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Volume 772 - When You're on Your Knees


Friday   April 12, 2002          Send Me an Angel      Recent old stuff       Shopping w/ Bart


"There are 22 Arab nations spanning thousands of square miles - many of them rich in oil.
  But they cannot abide one tiny Jewish country in their midst... Israel was bullied and
  cajoled into offering everything that reasonable Western diplomats thought the Arabs
  needed to make peace. Israel got war instead. Only a lunatic would now argue that Israel
  needs further 'negotiations' with the murderers who are blowing up its citizens."
   --Columnist Mona Charen, calling W a lunatic

 Traficant Guilty on All Counts
 What kind of nut gets convicted of all ten counts?

"Can my hairdresser
  visit me every day?"

 Full Story

 Thank Koresh this crazy idiot is leaving.
 He's been more embarrassing than Robert Byrd.
 You know your party's in trouble when a former
 Klansman is not your biggest problem, right?

 We should've dumped this loser years ago, but, like Gary Condit,
 we LOAN the GOP rope to hang us - we don't even sell it to them.

 And like Condit, he voted against us most of the time, so why the hell
 did we extend that kind of loyalty? "Stickin'" doesn't include traitors, does it?

Subject: Kashoggii factoid

Saw your piece today on Barrick -- didn't know Kashoggi was behind it.

Fun factoid I saw in Slate after the 2000 "election:"  Teresa La Pore, remember,
the woman who designed the butterfly ballot in Palm Beach (at the time a democrat,
now either rep or ind) had worked for Kashogii as an "assistant" or "stewardess"

Would be fun to go over her off-shore finances sometime

keep up the good work


Allan, I've said it a hundred times.
When you run the C.I.A., very little is beyond your reach.

 Subject: Help!

 Bart, last night's "The West Wing" was a repeat, and...once again,
 I missed Ron Silver's classic line about Republicans/conservatives ("reactionary, etc").

 Can you help...and post it?  Thanks much!


 Doug, got it, thanks to my new "bitbuckets" search engine.

 When I saw it coming, I egotistically told Mrs. BartCop,
 "This will remind dozens of people of  bartcop.com."

 Ron Silver's character said:

"You all need some therapy, because somebody came along and said;
 'Liberal means soft on crime, soft on drugs, soft on communism,
  soft on defense and we're going to tax you back to the stone age
  because people shouldn't have to go to work if they don't want to.'

 And instead of saying; 'Well excuse me you right wing, reactionary, xenophobic,
 homophobic, anti-education, anti-choice, pro-gun, leave-it-to-beaver, trip back to the fifties,'
 we cowered in the corner and said,  'Please, don't hurt me.' "

 That's Aaron Sorkin talking, that's Clinton, that's Carville, that's Begala, that's how
 EVERY Democrat should be talking, but noooooooooooooooo.

 Ron Silver was right.
 We are the party of scared little bunnies, begging Mr. Rove to be gentle with us.

 People are asking about transfering their Juliefest tickets if they can't come.
 We talked about it and decided you could transfer your tickets by this Saturday.
 For security's sake, we can't have a bunch of last-minute switcheroos, y'know?

 Julie is thinking about doing a question-and-answer session,

 So send Julie some questions juliefest2002@yahoo.com
 Polite questions from conservatives and even ditto-monkeys will be answered, too.

Subject: Julie's new home?  Not Springfield, Mo!

As much as I would like to meet Julie (can't afford the tickets or the airfare/hotelto DC),
and as much as I would like Julie to find a quiet home in the beautiful Ozark Mountain Country
(lakes, rivers, beautiful lands...) please tell Julie NOT to come to Springfield, MO--for obvious
reasons--chief among them: Perkel's thing with the law.

Tell her to go ANYWHERE in Missouri other than Springfield!

Some of the places around St. Louis and Kansas City are nice.  Mid-MO is OK too
--just not Springfield.  There are crooked cops and crooked judges here.


Dude, I believe you.
Springfield has crooked cops and crooked judges.
They targeted Perkel for "illegal speaking" then busted him for drinking beer
 in his living room on a saturday night while watching TV.

I still have more to say on Perkel's illegal arrest,
but I wish he'd say it first...


 "You're right again, Rush.    The Palestinians are happy.
   They're so happy, they're committing suicide."
    -- caller to El Vulgarro's show

 There's always something good at 

 Saudi Arabia sets aside $50M for 'martyrs'
      by Pamela Hess        UPI Pentagon Correspondent

   Full Story

 WASHINGTON, April 9 (UPI) -- The Saudi Arabian government has paid out at least $33 million to families
 of Palestinians killed or injured in the 17-month-old intifada and in December 2001 earmarked another $50
 million for the payments, according to Arabic news agencies and the Saudi Embassy's Web site.

 Similar payments promised by Iraqi President Saddam Hussein have drawn sharp condemnation from U.S.
 President George W. Bush and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. ...The fund is managed by Saudi Interior
 Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz, according to the embassy..

 Reminder: The Saudis are partners with the Bush family.
 They don't so ANYTHING without permission from the boss.

 Bombings in the Middle East mean higher oil prices.

 Higher oil prices mean more money for the Saudis,
 more money for the Bush Family Evil Empire
 more money for American oil companies,
 more money for the chimp's second presidential campaign

 It's all about the Bush family stealing TRILLIONS!
 We're getting screwed.

 When will America wake up?

 This may not be the best issue ever of  bartcop.com
 but it's certainly the biggest issue ever.

 If I had a budget and a staff, I could triple the output,
 and it'd be better-sourced, better-researched, spell-checked, etc.

 But no, Tequilaboy has to hold down a day job that hinders production.
 Send me an angel!

 Click  Here  for today's totally hueueueuge bonus issue.

 It took about twelve hours to put this double issue together.
 If I had a staff of two (and no day job) I could put out a double issue
 each day before noon, but noooooooo. I have a day job and a boss.

 Somewhere out there, there's a millionaire who's looking for tax losses.
 You just couldn't find a better tax loss than  bartcop.com

 Surprise Number Four sent me some e-mail today.
 We got one step closer to BartCop TV, but it could be years
 and who has the patience to wait?  We need to move now!

 Send me an angel!

 On June 8th, Julie loses the lease on her condemned apartment.

 So, for the second time since I've known her she's being thrown out of her home
 and she has no idea where she's going.  She's going to move again - but where?

 Any suggestions?

Tiger loses head over BartCop Hex

 Details at

 Would you like to be a sponsor of  Juliefest2002?


 Here's how that works - security is going to cost Julie $360.
 But if YOU wanted to sponsor Julie's security detail, you would get a nice
 personal note (not an e-mail) from Julie that would probably say something like,
 "Thank you, (your name here) for seeing to my safety on my big night."
 that would be worth framing and hanging in your den or on your desk at work.

 People would constantly be saying, "How do you know Julie Hiatt Steele?"
 There are also various transportation costs (not mine) for this event.
 Would you like to be a $300 transportation sponsor?

 We're going to have flowers for Julie (maybe $100) and a giant cake $80....(thanks Nick)
 The pro photographer is probably $200...(thanks Marg Matt)
 and the videographer has some expenses, so if you'd like to sponsor some costs for Juliefest,
 which will mean more money in her pocket, write to us at juliefest2002@yahoo.com

 We have more tickets - bring a friend!

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
  PayPal your $100 per ticket to    bartcop@bartcop.com
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  at PO Box 54466, Tulsa, OK 74155

 The GOP Chickenhawks Ride Again!
  Scared-Bunny Republicans Run from Corporal Cueball's Crossfire Truth Brigade
     by Tamara Baker

  Click  Here

 They're not content with having a stacked Supreme Court and 4th Circuit ready
 and willing to Calista Bisek them at every opportunity.

 They're not content with having control of most of the major broadcast and print media in America.

 No. They have to show everyone their true, dictatorial, whiny selves by viciously stomping
 at anything that doesn't uphold their own shiny propaganda.

  Day SEVEN of Bush engaging the Middle East problem

 Sharon Defies Bush
  US President seen as weak and stupid

 The Bush boy:  Withdraw immediately!

 Sharon: I might pull back in a symbolic town or two, but no
  snot-nosed, never-worked-a-day-in-his-life frat boy is going to tell me
  how to protect Israel, so don't care what you think, errand boy...

 Frightful deception: 9-11 conspiracies real and imagined
         by Ted Rall,    TedRall.com

   Click  Here

 Hitting a 70-yard-wide building with a 52-yard-wide Boeing 767 at 500 miles per hour
 requires virtually instantaneous  reflexive response time-a lightening-quick three-tenths
 of a second. Professional pilots are puzzled by the kamikazes' virtuoso performance
 that sunny morning, but there's an explanation: someone has placed homing beacons
 in each tower beforehand. A 1997 Defense Department acquisition, the Global Hawk
 system, has guided American Flight 11 and United Flight 175 to their respective dooms.

 That device was planted by U.S. government agents.


 "It was a very dry day today. Mayor Bloomberg started
   a brush fire when he flicked a joint out a window."

 Quotes that can't be trusted

"Steele wanted to be very much into this story and wanted to make money
  off of it even suggesting we sell my story to a tabloid newspaper."
     --Kathleen Willey, May 5, 1999

 ha ha

 She's funny!
 Julie, the woman who gave up her home over a principle, was trying to make money?

 If that's true, if money was Julie's goal, all she had to do was sign off on Starr's lil' script
 and she'd get to keep her home, sell her story to the tabloids, get a contract from Guess? Jeans,
 and probably her own nightly show on Fox's "fair & balanced" network..

 ...you lie really bad, Willey.
 No wonder Ken Starr and Robert Ray said you couldn't be trusted.

"Unka Dick, you said we had that problem with
 Greg Palast all handled after we sued him, so 
 ...are the Palastinians still under his control?

 ...what's wrong, Unka Dick?

 ...why, ...don't cry, Unka Dick - did I say something sad?"

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