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 Will Liddy Dole live in North Carolina if when she loses her senate race?


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Volume 781 - Getting Caught in the Rain


Tuesday    April 23, 2002           Send Me an Angel            Recent old stuff           Shopping w/ Bart 
 VCR Alert -
TV's best new drama The Shield, plus 24 and TV's best new comedy The Osbournes are on tonight. 


 "I wonder who is the architect of our foreign policy...
   Is it George Bush, or is it Colin Powell?"
    -- his Vulgarness, Rush Limbaugh

  ha ha

 Stop it, Rush.
 Bush isn't even the architect of his daughters's curfew.
 He doesn't know where the Middle East is unless
 Condi brings in that special globe that has Israel circled.

 I know it's your job to pretend the Chimp in Chief has credibility,
 but the whole world knows he's got the IQ of curdled milk.

 Why else can he only read scripted remarks?

 This guy is dangerous.
 He's got that same look in his eye that Atta had.
 When he took this picture he thought, like Atta did,
 that people would only notice him after he was dead.

 That shoe bomber? ...bungling fool.
 That John Lindh Walker dude? ...bungling fool.
 The former governor of Texas? ...bungling fool.

 But this guy need to stay locked up or made to take a dirt nap.
 He's very, very dangerous.

 It's the Intimacy, Stupid
       by Paul Corrigan

  Click  Here

 Hindsight is 20/20, but America would have been better off if half of the FBI agents
 assigned to Starr were hunting terrorists and the other half were staking out rectories.

 We have fallen so far in 15 months that the public has not had time to reflect on how
 much has been lost. Why is it so hard for pundits to write that peace and prosperity
 are both lost and the current president is incapable of finding them?

 From: Rude Rich

 Subject: Why you hate women...

 >  For the same reason I do....you're a guy and they drive us nuts daily.

 ha ha

 Remember what Chris Rock said about O.J.?

 "What O.J. did was wrong, ...but ...I understand!"

 Ms. Julie,

 Thanks for standing up to Starr's goons and bullies.
 You are a true patriot, you and Susan McDougal.

 Love ya,
 Phillip McC, Ret AF Msgt

 (Enclosed is $20)
 Latest Juliefest Total $23,620 

 If we get lucky, we could make it to $25,000,
 but isn't $30,000 a much rounder number than $25,000?

  I'm confused again

 Israel is fighting for their sacred sand, risking their children's lives, even.
 That must be some sand, eh?

 But during the fighting, they're firing bullets into the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem,
 which they say is the actual birthplace of Jesus Christ..

 Why isn't that church at least as holy as the sand?

Trent Lott - a prig in a wig
warning the Republicans about
the evil-doers at  bartcop.com

 ...and down the stretch they come!

 Are you ready to meet Julie Hiatt Steele?
 You've never met anyone like Julie Hiatt Steele before.
 I don't care if Patton was your granddaddy, and Churchill was your great-uncle.
 When you meet Julie Hiatt Steele, you're going to be damn impressed.

 She wants to say "Thank you," to you, in person, for what you've done.

 We'll have a private bar where Chinaco Anejo, Grey Goose vodka (Julie's favorite)
 and a large variety of beers, wines and spirits will be available.
 I hear the food at West24 rules.
 For one night, we get to party with some big dawgs.

 We have four more days to make this one of the best days of Julie's life.  Julie is going
 to be surrounded by her new friends from all over the country who are flying in to say
 "Thank you for standing your ground against that election-hating Starr monster."
 on a night that's bigger than any Emmy or Oscar night.    This is Julie's night back.

 You can still get in!

 If you can't make it to West24 send her a little something.
 Snail write to Julie at PO Box 1351, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
 If you're totally flat broke, at least send an e-mail of support to  juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com

 Each ticket sold is more foundation and more security for Julie, ...so let's party!

 Also, don't forget the official  Juliefest2002-DC Soundtrack.
 ...so when you hear that Clash song on James's West24 sound system, shout out
"She fought the law and ...SHE won,
  she fought the law and ...SHE won."

 Biiiiiiiig party at Carville's place!

 My most prolific stalker is sending e-mails to people with a carbon copy
 going to the "Cato-Kidski Think-Tanke."


 I think he's harmless.
 I mean, how dangerous can a man be with only one free hand?

 But if you answer his e-mail, even once, he'll adopt you and then YOU
 will be the object of his affection until the mountains fall into the sea.
 So - if you're lonely, then go ahead and answer him and make a forever friend.

 But if you have a life, you'd better ignore him.

 If you're coming to Juliefest2002-DC and you don't have a ticket yet,
 first, you need to panic, then send an e-mail to us at juliefest2002@yahoo.com

 There are still tickets available.

 Brian B and Sam D from Ft Collins - your tickets have bounced back to us.

 If you're planning to attend Juliefest, you need to send e-mail A.S.A.P.
 to juliefest2002@yahoo.com  or you won't have tickets for Saturday.

 You must have a ticket to get in the room.

 Don't forget


 "I don't understand. How can you be a marine and a Democrat?"
    -- El Chupacabre del Puerca, to a caller, third hour yesterday.

 Hey, Rush, did you have another stroke?
 Did you forget a certain Democrat who's also a former marine?

 You know who I worry about?
 Ted Olson.

 Poor guy, wonder how he's coping?
 I'm sure he's gone thru hell, trying to make some sense of things.
 Gosh, it seems like yesterday when he was happy, and now...

 Hold on...   what's this?
 Disco Ted shakin' what he's got with an liquored up younger woman?
 Surely, ...it's part of his grief therapy.
 Of course, that must be his grief counselor, helping Ted cope with reality.

 ...but I guess she's not the same grief counselor he's been seeing,
 the one who Ted insisted pose with him and B'Orinn Hatch in February.

 Poor Ted, his grief is so deep, he's having to see multiple counselors in the same week
 to help him shelve his debilitating heartbreak, to help him cope with life after 9/11...

 Check out 

 Got something to say on sports?
 Who else lets the little guy speak his mind?
 Do you have an opinion?

From: Andrew

Subject: "Misogynist" Bart


Some people on the far left confuse the male "impulse" with misogynism.
In that way, they're not unlike the religious right, which regards any
deviation from their hateful dogma as "blasphemy".

The nut-job left thinks having a "thing" for Shirley Manson is the same as having it in
for women as "sex objects".  Such people, of course, have no "impulses" of their own
when Russell Crowe appears on-screen (yeah right) and if they don't then their real
problem could be with heterosexuals in general (sounds like another kind of "ism"to me).

Since time began, women have been swooning over Rudy Vallee, Bing Crosby,
Frank Sinatra, Elvis, The Beatles, Ricky Martin and all who have followed in their steps.
For the first time in my life, Shirley is both a radical door-opener and a fabulous babe.

I mean, in my youth, I lusted after Pat Benatar, Stevie Nicks and Chrissy Hynde, et al., but they
weren't giants like Shirley is. More recently, with the slut-teen explosion, we see Britney, Janet,
Shakira and Mindy Moore, but they can't even find the damn door, much less open it.
Most of today's crop doesn't even sing their songs - they dance around in military style
and say, "I can't be expected to sing AND dance."     Fine, stop dancing.

But Shirley opens up her chest and lays her heart on the stage and says, "Let's be honest."
I'm old, I've seen them all, and I've never seen anybody as good as Shirley Manson,
and the whole point is - she's got all that door stuff and she's cuter than Paul McCartney!
Women have been lusting after Paul for 38 years, but when I say Shirley's hot and she rules,
I'm a sexist pig?

...by the way, do we have an update on tour dates?

Aren't they supposed to be in the states soon?
I'd sure like to see her.

 Shirley  Manson - contact bartcop.com

 Thanks to www.adamclymerfanclub.com for providing
 Juliefest2002-DC with a bunch of buttons and stuff.


 Subject: anger

 I detect a little bit of anger on this site.
 Do you?

 Why would I be angry?

We've lost the right to have our votes counted,
the Bill of Rights has been suspended,
Clinton's $5 TRILLION surplus has been stolen,
we're at war and they say this war will never end,
we're in a recession, fabricated to enrich the already super-rich,
a crooked moron stole the White House with the help
   of the crooked judges who owed favors to the moron's crooked daddy,
the top policeman in America is insane,
the people in charge of curbing these abuses are asleep or scared.

 Why would I be angry?

 One-Term Prez, My Ass
   by The Diehard

  Click  Here


My nomination for the democratic ticket in 2004.
This has a nice ring to it -

President Dennis Kucinich and Vice President Cynthia McKinney.


 "People need to know that there is no place in the priesthood
   and religious life for those who would harm the young."
       -- Pope John Paul, who isn't firing anybody

  But, Sir, if you allow the guilty to stay at their posts,
  isn't this about as effective as Bush saying "Enough is enough,"
  when he's trying to stop violence in the Middle East?

 Tonight in Oklahoma, PBS is doing "Great submarine disasters."

 I wonder if they'll tell the story of Bush's Enron fat-cats who killed nine
 Japanese students during a fund raiser for President Weak & Stupid?

 Nah, the Boy King is immune from criticism, even when people die.


  So far, one served.
  Help the hammer higher - get cheap long distance thru  bartcop.com

Subject: It's obvious that you truly hate women

 ...because you have been married to the same woman for over 25 years
    and care so much for her that you are willing to
1. stay in Oklahoma because she likes it there
2. work at a day job you hate so you can do the web site
    and STILL have time to spend with her in the evening
3. take her on frequent trips all over the country
4. write about her infrequently to preserve her privacy
    but with respect and affection whenever you do.

All of these things indicate a true hatred of women
...and you should be ashamed of yourself.


...I am...

  Day 16 of the bungling "Bush Doctrine" in the Middle East
 Sharon Defies Bush

  Bush Family Evil Empire deals with terrorists


 The Bush boy:  We don't deal with terrorists!

 Paris was fun last night

  Click  Here

 I headed close to where the action was, and could smell tear gas.  I got up real close to the police barricade
 towards the Madeleine, and the police soon decided to force the crowd back.  They switched on the sirens
 on their trucks and advanced in a barricade with riot shields.  People were throwing stuff at them, and kicking
 down traffic lights.  Once everyone was out in the main area of Concorde, the police let off their tear gas again,
 and canisters hit the ground all around me.  Time to run, it's the first time I've ever been tear-gassed.
 It must have been the low-grade variety, I get more noxious fumes in the kitchen when I cook up a curry.

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