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Volume 770 - Wild Ride to Oblivion


Wednesday   April 10, 2002          Send Me an Angel         Recent old stuff         Shopping w/ Bart


"You know, [Bush's Middle East policy has] been wholly empty. He began by saying
  I was going to disengage. Now he wants to micromanage the timing of the Israeli
 defense forces. And I was struck watching our president with the British prime minister.
 Bush is in so over his head, he looked like mini me standing next to Shaquille O'Neal.
 He has no clue what he is doing.
   -- Paul Begala, talking like a Democrat is supposed to talk about an illegal moron president

  Young Bush boy in way over his head, Team Smirk appears clueless
 Suicide Bomber Blows Up Bus, Kills Eight Israelis

   The whole sad story

 A suicide bomber killed eight travelers on a bus in Israel Wednesday as a fierce Israeli
 offensive raged on in the West Bank, dealing another blow to Colin Powell's peace mission.

 In Madrid, the United States, the European Union, Russia and the United Nations called on
 Israel to withdraw its forces immediately from Palestinian cities in the West Bank.

 In the news...

 The government's case Rep Traficant (D-votes R) went to the jury Tuesday with
 the congressman brandishing a roll of toilet paper while furiously proclaiming his innocence.

"I'm going to leave this with you, because that's all they have," Traficant told the jury,
 glaring at the prosecution and placing the tissue before the panel as he insisted that
 the case was nothing but a flimsy government vendetta to "get Jim Traficant."

"They want to put me in a cage,
  but I'm too crazy to be convicted.
  Give me $800."

Subject: Just another compliment!

You're doing a great job as usual Bart, one problem that I see for the near future:
Your calling the moron 'weak and stupid' may turn out to be the highest compliment the fool will get.
Where are the Democrats? Have they joined bush and company?
Mr. Bob

Bob, the Democrats have gone AWOL like Smirky did in 1972.
The Democrats got together and decided they wanted to praise Smirk the Thief.

I can't explain it.
Looooong before Sept 11th, they were kissing Monkeyboy's ass and asking "How high?"

It's a really sad time to be a Democrat.

 Little Rock federal judges wanted Kenneth Starr investigated
  Their request, and its denial, have been kept secret.
          By Doug Smith      March 22, 2002

  Click  Here

 In 1999, Francis Mandanici requested an investigation of Kenneth Starr for possible conflict of interest
 and other improprieties in the Whitewater investigation.  Federal Judge John F. Nangle of St. Louis
 - a staunch Republican, like Starr - not only denied the request in 2000, he derided Mandanici mercilessly,
 saying Mandanici's allegations were "nonsense" and "ridiculous," and he threatened disciplinary action
 against Mandanici, not Starr.

 What Nangle did not say, and what was not revealed to the public until this month, was that six
 federal judges in Little Rock, Democrats and Republicans, also had asked for an investigation of Starr,
 and Nangle denied their request too. Nangle put the judges' request for an investigation of Starr, and his
 denial of the request, "under seal," meaning the proceedings were unknown to the public. Unknown, that is,
 until March 6, 2002, when Robert Ray, issued a public report that mentioned the judges' seeking an
 investigation of Starr, and Nangle's rebuff. The files themselves are still sealed, so it's not known if Nangle
 used the same intemperate language on the district judges as he did on lawyer Mandanici.


 Unclean Sweep

 Are you kidding me?

 Powder Used in Anthrax Attacks 'Was Not Routine'
    from the formerly reliable Washington Post

  Click  Here

 The Bush administration had previously disclosed that the anthrax powder contained silica
 -- a chemical known to have been used in the U.S. germ warfare program in the 1950s and 1960s
 -- but not bentonite, an additive in some Iraqi biological weapons.

 Some details of the new findings were reported by Newsweek in its April 8 edition.

 Yeah, but bartcop.com busted this scam way back in October in Volume 646 - So Like a Rose

 Bentonite is a HALLIBURTON (Cheney)product.

    Want proof?   www.bentonite.com

 Why is the Washington Post keeping that vital information out of their article?
 Why is it the Post's duty to protect Vice President Oil Man?
 Why is Newsweek thrilled to have a "scoop" we ran six months ago??

 Did Halliburton (Cheney) sell Bentonite to Iraq?
 And now it's become their excuse to attack Saddam?

 Doesn't anybody care?

 ...Unka Dick was right.
 They won't even try to stop us!

 My Quest to Get Laid
  by Maureen Dowd       She hates everybody - today ...it's herself!


 Full Sad Story

 At the opening of "The Sweet Smell of Success" last month, a successful
 New York guy I know took me aside for a lecture that was anything but sweet.
 He said he had wanted to ask me out on a date when he was between marriages,
 but nixed the idea because my job made me too intimidating.

 Men, he told me, prefer women who seem malleable and overawed.
 He said I would never find a mate, because if there's one thing men fear,
 it's a woman who uses her critical faculties.
 Will she be critical of absolutely everything?

 ha ha
 Of course Dowd would be a total harp-fest on a date.
 All she can talk about is her hatred for Hillary Clinton.

 ...she hates everybody!

 It happened again!

  Today's issue is so totally jam-packed with great stuff,
  it was simply too hueueueueuege to fit on one page!

 So, I had to rip out the entire middle section, similar to the Houston doctors who....
 well, we'll give that one a rest today, but even you non-Jews shouldn't passover
 this extra bonus issue that's not repeats, not retreads, but first class drivel!

 Click  Here     for the special, extra, new, bonus footage of today's  bartcop.com

 Talking to Judy Woodruff from CNN, Jon Stewart said:

"Watching Fox, that's like watching the Cartoon Network. Fox is nuts."

 Helen A. Handbasket, Harper's Week in Review, The Worried Shrimp,
 Why Jenna Bush can't say "No," to booze, while Barb Bush gets a Brazilian Bikini Wax - at her age?
 New York Mayor Bloomberg loves his drugs, The Singapore Sex Test (Oh, My!)
 Nightline, Pam Grier, Ozzy dating Greta Van Susteren? (Oh, My!)

 There's always something good at 

 Does the Israeli army read  bartcop.com?
 Israelis irritated by Bush's "barking"
  Full True Story

West Bank (Reuters) - Members of an Israeli tank brigade waging an offensive in the West Bank
 found a unique way to show how they felt about the U.S. president -- they adopted a stray dog
 and named it "George W. Bush".

"He's a cowboy," one soldier said as the brown pit-bull terrier prowled an Israeli hilltop
 encampment overlooking the city of Nablus.

"He barks a lot," said a second.

"But he's useless," another chimed in.

 ha ha

 He's BuBu, the dog-faced boy!

"You just committed a terrorist act, Funnyboy.
 Hidden in The Patriot Act is a provision that
 makes parody illegal while we're rootin' out terra.
 When is my new torture complex going to be ready?
 I need to teach this BartCop character some manners."

 Don't forget to check 

 There are tons of stories, including Stripper Accuses Tyson Of Assault!


 ''I'm not sure if it needs fixing.
  Our Constitution is a model for the rest of the world,
  why would we want to fiddle with it?''
  The country's electoral system has worked well for 200 years.
  It's been one time it didn't work.
  Nothing man creates is perfect.''

    -- Clarence "Slappy" Thomas, saying the wrong man is in the White House.


Subject: Bush Popularity Holding Astounding Levels

Hey Bart,

Print this.  This is reality, not the weenis opinions you have.

My opinions are not weenis.

Democrats better get ready to get their asses kicked this fall, especially when it
comes out that we killed Osama bin Laden and he is being kept on ice until October.

So, you admit Bush is lying when he says he doesn't know where he is?

I can not believe how frustrated you and your fans are grasping at straws in recent issues.
Kind of driving each other nuts with frustration.  Funny for us to watch.
Bill Folkner

Well, it's easy for your side to win when we refuse to fight.
Yes, it's frustrating. If your side didn't hate blacks, gays and the poor,
I'd consider coming over.

By the way, have you met Lanny?

 David Walters wants Jim 'Pissquik' Inhofe's seat - and ass


 Juliefest Update

 Would you like to be a sponsor of Juliefest2002?

 Here's how that works - security is going to cost Julie $360.
 But if YOU wanted to sponsor Julie's security detail, you would get a nice
 personal note (not an e-mail) from Julie that would probably say something like,
 "Thank you, (your name here) for seeing to my safety on my big night."
 that would be worth framing and hanging in your den or on your desk at work.

 People would constantly be saying, "How do you know Julie Hiatt Steele?"
 There are also various transportation costs (not mine) for this event.
 Would you like to be a $300 transportation sponsor?

 We're going to have flowers for Julie $200 and a giant cake $80
 The pro photographer is probably $200 and the videographer has expenses,
 so if you'd like to sponsor some costs for Juliefest, which will mean more money
 will get to stay in her pocket, write to us at juliefest2002@yahoo.com

We have more $100 tickets - bring a friend!

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  ...you'll never forget the day you met Julie Hiatt Steele - slayer of Kenneth Starr.

What a difference a brain makes.

  Day FIVE of Bush engaging the Middle East problem

 Sharon Defies Bush
  US President seen as weak and stupid

  Click  Here

 The Bush boy:  Withdraw immediately!

 Sharon: I might pull back in a symbolic town or two, but no
  snot-nosed, never-worked-a-day-in-his-life frat boy is going to tell me
  how to protect Israel, so don't care what you think, errand boy...

 This Just In...

 Israel-Lebanon Border Fight Erupts

   Click  Here

 Hezbollah guerrillas in Lebanon fired more rockets and mortars on
 Israeli outposts in one of the biggest cross-border attacks in two years.
 In retaliation, Israeli warplanes repeatedly raided suspected guerrilla positions.

 Could America's foreign policy possibly be any more rudderless?

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