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Volume 794 - Something worth fighting for 


 Thursday   May 16, 2002 


"I can't believe the news today
  I can't close my eyes and make it go away."
   -- some Irish friend of Paul O'Neill's

Aides: Bush Knew of
Hijacking Threat Pre 9-11

  Full  Sick  Story

 In the months before the Sept. 11 attacks, the Bush administration received intelligence that
 bin Laden could be plotting to hijack U.S. aircraft, prompting it to put security agencies on alert,
 the White House said on Wednesday.

"The information the president got dealt with hijackings in the traditional sense,
  not suicide bombers, not using planes as missiles," Ari Fleischer said.

 Call me partisan.
 Call me suspicious.
 But this sounds a lot like "Since it's going to come out anyway, we'd better get ahead of the story."

Why the hell are we just hearing about this NOW?

 We're hearing this ONLY because that story broke recently that the FBI was warned that many
 Arab-types were taking flight lessons and weren't bothering to learn how to land the damn planes.
 Since the story looked like it was coming out, the B.F.E.E. has changed their story from
 "We didn't know,"  to  "We knew but didn't know it would be this bad."
 I wonder what their story will be in two weeks, when more information gets out?

Why weren't we told earlier, Governor?

 We need to put the entire B.F.E.E. under oath and see who wants to avoid life in prison.
 Put the sons of bitches under oath and see who wants to see the sun again after 40 years.

 This isn't a some damn blow job between consenting adults!
 This is mass murder that gave the Unelected Fraud unlimited power until further notice, so...

Why aren't we investigating?

 I think it's time we took a second look at my Pearl Harbor theory - that Bush knew this was coming
 and decided to "take it" to involve us in a "bigger war to save Israel" that conveniently put hundreds
 of billions in the control of the Carlyle Group and the Bush Family Evil Empire.

 ...but you know what pains me the most?

 I'm a senate Democrat.
 How can you let this evidence lead you to that ugly conclusion?
 George W. Bush is my president and I stand behind him.

 "I'm so sick of it..."

 Matt Drudge is a lying whore
    ...but you knew that

  Click  Here

 Brock challenged the media to probe his reporting's accuracy:
"Good credible journalists can look into what I'm saying, examine it,
 and get to the bottom of this, and they can find the truth."

 One of the best places to accept Brock's challenge is at the university
 where he became a conservative. As Brock tells the story, his life changed
 profoundly during his sophomore year when he covered a February 15, 1983...

 Gee, Matthew, that's awfully convenient for a Clinton hater to try to prove Brock
 a liar by going back 19 years, isn't it?  To hear Matthew tell it, Brock was a liar
 and a fabricator in the old days and right now, but when he wrote about the Clintons,
 Anita Hill, Paula Jones and the troopers he was telling nothing but the truth?

 How do you expect to get awa...
 Oh, that's right. The ditto-monkey right will swallow anything they're fed.

 Instead of going back nineteen looooooooooong years to discredit him,
 why not go back six or eight years, Matthew? Why are you so afraid?

 Why don't you attack Brock's Spectator articles if the truth is what you seek?
 Why don't you attack Brock's The Real Anita Hill: The Untold Story?
 Why don't you attack Brock's The Seduction of Hillary Rodham?

 A-ha, because the truth is NOT what a whore seeks.
 A whore seeks money.

 Are you confessing to being a whore, Matthew?


 When Drudge was on Crossfire he was insulted again and again by Bow Tie boy.
 Since they both whore for the same causes, it struck me as odd, but Bow Tie boy
 kept saying, "If I ever want a link to a story about the iguana that eats kids
 I know I can find that if I go to your site," which I thought was pretty insulting.

 Yesterday, I saw these two stories on Drudge.

Starving dog eats its owner...

Wife 'leaves bag of husband's limbs outside girlfriend's home'...

 So, for the first time, Bow Tie boy got one right.

U.S. intelligence told President Bush a month before Sept. 11 that Osama bin
Laden's terrorist network might hijack American airplanes. Bush was warned
one month before the actual attack. He did nothing to beef up airport security.

Bush deserves the blame for this attack along with his Secretary of Defense,
Rumsfeld for their inaction. But before you blame these two guys,  don't forget
to blame the Supreme Court who appointed Bush, an incompetent guy, who
received 500,000 fewer votes than Al Gore, to be president.

If all the votes had been counted in Florida, President Gore would have heeded
the  warning and 3000 lives would have been saved. Bush received the early warning,
but was too dumb to do anything about it. We need a full investigation of the president's
inability to protect the U.S.

Jim in Rochester, MI


"The need for an investigation of the events surrounding September 11 is as obvious
  as is the need for an investigation of the Enron debacle. Certainly, if the American people
  deserve answers about what went wrong with Enron and why (and we do), then we
  deserve to know what went wrong on September 11 and why."
      --Rep. Cynthia McKinney

 The Lincoln Submarine

 All this talk about Bush using the 9-11 photo to raise money has brought back
 the stories about Clinton renting the Lincoln Bedroom, but nobody has mentioned
 the Lincoln Submarine that Bush let his Enron buddies play with

 ...and kill nine students.

 Why are Bush's Enron friends off-limits?

 NINE PEOPLE DIED when the Enron boys took the controls of that sub
 and the whore press is spending their time harping about Bill Clinton?

 Clinton didn't kill anyone when he rasised money,
 and he didn't kill 3000 people when his crime family decided they needed
 an excuse to suspend the Constitution and do all their dealings in secret.

 ...but the radio and TV keep blaring Clinton's name?

 Bill Maher is cancelled

 This isn't a Limbaugh told-you-so, probably, but first thing I remember writing about
 Bill Maher's comment that the hijackers were brave and we tend to bomb from 15,000 feet,
 I said he was telling the truth and why was he tired of being in show business?

 I'd like to think I'd want him on the air even if he was more of a prick.
 It would be cool if I was as tolerant as I think I am.
 But Bill Maher shouldn't be fired for telling the truth.

 We have extremly brave men in our armed forces, we just don't throw them away.
 The religio-crazies's lives are such shit, they'd rather bail than stick around and make things better
 So why is it a crime for Maher to say what he stupidly said?
 Don't we have to go back to 1969 when Nixon pressured CBS (details?) into cancelling their
 Number One Show because the Smothers Brothers were saying "This war sucks."

 Besides Mike Malloy, you don't cancel a money-maker.
 But CBS did it in 1969 (details) and ABC did it this week.

 Hey, I know what to do.  I'll offer Bill Maher a weekly column on  bartcop.com
 Bill Maher's a little like Ol' BartCop in that, if you know who he is, you love him or hate him."


 Two recent TV moments deserve a mention

 On Alias, when that boyfriend-reporter nerd saw his good friends the old guy and superbabe Sidney
 (in a nasty red wig) doing spinning-kung-fu drop-kicks that sent large men hurling thru cafe windows,
 reporter nerd did some great acting when he asked, "....Who are  you people?"

 And on 24, I knew twenty weeks ago that the guy Jack drugged in Episode One of 24
 was a traitor, making him traitor #2, but who knew there was a traitor #3 - .....Nina!

 I've never had a foreign spy use me sexually trying to try to attack my country.

 I'll bet that's awful.

 BartCop MIRC chat

 Have you ever been there?
 Seems like there's always somebody there.

 To find out how to get there Click  Here.

 I'm in there a few times a week, usually between 9-midnight.
 You might see Julie, too.

by Wizard of Whimsy


"We deserve to know what went wrong on September 11 and why. After all, we hold
 thorough public inquiries into rail disasters, plane crashes, and even natural disasters
 in order to understand what happened and to prevent them from happening again or
 minimizing the tragic effects when they do. Why then does the Administration remain
 steadfast in its opposition to an investigation into the biggest terrorism attack upon our nation?"
    --Rep. Cynthia McKinney

 "All I can tell you is Congresswoman McKinney must be running for
  the hall of fame of the Grassy Knoll Society."
   --Ari Fliescher, who said that BEFORE he was forced to admit they knew
      more than they were telling until the F.B.I. outted them as liars.


 Photo Op-Portunism
   by MoDo the Dragon Lady - she hates everybody - this time it's Governor Bush and Co.

  Click  Here

 Mr. Bush went to a Republican party gala last night and raised a record $30 million.
 It was at the same gala two years ago that Mr. Bush vowed to change the tone in
 Washington and end "excessive partisanship" and what he cast as the craven tactics
 of the Clinton administration. In his campaign, he vowed that he wouldn't put the
 Lincoln Bedroom up for sale.  So he shouldn't put one of the worst days in our
 nation's history on the block, either.  The Bush crowd has a glaring double standard
 when it comes to opportunistic use of catastrophes.

 Bush? He's nice but dim, says Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah

  Click  Here

 The prince proves himself to be a master of the art of damning with faint praise, saying of Mr Bush
 that "he listens and debates politely, but was not fully informed about the real conditions in the region,
 especially the conditions suffered by the Palestinian people". And so, he continues, "I felt it was my
 duty to spend as long a time as possible to brief him on the facts directly and without an intermediary".

 Everybody says the same thing after meeting the Unelected Fraud.

 Be sure to check 

 Marty has an all new Ozzy page II
 Wait till you see what Ozzy says about Sting.

 ha ha

You learn all kinds of things by reading Marty's BartCop E!

 Join the BartCop Team
 I've been putting packages together with goodies for subcribers.

 Click  Here  but bring your sense of humor, OK?

Not everyone agrees I should be trying to raise money.

From: Greg Stinson

Subject:  Bartcop and Limbaugh?

> You're BOTH petty and pitiful...

Greg Stinson

Hey, ditto-monkey, after 12 years of making $20M a year, Rush signed a contract
for another $280 million and he still sells his dignity every day for an extra nickle.

Same for Laura the Unloved.
She sold her show for $72M and they pay her $12M a year
to beat up the extra-stupid people for the entertainment of others.

I took a cut down to $30K a year to do  bartcop.com  for zero dollars.

But Greg feels like we're all the same...

 From: Joe Jackson

 Subject: Bart's Question on Arthur Bremer

 No, Bremer didn't shoot Vernon Jordan.

 You're thinking of Joseph Paul Franklin, who shot Larry Flynt
 and Vernon Jordan (among over a dozen others, mostly minorities)

 You are correctimundo!
 Not quite worth a pound of South's Finest Chocolate, but correct.

 Stay connected with 
 This week's special: 200 minutes for only $20.82

 Please, one at a time!


 "I think it's the best year yet. Last year, there was a lot of focus on the
   Soprano kids. We're leaning more toward the gangster stuff this year."
         -- Michael Imperioli, AKA Christopher the hotheaded mobster

 West Wing

 Did you see that great episode last night?
 Some terrorist bastard needed dying and Bartlet the Democrat kept whining about "moral absolutes."

 Hey, screw moral absolutes when it's the life and death of innocent people.
 Jed, save the moral indignation for your speech at the funeral of the innocents.

 Meanwhile, JC Chairman Fitzwallace grabbed Leo and explained the facts of life to him.
 I know the few doves who are still reading are spinning in their chairs, but this is war and for all the
 outrage about the innocents who've died, why can't we get some support when we take out the guilty?

 The scumbag had diplomatic immunity AND they got their entire cache of evidence thru torture,
 so they knew any American court would throw the case out, so then just waste the son of a bitch.
 The Bush Family Evil Empire murders dozens when they go on strike in a gold mine.
 Can't we kill one scumbag terrorist to save hundreds of lives?

 Leo: Mr. President, this is the most horrifying thing about your liberalism.
          This guy kills innocent people so we must end him.

 I'll tell you one damn thing.
 If I ever run for president you better vote against me because I have a GOP streak in me
 that ( I think ) only comes out at the right times. I'll be damned if I play by the rules when
 some religous handjobs are flying American planes into buildings.

 In West Wing, they gave us the paper trail that proved Shariff had to go. Unlike Governor Usurper,
 West Wing gave us PROOF, so don't accuse me of carrying the Bush boy's water .

 Feedback on the ghost-chasers story

 People are asking, "Bart, while ghost-chasing, what drugs were you guys doing?"

 The answer, ...painfully, ...is none!

 I couldn't believe it.
 Frankly, I can't think of any reason to meet the other dimension people sober.
 If there's evidence of  "the beyond," that means 2 + 2 = 4  is no longer true.
 To a logician (is that a word?)  2 + 2 being 4 every time is important.

 ...but this group was completely drug and alcohol free.
 (I live in Oklahoma)

 Trust me, I don't want to meet any ghosts sober.
 I want to be well-baked when the impossible happens.
 I mean, if an apparition looks me in the eye and says "I know about Donna B,"
 ...I'll need all the drugs within a three mile radius.

 If I ran the local ghost-busters club, I'd make whiskey and drugs mandatory.

Bill Adams (a real Patriotic American)
insists on getting the red-ass.

 Click  Here

 There they go again

 Congress is giving the Congressional Medal of Honor to Von Reagan.
 If what Reagan did was so honorable, why do his papers have to remain sealed?

 Reagan was a liar, a cheat, a fraud and a bigot.
 He was so black-hearted, Bush had to promise to be "kinder and gentler" by comparison.
 His own kids say he never let the evidence interfere with his decisions,
 and those decisions were always final, even when they were wrong as hell.

                 President Dignity

 Shouldn't we stop the honors until we see what evidence
 the B.F.E.E. can't allow to see the light of day?

 We're trying to raise funds to increase the size of the hammer.
 Consider a few alms for a struggling website.

 You can  or you can snail mail
  to bartcop.com PO Box 54466 Tulsa, OK 74155

 Blacks: Jeb will pay for 2000
  Getting a Bush out of the Govenor's Mansion
  will make up for a Bush in the White House, they say

  Click  Here

"I'm not someone who follows politics all that closely, but I'll never forget what happened
 with that stolen election," Crews said as his friend nodded in agreement. "You get slapped
 in the face, and you never forget it. That's what happened to blacks in Florida. We got
 slapped in the face. In November, I think we're going to turn out in record numbers."

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