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Volume 802 - I Always Knew What It Was For

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Sat-Sun   May 25-26, 2002 


"Last week off the coast of California, a man's sailboat was damaged when a whale
  surfaced and tried to mate with his boat. Later, a spokesman for the Coast Guard
  said it was not the whale's fault. The boat was acting like a whore."
     -- Conan

  Agent: FBI Rewrote Moussaoui Request 

  Click  Here

 An FBI whistle-blower alleges FBI headquarters rewrote Minnesota agents'
 pre-Sept. 11 request for surveillance and search warrants for Zacarias Moussaoui
 and removed important information before rejecting them, government officials said Friday.
 Agent Coleen Rowley wrote that the Minnesota agents became so frustrated by roadblocks
 erected by terrorism supervisors in Washington that they began to joke that FBI headquarters
 was becoming an "unwitting accomplice" to bin Laden's efforts to attack the US, the officials said.

 Is this why Smirk n Dick are so desperate to block this investigation?
 Did the FBI have orders to let Sept 11th happen so George could become King?

When our last elected leader went to
Germany he got a friendl reception.

Subject: David Brock Story
From: Stephen Sacco
To:  special@foxnews.com

Dear Anyone at Fox News who wishes to read this,

I am writing to express my dismay at your story about former self-described "right-wing hit man"
David Brock's medical history.   Though you accurately reported he sought psychological help,
you forgot to mention that after he was treated he gave up his nutty right-wing politics for
a more reasoned approach.

Perhaps psychiatry has something to offer y'all at Fox News.  I guarantee that if Brit Hume and others
at Fox (who seem to have a psychological ailment that causes them to sneer in derision at people who
seek help for their problems) seek treatment you will not be met with biased innuendo by respectable
 media outlets as was Mr. Brock.

Now I realize why Al Gore wants to extend coverage for mental  health care. Far from being soft,
mushy and sentimental, he was simply trying to remove the psychological impairments that the right-wing
seems to have and replace them with clear and unbiased thinking.

Take heart, there may be hope for you yet!  And it is my sincere wish that you find the inspiration
and courage you need to face whatever demons you have regarding Mr. Brock's story.


Stephen Sacco

P.S.  I will pray for you.

From: PASchuman

Stunning factoid

Pilots could always optionally carry a side arm on the plane, since JFK created that exception
to the FAA regs by executive order during a hijacking scare in the early '60s. Every president
allowed that EO to remain in place, including the gun law advocating Clinton for his entire 8 years.
After all presidents had seen fit to keep it, for nearly 40 years, it came to an abrupt end in
July, 2001, by order of Bush.

This order goes entirely against common sense, against the consensus of  presidents of both parties,
and against the otherwise consistent pro 2nd amendment, pro NRA position the administration always takes.
You'd never guess Bush or Ashcroft would restrict guns in any way. This is completely inexplicable.
Unless they wanted to avoid the possibility of someone's running into armed pilots for some unknown reason.

Begala made this point one night on Crossfire.
The gun in the cockpit is NOT the last line of defense.
The last line is the F-16 shooting the plane out of the damn sky.

I'd much rather trust the pilot with a gun than "F" with an F-16.


 Unka Dick, are we going to jail like BartCop says?
 You said nobody would ever find out.

 ...why you crying, Unka Dick?
 Did I say something sad?

From: Daddio

Hey, I haven't written since I was at Juliefest. Nice job, Bart.
We're all glad you did that, and that we could be a part of it.

More recently, I wrote the NY Times this week after I read an MWO
article about Halliburton. I hit the trifecta; I got this lame response.

Dear NY Times:
I have a question:

Why did your newspaper regard the Whitewater affair, a story about a land deal involving
several thousand dollars and President Clinton, as a political story...yet your newspapar now
regards the Halliburton affair, a story about accounting fraud involving a hundred million dollars
under Vice President Cheney, as a business story?

I would appreciate an explanation.

[NY Times response via email]

Such considerations are not a science, and the line between classifications is sometimes arbitrary.

Translation: A lie about Clinton makes more money than the truth about the B.F.E.E.
                     Since we are in the revenue-generating business, and NOT the news business,
                     we go with the story that will make our stockholders richer, not the truth.

But I think a consideration in the distinction is that Halliburton existed as a big business, and was
mostly in the news as a business. Whitewater, of course, was not.

ha ha
What great logic!
"Nobody ever heard of Whitewater, so we could make it anything we wanted.
 Halliburton is well-known by everyone, so there's no story there."

Certainly, though, if this Halliburton/Cheney story becomes a big national issue,
if the Democrats choose to make a political issue of it, it will likely move to our national pages.

Well, I guess that's the end of that, then.
The Democrats are too scared to "make a political issue of it," so we're screwed again.

Thanks for writing.

Bill Borders, The New York Times.

As they used to say in Brooklyn during the Depression: Such crust  (or, what nerve).

Later, Daddy-O.

 BartCop MIRC chat

  See you there...

Subject: Two sides of the same story...

Hey! Has anyone else noticed this?

Last summer, John Walker Lindh may have had information about a terrorist plot
 to attack the United States.  Today, John Walker Lindh is on trial for treason.

Last summer, George W. Bush may have had information about a terrorist plot
to attack the United States.  And we are being told that there is no need to investigate this any further.

Double standards?


Kip, the Bush boy doesn't have to obey the law.
He's royalty - he's above the law. He never has to answer for crimes.

Scams Away: The Boom Is Falling
           by Al Martin

   Full Story

 In an incredible display of arrogance, George Bush said that HE (not the White House, but HE)
 will no longer tolerate second-guessing on the subject of the growing questions of what did the
 Bush Administration know and when did it know it regarding threatened terrorist attacks against
 the United States prior to 9-11. Rumsfeld then came out with a press release from the Department
 of Defense, stating that "those who ask questions could face government charges."

 "Illegal asking of questions?"
 I don't like to use vulgarity, but fuck a bunch of that.
 America was built on the right to question our government,
 and now this crooked gang of thugs wants to take that away from us?

 The fact that the Illegal Usurper STOLE his way into power over the wishes of
 the voters doesn't negate our Constitutionally-guaranteed right to ask questions.
 Fuck Bush, and fuck Rumsfeld.

 Somebody has to stand up and say, "Blow Me!"

 Let's hope Ol' Bart isn't our last line of defense.


How many billions have you stolen, George?
How much per dead American have you made?


Mail Bag

I'm having a problem with the MIRC.
I did everything step-by-step that was described to me
but I keep getting an "Unable to Resolve Server" error
whenever I try to connect.

Any answers?

Last night we had about 30 people in the chat room
and JHS tried to get in, but kept getting blocked.

We will work on the problem and resolve it.



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 "I wish that you guys had children," he tells the broadcasters during their audience,
 "so I could kick them in the f-ing head or stomp on their testicles, so you could feel my pain."
     -- Mike Tyson, Bush voter, preparing for his historic fight with Lennox Lewis

No Guns at Afghan Weddings

Authorities in Afghanistan have urged people to stop firing guns during marriages
after U.S. warplanes mistakenly bombed a convoy of wedding guests.

A spokesman for the Khost province, said the latest in a number of U.S.
attacks left four ethnic Pashtun wedding guests severely wounded.

"These people in the convoy belonged to a wedding party and as part of their Pashtun
traditions during celebrations of weddings, they fired in the sky and American planes
misunderstood it and bombed them fearing that people on board were Taliban or al Qaeda."

The spokesman claimed U.S. warplanes killed 10 people at a Khost wedding after a U.S. helicopter crew
saw guns firing. Coalition officials have dismissed as "rubbish" claims wedding parties were attacked.

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 They can't win fairly, so they cheat
 GOP sought to sabotage vote, Dems say
 Republicans accused of planting fake candidates to force primaries

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 The Michigan Republican party planted bogus Democratic candidates in eight
 hotly contested state Senate races to force legitimate Democrats into primary
 contests, the state Democratic Party said this week.

 Republicans can't win anything unless they cheat.
 Their backwards ideas, plus their hatred for gays, blacks and women
 have made them unwinnable - so they cheat, just like the Illegal Fraud.

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  This time, it's New York
 Accusation Leads to Suspension of High-Level Priest in NewYork

 The sexual abuse scandals in the Roman Catholic Church reached the highest levels of the
 Archdiocese of New York yesterday, when the archdiocese announced it had ordered the
 suspension of the monsignor in charge of fund-raising after he was accused of having an
 "improper relationship" with a minor 20 years ago.  As vicar for development, Monsignor
 Charles Kavanagh is one of the archdiocese's most powerful clerics.

 An "improper relationship?"
 That's what the Catholic Church calls child rape?
 Makes me wonder what percentage of today's priests were abused.
 Perhaps that cycle of sexual violence has been going on for centuries,
 and they think calling it an "improper relationship" will make the problem go away?

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