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Volume 801 - Rudy Can't Fail 

Friday   May 24, 2002 


"Rudy did his job — that's all he did. Hey, the guy went out of his way, I will say.
  But that's the gig. ... He did what he was supposed to do.  If Rudy Giuliani hadn't
  left office, he was gonna do something crazy eventually. That's just him — he's crazy.
  He would've had a dust tax on all the dusty buildings or something."
     -- Chris Rock, in the June GQ

  This isn't from some wacko-web site, this is front page of Yahoo news.
 FBI Agent Alleges Moussaoui Roadblocks
  Karl Rove is busy trying to blame this on Clinton, too.

  Click  Here

 Concerned that Washington headquarters was hindering their pre-Sept. 11 probe
 of terrorism defendant Zacarias Moussaoui, FBI agents in Minnesota took the radical
 step of contacting the CIA for help, an FBI whistleblower says.

 Agent Coleen Rowley took the rare course this week of sending her allegations directly
 to the head of the FBI, Robert Mueller. Copies were sent to members of the Senate
 Intelligence Committee.

 Is this why Smirk n Dick are trying to kill the investigation?
 Was the FBI stupid, lazy or just following orders from the B.F.E.E?
 Did the FBI have orders to NOT investigate Al Qaeda without permission?
 The BFEE couldn't pull that power grranb without 9-11.

 bin Laden gave President Usurper fifty extra approval points.
 bin Laden gave President Usurper legitimacy, in the minds of some.
 bin Laden is the best friend President Pinhead ever had.

 Is that why they're fighting the investigation?

 Remember, because of the Bush pardons, we never found out what global crimes the
 Bush Family Evil Empire was involved in.  Bush fixed it so that evidencee would be
 buried forever, and America forgave that SOB and asked Dim Son to rape us again.

 Well, I think they succeeded.

Moon buys hooker named Laura For Washington Times
What do you call a gathering of 3,000 people, a self-aggrandizing lecture by
Dr. Laura Schlessinger and an hour-long sermon from the Rev. Sun Myung Moon?

The Washington Times 20th-anniversary bash.

 Click  Here

 I can't believe they did it

 There's a new radio station in K-Drag, sort of.

 Michael del Giorno, Tulsa's most entertaining, Clinton-hating, religiously-insane ditto-monkey,
 has started up a new Clinton-hating radio station. There was the very famous KVOO,
 known as Tulsa's premier country channel, but now they compete with the vulgar Pigboy.

 The famous KVOO has gone all-Clinton-hate all-the-time
 Now we get non-stop Clinton-hatred 48/7.
 This way, when Rush goes to a commercial, the Clinton-haters can switch to O'Reilly
 and get some extra Clinton-hating in until Rush's Clinton-hating starts back up again.

 The newest Clinton-hating lineup includes Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly and a host of up-and-coming
 Clinton-haters that are each trying to out-hate Clinton for that important ditto-monkey dollar.
 Is it the same in your town?

 So we have three talk stations in Tulsa, two Clinton-haters and a sports channel
 and the sports Nazi's like to get in their Clinton shots, too.

 You'll never, ever hear a liberal on the air in Tulsa, even tho we won the last
 three popular votes, because that hate-Clinton money is so attractive to advertisers


 Unka Dick, can I still be president after they find out?


 "Dick Cheney has been all over this week. He was on  Meet The Press and
   Larry King Live which was good – he and Larry took turns having heart attacks.
     -- Dave

 How's Bush doing in Europe?


 BartCop MIRC chat

  See you there...

 The Training-Wheel President
   by Robert Parry

  Click  Here

 ..the new disclosures have cast a different light on the possible outcome if Gore were president.
 Drawing from his Clinton administration experience, Gore and his advisers might have better
 understood the seriousness of the threat and what was needed to stop it. Gore's team might
 have been able to pull together some of the dots that remained elusive to Bush and his administration"

 Major national news outlets are continuing to coddle George W. Bush even as new disclosures show
 that Bush and his senior advisers failed to respond effectively to warnings last year about Osama bin
 Laden’s plans to attack the United States.

 Today's Bonus Section
  Not reruns, not retreads, new stuff!

  Click  Here

Mail Bag


The job you're doing--along with MWO and Buzzflash--is nothing short of excellent.

It's ALL starting to unravel, isn't it?  They're squirming there in the Oval office, ain't they?  As
they said at MWO, it's all developing fast--but not fast enough for MWO's tastes (nor mine).

I'm a 47 year old college professor who has a 20 year old girlfriend.  People ask me how terrible I must
feel to have a girlfriend that age.  I answer that I feel really bad.  Yep, I'm feeling real guilty about it.

So, I ask you...how do you feel about being a major force in bringing down this administration?
It's happening and you're one of a few who is responsible.
You must feel as badly as I, eh?

keep up the pressure,


Dana, thanks, but I don't believe the part about the 20 year old girlfriend.
It would take a picture to convince me.

 Dominance and death: The genuine Bush Doctrine
    by Chris Floyd

  Click  Here

"It's all about priorities -- not "incompetence." The regime is very competent in pursuing its priorities.
 It's just that these priorities don't include the preservation of innocent lives. It's just that these
 priorities are -- what's the word we're looking for, Mr. Bush? -- evil."


  Sources say that India and Pakistan are on the verge of war.
  The tension between India and Pakistan started years ago
  when two cashiers got in a fight over a green hot dog.
      -- Kilborn


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 For as little as $5, you can join the team that's going to try to send
 Ken Starr, Robert Ray and Jackie Bennett right to f-ing jail.

 Needs more RAM

 It seems that one of President Pinhead's problems is a lack of ram.
 I'm guessing he has 2K of ram in his pickled, retarded brain.
 I just heard his speech about the new treaty.

 "This nuk-you-ler treaty that we have signed today...
  Is a first step towards a new nuk-you-ler plan...
  that will make the planet safer for all..."

 But that Clinton fella, he had 256k ram when he took office,
 and he somehow upgraded to 1024k ram by the time he left.

 ...but this dull-witted Bush boy has to chop up even small sentences in his brain
 and repeat each segm,ent to himself twice before he says it, asnd STILL
 he gets it wrong most of the time.

Oh, God, why did you hit us with this Texas plague?

 Cunningham has some funny stuff on his site today,
 especially if you like Monty Python.


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From: David

Subject: Do you wonder if people miss you?

Haven't seen a new update in the last couple of days, really starting to get my jones on - what up?!?
Is that why you put the page with your e-mails to netscape page back up as the current page?
Kinda spooky with all the 1984 talk that's been going on since the anti-administration stuff has come out.
I missed the long and the double issues at first, but now nothing...and just as you're breaking into the big time.
This isn't like the whole Beatles' "Paul is Dead" hype thing, is it?

Heeeeyyyy, you're not getting an all expenses paid vacation in Guantanimo courtesy of our
Holier Than Thou Atty General, are you?!?

Just kidding, of course.  Keep the faith, brutha.  Miss you twisty sense of humor.
Update.  Prease.  Do they make a methadone-type substitute for Bartcop.com?


David, we had a technical snafu and I lost my top political advisor, but we march on.

 BartCop, ...BartCop...

 BartCop - come to Vegas...

 Did someone predict Chandra Levy
 would be found near water, strangled?

 Click  Here

 Heard it on TV: The DC cops couldn't catch kooties from Dr. Laura's panties.

 We're trying to increase the size of the hammer.

 It takes good wishes and cash, but mostly cash.
 Consider a second mortgage, or hock your car.

 You can  or you can snail mail
  to bartcop.com PO Box 54466 Tulsa, OK 74155

What's with this David Blaine guy?

 I fast-forwarded thru his magic special last night.
 He thrilled the crowd by standing motionless for 35 hours.
 Then he jumped "unprotected" onto a pile of quilts wrapped in soft cardboard.

 Is this guy for real?
 Or is he a clumsy fraud, like the man some call president?

 He did some really phoney tricks, like making a wine glass explode
 after he directed a gaggle of babes to stare at it and "focus."
 This is just crap.
 If he could break glass by "focusing," he'd work for the CIA.
 He also made coins come up from a cup of coffee, but I saw him hit
 a switch with his right hand. I mean, anybody could be a great magician
 if all you have to do is pay enough money for your "magic" cup.

 One trick was impressive. (if we can trust the TV cameras)
 There was a young couple drinking and necking by a small creek.
 Blaine picked up an empty beer can, rubbed the top, and suddenly the
 empty beer can was full, cold, and the top was secure, so Blaine popped
 the top and foam squirted out and the guy-necker said it was cold beer.
 Great trick, if it's not a sham for the TV cameras.

 Blaine also put his hand thru a pane of glass to steal a watch from a store window.
 Again, great trick if the camera isn't being manipulated to lie to us.

 Any dork with a camcorder can pour motor oil in a cup, then his "Pause,"
 then get a exact copy  of the cup and fill it with Hershey's syrup, then hit "Pause"
 again and "drink the motor oil."


 Oh, well, ANYTHING is better than David Crapperfield.

"I will now make Earth disappear" and then they turn the camera off.
 That's a phoney as his engagement to Claudia Schiffer.

 So, in closing, is David Blaine a great magician or a silly fraud?

 By the way, David, great jump, but it wasn't as impressive as Robbie Kneivel
 racing his motorcyle up a ramp towards an oncoming a train a half-second before
 the train smashed the ramp into toothpicks.  Now THAT's a damn magic trick!

 BTW, where is that exciting issue with the vid caps of Robbie's train jump?

 Can somebody locate that?

New Feature - Contributor Links

We now feature business products of people who have contributed in the past.
This is one of those rare occasions when I'm not asking for money.
This is for anybody who has contributed previously.

Send your banner or link to the business account - bc_biz@yahoo.com

 Pope John Paul II accepts resignation of
 Milwaukee archbishop in sexual assault case

  Click  Here

 Pope John Paul II has accepted the resignation of Milwaukee Archbishop Weakland,
 the latest high-ranking American churchman to be implicated in the sexual scandals
 rocking the U.S. church, and a top Vatican official expressed confidence the U.S.
 bishops can find a solution to the crisis.

 Only a day earlier, Weakland said he was pressing the Vatican for a quick decision
 on his retirement request submitted last month after he turned 75. Under Church law,
 all bishops at that age must offer their retirement, and it is up to the pope to either
 accept it or ask the churchman to stay on.

 The Vatican's one-sentence announcement, without comment,
 cited Weakland's age as the reason for the resignation.

 It's embarrassing that  bartcop.com  has more credibility than the Vatican.
 It's downright embarrassing, I tell you.

 The Pope cited AGE as the reason why the admitted sexual predator/archbishop had to leave?

 The Catholic Church has been in a credibility free-fall for months.
 They say "We had to keep serial rapists on the payroll because we're losing
 two priests for every one that signs up."

 For Koresh's sake, pay the new guys a signing bonus if you have to,
 but don't keep these baby-rapers on the payroll because the Church needs people.

 <...deep breath...>

 All in all, I've gone pretty easy on the Catholics this year.  The mainstream press
 probably does four stories of rape and abuse for every time I've mentioned in here.
 Every time you open a newspaper or turn on a newscast, you hear another horror story,
 and they seem like they're getting worse, too.

 And the Pope and his helpers think they've got a handle on this crisis?
 The Church is squirting blood out of a dozen arteries, and they're searching for band aids?

 I feel sorry for the rank-and-file Caths who have faith in these inept monsters
 who have been facilitating dozens if not hundreds of organized serial rapists.
 Moving them from parish to parish, again and again, stalking new children.

 Last word - for today - on this subject:
 The media acts like this story just broke this last year or so.
 I'll bet in the back issues I mentioned this a dozen times before the current crop
 of allegations started the latest feeding frenzy against the Church.

 This has ALWAYS been going on for decades or centuries, and the Pope, the bishops,
 the cardinals, the priests and the press have been hiding their dirty secrets from us.

 Christ, that's disgusting.

 Hey, I talked to your Dad.

 He told me what he wants for next year's Father's Day.
 He wants a free trip to fabulous Las Vegas.

 How can you get him one of those?  It's easy.

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