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Volume 789 - Mine for the Taking

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 May 10, 2002 


"One explanation for Bush's fixation on ousting Saddam Hussein is that he wants
  to avenge his father, who was victorious against Iraq in the Persian Gulf war in 1991
  but failed to unseat its ruler. Conservatives have long accused the elder Bush of not
  finishing the job in Baghdad. For all Bush's war-drum-beating, the president is still
  trying to find a reason to attack Baghdad that would be acceptable to the world.
  Heaven knows, administration officials tried to find an Iraqi link to the Sept. 11
  terrorist acts against the United States. But they could not find one."
    -- Helen Thomas  (complete column)

 Bush HAS to keep us at war forever because without the rallying behind the flag
 that the war offers him he'll be seen by the voters as the shallow fraud that he is.

  In RE Willey
 What Was Ken Starr Doing On Willey's Show?

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 "Yet the OIC hounded Willey's antagonist, Julie Hiatt Steele, into destitution
  over utterly unproven (and eventually discredited) allegations that SHE lied.
  That could be seen as a perverse double standard, couldn't it?
  Coddle the liar who tried to help the OIC topple Clinton.
  Harass, prosecute, and bankrupt the truthteller who said that Willey was a liar."

 This is sweep weeks, traditionally the only time of the year when we actively
 solicit funds to stay on the www, but we've just come out of a 60-day fund raiser
 so I thought I'd ease back on that a little for right now.

 Changes are coming, and we're working on the pitch right now.

 ...from an old friend of Julie's

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 Did Clinton bust a move on Kathleen Willey, the woman
 Starr and Ray admit can't be trusted to tell the truth?

 Full Story

 You see that 41 percent who claim they believe the unfounded, no-proof
 accusation made by a money-grubbing woman who Ken Starr says can't be trusted?

 When you remember that one-third of this country will believe ANY charge leveled
 against the best president we ever had, that tells me that 92 percent
 know that Kathleen Willey was lying the whole time.

 ...and shame, shame, shame on 60 Minutes for paying for that bogus story.

 "We pulled out too soon."
    -- Sharon, who really wants to say "That idiot Bush boy caused
   this latest bombing by coddling that murdering bastard Arafat
   while Arafat was planning another terrorist bombing all along."

 Juliefest2002-DC reports keep coming

  It was terrific
     by Carol

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 I meant to get this up closer to Cinco de Mayo
 Looks like Dave's work.

 Top Ten Mexican Nicknames For George W. Bush

10. Guacamoron
  9. Loco en el Coco
  8. El Otro White Meat
  7. Tex-Mess
  6. Bandito de la Eleccion
  5. El Dorque
  4. Los Er
  3. No Habla Ingles
  2. Adios In 2004
  1. Senorita Cheney

Mail Bag

Hey, BartCop:

Congratulations on JulieFest 2002's apparent success.
However, I read this little bit by you today, excoriating a Nader voter:

> No, but the Bush Family Evil Empire will make big changes, with your help.
> Wherever Karl Rove is right now, he has an erection. He knows he owns you.
> You were the difference in Florida in 2000.
> You gave us President Pinhead.

Fine. But then don't say that Bush stole the election. If Gore won fair and
square, then Bush stole the election; if the Green vote displaced enough
Gore votes such that President Bunnypants won, then there was nothing to
steal. Time and time again you assert that BOTH the Greens lost the
election for Gore AND that Bush stole the election, two scenarios that are,
regardless of their permutations, mutually exclusive of one another.

Will you make up your fucking mind already?

--Aaron Snyder

My, my, such a potty mouth...
The truth is - all of that is true.

1. Gore won the election, the B.F.E.E. stole it
2. Had he'd won (maybe he did) Tennessee, Gore would be president.
3. Had he hadn't not dissed Clinton, Gore would be president
4. Had Nader put the country before his ego, Gore would be president.
5. If Gore had chosen to fight, instead of politely lay back, he would've won.
6. If Gore hadn't paid some woman $10,000 a month to dress him, he would've won
7. This list goes on forever - it was a very close election.

When the margin of victory is less than one percent, multiple factors are all in play when
trying to discover what went wrong. The election was so close, I'll bet if everyone in
Florida who had ever read  bartcop.com  had voted for Gore, he would've won.

Nader's problem is his negative effect was in measurable votes.
We can argue about Gore fighting or paying a woman to dress him,
but the Nader voters are math proof that Nader gave Bush the White House

Two things:
If Nader was serious about his issues, he wouldn't have handed the
White House to a greedy oil man desperate to drill in our National Parks.

We could let the Greens's mistake go and bury the past if they weren't
so damn eager to reward the never-elected fraud another four years
Somehow, the Greens take that "lesser of two evils" line of crappola
and use that to promote the fascist agenda of the B.F.E.E.

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From: editor@bartcopsports.com

Subject:  Possible end of BartCop Sports?

I have not updated recently because I have been sick, and just a couple of days ago, lost my job.
As you can imagine, my motivation is gone, and the money will soon follow. As such, I really can't
do Sports anymore.

Would you announce that I am looking into having someone take the place over?

Costs $15 a month to keep on the server where it is now.
If I hear nothing in a couple of weeks, I'm just going to deep-six the place,
which would suck, but that's how it is.

Thanks, and good work with Juliefest.

Well, Sports Fans, can anyone step in and take over?
Is there enough interest in sports to keep sports alive?

If you're rabid about sports and know html and have $15 a month,
contact editor@bartcopsports.com and apply for the job.
Since it's your $15, it's your page and you can advertise or whatever to
recoup the $15, but we need a rabid sports fan to permanantly pinch-hit!

We can't let   die!

 Democrats to Sic Carville On Wacky Pataki

  Click  Here
  State Democrats are about to unleash a new razor-tongued weapon against Gov. Pataki
  - spinmeister James Carville, known for being about as subtle as a pitbull on steroids.
 With Pataki's ratings high as he seeks a third term, the Democrats have lined up the party's
 Ragin' Cajun to rip the Republican incumbent at their May 22-23 state convention in Manhattan.

 The night before Juliefest2002-DC  bartcop.com  reader DH saw Garbage in Philly.
 This is her review

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 Flashback to April 27, 2002

 Pictures by Marty E!

 Consumer Consumption

 My computer feels sick!

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 She's Steele the One

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 People have been asking about the Juliefest2002-DC shirts.
 They are the color of this background, (I call it 'sand')
 and they go as high as 2X in size, which is XX, right?

 There are only a few left, so don't wait, and tell us what size shirt you want.

 Gingrich seeks annulment of marriage to Marianne

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 Newt Gingrich has asked the Catholics to pretend his marriage to Marianne never happened
 like God is some kind of blind fool.  How insulting to try to trick God by writing the Church a check.

 "We were married 19 years, and now he wants to say it didn't exist,"
 Marianne Gingrich said of the scumbag who cheated on her for seven years.

 Will the Church accept Newt's check in return for a piece of God's dignity?
  You bet they will, because the Church has raped altar boys to pay off.

 Don't forget

 Roar like a lion
   by James Higdon    Online Journal Contributing Editor

  Click  Here

 The question has often been asked of late: "What is a hero?" I will tell you
 what a hero is. A hero is, by status and constitution, no different than any of us.
 A hero is someone compelled by circumstance and necessity to act boldly in the
 face of great risk  when others may not, or can not. A hero is Julie Hiatt Steele.

 Monster iceberg breaks off Antarctic ice shelf

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Unka Dick says there's no
such thing as global warming!
Screw the environment!
As long as I'm king, oil is king, too!

  One more try
  Chilling commentary by Robert Delay

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 David Brock's Book - 65 Pages wiped out!
 Simple publication error or deliberate censure?

 I'm furious. I recently ordered a brand new copy of David Brock's book
 "Blinded By The Right" -- from Amazon.com.

 As I was deeply engrossed in the section where David revealed that
 republicans had supplied him with secret FBI files on Angela Wright, who's
 testimony may very well have sunk Clarence Thomas' nomination, when

*POOF* page 112 was followed immediately by 177. 65 pages GONE! Swiped.

 Were the pages just "left out" the latest press run?  Where did they go?

 I am not a tinfoil-hat conspiracy theorist, but when you read a book that
 indicts the right to such a deep level that Brock reveals, you can't help but wonder...

 Is this a new Conservative Strategy: Mess With Their Books?


 btw, sounds like a printing screwup to me.
 I'd start by complaining to Amazon.com

 If it's a censor job, I'd think page 112 would be followed by page 113.
 But let us know, maybe we can ask Brock if Amazon says you got the complete book.

 Marc Perkel gets Monkey Mail, too


From: Jeff Smithers

Subject:  Youre a moron

>You have the most unethical  and unmoral views that ive seen, you are a drug user who is the definition
> why Gore should not be the president right now.  People like you are what make our socity what it is
> today, and sooner or later God will send his wrath upon you.  May his be merciful to you,
> and may you start actually reading the Bible.  Maybey you will find peace with God and realize that
> Jesus was our savior.  May God come to you and be with you soon, or at least before you die.

I was just about to turn Christian and accept Jesus into my heart
when I got your email and realized what Christians are really like.

See you in Hell.


We haven't heard much out of Tom Delay lately...

 Julie Makes a Difference

  Click  Here

 Well, after the election theft last year, and the ensuing rape/shredding of our constitution by this
 far-far-right administration, I made a decision. I'm going to law school, so I can get in the fight
 with the best of them and work for the good guys! I am determined to spend the second half of
 my life fighting for the civil rights of my fellow Americans, and I just want you to know, that your
 experience was a major inspiration for me in this decision making process.

 Quohag just posted the best rant I've ever seen, a respoonse to some boyscout leader who
 sent all the parents an email telling them that if they didn't back Bush and kick furriners out,
 they were helping the terrorists.

 This, from a Christian, is one of the most eloquent things I have ever read.
 It NEEDS to be on your front page. Thanks for JulieFest guy, you're da man.
 Pete Hisey

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 We haven't heard from the Bard gal in a while...
 Three Spring Days

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