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Volume 790 - Breaking Down is Easy


 May 11-12, 2002 


“When it comes to talk radio in America, Rush Limbaugh is Elvis
  without the sideburns, the king of his domain -- opinionated,
  conservative, entertaining, and very rich."
   --Tom Brokaw, wanting some of that Rush money reeeeeal bad, 05/09/02

 This pipebomb nut
 He was blowing up people to form a smiley face on America's map?
 He's probably another Rush fan, like McVeigh was.

 Shouldn't this nut be imprisoned forever for felony stupidity?
 Seriously, anyone who's that warped should be caged forever.

 ...and no more AM radio for him.

Ashcroft Republican Primary Opponent calls
for Independent Counsel to Investigate Enron

Marc Perkel, who was John Ashcroft’s primary opponent for United States Senate
in the 2000 election is calling for the justice department to appoint an independent counsel
to investigate if Enron and other energy traders broke laws while manipulating electricity
supply and prices during the California energy crisis.

Perkel is calling for an independent counsel because it has been revealed that Attorney
General John Ashcroft received $50,000 from Enron in his race for U.S. Senate for the state
of Missouri. Ashcroft received some of the $50,000 before August 8th 2000, which means
that the money from Enron was donated during the primary election what Ashcroft was
running against Perkel. In October of 2000, Perkel relocated to San Francisco and suffered
the results of high energy bills and rolling blackout that devastated the California economy.

“This is outrageous!” Perkel states in joining with the sentiments of other California
Republicans such as Mary Bono and George Radonovich who have joined Democrats in
calling for an investigation. Perkel however is calling for an independent counsel because
Attorney General John Ashcroft is tainted with Enron money.

“It is important” states Perkel, “that any investigation have credibility. The public has
to believe that the government has gotten to the bottom of this! We do not yet know if
Enron acted alone or has acted in concert with other energy trading companies to defraud
the State of California. Furthermore, we do not know if there was federal complicity in
undermining California’s energy supplies. These people had secret meeting with the
President and Vice President of the United States and the People have the right to be
reassured that the Federal Government as acting in the interest of America and was
not a partner in criminal activity.”

Perkel is also calling for Congress to act. “The House Energy and Commerce Committees
should quit stalling and also investigate this. I call on all Republicans to put the interests
of the public ahead of party politics.”

At issue, according to Perkel, is the reputation of our government and the Republican Party.
“This is an election year.” states Perkel. “It would be bad if the Republicans were seen
to be covering up criminal activity. Especially when the Republican party got so much
money from Enron and the energy sector. Republicans must cooperate with an
investigation to show that they are clean.”

Perkel himself received no money from any energy company. In fact, the only money Perkel
spent on his campaign was the initial $200 filing fee to run for office. “I ran against Ashcroft
in 2000 because he was unopposed and was on the short list of VP picks to run with Bush.
If Bush had picked Ashcroft, I would have become the Republican candidate for United
States Senate for the State of Missouri.”

 Marc Perkel - Publisher of bartcop.com
 which makes bartcop.com a Republican publication

 Last night's opening skit on SNL was dedicated to the premise that
 the unelected moron needs a baby-sitter when talking about world affairs.

 Are we past the point where we have to pretend he's a leader, because of 9-11?
 Have we progressed to where telling the truth is back in style?

 We're trying to raise funds to increase the size of the hammer.
 If you think we have too much influence on politics, send no money.
 If you think we need less GOP and more  bartcop.com
 you're invited to participate in taking our country back

 Consider a few alms for a needy website.

or snail mail
 to bartcop.com PO Box 54466 Tulsa, OK 74155

 Last night, Mrs. Bart and I spent the night in a haunted house.

 Remember Teri the Ghost Chaser?
 In Vol 636 - The Vault of History, Teri offered to take us "ghost-chasing,"
 so we finally took her up on it and spent the night with some spooks.
 We were guests of Paranormal Investigation Team of Tulsa, or P.I.T.T. for short

 One of Tulsa's founding fathers was Thomas Gilcrease.
 His Gilcrease Museum is Tulsa's finest, and one of four (count  'em)
 tourist attractions that anybody would ever come to Tulsa to see.

 Gilcrease bought the mansion in 1913 and lived in the bottom half while
 upstairs, (don't ask me why) there was an orphanage for Indian children.
 Somehow, Teri got permission (we didn't break in or anything) for us to
 occupy the house from 9 PM until 5 AM.  A security guard sat outside
 in his car to notify our next of kin in case it turned all The Shining on us.

 If you click on the Haunted Places graphic, they list the Gilcrease Mansion as
 an official spooky place, but I wish there was more info on the web. Since we've
 been in K-Drag, we've heard lots of stories about the place being haunted.
 Rumor has it they have to pay the night watchmen extra because they go thru
 more security guards than a normal building - too many people quit after reporting
 that they saw something that appeared to be Mr. Gilcrease walking around.
 I guess that's why our guard stayed in his car.

 The ghost-buster team was:
 Teri - Video / EVP/ EMF / Photos
 Tina - Notes / Records / Photos / EVP
 Darren - Photos / Temp.
 Craig - EVP / Photos / Temp
 Cindy - EVP / EMF / Photos
 Valerie - Dowsing Rods / Photos
 Mrs. Bart manned another - EMF

 Definitions:  EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomena
                      EMF - Electromagnetic Field (EMF Detector)

 They started by getting temperature and EMF readings from each room.
 Then they re-visited each room to get the "feel" for any paranormal stuff.
 (BTW, there was no liquor and no drugs, so I knew they were serious.
  Me?  Whenever I contact beings from the other dimension I get all lit up.)

 So we killed all the lights, put cardboard over the few windows that weren't
 boarded up and they turned on all their equipment and waited for Mr Gilcrease.
 The more finely-attuned ghost-chasers seemed to feel and sense certain things.
 I could testify under oath that unexplained noises were heard. They would call
 out to the entities with questions and we would hear something afterwards,
 but while I was there we were unable to get any of the noises to repeat.

 Teri would make some exxaggerated step-climbing noises, and we'd all be
 very silent and we could hear a noise from upstairs, but again, no repeats.
 Teri had a killer new digital camera that recorded what they called "orbs,"
 which are tiny dots of light on the recorded image. Some members said
 they felt sudden cold drafts or possible brush ups against something, but
 while I was there no hard evidence beyond the photos was obtained.

 For our last hour, we sat or lied down on the floor so as to be totally motionless.
 Some members heard individual things, and once or twice we ALL heard some
 kind of noise and said, "I heard that" simultaneously.

 We bailed about 2:30, shortly after I was accused of snoring.
 It was a blatantly false accusation, as I was not snoring.

 Teri e-mailed me this report of what we missed:

 It was so great having you and Mrs. Bart with us last night!  It got pretty hairy after you left.
 We roamed around the house for a little bit then came back downstairs and did another
 "sit down" in that hall area.  Around 3:30am we heard voices of what sounded like 2 men arguing.

 The air got really thick.  I went to check and see if it was the guard talking to anyone outside,
 but saw him in his car through the kitchen window.  As I headed back going through the butler's
 pantry area, *something* (not Mr Gilcrease or one of the kids, an adult male) came right up
 behind me with a rather frightening feel.  It really startled me.  I told him not to sneak up on me
 like that and he stayed right on my back, very eiree.  He told me we wore out our welcome.
 All the other members got very uneasy, too.  (Some before told of my experience.)
 We were all feeling it, it was uncomfortable and so we packed up and left early.

 For their official report Click  Here

From: editor@bartcopsports.com

Subject:  Possible end of BartCop Sports?

I have not updated recently because I have been sick, and just a couple of days ago, lost my job.
As you can imagine, my motivation is gone, and the money will soon follow. As such, I really can't
do Sports anymore.

Would you announce that I am looking into having someone take the place over?

Costs $15 a month to keep on the server where it is now.
If I hear nothing in a couple of weeks, I'm just going to deep-six the place,
which would suck, but that's how it is.

Thanks, and good work with Juliefest.

Well, Sports Fans, can anyone step in and take over?
Is there enough interest in sports to keep sports alive?

If you're rabid about sports and know html and have $15 a month,
contact editor@bartcopsports.com and apply for the job.
Since it's your $15, it's your page and you can advertise or whatever to
recoup the $15, but we need a rabid sports fan to permanantly pinch-hit!

We can't let  fade away!

 Democrats to Sic Carville On Wacky Pataki

  Click  Here

  State Democrats are about to unleash a new razor-tongued weapon against Gov. Pataki
  - spinmeister James Carville, known for being about as subtle as a pitbull on steroids.
 With Pataki's ratings high as he seeks a third term, the Democrats have lined up the party's
 Ragin' Cajun to rip the Republican incumbent at their May 22-23 state convention in Manhattan.

More Juliefest pictures

 How many best-selling authors can you find?

 Pictures by Marty E!

 Church of Scientology Pays $8.7 Million to Ex-Member

  Click  Here

 A former Scientologist who received $8.7 million from the church this week
 22 years after first suing it for mental abuse hailed the settlement on Saturday
 as a victory that could unleash a flurry of similar lawsuits.

"They're facing a cigarette company meltdown," Lawrence Wollersheim, 53,
 told Reuters, referring to the flurry of claims filed against tobacco companies
 after the first successful suit brought by a smoker with health problems.

 I don't know Bush about this wacky cult of space monkeys, other than JohnTravolta
 and Tom "Mr Actor" Cruise are members, but to me, it doesn't matter if it's Jerry Falwell,
 Pat Robertson or the Catholics because all churches exist for one reason.

 They exist to take your money.
 They play on your fears and sell you the eternity-in-Hell nightmares so you'll take out
 that wallet and give them ten percent of everything you've ever brought home.
 Conservatives whine about "big government" is, and then they go to church?

 If you know something about these wacky Scientologists, write it up and send it in.
 Don't point me to a URL, write something and e-mail it to me - I'll print it.

 Juliefest2002-DC t-shirts

 They're free with a minimum donation of $23.95, which covers priority shipping.
 The shirt says:

 She's Steele the One

 Send check/M.O. to  bartcop.com  PO Box 54466 Tulsa, OK 74155

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 Note: Juliefest2002-DC shirts only come in thousand dollar increments.
                Once they're gone - they're gone.  Don't wait to place your order.

 The Enduring Freedom Scorecard

 Click  Here

Summary of Bush's Broken Promises
  by Rochester Jim

To: fns@foxnews.com, MTP@NBC.com, cnn@cnn.com, info@cnbc.com,
      Rush@EIBNET.com, capgang@cnn.com, dateline@nbc.com, reliable@cnn.com,

Bush said his tax cut would not cause deficits, even in a bad economy.
Bush's FY 2003 budget posts $106 billion deficit, the first deficit since 1997.
The budget will return to balance in 2005, at the earliest.

Social Security
Bush said Social Security Trust Fund would remain in a lockbox.
Bush breached the Social Security Trust Fund and is on schedule
to spend $1.65 trillion of it over the next ten years.

National Debt
Bush promised to pay down a record amount of the national debt.
Bush not only failed to pay down the national debt, he has been forced
to request a $750 billion increase in the debt limit.

Education Reform
As part of the bipartisan education reform, Bush promised to spend more money
on education. Bush budget cut funding from his own "No Child Left Behind" law
and provided the smallest education funding increase in seven years

Pell Grants
Bush promised to increase the maximum Pell Grant award, thereby increasing access
to higher education.  Bush froze Pell Grant limit below his promised level.

Bush promised to "fully fund" LIHEAP (the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program).
Bush's budget cut LIHEAP by $300 million.

Bush pledged to provide Medicare prescription drug coverage for all seniors.
The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimated that Bush's plan would
cover only 6 percent of Medicare beneficiaries.

Yucca Mountain
Bush promised to listen to sound science and local officials before deciding to bury
the nation's nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain. Bush designated Yucca Mountain
the site before all the science is in, flouting local officials.

Student Loans
Bush promised to make higher education more accessible by helping students
with high costs. Bush proposed pulling $1.3 billion from a program that allows
students to consolidate education loans at federally subsidized interest rates.

Are you still happy that you let the Supreme Court appoint this guy president?

Jim in Rochester, MI

 Don't forget

 My Juliefest Experience
   by Nancy M

  Click  Here


Buying a Juliefest T-shirt is the least I can do to help Julie.
I was, of course, outraged when I learned of Julie's treatment at the hands of that
partisan asshole Kenneth Starr (whom I agree belongs in prison, and I've been
telling that to other liberals who don't know as much of the story as we do.)

I just finished Carville's book "And the Horse He Rode in on" and have started
Conason and Lyons' book.  Brock's new book is next.  The more I read, the more
I realize that Clinton's reputation as a "corrupt" president is just as undeserved as
Reagan and Bush II's "walk on water" reputation, and is a product of our
"I'll print anything scandalous about a Democrat for a nickel" corporate whore media.

The GOP DESPERATELY needs America to believe that (a) the media are "liberal",
(b) that Clinton was our most corrupt President, and (c) that Reagan and the Bushes
can do no wrong.  Once America learns the truth about ANY ONE of those things,
it's the end of the GOP.  With your help, Bart, and the help of like minded liberals telling
EVERYONE the truth, that WILL happen.  (It's gotten to the point that whenever anyone
forwards me those stupid jokes about Clinton kissing the frog and making her turn into a
15 year-old girl, or the picture of the Arkansas quarter, I angrily "reply to everyone."
The most recent example was when someone forwarded me the frog joke, and I hit
"reply to all" and said "if anyone's interested, I know a rumor about a President having
sex with a 15 year-old girl, and it is NOT about a former president.")

Bart, keep the hammer growing higher.  Julie, you are a true hero, and I'm
sorry I didn't get to meet you at Juliefest 2002.  I'm going to try to attend
"Juliefest West" [if you have one] even though that's further away from me.


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