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Volume 800 - Blindfolded 


Wed-Thurs   May 22-23, 2002 


"It's Fleet Week here in New York City. The U.S. Navy has docked in the harbor
  from being around the world.  It's fantastic – the hookers are now even taking euros.

  Next week will be even crazier – it's Priest Week. I'm a little worried. Am
     -- Dave

 The good news...

 A US senate committee has voted to subpoena documents
 on the White House's links with bankrupt energy giant Enron.

 The bad news...

 If the committee's use of subpoena powers is backed by the courts,
 the White House would be legally obliged to disclose details of its
 dealings with the bankrupt energy trader.

 The crooked Court of Whores will never allow their boy to be caught.

 They'll do the opposite of what they did to Clinton.
 They'll deny every motion filed by any entity to force the illegal Bush fraud
 to produce any document that would prove his obvious guilty.
 We can never forget that Sandy O'Connor screamed "Oh, No!"
 when the networks called Florida for the man with the most votes.
 Fortunately for the illegal plans drawn up by the B.F.E.E.,  O'Connor
 was in a position to fix the voters' "mistake" and appoint their boy

 It's nice to own the Supreme Court

Subject: Kamikaze pilots - the idea has been around for more than 60 years

What do they mean, no one had any idea that some one would come up
with such an evil plan as to use airplanes as missiles? What bullshit!!!

Ever hear of a kamikaze pilot?
What rock have these clowns (Not to mention the media whores)
been hiding under for the last 60 plus years?

Thanks Bart,
I had to get that off my chest.

Lisa J

Bono is a Genius

He's in Africa snookering Paul O'Neill.
He's already made friends with B'Orrin Hatch, Jesse the Dragon Helms,
George the Lesser and now he's working on Sec of the Stolen Treasury O'Neill.

You know how I contend that Uncle OJ Watts is a very powerful man in ther GOP
because if he ever wants his way on something he can threaten to bolt the GOP
saying they're "too racist" and he couldn't stand their shunning him because he's black?

Bono has put himself in the same position.
Bono's been saying nice things about the biggest assholes in the GOP. He's got dozens
of photos of them posing with him, going to U2 concerts etc. In the end, if the B.F.E.E.
fails to play ball the way Bono wants it played, he can call a press conference and say,
"The GOP talks a good game, and they pretend they care about Africa,
  but lip service is all we got after years of false promises by those lying huns."

Just think, after Helms took his 22 grandchildren to the U2 concert in DC last year,
after Helms told all his grandchildren that he & Bono were "good friends," Jesse would
have to go to those grandchildren and explain why the head of rock's biggest act is
calling him a no-good, sell-out traitor whose word is no good.

Bono is going to get what he wants. He has worked the system, he played the heartless,
racist Republican thugs for fools and now they're in a box of his making.
He's a genius.

Hell, if nothing else, Bono gets say that he caused Paul O'Neill to actually touch
the skin of a black man.    That's an accomplishment right there.

 Get to the Truth
   by E. J. Dionne Jr.

  Click  Here

"We have no choice but to address the policies and decisions, made at
the very highest level of our government, which helped bring us to this point,"
an influential political voice said less than a month after Sept. 11.
"To do otherwise is to be irresponsible and unprepared in the face
of a ruthless enemy, whose objective is to kill many more Americans."

Were these the words of an outrageously partisan Democrat -- Sen. Tom Daschle
or Rep. Dick Gephardt? -- seeking a high-minded rationale for bashing President Bush?

No. They were offered by Rush Limbaugh.

From: Greg Douglas

better to be a nazi than a fuckin commie
go smoke a joint hippie and then build a habitat
for a crack whore you fucking commie bastard

"Better to be a nazi than...?"
  Congratulations, Greg. I think you made it.

 BartCop MIRC chat

 So much goes on there - have you been yet?

Subject: Trifecta

The Constitution says that the President can only be impeached for
"Bribery", "Treason", or "Other High Crimes and Misdemeanors".

Maybe we'll get lucky and hit the trifecta.


 Be sure to check
 You learn all kinds of things by reading Marty's BartCop E!

 Genuflecting Before the Bush Throne
    by Gene Lyons

   Click  Here

 The Minneapolis FBI agent who detained accused al-Qaeda operative Zacarias Moussaoui
 last August, unsuccessfully petitioning the Justice Department for a warrant to search his
 computer,  warned that the suspect "could fly something into the World Trade Center."
 Agents investigating Arab nationals taking flying lessons in Arizona made similar deductions.
 Were the agents paying closer attention than the White House?

Bush in Europe

Some story that was sent to me started out by saying the last time the Pinhead President
was over there, he startled his guest by saying, "So, tell me about Europe," as though
A, "Europe" can be explained a single conversation,
B, that the Bush boy could understand what he was being told or
C, remember any of it ten minutes later.

By the way, I wonder if Bush will visit Bitburg?

Do you think young Bush will honor the fallen Nazi war "heroes" the way Reagan did?
Look at that poor, senile old fool - honoring Nazi scum because his handlers told him to.

Poor Reagan - he never knew what he was doing.

Tuesday Night TV

 Click  Here

From: George Morey

Subject: Lunacy

The U.S. press swept the lives of 9 Japanese nationals under the rug.
Now it appears 3000 lives will be swept as well.
The cover-up is well under way and the Democrats appear to be cowering.

We can spend 70 million investigating where a cigar went
but nothing to ensure that our government wasn't complicit
in the Sept.11th atrocity. This country is becoming a joke.

Europe, like everyone, hates a thief.

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 I'm OK, Mrs. Bart's OK, Julie & Christian are OK, but this was a big one.
 I might write about it.

 This isn't even the best version of this issue, but it's the one I found.

Subject: Bush Fosters Terror

The Bush Administration is openly planning for the post-Saddam era in Iraq.
That's the same as saying to Hussein: better attack us now, you've got nothing to lose,
we're going to get you anyway. Bush loves war, he figures it  is his only popularity tool.


One populary theory says that's what caused Sept 11th.
Bush told the Taliban they'd get "a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs."
When people have nothing to lose, they go for broke.

bin Laden HAD to know we'd destroy the Taliban if the WTC came down.
Why would he volunteer to destroy his base unless he had nothing to lose?

It's very possible the Bush bungling caused all of this, and as long as the Democrats
are acting like scared little bunnies, he's going to get away with everything.

 I'm a gelding Democrat.
 Crimes? ...what crimes?

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 BartCop, ...BartCop...

 BartCop - come to Vegas...

 Yesterday in USA Today, some ditto-monkey thought he'd be real cute
 and ask, "What did President Clinton know, and when did he know it?"

 First, Nimrod, nothing happened on Clinton's watch - remember?
 And unless you have evidence that the Clinton administration HID something
 from the incoming illegal Bush administration, then anything Clinton knew
 Bush should've known.  Koresh, for decades you guys have been manipulating
 world events with your secret black budget and CIA operatives around the world.
 Now, when you get caught napping (or worse) you want the man from Hope
 to hold your hand in a time of crisis?

 The best way to get all the facts would be to summon Clinton before a live television
 audience and the have best and the brightest (if they can find any) Republicans grill him
 under oath - but that'll never happen.

 The ONLY time they wanted Clinton under oath is when they wanted to ask him
 embarrassing questions about which of Monica's nipples he touched first.
 "It's important that we know,"said Ashcroft the man with a big hole in his pocket

 All thru that "Pardon-gate" charade, they keep threatening to call every witness
 under the damn sun except the ONE MAN who could answer all their questions.
 They can't risk reminding America what an intelligent president was like.

 Besides, the GOP has never been about the getting the facts or finding the truth.

 Begala said is best Monday night on Crossfire.
 "All you have to know is the Democrats want an investigation and the Republicans
   are fighting an investigation. That tells you who's being honest and who's not."

 Have you heard any rumors about Begala being fired from Crossfire?
 The GOP is complaining that he's just too good and they want him GONE!
 That's more proof the GOP can't survive a fair fight.
 That's why Rush screens every call - to keep the truth out.


Subject: Thanks!!

I've been a long time reader, and I've also written a few things to you.
First I want to thank you for the assassination page that you have.
I'm a History major in college and I did a 10-page biography on RFK,
in which I did some referenced your assassination page.  I got an A.

Second, I want to thank you for your page and giving me some knowledge
on how to give my Republican friends the "Red-Ass."  I always laugh when
they say that Bush is, "a regular guy, just like every other American."

I always think they mean a jackass, but who knows.
Third, I've heard it mentioned on your page and I believe
I've heard it before, but what are the rumors about Gray Davis?

My uncle from California is visiting soon, and I'm sure he'll say something about it.
Do you have anything off the web that I can use to read up on him.


Prope, I'm in dusty Oklahoma and I generally face The East, but I'm pretty sure
that Gray Davis is considered the anti-Christ by Bush's whore media because
he stood between Enron's screw and California's bolt.

Like I say, ...I don't know much about Gray Davis, but he stood up the the B.F.E.E.
because it was his goddamn job to do so, and they haven't put a bullet thru his brain yet,
so that makes Gray Davis a winner in my book.

Remember, Bush's daddy was the Head Spook on The Committee..
He can make shit that was there disappear and he can't make shit that wasn't there appear.
I mean, Christ, Poppy is the CIA.   You think he can get something done that "needs doing?"

Who's being naive now, Kay?

 White House Tries To Evade Questions
     by smoking Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 This is not a blame game, but an essential effort to understand what was wrong with the
 procedures and priorities of government. An independent commission was Ronald Reagan’s
 immediate response to the Iran-contra scandal. Now this President, who claims Mr. Reagan
 as his model, should accept the same kind of  thorough, nonpartisan probe.

Click to go to gophell.com


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  What year is it?  I forget...
 Nazis Parading on Main Street

  Click  Here

 The rhetoric of today's right-wing extremists is telling evidence of their connection
 to the fascists of the 30s. The current wild-eyed claim among many in militia groups
 about Russian or UN troops massing on the Canadian border is nothing but recycled
 rhetoric from the fascists of the 30s. The 1960s right wing group, the Minutemen,
 made a similar claim. Their version had the Red Chinese massing along the Mexican
 border for an invasion. This, too, can be traced back to the 30s, when fascists claimed
 Jews were massing along the Mexican border for an invasion.

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CNN Breaking News...

 Citing an "abundance of caution," FBI alerts NYC authorities
 to be ready for possible terror attacks against landmarks.

 "Abundance of caution?"

 Would that be for the focus group that said Bush peed on caution on 9-11?

 Would it be unpatriotic to suggest Bush is "wagging the dog?"

 Bush is easily the stupidest president of the last 43,
 but his string-pullers are raking in trillions and they play hard ball while
 the Democrats are fitting their tootsies for those pointy-toed ballerina shoes.

I'm a Senate Democrat and I love Bush!
He's so non-partisan and fun.

Missing trillions?  ...what missing trillions ?

Thank God Bush was president on 9-11.
Thank the Lord that Gore didn't win.

 Riddle of the Spores
 Why Has the FBI Investigation into the Anthrax Attacks Stalled?
 The Evidence Points One Way

 Click  Here

 Last week, I phoned the FBI. Why, I asked, when the evidence was so abundant,
 did the trail appear to have gone cold? "The investigation is continuing," the spokesman replied.
"Has it gone cold because it has led you to a government office?" I asked.

 He put down the phone.

 I don't want any of this to be true, but do you realize there is FIVE TRILLION
 fewer dollars in the US treasury than there was the night Bush stole the White House?

 When we ask, "Where is that FIVE TRILLION?"
 ...they say "We gave it back to the people."

 But all I got was a piss-ant $600 LOAN for eight months.
 I didn't get a goddamn dime from that tax cut - did you?

 Our FIVE TRILLION is missing!

 ...and thanks to President Unelected, we're in some f-ing nuclear war
 with religio-crazies that read a different book than our religio-crazies .

 Bill Clinton - come back!
 All is forgiven, bring 30 interns with you, we don't care!

 I like Clinton's America a hundred times more than Bush's America.

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