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Volume 799 - The Zombies of Death 


 Tuesday   May 21, 2002 


"America is under attack, and I'm trying to absorb that knowledge...
  I have nobody to talk to. I'm sitting in the midst of a classroom with
  little kids, listening to a children's story, and I realize I'm the
  commander in chief and the country has come under attack.
     --  George W. Bush

 Who's turn was it to babysit young George on Sept 11?
 Who wasn't doing their job properly?
 Was it Karen Hughes's turn?
 Is that why she had to go?

 Pavlov's Chimp
   by David Podvin

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 Bush Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta has said that he warned the airlines of an impending attack.
 The airlines - all of the airlines - say he never did. The pilots’ association denies Mineta’s claims that they were alerted.
 Is another functionary lying to protect Bush? Could this possibly occur inan administration that Dubya pledged would
 avoid “even the appearance of impropriety”? Or are the airlines and their so-called “pilots” engaged in the most nefarious  conspiracy since Obstructionist Daschle colluded with arctic caribou to persecute the American Petroleum Institute?

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Where was George W Bush on 9-11?
 If you think you know, you may be wrong.

 There is a story about to break (if there's a God) about Bush on 9-11.
 Hell, it could break here, if we can piece the puzzle together.

 Bush was in Florida when the WTC was bombed, right?
 Next thing we knew, "they" said he was at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana.
 Next thing we knew, "they" said he was in Nebraska, of all places.
 How did he get to Barksdale, then to Nebraska?

 I remember seeing a story at the time that the WH press corps THOUGHT
 Bush was on the 747 known as "Air Force One," but he wasn't.

 This is what we need checked out.
 The people working on this story before me have run into a brick wall.
 Was this info taken off the web "to protect America?"

 Ordinarily, I don't get into a story like this, but this time I remember somebody,
 possibly Ann Compton of ABC News, saying they all thought Bush was on AF1
 but it turns out they learned later that he wasn't.    He was on another plane.

 So the question is...

 Is that photo of Bush looking out the window of Air Force on 9-11 real?

 We think we know for a fact that Bush was not on AF1 from Florida to Barksdale, and we think
 we know for a fact that Bush was not on AF1 from Barksdale to Nebraska.  We think we know
 for a fact that Bush wasn't on AF1 until he left Nebraska for DC, about 6 PM CST so, judging by
 the light can we tell what time of day the infamous photo-for-sale was taken?

 Have the White House spinners been caught selling a fake photo?

Here is one researcher's report:

Here is why I believe the 9-11 photo is a fake.  Upon hearing of the attacks, Bush fled the
Florida elementary school in a C141 headed for Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana.
The C141 pilot called in for landing clearance and the Barksdale tower told him that if he
is carrying the president, he IS AF1 and he can land wherever he needs to land.  That is why
the story made the news in the first place....it was to reassure the public that the president
was not in Air Force One (then thought to be a target of the terrorists)

Bush did NOT board the 747 as it was carrying the press and he was immediately separated from them.
As any pilot can tell you, a C141 would NOT have had an office aboard it for that photograph to be taken.
At best, that pic was taken later in the evening when Bush was headed home from Offut AFB in Nebraska.
He does not board the 747 until he goes home to the White House to go to sleep.

So let's recap.  Bush flees to Louisiana.
Then he finds a hidey-hole in Offut, Nebraska.
not the 747 that would have facilitated that picture.
At the very least, that picture is misleading.
At the worst, it is A FARCE.

We need more facts.
If you're good at searching, help us piece this together and see if we were lied to.
Correct that, the White House has already admitting knowing more than they let on,
but did they sell their campaign contributors a fake photo?

IF Bush was on a C141 from Florida to Barksdale
to Nebraska, when was the infamous photo taken?

Send us your proof, your links, your theories.
Put "fake photo" in the header so it doesn't get lost.
Let's nail them for selling a fake photo of a very dark day, if that's what they did.

Maybe Bush is innocent - this time - but we know for sure he can't be trusted.
After all - he stole the election away from the voters, and he didn't confess
about knowing in advance about Sept 11 until somebody else forced him to..



 They found another Osama bin Laden tape. In the tape there's Osama,
 then his buddies Mullah, Jango Fett and Count Dooku.

 The first tape showed him in a cave – big surprise there.
 The second one was sort of a surprise; he was having dinner with his buddies.
 This third one looks like he's on a boat having sex with Tommy Lee.
    -- Dave

 Tonight - the exciting conclusion of 24..

 How many times will Kimberly get kidnapped between 11PM and midnight?

 Has anyone kept up with each episode?  Around Episode 3, Jack was ordered
 to murder Nina.  He faked her death by shielding her in a flak jacket and shooting her,

Transfer interrupted!

to murder their secret mole on the inside?

 Was Karl Rove involved?

 Plus The Shield, best new drama
 Plus, season-ender two-hour NYPD Blue.
 Plus, is Frasier still on?

   ...but, no Ozzy?

Subject: got my shirt

Christian, BC,

Just to let you know I got my Juliefest2002-DC shirt in the mail the other day.
It's a fine addition to my wardrobe and I shall wear it with pride.
Thanks to both of you.


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The Oh-Jeez-Did-We-Forget-To-Mention Department
   by Stephen Sacco

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 Representative Tom DeLay was joining in the new forgiveness when he said yesterday,
 "Do you think the President of the United States has time to go around connecting the
 dots for every terrorist threat that comes by his desk?  He’s the Commander and Chief
 not the Connect The Dotter and Chief.  This is so unfair, just give the guy a break."

 Bush's Goat
  He knew Al Qaeda was planning a mojor strike with a hijacking.
  And when America suffered the worst day in her history, ...Bush stayed with the goat?

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  The Primary Evidence

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Mail Bag

Please keep up the good work.

Everyday, I wake up believing that thugs have illegally seized power in our country
and I wonder when they will attack us on the West Coast in order to quiet the true
majority that voted to STOP them. We were not heard and I am fearful they will
silence us with violence. I am not afraid of Bin Laden. I am terrified of the enemy within.

Will the truth ever come out? Why does my family listen to an AP report but ignore
what I've been sending them from Mike Ruppert ('from the wilderness')? We likely only
get a small percentage of the truth - even from all the web sources - but it's enough to
understand the larger (evil) vision they have in mind. Oil. Pipelines. Iraq. Better control
over the drug trade. Better control laundering money. Enriching military budgets at huge
costs for all of us. And attempting to legitimize that which can't be - another Bush presidency.

It would be entertaining if it were not so tragic.
Keep fighting for us with your words.
You are among the special few.

The king on his throne.

 BartCop, ...BartCop...

 BartCop - come to Vegas...

Focussed like a laser
   by James Higdon

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  I knew.
  Now they know that I knew.
  But now I know that they know that I knew.
  I wish I knew what the hell that meant.
  Condiiiii!!!!  What did I know?

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 The Police Contact:  Silence is Golden
     by Carl F. Worden, as seen on  barbarahartwell.com

  Click  Here

    Note from Babs:
  Thanks to A Voice for Children for this excellent presentation on
  Fifth Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution.

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"Why of course the people don't want war ... But after all it is the leaders
  of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter
  to drag the people along,  ...Voice or no voice, the people can always be
  brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to
  tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of
  patriotism and exposing the country to danger."
       --  Karl Rove  or  Hermann Goering  -  you decide

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