 "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists," Bush warned last September 20th.
 Uncomfortably reminiscent of Lenin's revolutionary dictum "he who is not with us is against us,"
 as Dan Balzand and Dana Milbank of the Washington Post recently pointed out,
 Bush's rhetoric proved too simplistic to deal with the actual world.

 For today's all-knew, all-classic Bonus Issue 

 Click  Here   

 We have some real gems in the Bonus Issue today.


  April 10, 1942

 The Bataan Death March starts as the prisoners begin a 65 mile march from
 Mariveles to San Fernando. Little water or food were given ot the prisoners.
 Those not able to keep up were beaten or bayoneted on the roadside.

 Japanese forces begin landing troops on Cebu and Billiton Islands in the Philippines

 Heavy fighting in the Kholm area is again reported as German forces
 continue to make headway against stubborn Soviet defenses.

 I know so little about World War II, I figure most people are ignorant like me.
 That's why I asked David Friedrichs to educate us.   Some of the events I knew
 about were the Bataan Death March, the Battle of Midway and the USS Indianapolis.
 Take a moment - read Dave's account of some almost-forgotten heroes.

 A shot of Chinaco for our brave fighting men - then and now.

 Juliefest Update

 Would you like to be a sponsor of Juliefest2002?

 Here's how that works - security is going to cost Julie $360.
 But if YOU wanted to sponsor Julie's security detail, you would get a nice
 personal note (not an e-mail) from Julie that would probably say something like,
 "Thank you, (your name here) for seeing to my safety on my big night."
 that would be worth framing and hanging in your den or on your desk at work.

 People would constantly be saying, "How do you know Julie Hiatt Steele?"
 There are also various transportation costs (not mine) for this event.
 Would you like to be a $300 transportation sponsor?

 We're going to have flowers for Julie $200and a giant cake $80 (thanks Nick)
 The pro photographer is probably $200 (thanks Marg Matt)
 and the videographer has some expenses, so if you'd like to sponsor some costs for Juliefest,
 which will mean more money in her pocket, write to us at juliefest2002@yahoo.com

We have more $100 tickets - bring a friend!

 Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
  PayPal your $100 per ticket to  bartcop@bartcop.com
  or snail mail checks/MOs (do it soon) to bartcop.com
  at PO Box 54466, Tulsa, OK 74155

  ...you'll never forget the day you met Julie Hiatt Steele - slayer of Kenneth Starr.

 U.S. to prosecute cook accused of killing
 two crewmates on the high seas

  Click  Here

 Jay Friedheim, a Honolulu lawyer for the crew members, said it is extremely rare
 for a foreign ship not destined for the United States to be brought to this country
 for prosecution of a crime committed in international waters.

"The last one we could find like this was in 1840 or 1850," he said.
 It involved a mutiny in which an officer was killed, he said.

 Note: My good friend Jay Friedheimis a regular  bartcop.com  reader.
            If you need a maritime lawyer in Hawaii, Jay's your man.

  Day SIX of Bush engaging the Middle East problem

 Sharon Defies Bush
  US President seen as weak and stupid

 The Bush boy:  Withdraw immediately!

 Sharon: I might pull back in a symbolic town or two, but no
  snot-nosed, never-worked-a-day-in-his-life frat boy is going to tell me
  how to protect Israel, so don't care what you think, errand boy...

"Unka Dick, I know you said I should stay out of it,
 but I got an idea how to fix the midwest problem.
 The problem is the exploding Palestinian gorillas, right?
 First, we sue the Palestinian Zoo for letting 'em loose.
 Then we get that "Crikey" guy from Australia and hire
 him to capture them Palestinian gorillas for us.

 ...I thought of this all by myself.

 Unka Dick, why you rubbing your head that way?

 ...why, ...don't cry, Unka Dick - did I say something sad?"

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