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Volume 690 - Lobotomy Democrats

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 Wednesday - January 16, 2002                                                            Online Shopping with Amazon.com (see below)

 It's all Bill Clinton's fault
   by Gene Lyons

   Click  Here

 Not to put to fine a point upon it, but this is a barefaced lie. Or would be if you didn't suspect that
 Bush's overweening sense of entitlement is such that he honestly can't recall which of Daddy's friends
 bought him what when.

 With its online advantage, the mediawhoresonline.com website began correcting the record on Friday.
 By Saturday, the Dallas Morning News and Houston Chronicle weighed in. Then Salon. True, Lay did
 donate $12,500 to Ann Richards' campaign in 1994. Except that he, his wife, and Enron execs gave Bush
 more than $146,000. Last year, Lay told PBS's "Frontline" that he supported Bush in 1994,  unanimously
 confirmed by Texas political operatives.


"One would like to hear from President Bush, regarding Enron's executives, the sort of anger
  he expressed over the possibility that the crybaby Secret Service agent whose behavior caused
  an American Airlines pilot to bar him from a flight might have been a victim of illegitimate profiling.

  Instead, we have heard Bush's slippery -- Clintonian, actually -- assertion that Enron's CEO,
  Ken Lay, 'was a supporter of Ann Richards in my run in 1994' for governor. Well, yes, but no.
  Lay contributed to Richards. And he contributed much more to Bush."
    -- George Will, yes, the smarmy George Will has finally gotten one right.

  Good God, who ever thought they'd live to hear George Will say something true?

 Kmart's Board Meets, Bankruptcy an Option

  Click  Here

 Kmart Corp. board of directors met on Tuesday to discuss financial options,
 possibly even bankruptcy, as the stock of the discount retailer again fell sharply today.

 During the Clinton Miracle, Kmart stock broke the $20 barrier.
 Within a year of the Failure in Thief driving the boat, their stock is less than $2.50
 Kmart isn't the only one.

 Rating agencies see more pain for retailers

"We lowered an awful a lot of ratings in 2001, and I would expect
  that we will have more downgrades than upgrades this year as well,''
  says Jerry Hirschberg, director of Standard & Poor's corporate credit ratings.

 Just like his daddy, he drags us into war and recession,
 but the Bush Family Evil Empire is poised to make billions from it.

 Remember what Al Gore said: "Prosperity itself is on the ballot in November."
 ...but Scalia had other plans for America's future.

From: tim_dorothy@msn.com

Subject: yesterday's "A slut named Laura"

While I was reading your story of the woman who called the panty dropper for help,
I couldn't help thinking that if you substituted politics in place of playing in a band,
you would be telling the Bush story.

If I recall the stories they were telling on the campaign trail right, Laura didn't want Georgie
to get back into politics. The twins didn't either. Georgie convinced them that he felt like he needed to.

Do you think that panty dropping Laura would give the same kind of advice to Laura Bush?

Great point!
For President Monkey in a Man Suit, first comes the Evil Empire, then Enron,
then the GOP, then his wife and children if there's any left to go around.


"Zell Miller (D-it figures) praised President Bush's war-time performance as "magnificent"
 and declared Clinton's reaction to a 1998 attack on U.S. embassies in Africa by Muslim
 terrorists as "wimpy.  The only response we made was firing a few missiles on an empty
 terrorist camp. It was a wimpy response so totally inadequate I was ashamed."
    -- Atlanta Journal Constitution, January 15, 2002

 Excuse me, Senator, but I have a question:  Could you list for me the "magnificent" response
 President Bush took against terrorism before September 11th?

 You're very proud of a unelected oil man who did nothing but strong-arm The Taliban for a pipeline,
 and that seems to have been the primary catalyst for the September 11th attacks.

  Media Whores Online continues to lead the way.
  They are more reliable and more honest than any dead trees newspaper.
 MWO's The Annals of Enron

  Click  Here

 If anybody at Andersen is in hot water over the Enron affair, it would appear to be Goddard.
 Presumably, he worked closely with Enron and Kenneth Lay.

 Goddard is also (surprise!) a key financial backer of George W. Bush, one of the elite group of "Pioneers"
 (along with his and Bush's good friend, "Kenny Boy" Lay) who raised $100,000 or more for the Bush 2000
 presidential campaign.

 And not just that. According to records obtained by Texans for Public Justice, Goddard contributed over
 $250,000 in soft money contributions from his employer, the vast bulk of it ($238,908) going to Republicans.

 Did Goddard in any way facilitate the destruction of Arthur Andersen files in connection with Enron?
 If so, whom or what was he attempting to shield from investigators?
 If not, how can he explain what happened on his watch?

 And why, everywhere you look, is practically everyone caught up in the Enron scandal also a big Bush supporter?

 The Bush Family Evil Empire is so rich and so corrupt, they can say,
 "Here's $50 million, you're taking the blame for all this."

 After nine years of chasing Clinton's cock over imaginary crimes,
 we see a real-life missing billion dollars and Ari Fliesher warns us to "Watch what we say,"
 and "Make this a political issue at your own risk?"

 Of course, the toady press and the quaking boots Democrats will follow their marching orders.
 Bush will skate - again - he always does.

 Bush to Lay: What Was Your Name Again?
    by Robert Scheer

 Click  Here

 In March 1993, Enron hired Bush's Commerce secretary, Robert A. Mosbacher, and James A. Baker III,
 to line up contracts for Enron around the world. As Enron's representative, Baker even went on a trip
 accompanying the ex-president to Kuwait to do big business in the nation Bush had fought the Gulf War to save.

 The trip was criticized by Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, who said that he had turned down millions in proffered
 deals to do business in Kuwait after the war.

"I represent 540,000 American men and women, not some private company," said Schwarzkopf.
"They were willing to die in Kuwait. Why should I profit from their sacrifice?"

 But Norm, that how the Bush Family Evil Empire does business.

 They break laws to get into power, then they drag America into a war where the rules change and secrecy
 becomes the patriotic duty of everyone.   Then the Bush Family Evil Empire gets richer than hell.

 ...and the press and the lobotomy Democrats cheerfully go along for the ride.

 A Second Winner

 From: Jake Parson

 I posted the answer back on January 10 in the Forum as you requested:


 Jake, sorry, but can only have one winner per contest - - kidding!
 I failed to monitor the posting forum as closely as I should have.
 ...so you are also a winner!

 You may even have been first, but that other guy already picked the Aerosmith CD,
 so you can choose from the Garbage, the Dylan or the Janet Jackson AND you get your choco!!!

 Send me your street address (they can't ship to a PO box) and which CD you want.
 Congrats, and thanks for finding that.

 bartcop.com ...what a place!
 You get your news, your news analysis, your rock 'n roll, daily birthday salutes,
 the best chocolate in the world, fine tequila research ...and it's all free!

"I am the Central Scrutinizer
 What kind of illegal Ponzi scheme you running here, Funnyboy?
 I think we need to look into you and your "free" dot.com, Funnyboy."

 Hey, Mr. Asswipe, why don't you go arrest somebody at Enron?

 Nudity on  bartcop.com

 Click  Here


 "A little bit sexy..."
    -- CNN's Candy Crowley describing herself to the Best Practices in Journalism
        political reporting conference in Orlando Friday night

  Uh, ...excuse me, Candy, but you're not a "little" anything.

 Dear John
   by Isaac Peterson

  Click  Here

 Dear Attorney General Ashcroft,
 I never thought I would be writing to you, but as you've said, these are unusual times.

 I've wanted to talk to you, but you haven't been very good about returning my calls,
 so I'm writing you this letter. I hope you can make the time to read it.
 I know how busy you are, what with rewriting the Constitution and all.

From: bushblowsus@yahoo.com

Subject: rug burns

If you ask me, that ain't no bruise, it's a severe rug burn.
Where was Mr. Rove on Sunday evening while Pickles was in the other room?
Where was Rush?
Where was Attorney General John 'Annoint-me-with-Crisco' Ashcroft?


I have a picture of a Georgie Boy where his friend bin Laden, is  ...following too close.
I'll bet you've seen it, too.  I don't run it, tho, because we don't do the gratutitous nudity thing
here at  bartcop.com  ...but it would explain that rug burn.

 Congrats to for breaking 50,000 hits.
  That happens when you put pictures of Angie Harmon on your site.

From: (withheld)

Subject:  WTC Memorial controversy


I think that the memorial doesn't necessarily have to accurately represent the guys who raised the flag
because it isn't their memorial. The memorial is for the firefighters who died and representing them is
more important than matching the picture.

Please withhold address, I have enough stalkers.

Alex, I'm OK with that, but they need to pick a different moment or event.
Changing history at the sacrifice of accuracy seems pointless.

 Clueless In Afghanistan… The Sequel
  by Al Martin

  Click  Here

 You may have heard about the new US campaign in Afghanistan -- dropping propaganda canisters
 full of propaganda leaflets. They're supposed to be WANTED posters for Osama bin Laden,
 written in the local dialect. It's supposed to be a picture of him with a caption that says,
 "Have you seen this man?"

 The picture, though, is a doctored photo showing him, clean-shaven and dressed in a Western-style
 business suit. The Afghani peasants are having a hell of a time with these leaflets because every time
 they see an American soldier, they laugh, they point to the picture and they say,
 "Oh no, we haven't seen any clean shaven Arabs dressed in JC Penney business suits
 that look like this, wandering around the hinterlands of Afghanistan - but we're still looking."

 If anybody is interested in making 
 contact John Cole (not me) and we'll see what happens

 Right after the Super Bowl we'll have the Olympics.
 Right after the Olympics, we have March Madness,
 which I don't care about, but I know some people do...

 Wisconsin Priest Accused Of Handcuffing, Touching Teen

   Click  Here

 This is the last one of these I'll run for a while, unless something really crazy happens.
 If I run every story I see about a "touching priest," there'd be no room for GOP ridicule.


 The Enron felons cash out

 Click  Here

                                                                              Hit refresh if it's blank.

 Check Betty Bowers's great work at

  Plus, she's knocking 'em dead on her regular bettybowers.com site

 "I tried to keep those unsaved Catholics outside the door as long as I could," said Mrs. Betty Bowers.
 "Fortunately, I happened to have a slew of Chick Bible tracts in my Bottega Veneta clutch. I pulled out
  one that seemed particularly well-suited for the audience called "Mary: Goddess of the Catholic Damned"
  and started reading it to them, taking time to show each of them the cartoons of the priests being
  righteously jammed up the rear with pitchforks..."

  ha ha

 Betty rules.


 "Two years ago today I underwent quintuple bypass heart surgery.
   Today I am running as smooth as an Enron document shredder."
     --David Letterman

"I am the Central Scrutinizer.
 Open a file on this ...David Letterman.
 This guy must be new - I never heard of him.
 Probably a friend of Funnyboy's and that Chop Suey guy."

 Forensic analysis of Pretzelgate
  This is the best take I've seen so far...

  you gotta  Click  Here

Happy Birthday to...

       Caroline Munro is 52                  Kate Moss is 28

Also born today:  Aaliyah (1979)  Roy Jones, Jr. (1969) Guitarzan (1944)
and a shot of Chinaco for Maxine Waters, one of the few fighters the Democrats have.

Thanks to Dave at AMPOL

 What the difference between Monica and President Stupid?

  Monica refused to swallow.
  Bush wanted to, but he couldn't even get that right.

  Thanks to Rick in Indiana

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