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Volume 548 - I Did What I Could
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It's 125 in K-Drag today.
Sure wish I was in Ely, Mn.

 August 6, 2001.  ..... ...  .............  Sabutai Concert 

Have you gone to to sign up yet?
  That's the place where one might listen to, oh, I don't know, ...maybe some live, subversive, pirate political radio...
  It only takes a minute, and I'd recommend you choose your current MP3 player instead of their "recommended" player,
  which locks up when you try to DL it.'ll never know when you might suddenly need to hear an internet radio show. 
  Big Dog signs $8,000,000.00 book deal

 From that TVBarn that someone accused me of ripping off:

      Monday, August 6, 2001

   Earlier I passed along a story from another publication reporting that Michael Moore's "The Awful Truth"
   had been cancelled. Either the folks at Bravo publicity are in deep denial or tha' tain't necessarily so.
   A TV Barn reader, Dwight Brown, e-mailed Bravo about Moore's supposed cancellation
   and here's the response he got back:

     Thank you for contacting Bravo. We appreciate your interest in The
     Awful Truth. The network is currently working on a decision
     regarding the renewal of The Awful Truth. We look forward to making
     a decision soon and will certainly pass along your interests to the
     programming department. Again, thanks for your interest in Bravo.


Subject: Your Bushie Award

Bartcop --

Just wanted to congratulate you, somewhat belatedly,
on winning a Bushie Award and for running such a hilarious site.

I finally have an award graphic for you.

Keep up the funny -- and stay tuned for
the 2nd Annual Political Dot-Comedy Awards at year's end.

Dan Kurtzman

Thanks, Dan.
Jeepers, it's heavy...

 Great News

 Chris Rock is coming back to HBO.

 That deserves a shot of Chinaco. 

 Dennis the Screamer and MNF return tonight.

  Did you see his show Friday with DeeDee Myers (D-Judessa) He'd ask her a question but
  before she could answer, Miller would start screaming what an degenerate pervert Clinton was.
  I think he's been hanging around Al Michaels (R-Fascist) too much.


Subject: Re:Live365 access (It's not neccessary for people to sign up)

Hey BC,

You can access Live365's radio broadcasts without signing don't even have to look at their
webpage once. You can connect to the broadcast using just the newer versions of winamp..

One can just type the IP address into the ADD URL section of the playlist window..or even easier,
somebody could offer a bartcop.m3u playlist file (Save Playlist)..someone downloads the file and just
double-clicks on that file, instantly connecting the person to the broadcast..

I hope that saves a lot of trouble for people..and less trouble means that more people will give it a
listen, and therefore grow the hammer higher.

Glenn MacEachern

Glenn, thanks for that.


 "I am not worried about the deficit. It is big enough to take care of itself."
     -- Red Ink Reagan


Subject: The liberal legacy continues...

There's a historically accurate scene in "The Patriot," which is about the American Revolutionary War,
that is causing liberals great anguish. In this politically incorrect scene Gibson's cinema character actually
hands rifles to his two sons, one 10, the other 13, and off they go to protect their farm and their freedom
from the Redcoat onslaught. Then, the unthinkable happens. These two "children" actually fire those guns
at British soldiers and KILL them - just to defend themselves and their property - oh, and to fight for freedom!

Then it hit me. Just like a mathematical equation. American patriots would not have been able to fight
for their freedom without guns. Therefore, guns equal freedom. No guns, no freedom.

Liberals made that association long ago. They, too, know that people cannot fight for or preserve freedom
unless they have the means to do so - and that means guns.

It's true that many (if not most) liberals have an illogical position on guns.
Whenever I run into one of them, I always ask,
"What would you do if some men started kicking in your front door in the middle of the night?"

They usually say "Call the cops" or "Get a baseball bat," which is as helpful as prayer in that case.
Me? I would execute them on the spot.
I guess I'm not as liberal as some people.

Liberals are not lovers of freedom. Liberals believe that the average person is simply too ignorant to be free.
They believe that the average person can only live a fulfilling life with the help and guidance of those who
are more qualified, capable and intelligent - and that, of course, would be the leftist intelligentsia.

Gee, Rush, that's almost like goofy talk.

Liberals love government. They love coercive government. If there were a revolutionary war today,
it would not be the liberals waiting to see the whites of their eyes.

Let's see if you have any balls - answer these questions:
They're numbered so you can't weasel out

1. Smoking pot - are you for more or less government?
2. Eminem on the radio - are you for more or less government?
3. Women's reproductive freedom, are you for more or less government?
4. Liquor store laws - are you for more or less government?
5. Pornography - are you for more or less government?
6. The Internet - are you for more or less government?

Liberals are well aware of the interconnect between guns and freedom.
So, now you know why liberals hate guns.

If I don't understand them, you certainly don't.

Peter Sliman,
Asst Professor EIB University


Subject: How to attract Conservatives to CNN

Dear Mr. Isaacson,

I heard that you have recently met with Conservative leaders in Washington, D.C.
to ask how to attract more Conservatives to CNN.

You could have saved yourself the time, and the trip, because it is simple,
so simple that even a Conservative could figure it out.

Obey Karl Rove
Chase Clinton's Cock

There you go, that's the formula.  Good luck--by the way, you'll be LOSING non-conservatives,
but we haven't taken CNN seriously for quite some time now anyway.


Neil R. Murray
Barnet, Vermont (home of INDEPENDENT congressmen)

 Fighting Liberals

  Click  Here


Subject: The DEMS are Anti-Democratic

BC, you said:

>Nobody was afraid of Nader, it just made no sense to let him in the debate.

Of course they WERE afraid of NADER--THAT is why it "made no sense" to let him in the debate!

It's called an open democratic system--except that the

I disagree.
Mr. Three percent had no business on that stage.
Perot, with his (then) 25 percent did.

Do you think that if Nader had had media exposure and been allowed to debate both Bush and Gore
(both of whom he would have killed in a debate) that it is possible that he might have gotten a lot more votes??

Nader isn't an unknown.
He's been around since the sixties.
It's not that we don't know him - we don't trust him because he's never held office.
Why don't you convince him to run for the House so we can see how he handles
a campiagn and the pressure and gets along with others?

It's the same reason why you don't have the circulation that the NY Times does.  Exposure.

The NYWT has been around a hundred years.
Ninety three years from now  will be f-ing hueueueueuge.

As Jeff said: Face it Bartcop, if you keep voting for the lesser of two evils, evil always wins.

I hate when people argue using someone else's cliches.
Besides, your way, the greater evil won.

That is precisely where Nader (or other independent voters) differ from the two
Repuplican Parties, the hard right one, and the moderate right one.
Take some time to think it over..............

Don't need time.
Nader will never, ever be president - ever.
You can vote for him until the mountains crumble to the sea
you can elect republicans the next 20 times in a row,
but Nader's not going to be president.

  Does Dick Morris read

 GOP: Don't walk the HMO plank
   by Dick Morris

  Click  Here

 Unless you want to watch negative ads about some poor constituent whose life was
 ruined by a medical mistake but who cannot sue for more than a pittance and can't sue
 at all to punish the doctors who screwed up, don't walk the plank on this issue.

 Don't worry, Dick.
 The Demos don't have the brains or the guts to run ads like that.
 Besides, Karl Rove isn't likely to give his permission.

 From: (withheld)

 Just signed up at but can't find your station.
 Searched for bartcop, bart cop, limba (got some nice Spanish stuff with that one), but no Bartcop.

 Also browsed through about 20 pages of the 'talk' category, but to no avail.
 Are you live yet?

 Sir or madam,
 I must've worded that announcement "funny."

 It took me a while to get signed up with  live365 (IQ of 64, you know) so I thought I'd
 alert people so when the word comes down, they don't spend an hour getting signed up
 only to find out the show has just ended :)


 "No candidate should be concerned about getting votes for their opponents.
   What these people are really saying is that we shouldn't have run: Leave the
   political arena to the two big parties, keep quiet, stay home, don't challenge them."
    -- Ralph Nader, trying to justify his putting Smirk in the White House

 'Rush' Buddies Spank Monkeys

  No, it's not abour Clarence Thomas and Bob Dornan.
  The new Rush Hour movie made $66 million this weekend.


 Bush joins cock hunt

  Since US Attorney Mary Jo White (Southern District of New York) can't find any evidence of
  wrongdoing by the Clintons, the Bush administration will nominate a more aggressive (and partisan)
  Hardon Kenny-style persecutor go fabricate a case against the most popular ex-president
  America has had in decades.

  The White House began announcing its U.S. attorney nominees this week, but the official could
  not give a time frame for when a candidate would be named to replace Mary Jo White.
  White is investigating President Clinton's last-minute pardons and commutations.
  She could be replaced before her work on those investigations ends so Karl Rove's
  attack dog can keep the persecution going until the end of time, sources said.

 Trouble at BartCop Manor

 Mrs. BartCop was dusting the library when (what are the odds?) she pulled out the book
 that triggers the motors that activate the secret door to my Angie Harmon Shrine.

 She said when we go to Las Vegas, we'll be staying at The Bellagio or The Venetian.

 Well, ...she will be, anyway...

 The Never-ending Nader go Round
  If we don't resolve this, the Greens will give Bush a second term.

  Click  Here


 Subject: Bush the idiot

 Unfortunately, as one of MWO's Message Board posters found, the "Presidential IQ" thing turns out
 to be a very funny piece of creative writing.    I fell for it, from the NewsOne.Net   or  alt.showbiz.gossip
 celebrity gossip website.  (However, the IQ #s are CONVINCINGLY real-appearing.)

 John Garza

      147 Franklin D. Roosevelt (D)
      132 Harry Truman (D)
      122 Dwight D. Eisenhower (R)
      174 John F. Kennedy (D)
      126 Lyndon B. Johnson (D)
      155 Richard M. Nixon (R)
      121 Gerald Ford (R)
      175 James E. Carter (D)
      105 Ronald Reagan (R)
      098 George HW Bush (R)
      182 William J. Clinton (D)
      091 George W. Bush (R)

 John, you have failed to convince me it's a hoax.
 The only thing that looks suspicious is Reagan breaking 90.

 Happy Birthday to...

             Loni Anderson is 55                                             Maureen McCormick is 45                                           Tawny Kitaen is 50

 Also, Martin Sheen turns 61, Neil Armstrong is 71 and Jon Benet Ramsey would've been 11 if
 her parents hadn't dressed her up like a hooker than left the doors and windows unlocked and
 forget to check on her to find out where she was Christmas night.

 No More 'That's my Bush'

 Comedy Central has cancelled That's My Bush! after just eight episodes.
 However, Dubya isn't out of the woods yet:  Matt & Trey said the short-lived comedy
 is headed for the big screen. The duo currently are working on a script - tentatively titled
 George W. Bush and the Secret of the Glass Tiger - which finds Mr. President foiling
 a Chinese invasion of America.

 This will only be of interest to the men...

 Click  Here

 Mo Dowd Hates Everybody
  Today, it's Al Gore

  Click  Here

 At W.'s inauguration, as Bill Clinton and Al Gore walked down the stairs,
 Bill stopped at James Baker's row. "You were good in Florida, man, damn good,"
 Elvis told the Velvet Hammer. Gesturing toward Mr. Gore, he went on:
 "But if this [epithet] would've listened to me and put me out on the trail,
  you'd of never had the chance to be good."

 How true.
 Eight years of unparalled peace and prosperity,
 running against a bag of spoiled meat,
 and Gore couldn't pull it off.


Subject: a game of logic for Bartcop


I offer you a game in logic, if you please. I will give you a premise
and ask you to see where logic takes you.

I offer as a preface the multitudes who I believe would rather stay home than vote for
an anti-abortion candidate.  You can poo-poo the premise all you want, call it overtly
and destructively idealistic -- I expect nothing less -- but please telescope it to a logical conclusion.

Premise: You are a liberal and you will never vote for someone who
supports the death penalty. What do you do on election day 2000?


Rod, that's too easy.
You vote against the idiot.
You vote against the guy who giggles about killing people.
You vote against the guy who holds the western hemisphere record for the most state sanctioned murders.

You don't reward the son of a baby killer and an illegal arms dealer with the White House.

  Looking Back on the Great Original Gangster Epic With a Pair of Principals
   by  Johnny Angel

  Click  Here

  Great article, don't miss it.

 Something that's been bothering me since Grilling with the Godfather a month ago.
 Coppola said the movie showed how Michael was "seduced" by the family's dark side.

 He ought to know what he's talking about, right?
 But that wasn't in The Godfather I've seen all these years.

 "Civilian" Michael went to the hospital to visit his dad. When he got there, he saw that Dad was
 all alone, and he made the decision to move him to another room. Then he & the baker stood outside
 and bluffed the shooters away by making them think they had guns.  Sterling Hayden showed up and
 broke Mike's jaw, leading Mike to the decision that killing Pop was the key to victory for Sollozzo.

 Realizing Sollozzo was invulnerable as long as he was protected by a police captain,
 (and this moment is one of the greatest acting jobs in all of film) Michael announced that
 he would kill them both - which was in his mind at least, the ONLY way to save his dad's life.

 Where was the seduction?

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

 Copyright © 2001,
   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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