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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Bartcop Radio #163 is up 
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 Glacier Week-Friday,  August 21-27, 2010     Vol 2570 - Two Medicine

Click for Full Size, Hi-Res version

Quote of the Day

"You dumb motherfuckers don’t
  even know my opinion on shit." 

     --  a Black man mistaken for a Muslim and
        harrassed at a Teabagger rally at Ground Zero


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow GOP has disgraced America 
Arrow Palin's Twitter Backlash
Arrow Palin 0-for-5 in endorsements
Arrow Obama Should Go To Church
Arrow Inhofe's Jesus Secret  
Arrow Stimulus saved up to 3M jobs  
Arrow Jessica Alba spices up sex life


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 "The bottom line is this: the Democrats are afraid of the Republicans. They – all of them,
from Obama on down – are afraid of Rush Limbaugh and Michele Bachmann and you name it.
You hear Democratic operatives talk strategy, and there's always a "logical" reason why this or
that aggressive attack might not work. But it's nothing to do with logic. They're just afraid.
Bat-Shit Bachmann, who wants the government out of everything, is a good case in point.
It's been revealed that her family farm has received $250,000 in federal subsidies. If she
were a Democrat, the Republicans would make sure the entire country knew it.

But the Democrats won't do things like that. If they had for the past 20 months, Americans
would be talking about a president who, all things considered, is doing his best against
quasi-insane and hypocritical opposition. But they're telling each other a different story.
And the Democrats will go on not learning the lesson of the price of their fear."

    -- Michael Tomasky,   Link  

 Of course, he right.
 The biggest problem the Dempocrats have is they have no will to fight, no will to win.

 We lose debates even when we're right - because our guys have no clue how to fight.
 Jon Stewart pointed out that some Saudi shiek Imam dude is the biggest
 stockholder at FOX News, but why did it take a TV comic to point that out?

 If our brain-dead Democrats could learn to list the facts, they'd never lose.

Bartcop's Worldwide Computer Repair

We fix broken computers.
Can we fix yours?

We come to you!

GOP has disgraced America
Don't forget, Harry Reid did, too




Subject: I release you from your guilt.

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"BTW he personally told the Muslims that he IS a Muslim. Read his lips."
          --  RNC committee woman Kim Lehman, (R-Lying Whore)    Link

"I'm a Christian, but my father came from a Kenyan family
  that includes generations of Muslims."

          --  What Obama really said to "those Muslims"    Link

See more at

Marty's has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!


"It all comes down to messaging, or  framing. The president who ran such a brilliant campaign,
  they argue, has utterly failed to communicate his successes. They cited factors like the president's
  cool demeanor and suggested that he hadn't used the right words or shown the proper empathy."
     -- Matt Bai     Link

 Did Obama run a "brilliant campaign" in 2008?

 He had the help of the GOP and the whore media, and don't forget
 that Bush ran the economy off the cliff 30 days before the election.

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FOX News's largest shareholder is a radical Muslim

Palin's Twitter Backlash
Defending nasty Laura was a bad move


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject:  Donations

Quit askin' for donations.  You hardly even work. 
You haven't posted a new page in over a week. 

I like your site, but I wish you had the work ethic of Marty E.

dtwicked, me, too!
Marty's missed maybe 1-2 days in the last 9 years!

...and she does it on dial-up.

Thanks for missing me.

BTW, my arthritic-wracked index finger feels great after a week off.

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"To stand a chance in 2012, Obama's going to need someone to light a fire under him,
  someone who can play politics fiercely -- and also can bring in some new voters.
  I am describing Obama's second-term masterstroke: Vice President Hillary."

          --  David Ignatius     Link

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Make your pet famous!

I have a funny-as-hell pic of my dog Skip! (yes, the exclamation point is part of his name - if you met him you'd understand).
He is an abuse rescue, as are all four of our dogs having lost an eye, broken nose and skull fracture at about 4 weeks old.
I'm not sure what they did with the bastard that did it, some backyard breeder around here, but Skip! has been my awesome
buddy for the last 9 years and is an amazing frisbee player. We have an AWESOME vet here in Daytona Beach that donated
his time to saving ol' Skip! knowing he was headed for the luxury life after he healed. Has no issues from his injury and is al
all-around great guy. In this pic, he was doing his signature Tasmanian Devil scratch and was just lucky enough to get the pic.
Hope everyone enjoys it!


All the best,

Terry, that's a nice thing you're doing - adopting rescue dogs.

 Send your pet's picture to Bart


Obama Should Go To Church More Publicly
I think that's smart political advice


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject:  Bartcop Worldwide Computer Repair

Morning Bart:

Just had a session with your repairman buddy Jordan.
Great job, friendly guy.

Keep Hammering.
Your Bud:

Subject:  Bartcop Worldwide Computer Repair

My computer was slowed down to a crawl and acting erratically,
and with some pretty hefty expenditures coming up, I was getting panicky.

I thought I was gonna have to buy a new one because this one is four years old
and it would be foolish to spend hundreds in repairs. Not only that but the school year
is getting ready to start in less than two weeks and I need to use this thing intensely
this time of the year for setting up schedules, making up grade sheets, and all sorts of teacher stuff.

So I tried your guy.

Pffft ... Nothin' to it: 75 bucks and one hour and three seconds later
I was back in business with a smoooooth runnin' machine.  All so affordable and painless.

Great service, man. And your guy is very polite and friendly, too. 
(Sadly, I forgot his name -- hey I'm 65, I can do that, LOL.)
Thanks Bart. 
I recommend this service to anyone without reservations.


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Thanks to Sharon and
EFerrari at

Adult Friend

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Poor bastard Quotes
"He's playing like the old Tiger!"

       --  headline I saw out West
 That poor bastard.

 From now on, any time he shoots par on a hole, any time he
 makes a putt longer than five feet, they're going to say,
 "Look, we're seeing flashes of the old Eldrick."
 which is proof he's lost it and will never win another major.

 Poor bastard is what, 35?
 He's going to have to listen to that for the next 35-40 years.

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Inhofe's Jesus Secret
Pissquik knows the real reason Jesus died

   "Screw the poor."


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Saw this over at

Stimulus saved up to 3M jobs
But the Teabaggers want the "evil government" to back off



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Subject: Christians and Stem Cell Research

There comes a point where the right of free speech meets freedom of religion head on. This week a federal judge
stopped stem cell research because of a law that was the result of Christianity's war on science. According to
Christan values, people like me would burn in hell in the next life for doing scientific research on cell that would
otherwise have ended up in the garbage.

I am the founder of the Church of Reality and our religion has a different world view of the afterlife. In our religion
everything you do becomes part of your "Life Story" and when you die, who you were is the sum total of everything
you did. It is a historical fact, for example, that Galileo was imprisoned by the Catholic Church because he talked
about the Earth orbiting the Sun. That is part of the Catholics Life Story and even though they now recognize
they were wrong, the fact that it happened never goes away.

In our religion two of our Sacred Principles are the Principle of Responsibility and the Principle of Scrutiny.
These principles require us to think things through and be sure so that when we take a stand on an issue that
the reasoning behind our choice is in fact sound judgment. Sound judgment is required in the Church of Reality
lifestyle. When our life story is remembered, we want people to say we made the right choices.

Like the Catholic Church and Galileo however, Christians of this era will be judged by History and this day
will be looked back upon as a mistake and that hundreds of thousands needlessly died and suffered as a result
of the delays caused by the obstruction of stem cell research. The blood will be on the hands of those who
oppose stem cell research because they didn't go to the trouble to think things through before taking a stand.

We are a religion that seeks the Truth. The real truth. And what is it that can be a higher truth than reality itself?
Science is holy to us because science brings us closer to reality. Science is by definition the exploration of reality.

You Christians can go pray to your invisible friend all you want. I don't care.
But when you interfere with science then you are interfering with our religious beliefs.
So I want to say to the Christian community that I really resent it.

Marc Perkel
My blog:
Founder of the Church of Reality
Reality changed my life. It can change your life too.

If you feel that drugs or alcohol are a problem for you,
Drug Rehab is a solution to get your life back on track.


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Weird Picture of the Day


Can you spot the crook?

Subject: Pat Tillman 
I read the book his mother wrote and when I got to the part where she went to
the White House to see Bush and he greeted her with some smart ass remark like,
"I'm George W. Bush, President of the United States and I understand you have
a problem with the way I'm running my military."

It's a damn good thing I wasn't with her or I would have ripped that worthless little
fuckers face off right then and there.  I still can't describe the anger I felt when I read that.
In fact, I'm approaching the same level of anger just telling you about it.

I remember Cindy Sheehan being pissed at him for his attitude, too.
He said something like, "How we doin' Mom?" and she said, "I'm not your mother!"

I guess we should be thankful he didn't fart for her.

Send e-mail to Bart

Mike Malloy


My report card came in.

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Guess the City


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: last issue's mystery city

Hey Bart... Last issue's Mystery City looks just like a photo I took of Toledo, Spain
on a day trip from Madrid several years ago. Pretty nice view as you head into town...

Ken, great work.
I didn't think anybody would get that.

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Today's History Mystery


Who is this man?

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: last issue's history mystery
Here's the people in the picture from last issue: this is the
meeting at Droxford station in England, 4 days before D-Day.

Left to right:
Mackenzie King, Prime minister of Canada;
Winston Churchill;
the head coming out of the train is General De Gaulle from France;
the man in the hat is Peter Fraser, PM of New Zealand;
Gen. Eisenhower;
Anthony Eden; and
General Smuts from South Africa.

Keep that hammer going, Bart.
Thanks again,
Hanny V, NYC

Hanny, I'll take your word for it.

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Eldrick is finished
He'll never win another major



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Subject: Donation

I had no idea a delay in my pledge would freeze the page for a week!
Home repair issues force me to downgrade the amount.

Please don't send the stickers, as I want you to use
as much of the money as you can.
 Eric from Boston

Eric, that was cool - thanks.

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Thank you

Jessica Alba spices up sex life 
She brings in 'other stuff' to make sex outrageous

Link to Story

Check out dozens of  Jessica Alba images at BC Hotties

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 It had everything.

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