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A good Crossfire question: 
 How many times has Dubya been convicted of a felony,
and why is his police record none of our business?


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Volume 782 - Live for tomorrow and do what you have to

Wednesday    April 24, 2002           Send Me an Angel              Recent old stuff            Shopping w/ Bart 


"The GOP avoiding Crossfire is a start -- though it makes them look like wimps or whiners.
  Too bad there doesn't seem to be anybody on our side capable of standing up to Carvile
  and Bugala. It would be nice if there was, but there ain't. So the only REAL solution to this
  Crossfire problem is to drive the show off the air. It isn't enough for GOP leaders to boycott it.

  Carvile will just crow about what cowards they are. Besides, if the GOOD conservative debaters
  avoid Crossfire, that means only BAD conservative debaters will be there to defend GOP positions.
  Kind of like the liberals being stuck with Alan Colmes for a champion. If that happens, Serpenthead
  and his feeder will score even MORE points against us than they already are. Crossfire the show
  has to go. Boycott. Blast Fax. Complaint Calls -- everything that can be done has to be done.
  We have to shut these guys up and get them off the air."
    -- Ditto-monkey Freeper, admitting they don't stand a chance in a fair fight

Subject: Pigboy's Lies

From Pigboy's website:
1.) "There's literally nothing to show for the eight years of
       economic prosperity during the Clinton administration."

**Of course there is nothing to show for it.... The Friggin' Shrub spent it all in his first year in office.
    But at least he "hit the trifecta"...What a bastard.

2.) "Recycling is a myth. Recycling is worthless and the source for this is none other
      than the liberal Republican mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg."

**Well if Michael Bloomberg says it's a waste of time,  and he's a "Liberal" then I guess
old Piggy has decided to start listening to the "left" for his daily dose of the truth.

 Where does this asshole get the motivation to even wake up each day
 to do another 3 hours of pointless right wing drivel.


 Adrian, he gets paid to lie - millions per month.

  It won't be long now...

 Sub-Total $24,450 
  Sure would like to see a thirty there, instead of $24,450...

 A couple of things need to be said:
 Christian Livemore is the only person who speaks for me and  bartcop.com.
 If you didn't hear it from Christian or myself, it's not true, OK?

 Second, due to circumstances, there will be no "surprises" allowed in the room.
 That means you can't bring a wrapped gift for Julie.  If you have a gift for Julie,
 it's gotta go thru Christian or me, first - so don't wrap it - no secrets, no surprises.

 Third, you can't bring anything into the room with you. No manilla envelopes, no cameras,
 no bags, no boxes, no liquor, nothing - nada. Small purses are OK, but if it's big enough
 to hide a dog in it we'll need to look inside. You can't carry anything else into the room.

 We are going to be Stalin-esque about individual rights Saturday night.
 We're going to make Field Marshall Ashcroft look like a Fourth Amendment lawyer for the ACLU.

 Fourth, Christian is already on her way to Julie's, so things are in motion.
 We expect her to be able to fill last-minute, cash ticket requests from the road.

 If you're going to Juliefest2002-DC, consider a  bartcop.com  long distance card.

 Those hotels and pay phones will charge you a buck a minute.
 Bart's long distance is just 8.3 cents a minute - details below.

 John Zogby, paid shill for the Gang Of Polluters, says:

 Bush job performance rating drops to 69%;
 That rating is more articifial than Sam Donaldson's rug.

 Gore soars into strong lead for 2004 Democratic nomination;
 Democrats take lead in 2002 race for Congress;

 58% say Israel should leave occupied Palestinian territories;
 Someone agrees with my Screaming Eagles theory.

 83% believe Mideast bloodshed will spread to other nations,
 Duh! ya think?

 But remember, Zogby can't be trusted.
 He gets paid to make the numbers dance.

 Phone call from Mr. Wilson

 This is a quiz, so let me set it up:
 You have a 13 year old boy in school.
 One day, you get a call from Mr. Wilson at your boy's school.

 Now, you've heard your boy talk about Mr. Wilson.
 Mr. Wilson handles the gun and marijuana problems at the school.
 Since you need to return a call from Mr. Wilson, that means your precious
 little bunchkins has either been caught with pot or with a loaded gun.

 Which would you rather it be?

 Now don't cheat and say, "Neither," because Mr. Wilson has already called.
 It's either going to be pot or guns, so make your decision right now.

 Funny, the handjobs who run the NRA always say,
"Guns should be legal to possess until a person commits a crime with one,"
 but why isn't that same courtesy extended to users of marihunana?
 Why shouldn't pot be legal until you prove you can't handle it?

 Aren't they saying pot is more harmful than a loaded gun?
 Medical science says that's crazier than a runover dog.

 Ask any big-city emergency room worker which, guns or pot, is more dangerous.
 We don't make laws in this country based on science and logic. We make laws
 based on old housewives tales and Old Testament religious superstitions.

 And with a religiously-insane Attorney General and a crack pipe pinhead for president,
 America will stay in the dark ages as we kill our kids with tobacco and alcohol,
 which is OK as long as they don't try a relatively harmless flower like marihuana.

  Gene on "Steno" Sue Schmidt
  Schmidt Strikes Out
          by Gene Lyons

   Click  Here

 Schmidt traced her correspondents' e-mail addresses, found out where
 they worked, and forwarded messages to their bosses in a seeming attempt to
 get them in trouble for malingering on the job. It backfired. Her antagonists not
 only didn't get fired, they exposed Schmidt's pettiness for the world to see.

 In response, the MWO website has posted close to a hundred letters devoid
 of obscenity but filled with pungent critiques of her peculiar behavior. Trying to
 turn a debate on substance into a debate on manners made the Post look ridiculous.
 Meanwhile, if Schmidt had put half the ingenuity into her reporting she did trying
 to silence her critics, maybe they wouldn't frighten her so.

I'll get right to the point --
I'm under attack by the radical Left,
and I need your help NOW!

 Hey Bob, are you still getting money from the anti-choice Nazis?
 Or did they cut you loose after you admitted on the Larry King show
 that you paid an abortionist to murder your baby daughter?

"That's right,
  he said that on my show."

 Nader: Heís Got A Lot of Gaul
    by Joe Conason

   Click  Here

 Americans have their own tiny movement
 whose left-wing rhetoric promotes right-wing
 ascendancy. Itís called Naderism.

 ...and down the stretch they come!

 Are you ready to meet Julie Hiatt Steele?
 You're going to be damn impressed.
 She wants to say "Thanks."

 We're having what Julie calls "a cocktail party."
 Cocktails of choice will include the fabulous Chinaco Anejo, which was created by God.
 Also on hand will be Grey Goose vodka (Julie's favorite) and a variety of beers, wines and spirits.

 For one night, we get to party with some big dawgs.
 We'll have munchies to munch on and a world-class chef.
 I wonder if the Cajun food is any good at this place?
 ha ha

 Chinaco on your taste buds, Garbage in your ears, a little South's Finest Chocolate,
 (which I really should've saved as a surprise) ...plus a tornado in the form of a Southern Belle.

 You're not ever going to forget 4/27/02

 You have three more days to prepare to be impressed.  Julie will be surrounded by friends
 from Maine, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Washington, Oregon and California who are
 flying in to say  "You go, Girl."  It's Senator Steele's first night back.
 I wish elected Democrats had 10 percent of her courage.

 You can still get in!

 But if you can't make it to West24 Saturday, send Julie a little something.
 Snail write to her at PO Box 1351, Virginia Beach, VA 23451
 If you're totally flat broke, at least send an e-mail of support to  juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com

 Each ticket sold is more foundation and more security for Julie, ...so let's party!

 Also, don't forget the official  Juliefest2002-DC Soundtrack.
 ...so when you hear that Clash song on James's West24 sound system, shout out
"She fought the law and ...SHE won,
  she fought the law and ...SHE won."

 Biiiiiiiig party at Carville's place!

 From: Debra

 Just wanted to give you a heads-up that I will be going to see Garbage on
 Friday night at the fabulous (I mean it!) Electric Factory in Philadelphia, PA.

 Shall I write a review for you? I am so sorry to be missing JulieFest but perhaps
 I can add to the spirit of fun by contributing a Juliefest Weekend Garbage Review
 from the City of Brotherly Love?


 Damn, you're going to see the best band in the world?

 Yes, I can't wait to read your review!

 Have I mentioned lately that Bill Clinton, our last legally-elected president
 was the best president of my lifetime and that I'm really old?

 I'd sure like to shake his hand some day...

 From: Mark

 Bart I noticed lately you've been calling it Juliefest2002-"DC"
 Does that mean there is another Juliefest2002 in the works in a different location?

 I wonder if Julie would enjoy the champagne brunch at the Bellagio?

 Don't forget

 Great quote from last night's Ozzy:

 Jack, the son: My houseguest is finally moving out.
                         He's going to England where he says nobody hates him.

 Sharon, his mom: Well, they soon f-ing will.

From: Sam D

HamsterBlog: This from USNews:The GOP whisper campaign to boycott CNN's political show
Crossfire has become official policy. Top leaders have told members not to go on the show
because they feel James Carville and Paul Begala are unfair to them and their views.

I guess we're going to start seeing more GOP members on Alan Colmes's show!
Notice how no one boycott's "Hannity and Colmes" because Colmes is just so "fair."

Email Colmes and tell him to take note of the GOP boycott of Crossfire and
to get the same result with his show. Remember, when conservatives lose a debate,
they don't get even, they quit and go to Fox.

If I was Alan Colmes, and the knuckledraggers were boycotting too-tough Crossfire
to come on my show where they'd have a chance to shine - that'd make me want to change.

Repeat: I don't dislike Alan Colmes, but he was hired by Roger Ailes
so Sean Hannity could beat him up every night on every topic.

 Check out 

 Damn, that's a busy place - have you clicked lately?

 Got something to say on sports?
 Who else lets the little guy speak his mind?
 Do you have an opinion?

 If you're coming to Juliefest2002-DC and you don't have a ticket yet,
 first, you need to panic, then send an e-mail to us at juliefest2002@yahoo.com

 There are still tickets available.

 Brian B and Sam D from Ft Collins - your tickets have bounced back to us.

 If you're planning to attend Juliefest, you need to send e-mail A.S.A.P.
 to juliefest2002@yahoo.com  or you won't have tickets for Saturday.

 You must have a ticket to get in the room.

 Do NOT go to DC on a whim that you'll somehow get inside.
 Cops with guns have been hired to enforce the guest list.


  So far, one served.

 I went to the Knuckledrag Post Office yesterday.
 Since I'm in the long distance business now, phone cards catch my eye.

 The Post Office is bragging about their phone rates.
 $15 for 60 minutes.

 Let's see now, the nuns taught me to divide each side by fifteen,
 that means one dollar gets me just four quick minutes of long distance?
 That's 25 cents a minute!

 Your good friend BartCop sells long distance for one-third of that
 and I don't mind telling you there's some profit it in for me, which is the reason
 I'm in the long distance business - to make the hammer grow the pie higher.

 So, we'll let the Post Office brag about their 25 cent-per-minute rates.
 But you know that you can get long distance for one-third of that
 by dealing with  bartcop.com  long distance.

 bartcop.com  more credibility than the US Postal Service

 Big Yak Attack: The Japanese Mafia and I
    by Mark Davis

  Click  Here

 Continuing our Worldwide BartCop series,
 this time we're in Japan, taking on the mob - a fun read.

  Day 17 of the Bush boy's bungling "Bush Doctrine" train wreck in the Middle East
 Sharon Defies Bush

  Bush Family Evil Empire deals with terrorists


 The Bush boy:  We don't deal with terrorists, do we daddy?


 "When my son is mad at me and he looks at me and says,
  'Mom, don't spin me,' it just hurts me."
   --Karen Hughes, White House communications chief

 ha ha

 Hughes's kid, begging his Mom to stop lying to him.

 What's the real reason Hughes quit?
 Because she couldn't stand working for a failure and a fraud?
 Did she get tired of the lies, like David Brock, and had to get out?
 Is she getting out before the indictments hit?
 Does she know something damaging about 9-11?

 Who else can hold President Pinhead's hand the way Karen does?

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