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Volume 859 - Gonna Raise Hell 


 Monday   August 5, 2002.................................................................................. 
 REMINDER - bartcop@yahoo.com is dead.  Yahoo denies it ever existed. There are so many people from
 whom I haven't heard in a while, I figure they're sending stuff to the old mailbox and it's not getting read.
 I'll bet there are letters in that box that say, "Why aren't you answering my e-mail?"


"I am distressed to hear about the latest suicide bombers in Israel. There are a few killers
  who want to stop the peace process that we have started. We must not let them. I call upon
  all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers."
     --W, who was so upset, he was almost late for his gold game

 Like the economy and the "War on terra," Bush has bungled the Middle East beyond recognition.
 Remember when he said, "They can't make peace by our timetable?"
 Well, you clueless frog, their timetable is thousands of years old.

 FBI says Bush spiked bin Laden probes before 9-11
  Officials told to 'back off' on Saudis before September 11
     by Greg Palast and David Pallister

   Click  Here

 FBI and military intelligence officials in Washington say they were prevented
 for political reasons from carrying out full investigations into members of the
 Bin Laden family in the US before the terrorist attacks of September 11.

 US intelligence agencies have come under criticism for their wholesale failure
 to predict the catastrophe at the World Trade Centre. But some are complaining
 that their hands were tied.

 Bush needed the boogeyman bin Laden so he could seize ultimate power.
 How else could he loot Social Security - without a "war on terra?".

 Bush's conspiracy to riot
    by Robert Parry  at   consortiumnews.com


   Click  Here

"After the Miami "Brooks Brothers Riot" - named after the protesters' preppie clothing - no government

 action was taken beyond the police rescuing several Democrats who were surrounded and roughed up
 by the rioters. While no legal charges were filed against the Republicans, newly released documents show
 that at least a half dozen of the publicly identified rioters were paid by Bush's recount committee.
 ...the biggest reason for the very different government reactions to the Chicago Seven case and the Brooks
 Brothers Riot is obvious: the ultimate beneficiary of the Miami riot is now president of the United States."

 Thousands of Errors Plague Bush-Cheney Disclosure Forms
  Recount Fund May Face $850,000 in Fines

  Click  Here

"The Bush-Cheney recount fund, which evaded soft money disclosure laws for 18 months,

 filed disclosure reports with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) containing thousands of errors
 and omissions and could be fined $850,000, Public Citizen has determined...the Bush-Cheney
 recount fund disclosure reports are incomplete, and the group could be subject to IRS fines in
 the thousands of cases where it did not disclose the employer and occupation of individual
 contributors and recipients of expenditures. Also, the recount fund apparently did not disclose
 to the IRS more than 600 donors that it listed on the Bush campaign’s Web site."

 There are a lot of questions I'd like to ask President Usurper, but it would only work if
 we were on a live camera and he was made to answer under oath before leaving the room.

 Here's one that I'd like to ask him:

 Do you agree with your father's decision to pardon the Iran-Contra gang
 thereby hiding the truth from the American voters forever?

 As I write this, the Dow is only down 210 points.

 Not bad for a day under an illegal occupying usurper.

Subject: GOP ruining a career


This is something about the actions of Congressman Bill Thomas (R-abuseofpower) and his staff.
Actions that ruined my career as a sportswriter.

The following is a letter to the ACLU sent by my wife.


Brian Robin

Last week my husband was fired from his job as a reporter with the Los Angeles Times.
He had sent an e-mail to Rep. Bill Thomas (R-Bakersfield/Kern County) taking issue with some comments
made by Congressman Thomas on a CNN program. Because our home e-mail was not working, my husband
used his company e-mail to send this letter; however, he in no way indicated that he was a representative of the
LA Times, it was not threatening, and  he signed it with our home city/state and phone number.

The next day he received an e-mail from the Congressman's Press Sec'y. asking, in fact, if my husband was
an employee of the LA Times. The day after that my husband was informed that he was suspended for using
an LA Times account for personal reasons.

While my husband admits that he "brain-farted" and should not have sent the e-mail from the office, we feel that
his subsequent termination was due to pressure from the Congressman's office. Let's be honest-if they did not
want him fired, why would they care where he worked? Also, would they have contacted the LA Times had
the e-mail my husband sent been supportive?  Yes, my husband should have received a reprimand and/or some
other sort of "punishment", but he was told that he abused company e-mail, the people doing the firing would not
answer his questions re. precedents they had based their termination decision on (company policy is very vague re. consequences of use of e-mail accounts), and on and on.

My husband had a sterling work record with the Times-never a negative review- and had received numerous awards
for his work. This seems to be a case of taking a bazooka to a butterfly!  In sum, it seems clear that my husband was
the victim of a Congressman and/or his staff who abused his/their power and trounced on my husband's First
Amendment rights by taking action against him for daring to criticize. This smacks of a totalitarian mentality to me.
My husband's career may be ruined- a career he has spent years building up; he was told that NO Tribune-owned
paper would EVER hire him and since Tribune Co. owns many papers around the nation this threat to my husband's
chosen career seems very real.

All this for criticizing a Congressman-a person sworn to defend the Constitution!


"President Clinton had an economy that was the greatest job generating machine we had ever seen.
  Bush and Cheney have driven that into the ditch. We have 1.8 million Americans who had jobs when
  Clinton was president who've lost them under Bush, and Bush and Cheney are leading this effort to
  take our profits overseas to avoid taxes. That's unpatriotic, isn't it?"
     --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 08/02/02

  Of course it is, but besides Begala and Carville, nobody dares speak the truth on TV.
  Mr. Rove doesn't like the truth.

 They're back!

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Subject: Ambrous Tung Young

Hey Bart,

Norm Coleman was on your 8/5 report and he spoke about Chinese money.

Have him do a google search on the name Ambrous Tung Young.
He is the Chinese man who guaranteed an illegal 2.4 million loan to Haley Barbour and the RNC.

The RNC stiffed him on the repay.
Republican shenanigans is why they backed off of Clinton.

Mark Thompson

 What happened to that dollar I sent for the poor children of Afghanistan?


Subject: Funny think about the Willy Horton campaign

He wasn't released via a state furlough program,
he was released under a federal  furlough program.
So guess who really released him?

Yup, that's right, it was none other than St Reagan,
and the GOP knew it the whole time they were running those stupid ads.


Bill, that's news to me, but I'm not surprised that Dukakis was unable
to defend himself, after all, the attacks only lasted for months and months.

You see, he's a Democrat, and we refuse to defend ourselves.

  Think Like a Bush:
 Lie Coordination Bureau Needed
   by Al Martin

  Click  Here

 As of July 31, the markets have been down for four consecutive months - the first time that's
 happened in twenty years. The release of this week's economic statistics, particularly the Gross
 Domestic Product numbers, indicate that the economy was weaker last year and that economic
 growth in the first half of this year was also weaker than first believed.

 This points out a growing problem: the increasing unreliability of government economic statistics.
 These numbers would always be revised from the month before, but now we're seeing revisions
 of economic data released 18 months ago. The question then is -- why can't the government get
 it right in the compilation of statistics? Of course, the reason why is the because of the way the
 Reagan-Bush Regime rejiggered all the economic statistics.

 "Thank You. Now Watch This Drive"

"Before starting his game yesterday, Mr. Bush, his driver in his left gloved hand,
  took time to condemn an overnight suicide bombing of a bus in Israel that killed at least nine.

 "I call upon all nations to do everything they can to stop these terrorist killers," Mr. Bush said
  on the first green of Cape Arundel, at 6:15 a.m. "Thank you. Now  watch this drive."
 Without the slightest pause, Mr. Bush turned to his game — and hit his first ball into the rough."
     --NYT, July 5, 2002

 Bush - he's so concerned about the Middle East.
 We have never had a lazier president, not even Reagan when he was asleep.

 Oil Instead Of Blood

  Click  Here

"What I don't understand is his willingness to waste the lives of perhaps thousands of men,
 women and children, on both sides, in order to satisfy his anger against Saddam...Is Saddam
 stockpiling "weapons of mass destruction" to use against us? People who have been to Iraq,
 and have had access, say no. People in our government say yes. That's the same government that,
 when we rained death on a wedding party in Afghanistan, suggested that the 48 deaths were caused
 by anti-aircraft shells falling to Earth, an absolute impossibility to anyone who knows anything about
 ack-ack and the kind of weapons available to the Afghans. It's possible that Saddam is up to mischief
 -- he's certainly capable of it -- but I prefer to believe the reports of independent outsiders rather than
 those of our government, which has a pretty solid record of lying to us."

 BTW, if you want to get some Vegas Fever working, rent Ocean's Eleven

 Remember: Joe Conason's Journal is daily at Salon.com


 Know of any good bits or issues that need a repeat?


"The world's oldest political party is naturally the subject of the world's most enduring political joke,
  which describes the Democrats as inclined to organize themselves (when they can organize at all)
  into a circular firing squad. After this week, the party's factions seem determined to demonstrate
  once more the accuracy of that ancient punch line. At a time when Republican vulnerability is rising,
  amid prospects for a national realignment away from the right, Democratic squabbling about the past
  is an especially pointless distraction. Yet rather than focus on issues that can unite the party and
  strategies that will maximize their sudden advantage, Democratic activists insist on sectarian dispute
  rather than constructive dialogue." 
     --Joe Conason, Salon.com, 08/02/02

Subject: "Watch this drive!"

This weekend the new reporter was discussing the latest terrorist attacks in the Middle East and cut
to Bush's reaction. At which point we see W. and his father riding up the fairway in a golf cart and then W.,
appearing quite disinterested, mouthing some platitudes about how bloodshed is bad and doing everything
he can to resolve the crisis..yadda yadda. Then his eyes suddenly light up and he grins like a child just let go
from his homework. Gesturing with his club he turns toward the tee. and with a gleeful smirk he boasts to
the reporters, "Now, watch this drive!".

That's when it struck me, just how little this guy actually cares about anything but his own amusement.
As he himself never fails to point out, we are at war. Yet the commander-in-chief takes a month-long vacation??
People are being blown up, and when asked about it, Bush can't even hide his eagerness to get back to his golf game!

If this guy really didn't want to do the work of being president (it is a hard, full-time job after all), then why the heck
did he even run? To him it's just a chance to party on our dime. And so what if Rome burns, so long as he's got his fiddle.


Sean, Bush is a disinterested pinhead, all right.
But what else could we expect from a man who never worked a day in his life?

 BartFest2002 - Party of the Year

 Make your own hotel reservations.

 Big News: Nothing yet, but that could change any moment.
 Y'know, in a way, it's kind of exciting - the danger behind the BartFest.

We have rolled the dice!

 ...we are now officially out on a limb...isn't this exciting?
 (Oh, God, please don't let me lose my ass on this!)

 What I call "The oddity" continues.

 The last four sign ups for BartFest in Vegas were from Fulton, Missouri,
 St. Paul, Minnesota , Wooster, Ohio and Chilhowie, Virginia.

 Don't you California people know how to party?

 Do the Easterners and the Midwesterners have to show you how it's done?
 Remember, this is an oddity, not a complaint, but the room is filling up with
 Democratic party people who are traveling from over a thousand miles away.

 Oh well, I guess you "We don't know how to party" California people
 can always buy the BartFest Vegas video and see what you missed  :)

 10 days from today...The Rio will ask "Bart, you in or out?"

 ...we are now officially out on a limb, ...isn't it exciting?

 September 28th -  tickets on sale!

            Las Vegas - where you can do things you probably wouldn't do at home.

41. You can rent things in Las Vegas
  No, I'm not talking about the best looking call girls in the world, either.
  Years ago, when I had that easy ADM money coming in, we almost rented a S-Type Jaguar for a day.
  Oh, sure, the prices are outrageous - I think it was $250 a day, but money was easy back then,
  and we should've done it just to have the photograph to look back on it today. I can't even imagine
  the good mood Mrs. Bart might be in after tooling around The Strip in a new Jaguar.

 I see where you can rent a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle for as little as $75 a day.
 I'm not much on a cycle, myself, but if I liked riding a big bike, and knew I could ride a Sportster
 up and down Las Vegas Blvd at night, and then ride out to Lake Mead the next morning, then maybe
 the 20 miles up to Valley of Fire State Park, that would be a damn fun 24 hours, y'know?

  See this Boxster?

  You can drive it at speeds up to 145 MPH around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

 Of course, spending money to enjoy yourself is totally wrong - I'm sure the Catholics have a rule
 against "having fun for no reason," but it's just another thing to do in Vegas, like indoor sky-diving..

42. Gaming at the casino
 Even if you plan to do little or no gambling, (smack!)
 Ow! ...damn, that hurt, OK, OK,  Even if you plan to do little or no gaming, trust me and sign up
 for your home casinoes* little card program. They give you a little megnetic card, like a credit card,
 on a string and the point is if you gamble with a slot machine, they keep a record of what you spent.
 If you lose, you'll probably get some discount offer in the mail to return. On the other hand, Tally
Briggs often gets free hotel comps and she generally wins when she plays, so they pay for winners, too.
 I think she said she got one or two nights at The Venetian - damn, that's a nice place.

 Even if you plan not to, you'll probably drop a few quarters into a slot to say you did, but if you win
 a thousand dollars, or a lot of thousands, you'll want that hit recorded on that little card.
 So do that card thing - each casinoe* calls it something different.

 Keep in mind: Don't think you're going to come home a winner,

 BUT... people DO win real money in Las Vegas. They have these slot machines strung together,
 state-wide, and it's possible to drop 75 cents into a slot and win a car, or $2,500,000 or whatever.
 Hey - in Vegas when they say $2,500,000, that's real money. It's not Momopoly money or McDonalds
 "Daddy warbucks" money, this is real damn money, and they don't kid around with money in Vegas.

43. The Wildlife  and no, I'm not talking about the call girls.
 On one recent trip, we drove south about fifty miles from Las Vegas to go boating on Lake Havasu,
 and this guy was standing on the side of the highway.

 We don't have them in Oklahoma, at least not in Tulsa.

 Click  Here  to see Bart's 40 (so far) things to do in Vegas.

 Click  Here  to see Dave's 100 Things to do in Vegas

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