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Volume 803 - Cause governments to fall


Monday   May 27, 2002      Memorial Day 


"Do you have blacks, too?"
   -- The stupidest president in American history, to Brazil's president Cardoso.

 Condi ran to rescue President Duncil. She noticed how stunned and surprised Cardoso looked
 and quickly told Bush that Brazil likely has more blacks than the US and that outside of Africa
 it was the place with the highest number of blacks.

 Bush said, "Really?"

 The Brazilian president remarked later that Bush was
 "still in a learning-phase when it came to South America."

 Yeah, the Failure in Thief is still in the learning phase on chewing pretzel's, too.

 Bono, O'Neill tour catches scent of marijuana

 PRETORIA, South Africa (Reuters) - As Bono and Paul O'Neill toured a huge Ford Motor Co.
 plant near Pretoria on Friday, the pungent odour of marijuana smoke attracted the
 attention of some of their entourage.

 A Ford representative confirmed some of the 3,500 employees at the cavernous plant did smoke the herb.
 The plant was described by Ford as the largest assembly plant in the Southern Hemisphere. It was one
 O'Neill wanted to highlight for having a model plan to test and offer treatment for HIV/AIDS-afflicted workers.

 When a reporter asked a Ford official whether marijuana smoking affected efficiency, both Bono and O'Neill
 expressed interest that some workers smoked it.

 "They do?" a surprised O'Neill interjected. "What do I know? That's something I don't know anything about."

 The Ford official said the practice was not unusual at a huge industrial plant and indicated there was some
 tolerance as long as safety was not jeopardised.
 Bono took it coolly.
"I was getting off on the diesel fumes myself," he joked.

 After Memorial Day, it's time to ask once again about
 Bush's National Guard Record and why he ran away from
 service in Vietnam.  Oh, by the way, guess who's running the US Air national Guard now?

  Click  Here

 They read it in Bangkok.
 They read it in Liverpool.
 They read it in Portland.


 Everything's closing in on me, but I'm not nervous.
 As long as my eye doesn't twitch, nobody will know I'm guilty.
 Unka Dick said they'd never find out, so I'll be OK.
 He said he had everthing secured and buried.
 If I could just get rid of the BartCop Hex.

 Condi, get John Braeux on the phone!

 He's from Louisiana, he'll know how to fight voodoo.


"Bill O'Reilly is a bully and he's arrogant.
  He's not as knowledgeable as he thinks he is."

   --Charles Grodin

From: Doug in Florida

Last week, the receptionist at work said her printer wasn't working.  My intern discovered
a pen stuck inside the printer.  He started to jam his fingers down into the printer to get the pen,
but I told him we didn't have time for that now, just put a note on the printer telling folks not to use it
and then report it to the Help Desk, and he did that.  I left before he finished the note.

About 20 minutes later, I saw the note.

Sometimes things don't always come out the way they were meant to.

 How long has it been since you visted  www.residentbush.com?

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 Former CIA spook Barbara Hartwell has a new website.


 I got an e-mail from a guy who started a website because he
 was tired of reading the pro-Bush lies his local paper was publishing.

 I think that shows spunk.
 I like spunk.

 I think everyone who's tired of reading pro-Bush lies in their paper
 should do what this guy did and start a website to refute the lies.

  Click  Here

 There's a new Robert Plant CD coming out July 16th.

 Some of the songs aren't my favorites (he's trying to disown his past again)
 but there's a great James Brown-sounding song that should be a big radio hit.
 that is, unless Britney, Justin and the Backstreet Boys are hogging all the airtime.

 I keep hearing that it's unpatriotic to ask questions of the government during a war.

 Then I saw a picture of the 58,000 names on the Vietnam War Memorial,
 and I wondered how many of those men would agree with that.

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 Today in History

 Five years ago today, in an inmcredibly galling and outrageous ruling,
 the Court of Supreme Whores ruled that Paula Jones could pursue her baseless
 and groundless blackmail scheme against the best president we've ever had.
 The Whore Court wanted Clinton out, even if it meant usuing illegal means.

 When their collusion with GOP leaders was stopped by Julie Hiatt Steele,
 Susan McDougal and public support for a popular president, they retreated
 and conspired to fix the 2000 election so the dim Bush boy could be appointed.

     We have more money than the little people, so we will vote instead of you.

According to a Time/CNN poll, nearly half, 46 percent, indicated that Bush himself is
very or somewhat responsible for a lack of action to stop the attacks on September 11th.
More than half of Americans polled said the FBI, CIA and President Bush's top advisers
bear at least some responsibility for not preventing the Sept. 11 attacks. Enough information
was presented to Bush such that he should have done more to prevent the attacks,
but either he wasn't listening or he wasn't comprehending the information.

One of the roles of the Air National Guard is to respond to intruders and errant civilian flights
by putting up a fighter or two, such as in the case of the private jet that not so long ago flew
halfway across the country with an unconscious crew ... Nevertheless, getting the alert that
a hijacking is in progress and getting a plane up does take time. If, however, one knew in
advance that hijackings were a very real possibility... a prudent and obvious thing to do would
be to put the Air National Guard on high alert to any commercial flights that might stray off course.

Had this been done, the al-Qaeda pilots might not have had a clear run at their objectives
and the outcome of 9/11 might have turned out quite differently for those on the ground.

Jim in Rochester, MI

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"Rush Limbaugh is a blowhard.
  I think he's kidding, but maybe he's not."
   -- Charles Grodin

 Yes, Charles, he's kidding, but his sheep don't know that.

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This is for anybody who has contributed previously.

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 This time, it's Kentucky

 Bishop J Kendrick Williams, leader of Kentucky's Catholics has been
 suspended while they investigate another sexual molestation charge

 Williams released this statement:
 "I do not remember the young man and I have
   never been brutal to anyone in my entire life."

 Translation: "There were so many, I can't remember each one,
 and when I rape a boy I do it with kindness, not brutality."

 This Time, it's Iowa

 Father Jeff Windy pleaded guilty to conspiracy to manufacture "roofies," a date rape drug.
 If drugged, the altar boys wouldn't remember being molested when they woke up.

 Back to Minnesota

 That archbishop who just turned 75 and resigned over age,
 not for sexual assault reasons paid his victim $435,000 over the years to remain quiet.
 Where does a priest get $435,000?

 He steals it from the collection plate.

 ...making fools of the gullible folks in the pews who thought they were helping to
feed the starving instead of paying hush money for a rapist in a red velvet robe.

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