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Volume 822 - Lonely Stranger


Thursday    June 20, 2002 


"Everywhere in the world I dread that same self-deception which holds that
 'it can't happen here.' It can happen anywhere. It becomes unlikely only where
 the mass of the population is aware of the threat, where there is accordingly no
 relapse into lethargy, where the character of "totalitarianism" is known and
 recognized from its very inception and in each of its aspects-as a Proteus
 which is constantly putting on new masks, which glides out of your grasp
 like an eel, which does the opposite of what it claims, which perverts the
 meaning of its words, which speaks, not to impart information, but to hypnotize,
 divert attention, insinuate, intimidate, dupe, which exploits and produces every
 type of fear, which promises security while destroying it completely."
    --  Karl Jaspers, a German psychiatrist who never even met Bush

 The Enron Rape continues

  Click  Here

 Enron paid more than $800 million last year to 152 executives and managers.
 "It's very disturbing," says Damon Silver, associate general counsel of the AFL-CIO.
 "We're appalled at the huge amount of money paid out to a handful of people,
 while thousands of others were losing their jobs and retirement savings."

 How many stolen millions will find their way back into the B.F.E.E.?

 They're afraid of me!
 I can do anything I want!
 More assets for my family!

 A Roll in the Hay?
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 "...the cornball TV ads also serve to emphasize the single biggest issue in the
Senate race, the one nobody but rude newspaper columnists wants to talk about:
That would be Hutchinson's divorce and re-marriage to a much younger member
of his Senate staff soon after voting to impeach Bill Clinton. How can any
Arkansas voter watch that Hutchinson TV ad with the cute grandson
without wondering where grandma went?"


 "For years I kept my opinions to myself, but now I must speak out.
   I will not remain silent while these political operatives manipulate
   religion to condemn those who oppose their narrow view,"
     -- Walter Cronkite, the most trusted man in America,
         warning people about Falwell, Robertson and Pat Buchanan

 Rumsfeld Sold Up to $91M in Assets

  Click  Here

 Rummy sold between $20.5 million and $91 million
 in assets last year to avoid conflicts of interest.

 Like Cheney and the B.F.E.E., Rummy already had his hundred million in the bank.
 and he's not a young man by any means, so why take a back-breaking, 80-hour a week
 job that puts you under constant and tremendous pressure?

 Because they're stealing TRILLIONS from Social Security, that's why.
 A hundred million isn't enough for these greedy sons of bitches

 Cheney's had what, six heart attacks?
 And he's running the country and running a war?

 Just like Enron, but on a scale a thousand times bigger, they're playing a trillion dollar
 shell game under the guise of "fighting terra," for the Bush Family Evil Empire.

 ...and the Democrats are just watching it happen.

Bart, you're too suspicious.
Dubya would never do evil for money.
That's not what oil men do.
He's a good man, and he's our president.

 Hollywood leftists -- you pay, we insult
  by Larry Elder, a black guy playing the fool for whitey

  Click  Here

 Hollywood Reporter writer Paul Bond explored this question. Hollywood non-liberals do exist,
 but the number of out-of-the-closet non-libs remains small. After ticking off names like Charlton Heston,
 Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, and a handful of others, the well pretty much runs dry. Why?

 Bond offers the following explanation, "Jack Wheeler, president of the Freedom Research Foundation,
 a public policy think tank and lobby group, wrote in January that celebrities are attracted to the left out of
 'liberal guilt' and a fear of being envied."

 First of all, Heston, Willis and Arnold have something in common - they can't act.
 To be a good actor, you have to surrender yourself into a role. You have to be able
 to become that person, and conservatives don't have a heart, or any compassion,
 so they can't act their way out of a paper bag. (Tom Cruise must be a con)

 Leftist Martin Sheen, who plays the president on "The West Wing,"  once said that he never met a happy rich person.
 (Does that include Mr. Sheen?) Some celebrities embrace feel-good liberal causes as a way of saying,
 "Don't hate me because I'm rich and famous."

 He's right about rich people. The super-rich always whine the loudest about paying their taxes.
 Wouldn't YOU like to pay $10M a year in taxes?
 I would, because that means I'd have another $20M a year to play with.
 Most people, once they get rich, go crazy and have to have more and more money.
 Martha Stewart made a billion dollars last year, and she apparently broke the law for another $250K.

 Another excerpt:
 Chris Rock, in a current issue of GQ, echoed the I've-conquered-racism-and-continued-to-fight-it-day-by-day
 so-don't-hate-me-because-I'm-black theme. In expressing gratitude that his soon-to-be-born child is a girl rather than a boy,
 Rock said, "I think I'd be too hard on a boy -- every day, trying to make him a man, getting him ready for white people."

 This Uncle Tom tried to insult Chris Rock, to impress his white masters, but Rock cut thru the crap when he said,
 "Ain't a white man in this room who'd change places with me, and I'm a millionaire."

 This Larry Elder, if he continues to attack blacks for his white masters, will soon be rich,
 because every good conservative knows the only race problem in this country is that niggers
 are too lazy and obsessed with having sex with white women to hold a job, right Larry?
 I'll bet he buys a home between Juan Williams and Ward Connerly.

 Racial Privacy Initiative: A Trump Card

  Click  Here

 Ward Connerly, the leader of the successful anti-quota Proposition 209 campaign that officially
 banned racial preferences in California government in 1996, is back with his Racial Privacy Initiative.
 This would prevent the state of California from collecting data on its citizens' racial or ethnic identities
 (although it allows sensible exceptions for medical research and the like).

 Yep, there he is, helping the all-white GOP screw his race.
 I wonder what kind of car this Tom drives?  Maybe a Jaguar? Maybe two Jaguars?
 Ward Connerly openly weeps when a black person gets into a California college.
 How does he sleep at night?

 The Racial Privacy Initiative would make it more difficult for the bureaucrats to carry on illegally
 discriminating by race in the name of affirmative action, since they couldn't demand that, say,
 University of California applicants check off race and ethnicity boxes.

 His new anti-education, anti-information kick is to prevent the tracking of racism.
 If there's no race or ethnicity boxes on applications, one would have to look around campus
 to see that no blacks were accepted, instead of checking the race bozes on the applications
 that were dumped into the trash can. He wants to help racist whitey cover his tracks.

 At least he didn't quote Dr. Martin Luther King, saying how proud Dr King would be
 knowing that Connerly had made applications "free of racism."

 Note: This was not written by bartcop

 Let's a have a meeting TONIGHT on the chat channel about JulieFestWest.
 (Click  Here for instructions on how to get the chat channel software - it's easy)
 We may have to have several meetings, so let's get the first one out of the way.

 The date isn't subject to a lot of debate, because we'll be dealing with hundreds of
 reservations, so there's no way we can do a "I can't make it that weekend" for 200 people.
 The real subject is where and which night(s).

 Rule #1 - we have to do at least one night in Las Vegas.
 (Can't we say we're there to inspect the Yucca Mtn situation and deduct our expenses?)
 We might do an LA, too, and, if we had some stellar team on the ground in San Francisco,
 it would even be possible (but unlikely) to do a triple-dipper in one weekend.

 Possible LA invitees would be Sheen, Redford, Speilberg, Streisand, Baldwin, and ???
 If YOU have any pull with these people, contact me at juliefest2002@yahoo.com

 Some logic says to do Vegas the next night, but rooms are wildly expensive on Saturdays.
 The good news? Rooms are wildly inexpensive on Sundays.

 You can get a room with this view for extra-cheap on a Sunday.

This same room is $285 on Saturday, so I like Sundays in Vegas.
Remember, Southwest Airlines flies to Vegas direct from a LOT of cities, even Tulsa, OK.
I did some checking, two can fly round trip from LA to Vegas for $158,
and they may even have a Friends-Fly-Free promotion between now & then.

What we do in a case like this is take the week off, that was we can lollygag 4-5 days
in Vegas's finest hottubs with Chinaco in hand for mere pennies. If you take the week off,
you can check the Grand Canyon (Five hours away) Los Angeles (five hours) Death Valley
(2-3 hours)

 So, how about TONITE at 9 PM Central?

 If you can't make the chat, maybe we can copy the important parts
 and print them on  bartcopnation.com  the next day

 This is for people who might attend.
 We plan to do some voting, and if you're sure you're not going,
 maybe just lurk and don't participate a whole lot, OK?

 See you tonight at 9 PM Central.

 I had a request to create a $17 subscription button.
 I know there's a lot of ground between $10 and $25,
 especially for those of us who've yet to bank our hundred million.

 Have you gotten your JulieFest2002-DC tape yet?

 As of today, every tape ordered has been sent.
 The last batch went out this morning, 2-day air.

 If you don't have your tape by Monday at the latest,
 that mean's there's a problem, so contact me at juliefest2002@yahoo.com

 In the meantime, if you want a tape, there's no wait.

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 The tapes are FREE with a minimum $25 donation.
 You'll really like the tape, too.

 It's BartCop Bonus Time!!!
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Families of 911 Victims Sue Bush Adm. for Billions

Stanley Hilton is a lawyer who worked for Senator Bob Dole (R-KS) in 1980.
Hilton "filed a $7 billion lawsuit in U.S. District Court on June 3 against Bush
and other government officials for 'allowing' the terrorist attacks to occur.

'I hope it will expose the fact that there are numbers of people in the government,
including Bush and his top assistants, who allowed this to happen,' Hilton said.
His class-action suit named 10 defendants, including Cheney, Condi, Rumsfeld
and Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta. Hilton said he represents the
families of 14 victims and that 400 plaintiffs are involved nationwide."
So reports the SF Examiner.

This is just the start of lawsuits by 911 victims' families against the Bush Administration,
who failed to heed warnings of a plot to hijack planes and slam them into buildings.
The total value of all these lawsuits has the potential to rise into the trillion dollar range.

Jim in Rochester

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 The "Not your Father's World Series"

  Click  Here

"...he knows absolutely nothing about world soccer history
 -- or any of these three words individually, separately,
 in any combination or in any order..."

 Here's that great Tom Tomorrow toon (with a working link)

  Click  Here

 They read it in Chechnya.
 They read it in the Azores.
 They read it in the streets of Hyannis.


Subject: JulieFest - the video reviewed

It is a memento and a documentary. It is the spirit of an historic moment caught
on a strip of magnetic oxide and it is truth told, compelling and inspiring.

For those who were lucky enough to attend the Washington DC gathering, this tape is
an accurate record of the sounds and images we shared. For the rest of America, it is
a lesson told with frank unrehearsed words. A story told by a brave American patriot,
Julie Hiatt Steele, by well respected journalists and by a cast of our neighbors who
would not be offended if referred to as ordinary citizens.

The camera work and audio quality are excellent and the production is all the more
remarkable for the fact that the event was a "shoot it or miss it" occasion. The educational
nature of the tape came home to me as I watched it with various visitors wandering into
the room as I did so. They joined me, mesmerized by the details of the horrendous abuse
heaped on JHS by a prosecutor gone mad and her quiet resolve that telling the truth would
maintain her honor even though she was aware that all she had to do was to lie on behalf
of Ken Starr for the torture to end. In soundbitten America, the whole truth and nothing but
the truth has a way of cutting through, of reaching even the most casual of observers.

Everyone of my guests got the message; Starr was out to smear our last elected President,
no matter who he had to destroy in order to do so.

Whether it is a keep sake for those who were there or whether it is a tape to rekindle your
spirits against the bombardment of slime by the far right media, you need to see this tape.

Faun Otter

  I found a nice story about Jack Buck.
 God Bless You, Jack
   by Mark J. Sanders

  Click  Here

 Many of the games I heard him call were listened to in my car. Through my first teenage
 years driving all over town, through college years driving down I-70 between Columbia and
 St. Louis, driving Friday nights from St. Louis to Iowa City for a long-distance romance,
 delivering countless pizzas on the weekends, and now, finally, traveling with my wife and
 children--throughout it all, Cardinals baseball on the radio, Jack Buck behind the microphone.

 Mark, great story, thanks for sending it.
 My Dad was a writer for the Sporting News, so Cardinal baseball was as much a part of
 my growing up as being Catholic.  They take their baseball so seriously in St Louis, before
 tonight's game, they're going to have Jack's closed casket at the ball park, so people can
 pay their respects - and then watch the game.

 I've never heard of ANY sports figure being honored that way - have you?

 They say during the summer on 1998, when McGwire broke the home run record,
 some wives saw their husbands cry for the first time. It meant that much, emotionally.
 One recent trip to Busch Stadium, we saw where a family had taken "Dad's" portable chair
 to the game, along with flowers and an open bottle of Budweiser, so Dad could "watch"
 the game with the family, just like he did when he was alive.

 There's something very different about baseball in St Louis.


"Did you hear about the forest worker out in Colorado that started the wildfire?
 A woman that worked with the forestry service burned a letter from her ex-husband
 and is now responsible for burning over 100,000 acres of pristine woodlands.
 Its like shes working for the Bush Administration."

 BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you.
 BartCop, over 90 different tequilas at the Hard Rock.....
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

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