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Volume 865 - That Cosmic Energy


 Tuesday   August 13, 2002.................................... .............................................. 


"I am offended. Whatever happened to 'the Greatest Generation,'
  the World War II generation, that it now looks at everybody else to pay for whatever it wants?"
     --Rush Limbaugh, with his $280M contract, whining about having to
        pay Social Security for the lazy World War II generation

 Bush Convenes Forum on the Economy
 Guinness Book of World Records certifies "largest handjob ever"

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 No excerpt because I'm going to save you the time.
 Here's was President Fraud is doing: He's assembling a group of thieves, traitors, kidnappers,
 rapists, crack-heads, carjackers, rustlers, hustlers, embezzlers, scam-artists, safe-crackers, muggers,
 drug-smugglers, buggerers, bushwackers, rapists, Catholics, sidewinders, bandits, and the insane
 (but not the Irish) in one big room.

 They're all going to "study the economic trends" and then they'll tell the young Bush boy,
 in their opinion, what America needs is another giant tax cut for the super-rich!!!!!

 Of course, he'll agree, and the economy will get worse, but meanwhile his crime family is looting
 the hell out of the US Treasury of money it doesn't even have yet. He's signing these no-bid,
 hundred-billion dollar, ten-year contracts with unclean companies like Halliburton so the looting
 can continue long after he's impeached for allowing 9-11 to happen.

 Lying for Dollars
   by David Podvin as seen on  makethemaccountable.com

  Click  Here

 Recession? Not at the Washington Post Company. While most American corporations are struggling
 to meet profit targets during these hard economic times, the Post recently reported much better than
 expected earnings. According to Dow Jones, “The publisher said its 7% increase in revenue for the
 quarter was due mostly to a 25% revenue boost at its education division, 12% higher revenue at its
 cable division and 3% growth at its broadcasting division.”

 The success is the financial windfall that comes with placing the interests of George Bush
 above journalistic integrity. Since 1999, the Washington Post Company has relentlessly
 promoted Bush at the expense of whatever honor its flagship newspaper previously had.

 So now the B.F.E.E. has both papers in Washington at their disposal.
 I'm so old, I remember when we had a free press.

  Dueling Quotes

   Full Story

  Catholic Sex Abuse Czar Frank Keating:
"Parishioners unhappy with their bishop could attend Mass in a different
  diocese or use "the power of the purse" by halting donations. In effect a
  strike, if you wish, a sit-down until things change..."

 The Pilot, where Boston Cardinal Bernard Law serves as publisher:
"Oklahoma's governor is calling on Roman Catholics to 'commit a mortal sin'
  by urging parishioners to stop donating money or attending churches in other dioceses.

 Geez, they made voting with your pocketbook a sin, too?
 At each step, I think this mess can't get any worse for the Catholics.
 They still aren't within a light year of getting it.
 The Church still sees itself as the victim in this sex abuse matter,
 and now they have Frank Keating (R-Insert Foot) urging them "to sin."

 When secrecy harms the people
          by Carla Binion

  Click  Here

 The Pentagon proposed, writes Bamford that "people would be framed for bombings
 they did not commit; planes would be hijacked.  Using phony evidence, all of it would
 be blamed on Castro, thus giving Lemnitzer and his cabal the excuse, as well as the
 public and international backing, they needed to launch their war."

 A Joint Chiefs of Staff document read:  "World opinion, and the United Nations forum,
 should be favorably affected by developing the international image of the Cuban
 government as rash and irresponsible, and as an alarming and unpredictable threat
 to the peace of the Western Hemisphere."

 This the blueprint the B.F.E.E. is using to provoke war with everyone.

 Will Charlton Heston Have To Give Up His Guns?
    by Bryan Curtis

  Click  Here

 Charlton Heston announced that he has symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.
 Heston is the president of the National Rifle Association and owns firearms.
 If he is diagnosed with full-blown Alzheimer's, will he have to give up his guns?


 "In eight years, President Clinton created 22 million new job.
   In six years of two Bush administrations, they have lost 1.8 million jobs.
   Don't tell me the president doesn't effect the economy, for good or bad."
     -- Bob Shrum, one of the best Democrats on our side, on some talk show

Subject: Your Jimmy Page theory is BS

If there are no established groups around that are willing/able to play the music Page wants to play
he has no choice but start from scratch.  His luck in finding compatibility with the Black Crowes has
absolutely NO  relevance to the reality of a pusillanimous democrat party that has sold itself out!

Anyone who wants to elect politicians who will put the people ahead of the powerful has no
choice but to build a newer, better party - the old one is dead and stinking.

One indicator of severe mental illness is continuing to do the same painful thing and expecting
different results - isn't that what you're suggesting to Derek Longwood and with your blind
support of the democrat party?

G. Wallace

Your hard work for Nader may result in eight years of the Bush Family Evil Empire
looting the treasury and polluting the air and water - and you question my sanity?

 Nick Cage trades comic books for King's Daughter
  Hey, I have comic books, too!!

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  Related comic book news...

 Green Lantern is Gay!
   Who knew?

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"I think too many Jewish voters associate conservatism with things
  that it has nothing to do with. Let me put it this way: to them,
  Germany was conservative in the '30s."
    --Rush Limbaugh, with a Priestly swerve into the truth

 Unka Dick, if we get arrested for stock swindlin'
 do we have to do that perp walk thing on TV?
 I don't want Momma to know what I done.
 She'll be Texas-sized pissed if she finds out.

 Why, ...why you cryin', Unka Dick?

Did I say something sad?

 Troops as Strikebreakers?
  Bush Administration Considers 'Options' in West Coast Dock Talks

  Click  Here

"The Bush administration is threatening the ILWU with military action in support of a lockout
 of the ILWU workers in the event of an impasse in negotiations. The mere threat of intervention
 is an unconscionable effort to bolster the PMA's contract demands and threatens the legitimate
 collective bargaining rights of longshore workers. On a larger scale, the threatened use of federal
 troops to determine the outcome of a collective bargaining dispute undermines the basic civil rights
 of the labor movement and all American workers..."

 It's like President Pinhead can't wait to have a Kent State scenario.
 God, please protect us from this monster you installed against our wishes.

Subject: Heston on guns

You made another one of your classic flubs re: guns and Heston.
Heston didn't say Clinton, he said Gore.

One of us is crazy.

BTW, are we to now believe that since Clinton only wanted "assault-rifles" off the streets
that he didn't have plans to take away ALL guns? Or was that Sarah Brady's plan only?

I'm not familiar with Brady's plans.
Clinton never called for people to lose their muskets.

Bart, if you're going to be for guns, which I'm glad you are in part, be for ALL guns,
not just the ones Clinton supposedly likes (even though he had "assault-rifles"
smuggled into the country for use by street gangs).

Fake name

ha ha
I think you mean Reagan, Bush and Ollie North.
The reason I know is the CIA confessed.

...and only insane people are for ALL guns.
You don't need a hundred AK-47s in your home, Vern - you just don't

 Bush the idiot or Bush the fiend
     by William Rivers Pitt

   Click  Here

"Either George W. Bush is the dumbest, most incompetent, most utterly harebrained human ever
 to sit in the Oval Office, or he is some dazzling breed of Uberman fiend bent upon dominion over
 the earth. Either he's a total dimwitted dunderhead who cannot understand a threat when it is
 wagged in his face, or he is an evil genius who allowed the 9/11 attacks to take place so as to
 enhance his political power, and now plans to attack Iraq to further entrench that power.

 We crossed that bridge to the 21st century and found a troll living beneath it. It is named George
 W. Bush, and it is either dumber than a bag of doorknobs, or more fiendishly clever than any
 comic book supervillain. Neither option is terribly palatable."

 Actually, I'm certain both are true.
 Bush is so stupid, you almost have to have Quayle in the room to measure him.
 But Cheney, Poppy and Rummy are sharper than Ginsu knives, and they write scripts
 for President Pinhead, who's bumbling and incompetence has been labled "charming"
 by the billionaire media moguls who feel over-taxed and over-regulated.

Subject: Left's position on Marijuana

You stated that it was Begala's duty to state the left's position in regards to the legalization of marijuana.
But is the entire left behind decriminalizing marijuana?  Or is it just a vocal minority?

If it's just a vocal minority, then Begala was right to take the position he did.  If the vast majority of the left
is for legalizing marijuana, then you're right.  Also, I didn't exactly say that Begala's job was to state his opinion,
I said he had to, because if he tried to argue a position he didn't believe it, the right would tear him up,
and he'd just make that position look stupid.


Charles, taxing and controlling the distribution of a drug that every ten year old can get is logical.
I'd like to think the Democrats stood for a modicum of logic on this important matter.
Maybe Begala has teenagers at home, and can't be seen taking the correct position on this,
but either way, it's his JOB to take the anti-Novak side on every issue possible.

For him to team up with a hard-rightie and beat up a man doing the right thing sickened me.
He was hysterical and about 80 years behind the curve on this subject. We deserve better.

Sidebar: I'd really like to hear a logical explanation why pot should remain illegal.


 Great toon by my good friend Tom Tomorrow

  Click  Here

 Treasury circumventing Hill on tax breaks
  Or, "Bush invites friends to loot Social Security"

  Click  Here

 In a series of little-noticed executive orders intended to ease the tax burden
 on corporate America, the Bush administration has implemented a number of
 new policies that will provide corporations with billions of dollars in tax relief
 without the consent of Congress.


"President Bush visited those rescued coal miners in Pittsburgh and Bush
  really connected with the men; he's good at that kind of stuff. He told them
  he knows what it's like to go to work everyday and be totally in the dark."
      Leno, with another formula joke, but it was anti-Bush so we liked it

 Sidebar: I think Leno bought Bob Hope's joke file.

From: Phillip A. S.

Subject: Wrong on House Dems and Clinton

 Dear Bart:

You wrote:

> The Dems lost the House in 1994 because they refused to stand with Clinton on health care.
> They rarely stood with Clinton on anything. --

Bart, this is incorrect in every possible way. You are right that the failure of the health care plan
helped the Democrats lose Congress. But the Democrats didn't refuse to stand with Clinton,
there or mainly, and especially not after his first two years. After that, in the minority, the Dems
were normally able to get unanimity in their caucus for Clinton's positions.

(much, much, much snippage)

Phillip A. S.

Phillip, it's amazing that we remember it so differently.
I remember endless, relentless attacks, my favorite being G. Gordon Liddy promising that
"Unqualified black men will be doing surgery on your kids if this bill passes."
Shades of Willie Horton!

And every time the right would lie, the Democrats would kick the dirt and diss Clinton.
A lot of your epic e-mail was true, but the Democrats had the House and the Senate,
and Clinton couldn't get anything done! All they had to do was grab a TV camera and say,
"We're five votes from giving every American health insurance," but nooooooooo.

They refused to stick with a winner, and ended up hanging separately.
I can't believe we have different memories, and it hasn't even been ten years.

Lastly, as a debating tactic, you can never go wrong accusing the Democrats of refusing to
back their president when he had a chance to do for health care what he did for the economy.

Analysis of Bush presidency suggests a nation overthrown

Consider this: An inarticulate, politically inexperienced man with family links to a previous national regime
comes to provincial leadership. Subsequently he gains the highest national office without winning the popular vote.
The election in which he was declared the victor is considered compromised by his brother's province.
He appoints a chief law enforcement officer who has repeatedly called for constitutional revisions.
Regulatory agencies are filled with those previously regulated. Soldiers patrol transportation centers.
International treaties are abrogated. International legal organizations are shunned.
Roles of police and military are blurred. Law enforcement agencies are centralized.
Individual civil rights are reduced.
A "shadow" government is created.

Domestic surveillance is increased. People are encouraged to spy on each other.
Military budgets are increased. The military establishes a disinformation program.
Media access to government is limited. Consultations with the legislative branch decline.
Connections to corrupt corporate sponsors are disavowed.
Efforts to further plunder natural resources for profit are initiated.
Access to past administrations' documents is limited.
A war mentality is established with imprecise enemies.
Nebulous fear- inducing alerts are periodically released.
National level profiling is introduced.
People are imprisoned without public charges and unknown others are "disappeared."
Does the word "coup" come to mind?

Bill Petz

To:  withheld@thenation.com

Subject: What is going on with Forbidden Truth?

When I first heard that Avalon Publishing Group would be distributing Forbidden Truth for you,
I called them to find out who the publicist would be.  I sent the information out to more than 30
liberal talk show hosts and to a number of liberal writers on my email address list.  Since then, I have
not heard much about the book.  Many of the people I sent this information to ordinarily follow through
with suggestions I make, but I have only heard two interviews about the book:  Peter Werbe interviewed
Wayne Madsen, who wrote one of the introductions, and Randi Rhodes interviewed Jean-Charles Brisard.

Joe Jackson, of KTKK in Salt Lake City, had scheduled an appearance of M. Brisard on tomorrow's show,
but Mr. Jackson let me know yesterday that the original publicist is no longer with Avalon, that M. Brisard's
appearance scheduled for tomorrow has been canceled, and that the new publicist said that M. Brisard
will not appear on Mr. Jackson's show at all.

What is going on, Carl?
Isn't Avalon interested in publicizing this book?
I think NationBooks should be concerned about this.

Carolyn Kay

Note: This is the explosive French book that says Bush knew.
           Is the White House pressuring the media to back off?
           Or are they covering for him to make more money, like the Washington Post?


"I haven't seen Treasury Secretary O'Neill lately.
  That's probably a good thing."
    -Senator Chuck Hagel (R-Nebraska) who publically says Bush's economy is going to hell.

 Laura the Unloved "Weak and Ashamed" Links



 Luck of the Draw
    by Ned McGuire

  Click  Here

 The Monday edition, #846 (Weak and Ashamed) is definitely a top 10 nominee in my book.

 The Impeachment trial of George W. Bush, and Hector the progressive spic's jaw-dropping compliment to
 progressive rednecks were only two others of many juicy delights in this issue. You really should frame this one
 and take it out when times are tough- it's not easy doing what you do, and some issues have been quite uneven recently.

 I do think the Vegas stuff has gone way too far - not everybody wants to drop their boring life and schmooze
 with a bunch of whiny liberals. I really admired what you did for Julie Hiatt Steele, but enough's enough.

 I will keep supporting you at a modest level until you are bought out by Disney/Salon...

 I enjoy frank criticism.
 Koresh knows using "uneven" was very diplomatic on your part.
 But one thing - if our very special guests come thru for Las Vegas,
 "whiny" is the very last adjective anyone would use to describe them.
 Thanks for reading.

 BartFest2002 - Party of the Year

 Make your own hotel reservations.

The dice have been rolled!

 There is a misconception about the August 15 deadline.
 That is NOT the last day you can buy tickets.
 Tickets will be available until the night of the party.

 The 15th, Thursday, is the day The Rio wants to know if we're going high or low.
 If we rent a room for 60, and 160 show up, we'll be all kinds of cramped.
 If we rent the 160 room, and 60 show up, we lose a few thousand dollars.
 At this point, it would help to know if you're a "maybe."

 We could have a hundred "maybes" but I'd hate to find out 6 weeks from today,
 when it's too late to change the size of the venue.

 Last night, I called and e-mailed our mystery guest,with a reminder of the Thursday deadline.
 This would be sooooooooo coooooooool if it works.

 ...isn't it exciting?

 Since our last update, East Coast is still leading the West Coast 3-2, and we have another
 European coming - this time from Austria. You chatters know who I mean.

 Three days is all we have.
 Three days from today..The Rio will ask "Bart, you in or out?"

 ...we are out on a limb, ...isn't it exciting?
 (Oh, God, please don't let me lose my ass on this!)

 September 28th -  tickets on sale!

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