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Volume 861 - Screw the Law 

See the anti-bush stuff
that E-Bay censors.


 Wednesday   August 7, 2002.................................... .............................................. 
 REMINDER - bartcop@yahoo.com is dead.  Yahoo denies it ever existed. There are so many people from
 whom I haven't heard in a while, I figure they're sending stuff to the old mailbox and it's not getting read.
 I'll bet there are letters in that box that say, "Why aren't you answering my e-mail?"


"The Saudis are active at every level of the terror chain,
  from planners to financiers, from cadre to foot-soldier, from ideologist to cheerleader,"
   -- Laurent Murawiec, a Rand Corporation analyst, briefing the Pentagon

 Hell, we knew that.
 So why should the Bush Family Evil Empire be in bed with them?
 Poppy's been sleeping with King Faud for decades, and bin Laden is Faud's boy

 U.S. Defies Judge on Enemy Combatant
  Justice Dept. Refuses To Provide Documents
  Bush says "Screw the law, my family needs to earn"
   Click  Here

 The Justice Department yesterday defied a federal judge's order to provide him
 with documents that would have supported the government's classification of a man
 captured in Afghanistan and being held in a Navy brig in Norfolk as an "enemy combatant."

 Why should Bush obey the law?
 Who's going to stop him?
 The gelding Democrats?
 The (make me gag) Press?
 They are stealing hundreds of billions from the Treasury and they don't want to stop.

 The only chance we have is Larry Klayman, John McCain, Jim Jeffords et al.
 This country has been taken over by lawless thugs, and we're powerless.

 Inspector Closeau, Call Your Office
      by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Prepared at Clinton's insistence, the plan was ready in late 2000, but put on hold
 pending the presidential election. Alas, Bush's people, obsessed with national missile
 defense and contemptuous of Clinton, shelved Clarke's plan until it was too late.
 Now Condoleeza Rice says she doesn't recall the briefing; the White House alibis that
 the plan wasn't "aggressive" enough. For months, people who despair of President Junior's
 blundering economic policies have credited him with decisive action against al-Qaeda.
 Now we know why.


"George Bush has failed upward all his life."
   -- heard on the Mike Malloy show.


 Mike Malloy will be appearing on CNN TALKBACK LIVE today 
 between 3:00PM and 4:00PM Eastern time

 Saw a survey that said 48 percent of Nevada wants legal pot,
 and 48 percent are screaming "But, ...but it's the Devil's weed. Save us, Jesus!"

 Couldn't we, just once, make a legal/medical decison
 without interference from hysterical religious fundamentalism?

Bush I. was a star baseball player at Andover.
Bush II. didn't even make the varsity team.

Bush I. got straight A's at Yale.
Bush II. got D's and C's.

Bush I. was a heroic WWII fighter pilot.
Bush II. patrolled the coast of Texas during Vietnam
             and quit flying when the National Guard began drug testing.

Bush I. went to Texas and built a successful oil business.
Bush II.'s oil business failed almost immediately.

Bush I. fought a short war with Iraq that achieved its
            objectives with relatively few U.S. causalities.

Bush II....?

Visit http://gwbush.com for Dubya's side of the story.

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 It's Time for Our Government to Answer Questions
       by Ted Rall

  Click  Here

"What did Bush know and when did he know it? A few months ago it was revealed that, while vacationing
 in Crawford, Texas on August 6, 2001, Bush had received an "analytical report" warning from Condi Rice
 that a terrorist attack was imminent. What was the exact nature of that warning? How detailed was it?
 Should Bush have cut short his vacation and headed back to Washington?

 Why doesn't the Bush Administration want a real investigation of 9-11?
 What is he hiding?


 Top Execs Slide Away From Mess
  Just like the Smirking Chimp, they fail upwards

  Click  Here

"Ken Lay—along with his buds in the executive suite—famously ran Enron into the ground.
 He ripped off tens of thousands of electricity consumers in California, lying to them,
 manipulating the so-called free market while hiding the true nature of the corporate
 business from its stockholders and the government.
 Surely Lay and the other chieftains at Enron ought to be charged with criminal
 malfeasance of some sort—fraud, conspiracy under the racketeering laws, obstruction
 of justice, or perjury, just for starters. Lay happens to be a major Bush family supporter,
 having financed both presidents'  political conquests and acted as the frat brat's confidant
 on energy policy. Natch, he doesn't get charged with anything."

 Remember how Rush and all the other psycho right-wingers GUARANTEED everyones
 that California's energy problems were all the fault of the liberals? This is another reason
 why Rush Limbaugh could never win a debate of any kind on any topic.  He lies.
 He's a serial truth molester.

 He doesn't just have a nutty opinion - he fabricates "facts" from whole cloth, then gives
 the "Rush Guarantee" that never gets tested because his calls are so tightly screened.
 When Rush tells his sheep he's been "documented right 98 percent of the time,"  they
 don't realize they're being handjobbed by the biggest charlatan in show-biz history.

 Are you like me?
 Are you forced to work with the most ignorant ditto-monkey on the planet?

 Vic the nutty racist was going on and on about his hero, Charlie Daniels.
 Charlie said Clinton was a bad man and George Bush was God, so Vic
 went to ragging on me... but then he made his big mistake.

 He said, "Gore was going to be such a bad president, his own people were glad he lost."

 I, of course, asked him if he heard that horseshit from Hannity or Rush,
 and Vic the nutty racist said, "No, I heard them say it myself!"

 That was a fatal mistake, because I jumped up and made a big production about,
"Vic will now give us the names of the Gore staffers whom he personally heard
 say that they were glad Gore lost because he wasn't going to be a good president.
 After working for Gore for free for a damn year, these people confessed to Vic
 and he will now furnish the names of those staffers who worked for a loser.
 Take it away, Vic."

 Poor nutty racist Vic - he had no where to go.

 He kinda stammered that he couldn't remember their names, so I cut him off with,
"Oh! ...so after passing on the erroneous information that he CLAIMS he witnessed,
 Vic shoots a blank when the nut-cutting gets down to business. Typical ditto-monkey."

 ha ha
 It would've been great to have on tape.

 Moral of the story?
 Don't ever let some ditto-monkey get away with horseshit we all know is false.
 Jesus, Fox News has build an empire on slacious and false gossip.
 That shit should be stopped in its tracks, stepped on like a scurrying cockroach.

 Torch Gets Burned, But What About Al?
     by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Compared with Al D’Amato’s behavior at the time of his ethics episode,
 Mr. Torricelli is a portrait of contrition.

The Bush team - hated all over the world

You are out of bounds sayig that Bush commited
a crime by pardoning that is his right to do so.

Hey, Monkey, nice spelling and sentence structure.

Clinton was an embarasment to this country and his name
tarnished the long earned respect this country once had.

You've got that exactly wrong.
Unlike the Chimp, Clinton was no idiot, and treated our allies
with respect and they returned that respect. The press in every
other country wondered why America spent eight years crucifying
the best opresident we've ever had.

Thanks to Bush the world is startin to respect us once again

Good God, don't you own a computer?
I guess you've been reading the US papers that are covering for the Chimp,
but try reading a paper from Europe and see what the world really thinks
about a born-rich, snot-nosed frat-boy who never worked a day in his life.

Our allies hate us now.


"We cannot say to the president, Mr. President,
   you can do any old thing you want, it's all right with us."
      --Maxine Waters, one of the few fighters we have


 Know of any good bits or issues that need a repeat?

 Ted Rall toon

  Click  Here


"How many of you get a month vacation?
  Well President Bush is on his month-long vacation.
  The White House calls it a 'working vacation.'
  That pretty much describes the entire presidency, doesn't it?
  Bush says he exercises every day because it clears his head.
  Hey, mission accomplished."
     -- Dave

Subject: Hey Bart, how come...

No one ever talks about the first World Trade Center bombing that occurred
on February 26, 1993, five WEEKS after Bill Clinton assumed the presidency?

Did we ever hear Clinton or any of his operative try to pin the blame on the the Bush Administration?
They had, after all, been in control of the CIA and FBI for twelve consecutive years.
By the way, all the principals of the first World Trade Center plot are behind bars.
Without a "war", I might add.


Brant, good point - same with Vern the toaster at Waco.
This was the same FBI that murdered Randy Weaver's wife.
That raid happened weeks after Clinton legally assumed the presidency,
but the right-wingers pounced from day one and never let up.

...and the Democrats just stood there and watched.

But Bart, fighting is wrong.
We can't stoop to their level.


"Bush's first oil company went broke. He was bought by another oil company,
  which went broke.  Then he was bought out by a third oil company, where he sold
  his stock weeks before it tanked.  Well, Bush always said he'd run the government
  like a business; we just didn't think he'd run it like one of his own businesses."
         --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 08/06/02


 Running Scared in the House 
  Pollster Frank Luntz foresees angry voters taking
  their frustrations out on the GOP in November
   by Eleanor Clift

  Click  Here

 Luntz is the Paul Revere of Republican politics, warning of the dangers ahead while there is still
 time to take corrective action. He sees echoes in the body politic that remind him of the ’94 election.
 “I remember ’94 like it was yesterday,” he says. “I watched the agitation at government grow and grow,
 and Democrats bury their heads—and Democratic leaders assure them in meeting after meeting
 everything was OK while the anger was exploding like a hot-air balloon.”

 Obsession: Not just a cologne, but a way of governing
   Click  Here

"It's pretty scary. In a world growing increasingly hostile to us, with our economy frighteningly shaky
 and our vulnerability shockingly evident, we have a clueless president, surrounded by ideologues.
 Our checks-and-balances are barely functioning because dissent is equated with treason in this
 "time of war" (against whom?) and judicial appointees must pass muster by True Believers.

 Boy, what I wouldn't give to be in a party run by heroes instead of scared zeroes.

 BartFest2002 - Party of the Year

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 Big News: Nothing yet, but that could change any moment.
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We have rolled the dice!

 I have been playing unsuccessful phone phone tag with one star,
 and playing e-mail tag with another. Monday I mailed a formal proposal
 to try to speed up the process.  The next eight days will mean everything.
 If this works, we'll be bigger than US Steel.

 8 days from today..The Rio will ask "Bart, you in or out?"

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 I got two "Not homes" and three answering machines.
 Doesn't anybody stay home anymore?


"W. promised to change the tone in Washington, so instead of the president
   misleading us about having a girlfriend, he's misleading us about something
   really important: how he squandered $4 trillion of our surplus."   
                --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 08/06/02

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