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Volume 826 - ...while America burns!


Wed    June 26, 2002 


"He disgusts me, and I know I'm not supposed to say this because I'm a good Democrat,
  but he lied to me when he said, 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman,'
  and then put the scarlet-letter blow job on her for the rest of her life...I hate you."
     --Rosie O'Donnell, attacking Clinton to get publicity for her stand-up career

 Rosie, you ignorant slut, allow me to set you straight.

 I'm an ignorant slut

 First, you're a "good Democrat" the same way that James Woods, Judas Maximus,
 Pat Caddell, Chris the Screamer and Ralph Nader are "good Democrats."

 Second, he told the truth when he said he'd haver had sexual relations with Monica.
 That's why she called him "a big creep," remember?
 Do you ever think before opening your slut mouth?

 Third, he didn't put shit on Monica's forehead - Monica went yapping to everyone she
 ever met that she was blowing the president. Clinton tried to keep it quiet, remember?

 Fourth, the ONLY reason you know about Clinton's sex life, which is none of your
 goddamn business, is because Bill Clinton is the most investigated man in history.
 Did you think about that before you opened your slut mouth?

 Fifth, the reason he's the most investigated man in history is because the old, white men
 who think YOU are a sexual deviate who shouldn't be allowed to mother children spent
 hundreds of millions of dollars (including the press) to dig deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
 into his sex life, threatening everyone they found with death in prison unless they gave up
 some dirt on the bst president you and I have even known.

 Sixth, the reason these old, white homophobic misogynists hated Clinton because he treated
 blacks and gays with respect and he treated themn as equals.  The GOP will spend ANY
 amount of money to prevent blacks and gays from becoming "normal" members of society.

 Think about it, Rosie.
 You say nice things about the homophobic moron who stole the White House, but you call
 Bill Clinton "disgusting" because he was injured fighting FIGHTING YOUR WAR!
 Pickles Bush isn't even allowed to state an opinion because her husband told her to shut up.

 Lastly, how can we even trust that your hate-filled slut remarks are genuine?
 You're trying to create a media splash, calling yourself, "The bitch who ain't so nice anymore."

 Admit it, Rosie.
 You're a whore, looking for some publicity. You knew if you went after the best president that
 blacks, gays and the poor ever had, and stabbed him in the back like "a good Democrat,"
 it would get a whooooooooooole lot of publicity.

 Admit it, Rosie.
 You knew if you stabbed your old friend in the back, the men who HATE you and want to take
 your kids from you, people like Rush, Hannity, O'Reilly etc, would get a lot of glee out of it.

 Admit it, Rosie.
 You're such a whore, you're a millionaire who'd sell out the gay cause for a few extra dollars.

 The only thing I hate worse than a rich whore is a back-stabbing traitor.

 You are both.

 Bush Cut $1B from Wildfire Prevention Budget

 Bush's budget for next year [2002] would eliminate $600 million in fire fighting costs
 from the Department of Agriculture and $385 million from a similar program in the
 Department of the Interior. Laverty said approximately $142 million also would be cut
 from a program to clear out brush that fuels fires.

 Rep. Norm Dicks, D-Wash., said it's a bad idea to "pull back the money
 and undercut the plan in the second year."

 Remember when New Mexico burned and they blamed Clinton?
 Here's PROOF that Bush cut the "clear out brush" budget by a BILLION DOLLARS
 so his billionaire friends and oil buddies could get their precious billion dollar tax cuts.

 ...and the Democrats are too afraid to mention any of this.

 But Bart - fires happen!
 How can you blame Dubya?
 Stop being so negative, Bart!

You can't hardly read it
but the donkey is Alan Colmes.

Subject:  Buck Fush

Just to let you know - the T-shirt arrived yesterday and all was fine with
it. I was wearing it about yesterday and got a few appreciative comments,
so the word's being spread to the UK!

Thanks again!


Nick, the BartBooks manager and senior  bartcop.com  foreign correspondent,
was closest to the time Tyson got his clock cleaned by Lennox Lewis.

  Unlike America, the Brits have a free press
  George W's bloody folly

  Click  Here

 This is a foreign policy failure for George Bush. If he were a Democrat, both the
 Washington press corps and Congress would already be racking it up alongside the
 unextinguished threat from al-Qaida and the continued freedom from captivity of bin Laden.
 Those failures, and now the guarantee of further slaughter in the Middle East, should be
 prompting hard questions about Bush and his war on terror. America needs to snap out
 of its post-9/11 torpor of consensus and realise there is a leadership problem in the US
 - and his name is George Bush.


 "Wow. I haven't had a handjob this good since.....uh, I mean,
   I haven't heard bullshit like this since.......THE LAST BUSH!"
     -- David S, who got an e-mail full of crap from Lee C. Tashjian, Jr.
         VP University Relations, The Ohio State University, who claimed that
         the order students were given to applaud Smirk wasn't an order

Subject: Since Clinton left, NASDAQ lost 65% & Dow lost 21%

Anyone who invests in Wall Street either through stocks, mutual funds, IRAs, money market funds
or has a pension fund has good reason to be mad at George W. Bush.  It seems that all these funds
have lost a tremendous amount of money during the 19 months that Bush has been in office.

Doubts about an economic recovery and the continuation of the Bush recession again forced
stocks lower on Tuesday. The NASDAQ composite index finished down 36 points on Tuesday
to close at 1423, the lowest close following the Sept. 11 attacks, as the market's major indicators
all fell to new lows for the year. When Bill Clinton left office the NASDAQ was at 4069.
Doing the math, that's a loss of 2,646 or 65%.

The Dow Jones industrials fell 155 points to close at 9126. When Bill Clinton left office,
the Dow Jones Industrial Avg. was at 11,500. Again doing the math, that's a whopping
loss of 2,374 points or 21% under Bush's 'leadership,'

It's obvious that who occupies the White House has an enormous effect on what Wall Street does.
Say what you want about politics, but with a Republican in charge, you better watch your wallet.


 The Real Cover-Up
    by Michael C, reporting from Saudi Arabia, exclusively on  bartcop.com

  Click  Here

 I believe that this is the *real* cover-up in the Cheney administration.

 Click  Here  to see read today's Bonus  bartcop.com

 ...including scorchers from Gene Lyons & Joe Conason


 The evil Post Office monopoly is about to skyrocket their rates!
 Yes, it's true, folks.

 Postal prices are about to shoot to astronomical, unprecedented levels.
 Postal rates are going up so high, I suspect the B.F.E.E. had a hand in it,
 so get your JulieFest2002-DC tape before these rates shoot out of sight.

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 So beat the rate increase. As Martha Stewart (R-Goingtojail) says
 "Saving money - it's a good thing!"

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On the Ground in Arizona
An Update on the Rodeo Fire
   by Las Vegas Dave, a  bartcop.com  exclusive

It seems as though Mr. Bush's visit illicits 2 responses:

1.  What I call the "George as Jesus" response - Bush is coming here to save eastern Arizona
from the evil, hell-like fires.  His presence alone will solve the problems and provide necessary relief.

2.  The "That was it?  Where is my federal disaster relief check?" response.  George pops in,
shakes hands with some fire fighters in staged media events that are not open to the public,
and then pops back out.  In a local television interview, one woman says,
"I'm totally disappointed.  He didn't mention anything about money."

The local ABC affiliate broke into scheduled daytime programming to cover Bush's speech.
The news anchor turns the broadcast over to the local reporter, who says, "He's already gone.
They won't let is within 500 yards of where Bush spoke.  They let in 2 media pool cameras,
and that was it."  The local reporter then talks to the woman mentioned above, who rips into
George for about 60 seconds.  "Governor Hull has done a better job than Bush," she says.

 High time to reassess Bush

   Click  Here

 "The terrorist attack of Sept. 11 was a terrible tragedy for the nation
  and the world; but for George Bush, it was a gift from Allah."

Daddy was right again!
When the Dow drops to 3500
we can buy whole industries for
just a few cents on the dollar.


 We have an update on The Rio

            click on The Rio for today's important update

 I have reached Julie and Christian, (both were waaaaay excited about JulieFestWest in Vegas!)
 We have a confirmed date for the September 27-29th weekend.

 Let me hear from you 

 It is the Oil, Stupid!

  Click  Here

 Sept. 11, 2001 - WTC disaster.

 Bush goes to war against Afghanistan even though none of the
 hijackers came from Afghanistan. Isn't that strange?

 Bush blamed Bin Laden but has never offered any proof
 saying it's a "secret." Isn't that strange?

  by request

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 Confidence in war on terror wanes

   Click  Here

 One in three Americans say the United States is winning
 the war on terrorism, according to a USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll.
 Half say the war is at a stalemate.

 Only 1/3 think we're winning?
 That means 2/3 thinks we're not.

 Bush hasn't even come close to finding bin Laden
 and the anthrax murderer is still laughing at how inept we are.
 Five trillion dollars, the Clinton Surplus, is missing from Social Security
 and the Unelected Fraud's approval ratings are where?

 Meanwhile, the American good puppy press praises his every move
 while the Democrats salute extra-sharply when they see him.

 Get off his back, Bart!
 He's doing a great job!!

 Christ, I need a drink...

 When you're young and head over heels about someone,
 there are only three words she wants to hear from you.

"Party in Vegas!"

 Woo Hoo!

 They read it in Schtusselstang
 They read it in Ipanema
 They read it in San Clemente



 TRUEMAJORITY is a brand new channel for bringing
 individual citizens' influence to bear on Congress.

 You're busy.
 You don't have time to be a professional "Congress watcher."

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 and bills that will shape the world. When your voice can make a difference,
 we'll send you a brief e-mail alert. And with just one click, we'll generate
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Subject: Julie Fest Video Review!

Kent Bye did one hell of an editing job.  I was not able to attend the event,
but this video was so well done, you felt that you were there.  Hearing Julie,
Joe and Corporal Cueball speak was riveting, to say the least, and it was
especially nice to see 'ol Bartcop himself.  The turn-around time was amazing.
I sent in my order snail-mail on June 11 and received my tape on the 20th.

Can't wait to go to Julie Fest West!

Beverly B

 Woo Hoo!

 Party in Vegas!!

 BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you.
 BartCop, over 90 different tequilas at the Hard Rock.....
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

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