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Volume 778 - Fierce and Fragile


Friday   April 19, 2002            Send Me an Angel             Recent old stuff            Shopping w/ Bart


"Today we learned that tragic accident that happens in war. We bombed Canadian troops.
  On top of that we have tensions with Canadians because they have slapped tariffs on our
  timber products in response to Bush's trade war on steel.
  In Afghanistan, we didn't get Osama bin Laden either dead or alive. In Latin America, all of
  Latin America is angry with us for backing his anti-Democratic coup in Venezuela. In Europe,
  they hate us because we walked away from the global warming treaty. The Chinese shot down
  one of our airplanes and we apologized to them.

  And the Israelis and the Palestinians agree on one thing, neither of them are going to do anything
  that George Bush says. All around the world, can you name me a country that we're not in worse
  shape in than we were 15 months ago before Bush took office?"
    -- Paul Begala, Crossfire

  Geez, it's only been a year - are the cops acting too fast?
 Blake Arrested in Wife's Killing

  Click  Here

 Prosecutors will review the case submitted by police and
 announce Monday whether they intend to file charges.

 Typical move by the bungling LA cops.
 Create a media circus first, THEN figure out if they have a case.
 This couldn't be handled any worse if President Pinhead was in charge.

  Fight or flight?
  David Brock's exposé of the Republican attack machine shows that Democrats have to
  get serious about fighting back. And that doesn't mean Al Gore's Florida-style fisticuffs.
  By David Talbot  as seen on salon.com

  Click  Here

"In fact, Democrats don't even have to conjure ghosts from as far back as Camelot. The
 party simply needs to clone a lot more Ragin' Cajuns. The single-minded commitment to
 framing the debate ("It's the economy, stupid") and the "instant response" counterpunching
 methods developed in James Carville's war room during the first Clinton campaign need to
 become part of the Democrats' DNA. "

"To read about the Gore-Lieberman "battle" in Florida, if you can call it that, is to read of
 cows lumbering toward slaughter with bovine equanimity."

"Like many other Democrats in her state, Brown is still haunted by Gore's wilting act there
 during the presidential recount. "[The Republicans] sent in the lions. And he let them take
 it away from us."

  Bush Crime Family installing puppets around the globe
 After the coup, Chavez ponders mystery of American plane

  Click  Here

 Mr Chavez said he was fascinated by the presence of a plane with US
 markings on the Venezuelan Caribbean island of Orchila where he was held
 after Friday's coup. At the time the military were trying to persuade
 him to resign and fly into foreign exile.

"I saw the plane. It bore the markings of a private plane from the United States,
  not an official plane. This is being investigated.  What was it doing there?" he asked.

  ...as always, the pink tutu Democrats won't let them get away with it.

      What coup?

 Late and Lacking
   by Mary McGrory

  Click  Here

"For the first 15 months of his term, he refused to lend his prestige or even his attention
 to the ugly developments in Israel and the West Bank. The Middle East, to his way of thinking,
 was a hobby of Bill Clinton's, which was reason enough to bypass it."

 The only thing the Failure in Thief has done well is that's he's made himself the anti-Clinton.
 Clinton came from nowhere, was an amazing success and gave us peave and prosperity.
 Bush is taking every step possible to be the exact opposite of Bill Clinton.

 When the Monkey Right starts that "most unethical administration" horseshit
 about Bill Clinton, first ...you should tell them to go to hell, ...then tell them to

 Click  Here

 Thanks to mediawhoresonline.com  which is consistently one of the
 most intelligent and dependable sites for true facts on the entire www.

From: die hard

To: Julie Hiatt Steele

Subject: You Are My Hero!

Hey, did anyone think to specifically invite Rep. Cynthia
McKinney  ("answer the question, George!") to the bash?

I lost my job (of 17 years) and am being "investigated" as a "terra-rist"
because I called the drunken illiterate thief a drunken illiterate thief.

My few remaining friends (even my brother) said "You ought to shut up and lie low."

One guess what my answer was.

You can get in trouble for telling the truth about Usurper Boy?

 Today in History - April 19th

 April 19th is the most scared day of the year for the Monkey Right.
 It's Christmas, Easter, New Year's and Fourth of July all rolled into one bloody day

 In 1993, the 51-day siege at the Branch Davidian compound near Waco
 ended as fire destroyed the structure after federal agents began smashing
 their way in; dozens of people, including David Koresh, were killed.

 Remember how Rush said the Columbine massacre was "just like" Waco, as tho those two
 Rush fans gave the Columbine students 51 days to exit the building before they started killing.
 Only a vulgar Pigboy like Rush would attampt to explain away Columbine as "Clinton's fault."
 That son of a bitch will say anything to attack Clinton, and his sheep love him for it.

 Click  Here  to read the flashback.
 Warning: This is another piece from my "blue period."

 In 1995, Tim McVeigh bombed the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 people
 and injuring hundreds.  He was later convicted of federal murder charges and executed.

 Tim McVeigh heard and acted on Reagan's Prime Directive:
 "Government isn't the answer - government is the problem."

 Click  Here  to read the flashback.
 Warning: This is another piece from my "blue period."

 ...and down the stretch they come!

 After enduring four years of relentless pressure from a sick, immoral son of a bitch,
 Julie Hiatt Steele is being honored for her courage and her gutsy determination.
 I've said it a hundred times - you threaten to take away my Chinaco and I'll break,
 but that's because I'm no Julie Hiatt Steele.

Y'know, I've been doing this nutty treehouse for six and a half years, and I always intended
 to go my entire BartCop "career" while remaining hidden behind the curtain. I really, really didn't
 want to come out of my cave, but it took a real big hero having a real big crisis to make that happen.
 I can't imagine any other circumstance under which I'd agree to be "Bart" in public,
 but this was just too important and too urgent - it couldn't wait - so here we are.

 The last time Julie was thrown out of her home, she was "lucky" enough to get about ONE penny
 on the dollar for her fabulous home, and that money only lasted her and Adam about six months.
 Now the lease is up on her condemned apartment and she's about to be homeless again, and she'd
 be totally penniless if not for the generosity of people like you who have contributed to keep her going.

 We have eight days to make this one of the best days of her life. After being shunned by her fellow
 Virginians, Julie will be surrounded by her new friends from all over the damn country who are flying in
 to DC next Saturday night to say "Thank you for standing your ground against that monster."

 If you can't make it to West24 consider sending her a little something.
 Snail write to Julie at  PO Box 1351, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
 If you're totally flat broke, at least send her an e-mail of support at  juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com

 Tickets are still available

 Each ticket sold is more foundation and more security for Julie, ...so let's party!

 Also, I mentioned the Juliefest2002-DC Soundtrack.
 ...so when you hear that Clash song on James's West24 sound system, shout out
"She fought the law and ...SHE won,
  she fought the law and ...SHE won."

 Biiiiiiiig party at Carville's place!

 That Does It! This Means "No War"!

 Bush's War Of Terror has gone too far. More Canadians have now been
 killed by Americans than by Afghanis, and YES i do  include the WTC on 9-11.

 I read about it on


 Week-old Garbage live, April 10th from Cologne

 It's the entire concert.
 Koresh bless the Internet.

 Click  Here

Check out 

"Hi, my name's John Fund
 and I'm an abuser of women.
 You got any women who need abusing?
 People come up to me on the street and say,
 'But John, why do you beat women?'
  and I say, 'Why? ...because I can!'

 The Journal fired me when they found out.
 I lost my big book deal over it, too.
 All I've got left is my pride and my dignity.

 ha ha, did I really say that?

 I sure wish I could sue BartCop for reminding
 everybody what a scumbag I am, but he has a
 copy of my arrest report, so I just have to eat it."

 World Wide BartCop

 It's fun to get e-mail, sure, but it's extra fun to get e-mail from far away.
 Usually when I get e-mail from a faraway place, I ask the writer to give me
 a few hundred words on his/her typical day. Rarely do they comply.

 About a year ago, I got e-mail from a lady who lived far into the China outback
 and I really wanted to hear back from her, but maybe people are shy, I don't know.

 Recently, I got some e-mail from Vijay V who lives in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia.
 I asked him to tell be about a regular day over there and surprise - he did.

 It's short and Vijay is a pretty good writer, so c'mon, take a chance and click.

 A Day in the Life in Malaysia

  Click  Here

 I hope the number of people who show up to Juliefest2002 is greater
 than the number of people I've angered or put off concerning prep for the big night.


 What happens when a Ph.D. student
 in Greek Philosophy takes on Ann Coulter?
  Hint: Bet on education

  Click  Here

From: naserian@earthlink.net

I do not read Bartcop any more.
I cannot.

You have called for the wholesale slaughter of people who only defended themselves from
what you yourself refer to as the BFEE. You have stated your personal desire to avenge yourself
on those who refused to die just so that you, like a vampire, may drain their land of light sweet crude oil.
I know far too many people personally who have perished and others who tremble in pain-filled distress,
to ever get over the hate-filled words you wrote. And you meant them. And you still mean them.


I believe that you are deeply rejoicing over the deaths in Jenin and the other towns on the West Bank.

<massive snippage - the whoooooole e-mail was like this>

ha ha

"Bart the Butcher," even has some alliteration

This has to be the nuttiest message I've ever gotten from a non-ditto-monkey.
I can only assume your religious insanity has done this to your poor mind.

You need to be seen by a professional, and please don't delay.

 Plugging the Leaks in the Illegal Weapons Auctions,
  by Al Martin

  Click  Here

 The DISU is frantically trying to suppress information about the illegal weapons auction at the
 Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. The DISU, a little-known agency called the Defense
 Investigative Services Unit, investigates people's backgrounds for the Dept of Defense, but their
 principal task is to plug leaks. And that's what they're trying to do in Huntsville - with little success.

  Day 13 of the idiotic "Bush Doctrine" in the Middle East

 Sharon Defies Bush
   US President seen as a monkey's moron

 The Bush boy:  Withdraw immediately! Stop the suicide bombs.

 Sharon: Tell you what - I'll withdraw "soon."
  Arafat:  ÊÏì ÇáÍæÇÑ, little smirking boy

 Subject: Shameful, Just Shameful

 I've been watching local & national media coverage of the deaths of the four allied Canadian soldiers
(& wounding of eight others) - by "friendly" fire - in Afghanistan.  I've seen the footage of shocked & weeping
 family members asking pretty much the same question - "how did this happen?".  While our government  is
 slightly spinning the story (although, they are at least addressing it), our semi-liberal media is not being so gentle.
 I've heard nor read the usual "tragic accident", "reality of war" or "collateral damage" spin-phrases in the Canadian
 media.  Rather it's "Canadian Soldiers Killed by US Plane" - one TV news report lead off with "Four Canadian
 Soldiers Murdered by US Pilot".  Tributes & moments of silence are being observed everywhere.  This story might
 not be getting a lot of play in the US media (& really, why would it?), but it's getting a lot of public-face-time
 north of the border.

 While I'm dismayed at these tragic deaths, they are just that - tragic deaths.  I don't believe these soldiers were
 "murdered" or victims of a killing.  It's a war zone & shit happens.  A lot of the fighting men are just ordinary guys
 thrust into extraordinary circumstances.  Not everyone rises to the occasion & mistakes are made.  My true outrage
 lies with Bush's nonchalance about the whole affair.  In four televised appearances today, Bush made no mention
 of the incident.  During his final appearance of the day he was questioned about it.  Bush's response was to turn
 away, & while he walked out he stretched out his arm behind him & dismissingly waved away the question, making
 some vague remark about having "called Jean Chretien earlier today".  Very nice.  A touching tribute for fallen
 allies/neighbors from the Chimposter.


 tr h

 TR, this won't mean much, but at least President Pinhead isn't joking about it,
 the way he keeps joking about "hitting the trifecta" on September 11th.

 He's got the brain of a nine year old.
 He can't be serious when the occasion calls for it.

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