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Volume 868 - Inky Lawson

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 Friday   August 16, 2002.................................... .............................................. 


"Paul O'Neill opened the economic summit by saying the whole idea behind the forum
  was to hear from the everyday worker on the street. If that was his goal, why didn't they
  hold the summit from the Waco unemployment office?"
       --Chuck Gardner, Crossfire e-mail

 Did Evade Income Taxes on his Harken Loans?

  Click  Here

 George W. Bush's questionable activities and profits during his years as a director of Harken
 have come under scrutiny from the media. Mr. Bush has thus far avoided responsibility, thanks
 to a compromised investigation by the SEC during his father's presidency, as well as Bush's
 stubborn refusal to provide details of those  deals.

 But an investigation by Democrats.com has uncovered the possibility that one Harken transaction
 - the cancellation of an estimated $230,375 in debt in 1993 - may have been structured to help
 Bush evade income taxes. Democrats.com therefore calls upon Mr. Bush to release his tax returns
 for 1993 and 1994, and to provide the other documents required to fully understand this shady deal.

 Bush voter gets 19 years
  Fake anthrax mailer says "no remorse"
  Terrorist waits for Bush pardon

  Click  Here

 A man who admitted mailing fake anthrax letters to abortion clinics was sentenced
 Thursday to 19 years and seven months in prison on firearms and theft charges.

 "I'm not remorseful," said the Republican.
 "I'm not begging for forgiveness for what I did, because I thought it was right."

 Bush defies belief
  Weak, lazy, crooked and stupid

  Click  Here

"The world's largest Baptist university was both an appropriate and unfortunate location for the
 Bush administration to pick for this week's summit on the US economy. To his detractors,
 the choice of Baylor University in Waco, Texas - half an hour's drive from Bush's Crawford ranch
 - reinforces the image of a president too lazy to stray far from his holiday home even for a serious
 issue such as the economic situation.


Subject: Michael Moore

Moore did make a big mistake in supporting Nader. For that he is due some criticism.
If you read his book you will find that he argued with Nader, and finally broke with Nader
over Nader's insistant policy of campaigning in swing states like Florida, which was the
most descructive aspect of Nader's campaign.

During the recount Moore was in Florida fighting as hard as anyone for Gore (if anyone was
fighting for Gore). Moore isn't perfect, but he has a keen sense for important issues passed over
by mainstream media and has a way of presenting them bluntly and, as you do, with humor.


Charles, point me to a URL where Moore says "I made a mistake,"  and I'll go easy on him.
He doesn't have to use that exact language, but "Let's move on," doesn't do the trick.

I admit, I can't tell the diff between a Green, Nader, Donahue and Moore.
All I know is they all scream "Bush & Gore are identical twins!!!" which is horseshit,
and I get very angry when I hear "...and we'll do it again in 2004!!"

If Moore has repented, please show me proof.

President Drops in on President's Forum


 Baylor University's proximity to Crawford made it convenient for George W. Bush
 to take a break from his grueling vacation schedule to make a brief appearance
 at The President's Economic Forum.

Subject: question

Is BartFest a casual affair?
When its 100+ I wear shorts!


Adam, good question, but wrong assumption. Sure, it was 109 in Las Vegas today,
but that's why we're having the big Fest in late September instead of mid-August.

You might bring shorts, but bring real pants, too.
Yes, this is very, very casual dress.


"Reefer makes darkies think they're as good as white men."
    - - Harry J. Anslinger,  the conservative who made pot illegal

 Tennessee Tuxedo starring in Law & Order
  Jesus, that man can act

 Got BJ (not blackjack)
     from Ann Coulter

  Retiring hound dog Fred Thompson is returning to his acting and legal roots
  as the new chief prosecutor on NBC's "Law & Order."

  His senate term ends in January, but he'll appear regularly beginning Oct. 2.
  The Tennessee Republican replaces dismal Dianne Wiest, who played a district attorney
  the past two seasons.

Subject: Myth of the "liberal" media

although stylistically annoying to read, your Myth of the "liberal" media was a joy...
i've never seen it as a myth though; i call it "the big lie"
...best wishes


Anthony, thanks, ...I think.


 "You know, we don't need dictators in this country."
          --Sen. Tom Daschle


Subject: Bush's reasons

BC -

For quite a while now (as in: ever since he said he wanted to invade Iraq),
I've thought that the reason W wants to invade is to save his father's "face."
Back during the Gulf War, many people wanted Bush the elder to order troops
to push on to Baghdad and oust Saddam.  I thought he was right not to do so then
and I haven't changed that opinion.  Many people disagreed with that decision.
Hindsight shows us that Saddam didn't lose control over the country as many hoped.
With Saddam still in power, the elder Bush has lost face - is his son trying to regain it?

So, what do we really have here?  Why do the majority of the American
people want to invade Iraq?  Is this a nation-wide face-saving measure?
Are they looking for a finish to the Gulf War that they view as incomplete
because Saddam wasn't toppled? Or are they just lemmings following the
George W rush to the sea?

Mary Beth

Mary Beth,
I don't think we should've gone house-to-house looking for Saddam in Baghdad,
but we damn sure could've caused him more damage than we did.
Now Dim Son is here to clean up his daddy's bungle.


  bartcop.com  has the best poli-toons.

 Political cartoons is the ONLY arena where we have the advantage over the GOP (besides being right).
 Koresh, if I start naming them, I'll forget the ones most deserving, but in alphabetic order,
 can I get you to join me in a shot of Chinaco Anejo Extra-Aged for these extra-talented people:

 bruce yurgil
 lisa all hat no cattle casey
 Wizard of Whimsy
 the wolf

 If it wasn't for the people on this list (and the dozens in tomoro's supplement)
 bartcop.com  would look as clumsy as Patsy Ramsey's ransom note.

 A shot of Chinaco for these talented folks.

 Note from Tamara Baker on the "Summary Executions" story

  Click  Here

 The Past Is Prologue
   by Chris Floyd

  Click  Here

 The family of Frank Olson laid his exhumed remains to rest, closing the book on their half-century
 of struggle to find out why he died so violently at the hands of the government he had served -- and w
 hose deepest secrets he had guarded. Frank's son, Eric, believes he knows the answer now: His father
 was murdered to keep the thread from sight, to "protect" the American people from the knowledge that
 their own government had taken up and extended Nazi experiments on mind control, psychological torture
 and chemical warfare -- and that it was conducting these experiments as the Nazis did, on unwilling subjects,
on captives and "expendables," even to the point of "termination."

stickers free for all subscribers
or with a donation to  bartcop.com

 Subject: Heston again

 You wrote:

 > He said Heston never used Clinton's name, just Gore's.
 > This is a mistake on his part.
 > It's tough to bet that Person X  *never*  said something,
 > especially if the guy you're betting with saw it happen live.

No, you putz, I didn't say *never*.
I meant in regards to your caption under the pic which
was taken at the moment he mentioned Gore.

Jerry K was right.
And I'm beginning to believe that IQ of 64 thingy you keep saying about yourself.

Fake name

believe the IQ of 64 thing...

Heston says that every year, and he changes the name to
whichever Democrat he thinks will make them the most money.

Why are you so adamant that the photo was Gore's year?
Besides, I've had that picture for years.
With Clinton president, (and he's the best fund raiser the NRA's ever had)
why would Heston bother to mention Clinton's VP?

Admit it, you're wrong.

 Molly on Smirk's Handjob in Waco

 Click  Here

 Such attention to the details of stagecraft -- the lovely flag painting behind them at the plenary session,
 the helpful hints on the backdrops: "Corporate Responsibility," "Better Health Care," etc., for those too
 dumb to figure it out from the vapid speeches. The wonderfully artificial inclusion of "real people" -- all of
 whom just happen to think George W. Bush is divine. This Potemkin Village of diversity lacked just one
 thing -- anyone with a good idea. Any 10 ex-employees of Enron could come up with a long list of
 recommendations on how to fix things so this doesn't happen again. But they weren't invited.

 Arianna on Smirk's Handjob in Waco

 Click  Here

 At the behest of their charismatic leader, the cult members gathered in Waco, a hot, dusty town on the
 flat, featureless central Texas plain. They had been summoned to hear an endless series of droning
 sermons from the leader himself and his fellow fanatics.

 Thunderously denouncing all doubters, all those who didn't believe as the cult members did, the speakers
 put forward a bizarre religious vision, one that no sane person could accept. As the hours passed, the group
 became more and more isolated from the real world until it was incapable of dealing with it.

 The only thing missing was Janet Reno and her flamethrower.

 Are Democrats and Republicans the same?

 There's one site that sees a damned big difference.



"Bush killed emergency health tracking funds for rescue and recovery workers at ground zero,
  and emergency medical care for veterans. The firefighters and the American Legion are crying foul.
  White House aides know that the rescue workers and veterans, while heroes, don't live in a key
  swing state. Sorry guys, you don't get their money."
       --Paul Begala

Dear Bart:

I enjoy your site and sometimes LOL.
I did order the JulieFest tape and threw a little cash your way to say thank you.

My Sweetheart and I watched the tape and it was touching and Julie and her supporters were inspiring.
My Sweetheart and I are thinking about Vegas but a few concerns keep us on the fence.

We are lesbians of color and the group at Juliefest was, well-- melanin-challenged.  Race may be a
granfalloon, and maybe our real connection is our communal outrage at the perversion of our democracy
illegally occupying the WH--but well, we're tired of being the only people of color in a group.
We are in that position enough because of our work--it's just tiring to do it socially as well.

I hope you can get some small sense what that feels like.
Keep fighting the good fight. We may still see you in Vegas.

Good luck!


Being a liberal in Oklahoma, I know the alone feeling very well.
Holy Koresh, in Oklahoma you can even be Jim Inhofe and win an election.

Since most of my contact with readers is thru e-mail, I don't really know who I'm reaching.
When people write to say they're coming, we don't ask about color or sexual orientation.
If you were going to be in a group, I can't imagine a more accepting group than the readers of  bartcop.com

Plus, in Las Vegas, if your credit card is valid, they treat you like royalty. Vegas is almost like New York
or San Francisco in it's diversity. There are people from all over the world in Vegas, and the casinos want
your money no matter who/what you are. It's the most non-descriminating place I've ever been.
People of color and people of gay have signed up for BartFest, so I think you'll be OK.

 I say it's worth the gamble.
You can feel comfortable in a room full of intelligent liberals, and myself.


Subject: Attention Democrats in Washington, come back to the left

I'm so sick of Democrat loyalist who keep pointing the finger at the
Green Party for being the spoiler that gave Bush the presidency.
Listen up you think headed, stupid sheep, BUSH CHEATED!
Stop blaming people like Nader and Michael Moore!!!!

Think headed?
That's a terrible thing to call somebody.

If you have trouble with math, I can forgive you, but Bush was able to steal it
because Nader had a big ego and campaigned in states like Florida.
Don't deny the facts.

Furthermore, you keep talking about Clinton like he was some God.
The same corrupt, corporate bull shit we're seeing now was going on when
Clinton was getting his xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx, it's just that nobody was getting caught.

Clinton didn't commit any crimes - he didn't steal 5 trillion dollars.
He worked 80 hour weeks and he protected America, too.
He did a great job as president, but if you like Bush better, vote Green in November.

And then there is Gore. This man won the Presidency,  but he wasn't bold enough
to stand up to Bush and his corporate bullies.  What kind of leader is that?
If I was Gore, I would have fighting all the way into the White House.

See? You are capable of making sense when you try.

You have Joe Liberman saying Gore was too left-wing during his campaign, and people like Bartcop
who continue to bash Greens, further distancing people like me from the Dem party.

I drove you into Bush's arms?
You're a fickle bitch, you know that?

All this finger pointing at the Green Party by Democrats only makes me want to do one thing,
and that is to vote for a third party in 2004 just to say,  FUCK YOU...have Bush for another round.

Pissed off Earthling.

Yeah, just like you did in 2000.
Since only 3 percent think like you, you want to play spoiler and reward Bush.
That makes you insane, pulling for Bush.

 More Laura the Unloved Links



 Quick! Fake the polls!
   by Ben Tripp

  Click  Here

 Aggressor or not, here we come.  What is the world community going to do, try us in their international court?
 We scale a brick at their international court!  Right through yonder window.  The American economy is in a
 shambles and the shambles is on fire; our personal liberties are eroding like a tooth in a vat of sulfuric acid
 and corn syrup; we are angry, and everybody knows about the angry American.  When he's angry, the
 bombers start blackening the sky, headed for the darkies (or is it the other way around?  It1s so hard to tell
 these days.)  War distracts the man in the street.  It points his anger over there, where the towel heads live in
 their caves or crouched under oil derricks, whetting their shivs.  Abraham's god had three children,
 and it's the colored one we're after.


 This is a project born through the BC Forum, and involving (American) Stranger,
 bushlvsmoonies, veggiemama, and Snabby, as well as others

 BartFest2002 - Party of the Year

 Make your own hotel reservations.

The dice have been rolled!

 There is a misconception about the August 15 deadline.
 That was NOT the last day you can buy tickets.
 Tickets will be available until the night of the party.
 At this point, it would help to know if you're a "maybe."

 We do not have any news, but that could change any minute.
 As I always do when I'm in a panic, I asked the Magic 8-Ball for guidance.

 I asked, "We we get our special guest stars for Bartfest?" and the answer was a clear "Yes."
 None of that "All signs point to yes," horse hockey, so I'm very hopeful.
 I made a looooooooooooot of money in college by being patient, so I think this will turn out OK.

  ...it's so exciting!!!

 I'm content to let things happen - yeah, that's the ticket

 This is the biggest gamble I've taken since I debated The Bird in the chat room (cough)
 ...and we're doing it in Las Vegas,  the most exciting city in the world!

  ha ha

 One other thing?
 Swear to Koresh, the last two sign ups were NOT from California, not Arizona, not Utah,
 not New Mexico or Oregon -  they were George in Maine and Larry in Carolina.
 They're flying 3,000 miles to party with us, but California is woefully under-represented.
 It's very odd - maybe California is mostly Bush fans?

 ...we are out on a limb, ...but it's so exciting!!!
 (Oh, God, please don't let me lose my ass on this!)


 September 28th -  tickets on sale!


 47. Room Service- we can't forget Vegas room service
  All of the high-end properties have room service that is unbelievable.
  Oh, don't get me wrong, you'll pay a lot for it, but oh, what they bring you!
  A couple of years back, we stayed at The Mirage. (Sidebar: We rented Rounders,
  a poker movie with Matt Damon, Ed Norton and John Malkovich. Towards the end
  of the movie they went to Vegas to play the World Series of poker - at The Mirage.)

  While we watched the movie, we ordered a hamburger and a club sandwich. I think the bill,
  with tip, was $30, but you won't believe what they wheel into your room for two sandwiches.
  I've never seen a rolling table this big on TV or in a movie when they show someone getting
  room service. I was so damn impressed, I took pictures of it, but now I can't find them.

  Mrs. Bart likes Vegas for three reasons - she loves driving riding in the desert,
  she likes it when I'm in a good mood (a hundred tequila bars has that effect) and
  she loves to be pampered, and that's what these big properties do.
  They treat you like you're the King of Surinam, if that's a place.

48. The expensive cars   I might be alone on this, but I think it's great fun
  to stand on a corner of Las Vegas Blvd and watch the cars go by.  If you do that, you'll
  see Maseratis, Lamborghinis, Rolls Royces, Bentleys, Aston Martins (I don't know how
  to spell any of these cars) Also, each property has a fleet of limos that I've never ridden in.
  I guess you have to play more than the quarter slots to get a ride in those.

 Click  Here  to see Bart's 46 (so far) things to do in Vegas.

 Click  Here  to see Dave's 100 Things to do in Vegas

 Talk to me!

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 Casino Gambling: The Absolute Minimum
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    by  George Backus

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