"How many dictators who ended up being a tremendous global threat, 
and killing thousands, and indeed millions of people, 
should we have stopped in their tracks?"
--Condi Rice


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Volume 872 - Attaq 


 Thursday   August 22, 2002.................................... .............................................. 
 VCR Alert - Travel Channel is doing "Thrill Rides of Las Vegas" tonight.  They'll show a lot of the Strip at night.


"Y'all will never get over the fact that Bill Clinton was the greatest
  president in the last 50 years. You'll never get over the fact that
  this guy in here can't walk and chew gum at the same time."
     -- James Carville, telling the truth again

 George W.'s Worst Fear: A W-Shaped Recession
       by Edmund Andrews NYWTimes

  Click  Here

"But there was always a third possibility that would be especially painful for the White House:
 the W-shaped recession ó a double-dipped downturn. The economics of it would be bad enough,
 but the perils of political parody would be even more nightmarish. The Dubya recession.
 The Dubya-dip downturn. It would be fresh meat for every late-night comedian, right on the eve of
 national elections in November that will decide which party controls Congress.  The Letterman-Leno
 -Jon Stewart potential for trouble was almost certainly on the minds of at least some White House
 staffers as they organized Bush's feel-good economic forum last week."

 Joe Conason's Journal

  Click  Here

"Military service isn't a prerequisite for advocacy of military action, but those who
 haven't served ought to temper their enthusiasm for shedding other people's blood,
 if only as a matter of civic etiquette. Warrior pundits might also think carefully before
 they slur combat veterans who dare to dissent from the war-making mindset."

 Time's now to speak up about war

  Click  Here

 The Vietnam protest generation should have learned this: If we don't want
 our government to initiate a questionable war halfway around the world,
 we'd better speak up now -- before, not after, the body bags start arriving."

 Today in History

 In 1950, Althea Gibson became the first black tennis player
 to be accepted in competition for the national championship.
 Fifty two years later, the Republicans have no black members in Congress.

 In 1956, Eisenhower and Nixon were nominated for second terms by the
 Republican national convention in San Francisco.  It would be the last GOP
 ticket that would not grant or receive a pardon to cover up their crimes.

 One year ago, this picture was seen on  bartcop.com

 Smirk, wiping himself on Maria Pope, one of Dave's producers.
 This is how Bush treats all the "little people."


"I've never signed a subpoena in my 5 1/2 years as chairman.
  I guess there's a first time for everything. If you want to play,
  I've got a secret, good luck getting the Patriot Act extended."
   -- House Judiciary Committee chairman, James Sensenbrenner,
      (This guys a Repub - you can tell, he's fighting back)
       speaking about Ashcroft's stonewalling on answering questions

 Open letter to America from a Canadian

  Click  Here

 Amid all this, where are those who are supposed to represent your interests, America?
 For the most part, your congressional representatives are nothing but swine gathering at the
 corporate troughs. Your president is a white-collar thug, a hypocrite who through his actions
 celebrates war, repression and greed even as he gives lip service to peace, freedom and justice.

 George W. Bush deceives you daily, the war monger hiding behind a phony patriotism.
 He is an Enron buddy boy, a spoiled child lying in his teeth about his past and current dirty deeds.
 Does he care about you America? Hardly.


"Is your tape recorder running? Turn it on! I got something to say.
  My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building.
  You're right, after 9/11 I shouldn't say that..."
        -- Ann Coulter, foul-mouth hater who speaks for the Republican Party.
            Between she and Rush Limbaugh - they ARE the Republican Party

 Another Coulter quote from the same Observer article:

 "Iíve dated him, Iíve dated every right-winger..."

 ...I didn't even know McDonald was a Republican.

 This guy with the Democratic campaign ads is really good.
 Too bad the Dems don't have the guts to use them.

 Click  Here

Subject: Guest Rebuttal

Hey Bart,

I'd like to respond to Denise about the use of Nazi imagery.

As one of the practitioners of lampooning the BFEE with the use of Nazi imagery, I feel I must respond
to your comments. While it is true that the current regime is not yet sending anyone to the showers,
Hitler didn't start doing that until well into his reign. He first needed to gain supreme control of his country,
the military, and the police. Most importantly, he needed a war to cover his actions that would have
otherwise been impossible to hide. We didn't know the true horror of the Holocaust until our troops
began liberating the camps.

Any student of World War II should be able to see many parallels between Hitler's rise to power and that
of George Bush. From the Brown Shirts that disrupted the Florida recount, to the support of the financial
community and the press. He's already started his war and has made no secret of his intent to take it globally.
As for the camps, the religious right has already begun speculating along those lines. I believe it was Lou
Sheldon who first came up with the idea of using the old Japanese internment camps to quarrantine
homosexuals to prevent the spread of AIDS. He benignly called them "Cities of Refuge".

The time to stop George Bush and his masters is now, not when he starts herding people into boxcars.
By then it will be too late. I use Nazi imagery in my cartoons not because it's funny, but because it's true.
Bruce Yurgil


 Just a reminder - I continue to get e-mail from people with bad e-mail addresses.
 I'm sure there are people fuming that they sent a letter or a cartoon or a contribution
 and we "didn't have the decency" to reply. Well, if I can't hit "reply" and reach you,
 I really don't have the time or the resouirces to track you down.

 Sidebar: Sometime I get blank checks, too. The amount is filled in,
                but there's no name or address on the check, and the signature is just a snake.

 I'm just saying it wouldn't hurt to be sure your e-mail address is valid.
 Lots of people but a "disregard the x's" in their address to fool the bots,

 We've had people pay for tickets to BartFest with an invalid address.
 All we can do in that case is eventually post on this page that invitations have been sent,
 and if you didn't get yours, it's probably because we have no way to reach you.
 (Invitations should start going out at the end of the month)

 ...I'm just saying,

Free stickers for all subscribers
and BartFest ticket holders
or with any donation to bartcop.com

Send in your sticker pictures.
Free ticket to BartFest for best sticker picture.

 Subject: Donation

 Dear Bart,

 Here's a crumb of bread to help you "build the hammer higher."
 My wife and I share a growing disbelief at the arrogance and blundering of our selected President.
 We are ever more dumbstruck by the PALL OF IGNORANCE enshrouding the minds of all in
 the current administration and their parochial myopia (how that for a disease!).

 Bartcop represents all that we feel and puts into words and wacky pix our anger and shame at being
 deemed ugly Americans by the rest of humanity, all because of the loathsome swaggering of George Bush.

 Thanks for being there and speaking up. We, all of us, need to find a way to express our dismay
 without burning ourselves up with anger in the process.

 God save us from the Christians. God save us from ignorant Republicans.

 Larry W


"Welcome back to CROSSFIRE, which might be my last one after that outburst."
    -- Carville, who used "goddamn" and assholes" in his tirades.

 I like that kind of talk.  Not because I enjoy hearing those words, but their use
 tells me that the speaker is speaking frankly, and not holding anything back.

 From the CNN transcript:

 CARVILLE: (UNINTELLIGIBLE) people in these mosques in these countries that are praying,
 that are working, that are good Americans, that pay taxes here. They're not evil people.
 They're good people. And for you to suggest that and Franklin Graham to suggest that
 is just wrong, god damn it, it is wrong.

 CARVILLE: What offends me is that people expect me to hate Muslims because some assholes,
 some criminals, ran a building (UNINTELLIGIBLE). This is what Franklin Graham said, and
 you'd agree. He called Islam a very different God, a very evil...

click for more

Subject: Jon Stewart

Hey Bart,

I like John Stewart, too, but wasn't the complaint by Republicans against Clinton that he
actually ran it like a business and sold nights in the Lincoln bedroom specifically for money?

It wasn't that he had people stay over.  The complaint was Clinton used the White House
like a hotel where anyone could stay there if they anteed up enough money.

Dan Bain

Dan, how very Catholic that sounds.
It's bad if Clinton did it, because "he ran it like a hotel."
It's OK if Bush does it, because..._______________________.

Please fill in that blank, would you?

Harold Ickes has some BartCop in him.
Once, under oath, Sen Dominici asked Ickes if the president's friends got to ride
on Air Force One and Ickes shot back, "No, Sir, ...only his enemies."

I, for one, don't see the "sanctity" of the Lincoln Bedroom.
I mean, it's not Arlington Cemetary.
Whoever the president it, his friends spend the night, they fly on Air Force One,
they are invited to dinner at the White House, they go to parties with the president, etc.

The crime wasn't what Clinton did.
The crime was taking what every president has done and then screaming
"He's being a whore," and then doing it yourself  four years later.

Remember, Bush ran on the "honor and dignity" platform, the only difference being
instead of Spielberg and Streisand, Bush is hosting BIG oil and BIG tobacco.

...now in its second year!
Woo Hoo!


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 In Influence: Science and Practice (4th Edition), Robert B. Cialdini groups influence techniques
 into six categories: reciprocation, consistency, social proof, liking, authority, and scarcity.

 Reciprocation -- Bartcop has done something for me, so I ought to do something for Bartcop.

 Consistency -- I'm a radical kind of guy that likes to make a difference, it would be inconsistent
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 Dueling Quotes

"As befits Mr. Barr's celebrity status, he attracted a host of conservative luminaries,
 including Charlton Heston, G. Gordon Liddy and Oliver L. North to campaign for him."
     -- Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"In Georgia it seems impossible. How could Bob Barr have lost
  with the support of two felons and an Alzheimer's patient?"
     -- Rackjite

 Click  Here  for more Rackjite

 Subject: Lincoln Bedroom

The point is not that Bush has guests at the White House.
Presidents always have many guests.
Republicans did not care about that.

What we cared about is that Bill Clinton SOLD rooms
for cash to people who would fork over the money.
It was an illegal business run by Bill Clinton.

Don Jackson

Don, what in the world are you talking about?
All presidents treat their big contributors with perks.

Bush took money from BIG oil and BIG tobacco and they were rewarded.
Clinton took money from Speilberg and Streisand and they were rewarded.

What's the difference?

You think if you leave out the word "sold" when taking about Bush
that makes it OK for him to do what Clinton and his daddy and Reagan did?

Can you explain yourself?

 Intercepted 1998 e-mails between Poppy and Junior
  Thanks to R Waters for sending this in

Daddy, do you think they'll build the bomb?
Daddy, do you think they'll try to break my balls?
Ooooowaa  Daddy, should I build a wall?

Daddy, should I run for President?
Daddy, will they put me in the firing line?
Ooooowaa  is it just a waste of time?

             Hush, my baby.  Baby, don't you cry.
             Daddy's gonna make all of your wishes come true.
             Daddy's gonna put all of his failures on you.
             Daddy's gonna keep the bad press off of you.
             I won't let you govern, and you'll never be harmed.
             Daddy's gonna keep Junior cozy and warm.
             Ooo Babe, of course Daddy's gonna help build a wall.

Daddy, do you think America's good enough, ...for me?
Daddy, do you think she's dangerous, ...to me?
Daddy will she tear your little boy apart?
Ooooowaa  Daddy, will she break my heart?

             Hush, my baby.  Baby, don't you cry.
             Daddy's gonna check out your cabinet for you.
             Daddy won't let anyone disloyal get through.
             Daddy's gonna get Olson and Baker for you.
             Daddy will always know where you've been.
             Daddy's gonna keep Junior needy and mean.
             Ooo Junior, you'll always be Baby to me.

Daddy, did it need to be so high?

 BartFest2002 - Party on the Strip

 Make your own hotel reservations.

 BartFest tickets will be available until the night of the party.

 Update - Vegas Fever is spreading.  Ticket sales have been pretty good, (except for California)
 and we're still 5-plus weeks away, so call me an optimist for thinking we're doing OK.

 No news on the special guest stars yet, but we're checking the e-mail every hour.
 I'm content to let things happen - yeah, that's the way to make this happen.

 Check The Rio web site.
 Click on "Hot Deals,"and get a luxury suite for $139 on Fri/Sat and $59 Sun-Thurs.


Just 5 weeks away ...isn't it exciting?
 (Oh, God, please don't let me lose my ass on this!)


 September 28th -  tickets on sale!

 When it gets darker, the colors are LSD-bright

 Click  Here  to see Bart's 48 (so far) things to do in Vegas.

 Click  Here  to see Dave's 100 Things to do in Vegas

 Talk to me!

 Special  bartcop.com Exclusive

 Casino Gambling: The Absolute Minimum
   A primer on how to not lose your ass gambling at the casinos
    by  George Backus

 Click  Here  for Installment One

 Click  Here  for Installment TWO

Just IMAGINE if Bill Clinton had:

 1.  sold millions in oil equipment to Iraq, at the same time that he and
      his party were pounding the war-drum vs. that state!
 2.  spun off a Haliburton company Insurance Subsidiary that had millions
      in potential claims liabilities about to break open....
 3.  engaged in a huge and risky buyout of a company, Dresser Industries,
      that had further millions in asbestos liabilities...
 4.  used shaky accounting to justify the buyout, and minimize Haliburton's federal taxes...
 5.  STONEWALLED all public requests for information about the conduct of
      Cheney's "Energy Task Force" that determined national energy policies.....

  Cheney Ruthless as a CEO
  Tale of Two Brothers.

    Click  Here

  True, Bush's good puppy press refuses to hold them accountable for anything.

 Cross your fingers - we should know something soon...

BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, only 36 more days, Vegas is calling you.
 BartCop, over 90 different tequilas at the Hard Rock.....
BartCop, ...BartCop...only 36 more days,
 BartCop, ...BartCop...come to Vegas...

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