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Volume 798 - Anger Can be Power


 Monday   May 20, 2002 


"You are suppose to be an OPPOSITION party. Please tell your 'leadership'
  to act  like one, and stop  kissing  Bushes ass or I and millions of  other people
  will vote GREEN  in the  next  elections.  Allowing Bush to steal the election,
  and your conduct to date has been disgraceful to put it mildly."
       -- Art

  President responds to Terror Report Furor:
"Bill Clinton was also warned,
  plus he porked that fat Jewish Intern"

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Subject: Don't Judge Bush On National Security Alone

OK, so Bush is weak on national security; let's look at his other  accomplishments.

How has he done on the economy?
How has he done on the jobless rate?
How has he done on the budget deficit?
How has he done on protecting Social Security?
How has he done on reducing the national debt?
How has he done on education reform?
How has he done on providing prescriptions drug benefits for all seniors?
How has he done on burying nuclear waste on Yucca Mountain?

As you can see from this list there is a lot more to George W. Bush than his
record on national security, so don't judge him on just one incident.

Jim in Rochester, MI

 This is a photo dated 11/3/2000.
 No, that's not a 50-foot man attacking the Pentagon, he's normal size
 and the Pentagon was simulating what would happen if an airliner crashed
 into as a result of a terrorist attack by Al Qaeda.


 Yet our lying President Pinhead said, "Nobody has ever conceived of such a thing"
 as a defense against his sleeping thru all the warnings sent to him while on vacation.

  Full Story

 The lazy schmuck had a do-nothing, sleep all day job as Texas governor, yet he spent
 over $200,000,000 to steal a job he won't even show up for?

 That's more proof that all he wanted was the keys to the Social Security lockbox.

 His criminal family is busy raping the future for tens of millions of retirees
 and the whores of the press are helping him because they need a tax cut on
 their multi-million dollar salaries and yes, I'm talking to YOU, Tim Russert.

I'm the most respected
news man in this town.
I need a big tax cut.

Subject: Clinton vs the Chimp, during terrorist alerts

Hiya Bart:
Found this on Table Talk in Salon. A nice collections of links showing how our last
freely elected President, handled the risks of terrorism during the millennium celebrations.
 Click  Here
Compare that laser like focus to the period last summer where Smirk's top priority was
cutting brush to get to the water-trickle on his ranch. It is good to keep reminding folks
that the Crawford Coward spent 42% of his first nine months in office on vacation.


 BartCop MIRC chat

 So much goes on there - have you been yet?

 What happened to the buck stops here?

Nobody could foresee planes as bombs, but what was done to prevent hijackers
from getting on planes.  What about Ashcroft?  Isn't he responsible for the FBI
(he stopped taking commercial flights well before Sept.11th because of a threat to
airplanes)--if Reno was AG the Republicans would be all over her.

Perhaps if Bush had not been on vacation for the month before the attacks he might
have been better informed.  Also, maybe if he didn't require his people to only give him
3 page summaries instead of full reports he would have known more.  Government by
"Cliff Notes" is probably a bad Idea.  Maybe if Bush was more open to reading full
documents he would have known more.

    He said he would surround himself with good people and delegate like a CEO--maybe
that is a bad idea.  Most of his businesses failed- like his first oil companies- which had to
be rescued by his dad's rich friends. It happened on his watch so he has some responsibility
as CEO in Chief of America.  If a company fails the CEO gets blamed.  America's intelligence
failed so Bush and Ashcroft must step up to the plate and take responsibility for what went
wrong and make sure it doesn't happen again.

    Republicans were blaming Clinton for not getting Osama earlier, but not questioning Bush
about anything.  If Clinton Knew about Al Queda then Bush knew too.  If Clinton didn't do
enough then neither did Bush.  If Clinton is to blame then so is Bush.  Maybe both are at fault,
or neither is at  fault. We just don't know.   We need a fair open investigation of what went
wrong and how we can fix it, but this administration is the most secretive since NIXON-so
don't hold your breath.

thank you,
stevie gardiner

Steve, good point.
When the Chimp was illegally inaugurated, the press ran wild with glowing stories
about Smirk's "hands-off" management style, which means he's a goddamn idiot
so he has smarter people (everyone else in America) do the actual work.

THIS is what happens when President On-vacation is put in charge of our safety.

It's the same way he handled executions in Texas. They'd bring him a report and he'd say,
"What's the report say?" and an aide would say, "The report says he's guilty," so Governor
Blow Monkey would have him executed because he was too lazy and, after all, it was
more often than not a black man and who cares if they live or die?

He's stupid and he's lazy and he doesn't care for the job his daddy bought for him.

 Baxter autopsy points to murder

  Full Autopsy Report


 1. Whose gun was the death weapon?
 2. Where, exactly, was it found?
 3. Where did the rat shot ammo come from?
 4. Where was the "suicide note" found?
 5. What does the note say?
 6. Has it been authenticated?  How and by whom?
 7. What was the condition of the car?
 8. Who saw Baxter last and what was his mood?
 9. What does the family have to say?

 What did Baxter know about Enron and GWBush that made his death necessary?
 When you're stealing billions, nothing gets in your way.

Subject: Ashley's Friday the 18th

There must have been something in the air.  This is what I did on Friday the 18th.
First, I called the White House comment line and reamed the poor soul who answered
the phone over the 9-11 warnings that were missed.  I told her there was NO SALE
here in Aurora, Illinois on their excuses.  I then, too, called Cynthia McKinney's office
and told the nice gentleman who answered that I was 100% behind her and her call for
a complete investigation.  He thanked me and said that's what they liked to hear.

THEN I called Hillary Clinton's office and told the person who answered HER phone
that while I hadn't heard what she said on the floor of the Senate, she must be doing
something right if Ari was calling her out during the White House briefing.  I also told
him that I was sorry the Clintons hadn't moved back to Illinois so that I could vote for
her as my senator.  THEN I called my sorry excuse for a representative, Judy Biggert,
and asked her office if she could call for an investigation and JUST ONCE be bigger
than her party and to stand up for what was right. Since she is merely a puppet of
Hastert, Hyde, and Delay, I know that was WAY too much to ask.

I then e-mailed my sister and told her this story.  She e-mailed me back and said she'd
called Daschle's office to kick his ass!  Next time I call (and there WILL be a next time),
I think I'll mention Bartcop.com and try to make the hammer higher.  :)

 Can we legally execute the Netscape people?
 Look what they put me thru:

 I get about three crashes a day, usually with the loss of stories that don't come back.
 These are just the times on my work computer where I've had the patience to give them
 a lttle piece of my mind.  I'll bet they're tired of hearing from me, but they're not
 half as tired as I am of writing them each time their pitiful product crashes..

 Or, ...maybe it's Gates f-ing with Netscape to make me hate them even more.
 Can we execute both and be sure?

 Be sure to check
 You learn all kinds of things by reading Marty's BartCop E!

From: Jack

You nailed it May 17th:

> Expect Team Bush to pull out all the stops to kill this investigation.
> This publicity is interfering with their stealing hundreds of billions.

- Isn't it AMAZING how, with everybody focused on monkey-boys failure to stop the attacks,
that there all of a sudden, out of the clear blue, an "alert" that another terrorist act is imminent.

Sure changed the headlines overnight, didn't it?
Pretty fucking convenient timing...I'd say.

 Transcript: Actor James Woods
  on the O'Reilly Factor

  Click  Here

Subject: Poorly worded opinion question

Dear Bart,
       I think the fine whores at CNN (and the White House) have badly
misinterpreted the numbers from their recent poll. According to CNN, 66%
of Americans say the revelation that Bush failed to warn Americans of the
bin Laden WTC threats had "not changed their opinion of him."
       Actually the question was poorly worded. Many of your respondents
thought he was a liar, thief and buffoon  who believes in government of
the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation before we knew
he sold us out, and we still think he is a liar, thief and buffoon who believes in
government of the corporation, by the corporation. Our opinion wasn't changed
... it was merely confirmed.

Roy Adams

Robert Morley's message to Julie Hiatt Steele

Return-Path: <bobmorley@ev1.net>

Received: from smtpout.ev1.net ([])
        by darwin.ctyme.com with esmtp (Exim 3.33 #1)
        id 16kq1Y-0004is-00
        for juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com; Tue, 12 Mar 2002 09:25:21 -0800

Received: from ev1.net [] by smtpout.ev1.net with ESMTP
  (SMTPD32-6.06) id AA1534FD0086; Tue, 12 Mar 2002 11:25:41 -0600
Message-ID: <3C8E3AEA.3A26D0BB@ev1.net>
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 11:29:15 -0600
From: Robert Morley <bobmorley@ev1.net>

To: juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com

Subject: White Trash Scumbag Clinton

You are still on your knees for White Trash Scumbag Clinton,
the most corrupt president in the history of the USA.

Isn't Robert Morley brave?
Taking the time to write to send vulgar hate mail to a single mother raising a child?

I find most ditto-monkeys are as brave as Robert Morley.

Maybe some of you tech types can locate Bob so we can "thank" him?

 Join the BartCop Team

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The Turth is Out - Bush Knew!
 by Bev Conover of Onlinejournal.com

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 "I'm getting away with it!"

 Stay connected with 
 This week's special: 200 minutes for only $20.82

 Over five served.

From: Steve S

Subject: Let's crucify Louie Freeh


Letís not forget to place a large portion of blame for 9/11 where it truly belongs.

FBI Director Louie Freah was too busy ignoring Presidential orders that the FBI investigate
the spending patterns of its agents (which would have led to a more timely capture of the
double-agent Robert Phillip Hanssen, who received a life sentence last week) AND sucking up
to the congressional GOP by leaking memos showing he agreed with the Office of Independent
Counsel (and disagreed with this boss, Attorney General Reno) that a new OIC be appointed
to investigate Al Gore, et al.

The GOP loves Louis Freeh because he always hated Clinton - thus he can do no wrong,
even though the FBI has had one HUGE scandal after another for nine years.

That's also why Bush kept him at the FBI - as payback for hounding Clinton all that time
with those phoney "scandals" that even Ken Starr had to admit were groundless..

That's why they impeached him for "the crime of Monica,"
because there were no real crimes they could pin on him.

 The Honeymoon's Over
     by Ken Fireman

  Click  Here

 George W. Bush's real presidential honeymoon began not on the day
 he was inaugurated, but more than seven months later, after hijacked airliners crashed
 into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

From: LJBK

Subject: Why is Salon publishing this Nazi r-w propaganda?
According to Horowitz, the victims are to blame (former FBI agent___ quit
in disgust  at NOT being allowed to investigate al Qaida under the bush regime)

 Click  Here

Why Bush is innocent and the Democrats are guilty
President Bush was given only vague warnings before 9/11.
But the Clinton White House knew of specific terrorism threats
for years while Democrats continually sabotaged security efforts.

By David Horowitz

LJBK, Salon needs money very, very badly.
The fastest way to get easy money is to go after that Clinton-hating dollar.
Hating Clinton is the third biggest industry in America after selling sex and drugs.

 BartCop, ...BartCop...

 BartCop - come to Vegas...

 Bush Refuses to Lift Cuba Embargo

 Even some republicans admit this embargo against Cuba makes no sense.
 We trade with China, Cheney traded with Iraq as recently as 1999,
 we trade with North Korea, we trade with every evil scumbag on Earth
 but President Pinhead is going to try to steal his second election in 2004
 and for that, he needs his crooked brother fixing the Florida vote again
 so he' doing what's wrong for America in the name of crooked politics.


 We're trying to raise funds to increase the size of the hammer.
 Consider a few alms for a struggling website.

 You can  or you can snail mail
  to bartcop.com PO Box 54466 Tulsa, OK 74155

 Front page of USA Today, under "Cheney expects further attacks" it says:

 Federal authorities said Sunday that they have become increasingly concerned
 by an "amorphous spiking" of phone calls and e-mail linked to terrorist groups.
 The spike in the past few weeks is similar to the pattern before the Sept 11
 attacks and other acts of terrorism.
 But if there was a flurry of intense activity just prior to other acts of terrorism,
 why the hell didn't the Bush admistration WARN US that an attack was coming?

 He warned his lil' brother Jeb so he could call out the National Guard,
 so why didn't he warn New York?   Is it because, in his mind, he won Florida
 and he'll never carry New York because intelligent liberals live there?

 California - you'd better watch your ass.

 Roger Hedgehog, subbing for Rush, just attacked ther Clinton administration
 for "doing nothing" about the bombing of the USS Cole where 20 (?) men died.

 Hey, Roger, what has young Bush done about September 11th?
 He rounded up some Afghan goat herders and sent them to the Caribbean,
 but what positive steps has he taken since 9-11 to make America any safer
 or to punish bin Laden and Mullah Omar?

 Tell us, Roger.

 You're so insane with rage that Clinton didn't avenge the Cole,
 (nevermind that the Saudi's beheaded the suspects before we could talk to them)
 so why give the Bush boy a pass on screwing up the hunt for bin Laden?

W's mind was on vacation
   by Michael Daly

 Click  Here

On the fourth day of the longest presidential vacation in three decades,
George W. Bush addressed the press from a golf cart outside his Texas ranch.

"I'm working on a lot of issues, national security matters," Bush said.

This was Aug. 7 of last year, one day after Bush was presented with
a memo titled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S." The document
suggested that Al Qaeda might well be planning to hijack airliners.

But what did we get from the illegal Usurper?

"I love to go walk out there, seeing the cows.
 Occasionally, they talk to me, being the good listener that I am."

 Oh, God, why do you punish us with this brainless boy?

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So far, all I have is Harmonycedar baskets and NorthernAirLodge.com
so I need to hear from the rest of you if you want a free link.

Send your banner or link to the business account - bc_biz@yahoo.com


 So far, no quesses on the mystery lady from last issue,
 and no complaints about the Laura the Unloved pictures.

 The counter moved, so I know some people saw both...

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