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Volume 777 - Such a Delicate Boy

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Thursday   April 18, 2002           Send Me an Angel       Recent old stuff       Shopping w/ Bart


 "Chavez was legitimately elected, but legitimacy
   is conferred by more than just a majority of the Vote.
    -- the non-legal Bush Administration, explaining their Venezuelan coup

 Yeah, the majority of the voters are just a small part of it, right guys?

 ...and, as always, the press and the Democrats just lie back and enjoy it.

       What coup?


 The case of Clifford Baxter:
 more questions raised over alleged suicide of Enron executive

  Click  Here

 Other questions have been raised about the fatal wound, which was very large,
 according to the coronerís report. One estimate of the spread pattern of rat shot
 suggests that the gun muzzle must have been two to three feet away from his temple
 for the shot to have diverged that much, an improbably awkward position for a suicide.

 The day after the CBS report, Texas Attorney General John Cornyn ordered the release
 of the suicide note that was found on the seat of Carol Baxterís car in the family garage.
 Cornyn is the Republican candidate for US Senate in Texas,
 to fill the seat being given up by Phil Gramm.

 Why did the police call this a suicide before they knew how he died?
 How many favors do they owe the Bush family and Enron?
 Who holds a gun 2-3 feet away when committing suicide?
 Was it a coinicidence that Baxter was about to testify?
 Who shoots themself if the head, then reaches out to brace their fall
 so they don't get hurt when they hit the asphalt?

 The "suicide" note was written in block capital letters and "signed" in block capitals
 rather than handwriting, making it impossible to determine who wrote the note.

 The Bush family owns Texas - we'll never find out who murdered "the rat" who
 was about to tell what he knew about Enron - ...and Bush's invovlement?

 Subject: Walt can't get you at work...
  (see yesterday's issue)

 i have the opposite problem. i'm a system engineer who sends out links to
 your site daily and has blocked all access to PSYCHO-CONSERVATIVE sites.
 you seek balance and you shall find it.

 koresh be praised.

 ha ha

 His will be done.

 When you're young and in love, only one thing matters...

 Read it every day.

 US returns to bad old ways in Venezuela

  Click  Here

 The one important thing to be learnt from the Venezuelan coup is that the United States has not
 changed its view that only Governments acceptable to Washington can be allowed to survive in
 Latin America and that like it or not, the United States will undermine and help overthrow even
 legally elected administrations if it so chooses. This became obvious when Pentagon sources
 gleefully revealed that the United States provided critical military and intelligence support to the
 Venezuelan military coup against President Hugo Chavez on Friday 12th April.

 The legal government of Venezuela was overthrown so the greedy Bush Family Evil Empire
 could get a better deal for Venezuelan assets from their hand-picked puppet.

 ...and down the stretch they come!

 After four years in an isolation chamber designed to break her, Julie Hiatt Steele is about
 to make her official return to the real world. We only have nine days to make this one of
 the best days of her life. After being banned from using the phone or talking to friends
 or neighbors for a long, lone time, Julie will be surrounded by friends next Saturday night.

 She gave up her home for a principle.

 I think, to show a little solidarity, every homeowner who is reading this ought to send her
 $25 as some wacky Karmic defense against the government making you lose YOUR home.

 You renters, too.
 Are you living in a condemned apartment?  No?
 Well Julie is, and she'll be homeless again in fifty days.
 I think you renters might consider a little Karmic protection, too.

 If there's any way you can make it, get to West24 next weekend..
 What other chance will you have to meet someone this brave and heroic?
 You'd do it for Abe Lincoln, right?

 They say Lincoln was so honest, he once walked five miles to return a library book.
 Hell, Julie gave up the home she loved for her "library book."
 Lincoln has nothing on Julie Hiatt Steele in the honesty/integrity department.
 If you can't make it to West24 consider sending her a little something.
 If you're totally flat broke, at least send her an e-mail of support.

 She gave up more than any private citizen should ever be asked to give.

 Tickets are still available

 Each ticket sold is more foundation and more security for Julie, ...so let's party!

 Also, I mentioned the Juliefest2002-DC Soundtrack.
 ...so when you hear that Clash song on James's West24 sound system, shout out
"She fought the law and ...SHE won,
  she fought the law and ...SHE won."

 Biiiiiiiig party at Carville's place!

Subject: Angie Harmon

On yesterday's CNN Inside Politics Jonathan Carl spoke with her
after she met some people on the Hill. She is republican.


That's not surprising, considering her "Let's hang them all," L&O persona.
Besides, I'm not looking to marry her or anything, ...at least not for longer than a weekend.


 "We've had our first tree suicide bomber,
   or suicide dropper, as the case may be."
   --Rush Limbaugh, flaunting his lack of basic human decency by laughing
      at a woman who died trying to save the forests from Bush's chain saw.

 Mail from Julie

 A new Julie letter came in from Marian in Missouri.
 You need to read this because Julie says nice things about me.

 Click  Here

 Thanks, Marian

 From last night's chat on MIRC channel #bartcop

 Bart: Brew, you've talked to Julie - how would you describe her in conversation?

 Brew: Imagine a sweet, southern belle calling an auction

 ha ha

 She's a tornado with more charm than a lucky leprachaun.

 You just can't miss  Juliefest2002-DC
 You'll kick yourself for the next 40 years if you miss this party.

 I read about it on


 Sixty years ago today...


  April 18, 1942
  US bombers launch the first air raid against the Japanese home islands. 

  Click  Here

 April 18, 1942 - Sixteen Army B-25 bombers struck Tokyo, Yokohama, Kobe and Nagoya
 Japan today. The attacks caused little physical damage to the Japanese home island, but the
 attack cause severe consternation in the Japanese military high command and other officials.
 It is felt that the blow was in large part responsible for the Japanese reducing their plans for
 continued expansion in the Pacific.  Also, the Japanese diverted their limited resources to the
 occupation of Chekiang province in China in order to prevent this type of over flight mission
 from happening again

Check out 

 Subject: Vick on The Shield, and John Fund

 I wonder if,  the first time he hit a woman, John Fund hesitated like Vick did
 on Tuesday's installment of The Shield,  before he beat the crap out of the
 hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold in order to protect her from a murder beef.

 Some guys are just princes, aren't they?

 Let's ask him:
 Hey, John, do you hesitate when you beat a woman
 or do you get right down to business?

"I'm a busy man.
 I have no time for foreplay.
 I just beat them and leave."

 Judge Backs Oregon Assisted Suicide

  Click  Here

 A federal judge ruled Wednesday that the U.S. Justice Department  lacks
 the authority to overturn an Oregon law that allows physician-assisted suicides.

 U.S. District Judge Robert Jones scolded Attorney General John Ashcroft,
 saying Ashcroft, "with no advance warning to Oregon ... fired the first shot in the
 battle between the state of Oregon and the federal government."

 This is more proof that the Republicans are just lying when they say they want a
 less powerful federal government and they back state's rights.  The truth is, they want
 to force their religiously-insane views on us the way they forced their votes on us.

 They are lying.
 They aren't for less government.
 They aren't for state's rights.
 They are for forcing their insane views on the majority of sane Americans.

 They must be stopped.


 "An appointed President with his Patriot Act, Homeland Security,
   and a never-ending war agenda, simply terrifies me."
     -- Julie Hiatt Steele, 4/17/02    ...and she doesn't scare that easily


 Short issue today, Vic the Nut didn't come in so I can't be at my desk.

  Day 12 of the idiotic "Bush Doctrine" in the Middle East

 Sharon Defies Bush
   US President seen as a monkey's moron

 The Bush boy:  Withdraw immediately! Stop the suicide bombs.

 Sharon: Tell you what - I'll withdraw "soon."
  Arafat:  ÊÏì ÇáÍæÇÑ, little smirking boy


"The recession -- no question, I remember when I was campaigning, I said,
 'Would you ever deficit spend?' And I said, 'yes, only if there were a time of war,
 or recession, or a national emergency. Never thought we'd get...  (laughter and applause)

 And so we have a temporary deficit in our budget, because we are at war,
 we're recovering, our economy is recovering, and we've had a national emergency.
 Never did I dream we'd have the trifecta."
  -- Dubya, Washington, D.C., Apr. 16, 2002

 I get a little angrier every time that son of a bitch jokes about September 11th.

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