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Volume 795 - The James Woods Factor 


 Friday   May 17, 2002 


"On September 11th, George W Bush stood up."
     -- the vulgar Pigboy, agreeing with a caller

 Could anything be further from the truth?
 What measurable good has Bush done since September 10th?

 He ran like a rabbit the day of the attack and he was so shaken
 he could only talk on videotape where he got "do-overs."

 Clinton, who was in Australia, beat Bush to New York.
 Then Bush promised up and down that we'd find bin Laden
 and "smoke him out," which hasn't been done - not even close.

 He directed our brave fighting men to round up every goat herder
 with a rifle in Afghanistan and now they're in Cuba ...doing what?

 Since he struck out in Afghanistan, he's trying to finish the job his father
 failed to finish in Iraq - which isn't related to September 11th at all.

 So where is the "standing up" part?

  The second half of the question:
 What did the press know and why didnít they tell us?
    by Christian Livemore

   Click  Here

 In the wake of Wednesday nightís revelation that George W. Bush had warning prior to
 September 11th about possible terrorist hijackings, democrats might be inclined to say
 I told you so about the dangers of a George W. Bush presidency. We might be inclined,
 that is, if not for the fact that it would be incredibly disrespectful and useless and that,
 at the bottom of everything, we are heartbroken. It is true that we warned of the damage
 Bush would inflict if he became President. But even we had no idea how bad it would get.

 Did Rush fake his "deafness" as a ratings stunt?

  Attribution (very bottom)

 Most critics found O'Reilly's show to have a solid conservative slant, minus the fratboy,
 mean streak, one-dimensional style of Limbaugh. A report that Limbaugh had lost his
 hearing generated press for his program but failed to increase ratings.

 Limbaugh dropped the deafness act when investigators began searching for his
 operation records and logs of hospital stays. The investigations turned up records
 of minor plastic surgery and a liposuction procedure.


 "Nobody could have predicted that hijackers would fly those planes into buildings."
    -- Condi Rice, looking very nervous for the first time.

 Condi, how totally slick of you to qualify your denial that way.
 Nobody accused you of knowing the exact details.
 Funny that your denial has more wiggle room than Ricky Martin's ass.

 What we're accusing you of is having enough information that Jeb declared
 martial law in Florida on September 7th, and Ashcroft was flying private jets
 ONLY because "there were terrorist concerns," those kind of thing.

 You got caught.

 If you were innocent, you would've told us before the secret leaked.
 What else are you guys hiding, Condi?
 How many hundreds of millions have you guys "appropriated" from the
 US Treasury since this "surprise" was launched, can you answer that?

 Hey Bart:

 We just loved being a part of the Julie Fest in DC.
 It was a great liberating experience and was a tribute to you and to Christian
 for organizing such a daunting affair with little time ( and less experience ).

 You guys did such a great job that we will remember it for a long time.
 It was wonderful to be with such like minded people and it gave us a
 lot of real encouragement at a time when we truly needed it.

 Bless your old heart.
 We will get those bastards yet.

 Shirley and George

He stole his way to power,
then bragged, "I hit the trifecta"
and all this time - he knew?

...he knew?

 Bush and September 11th
   by Mike L

   Click  Here

 So let me get this straight.  Now they are saying Bush had knowledge that
 there were terrorists possibly training in flight schools, and did nothing about it?
 Ari "Mr. Spin" Fleisher says that the point he knew is moot because "we didn't know
 they would fly them into buildings" and that is supposed to CALM ME????

 What's up with this?
 Mining Company Helped by Legislation Pushed by Daschle
               by Robert Pear

  Click  Here

 A mining company in South Dakota has tapped a rich vein of influence on Capitol Hill,
 turning to the Senate Democratic leader to obtain valuable help for a project in his state.

 With little debate, lawmakers agreed to relieve the company, Homestake Mining, of any
 legal liability that it might have for damage done to the environment in digging gold from
 the Black Hills over the last 125 years.

 The company, which has excellent political connections and high- powered lobbyists,
 had been planning to close the mine this month. But Homestake, now owned by
 Barrick Gold of Toronto,  insisted that it first had to be protected against lawsuits.

 Barrick Gold?

 Barrick Gold?

 That's the group-of-thugs company co-owned by the B.F.E.E.
 That's the group that buried the miners alive for wanting more money.
 That's the group that sued Greg Palast in a country (England) where
 the truth is not considered a valid defense in a slander trial.  Barrick won.
 That's the group that cornered the market on the world's gold.

 Why is Daschle helping them?
 Why is Daschle helping the B.F.E.E. obtain more gold?


 "We received no warning - none at all."
    -- Ari Fleischer, back in September

 Ari, you've been caught lying again. It's time to tell the truth.
 We're going to have to put you under oath so you have to tell the truth.
 If we catch you lying under oath about the deaths of 3,000 innocent people
 you may end up having to do some hard time in a federal prison.

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Unka Dick, we got us a real shitstorm here.
You said nobody would find out that we knew.
Can you get me out of this or should I call Daddy?

...and can the family still earn during the investigation?

 Truth or Consequences
   by Isaac

 Click  Here

 Star Wars Review
  by former GOP Senate candidate Marc Perkel

 I went to the midnight showing of Star Wars "Attack of the Clones" in San Francisco.
 I'm a person who liked all 4 of the previous epasodes. This one sucked.
 Everyone will see it once - but it's not one you'll see twice.

 The problem - bad writing! The story was stupid at best.
 However - the special effects were great.
 So - maybe if your expectations are lowered your experience won't be as bad as mine.

 They should have named it "Darth Vader gets Married".

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 Bill O'Reilly spins facts and statistics

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 If itís spin to back up your arguments with bogus facts and statistics,
 and to dismiss numbers that donít fit in with yourpreconceptions,
 then Bill OíReillyís Fox News Channel show isnít, as he repeatedly
 claims, a "no-spin zone"-- itís Spin City.

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 This week's special: 200 minutes for only $20.82

 Over four served.

  One more try
  Chilling commentary by Robert Delay

   Click  Here

 BartCop, ...BartCop...

 BartCop - come to Vegas...

LA's Cardinal Mahony Kept Rapist Priest's Secret for 16 Years
 That's a crime - they both belong in prison.

  Click  Here

 A popular Los Angeles priest told Cardinal Roger M. Mahony in 1986 that he
 molested young boys, but was reassigned to parishes and allegedly continued his
 sexual abuse of minors for more than a decade, documents and interviews show.

 That's a crime - they both belong in prison.

 Mahony later approved a secret $1.3-million payment to two men who said they
 had been abused by the priest, Father Michael Stephen Baker, from 1984 to 1999.
 The cardinal arranged for the priest to quietly retire from the LA Archdiocese in late 2000.

 That's a crime - they both belong in prison.

 For 16 years, Mahony let this man rape how many young boys?
 We've seen that one priest can sexually abuse hundreds of boys,
 and how many other Father Michael Stephen Bakers did Mahony help?
 That's a crime - they both belong in prison.


 Mail Bag

 I think we should all encourage everyone we know to send emails to all the
 cable shows about the 9/11 Bush briefing.  They are trying to frame the debate
 into being that they couldn't have known the planes were going to be used as bombs.
 I say we encourage the media to focus on how 4 planes can be hijacked less a month
 after information about potential hijackings was given to Bush.

 here is a sample of what I wrote:

 How was it possible for 4 planes to be simultaneously be hijacked less than
 a month after the President and intelligence community had information regarding
 bin Laden's people planning to hijack planes.  I think we should be asking how 4
 hijackings could occur - not if we could have prevented them from flying into buildings.

 If the hijackings are prevented the tragedy is prevented.

 thank you,

 Steve, good point.
 They've now admitted they knew something was up with hijackings,
 so why did it take HOURS to get our fighters up?

 Remember also, the Bush boy said "when I saw the first plane hit,
 I thought that must be a really bad pilot."

 Why didn't he think, "bin Laden's attacks have started. I better call Unka Dick."

 Hackworth Trashes Okies Inhofe and Uncle OJ

 Click  Here

 George W. Bush said he'd veto any effort to stop the slaying of the Crusader
 Ė which happens to be built by Texas-connected United Defense. Looks like we
 might soon have a brave president taking on an extremely aggressive weapons-making
 cartel that employs another George Bush, who just happens to be his old man.
 Now that takes rare moral courage.

Memo: Bin Laden
Subject: Action items
Re: former business partner
From: GWB
To: Self

Action items:

   o Stay on vacation for another month
   o Tell Ashcroft to stop flying commercial airlines
   o Tell the gang to buy put options on American Airlines
   o Tell Kenny Boy that his pipeline is on the way
   o Try out that new Laura Croft game
   o Nap time
   o Notify FAA that they might want to watch it

 Statement of Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney
  Terrorist Warnings                  May 16, 2002

  Click  Here

 It now becomes clear why the Bush Administration has been vigorously opposing
 congressional hearings.  The Bush Administration has been engaged in a conspiracy
 of silence. If committed and patriotic people had not been pushing for disclosure
 today's revelations would have been hidden by the White House.

 We're trying to raise funds to increase the size of the hammer.
 Consider a few alms for a struggling website.

 You can  or you can snail mail
  to bartcop.com PO Box 54466 Tulsa, OK 74155

 From: Mary Anne

 Subject: "Bush Knew in Advance"

 What did he know?
 He knew that terrorists linked to Osama Bin Laden were planning
 to hijack some unknown airplanes at some unknown point in time.
 He was "warned"!   So, what was he supposed to do about it?

 Order airport security to stop all Middle-Eastern men from getting on airplanes?
 Can't do that.   Ground all airplanes?   Close all the airports?
 Put the word out to the public not to fly?  Close all buildings except those under 4 stories?
 20/20 hindsight is a wonderful thing.  It lets us sort out ALL the clues we were getting
 about something, and then say "a ha, I should have seen it coming!" even though the "it"
 was something that had never happened before and of which we no specific warning.

 Perhaps the White House should now tell the American Public about EVERY threat
 that comes along.  See how fast this country would last.   As the learned Bernard Witkin,
 distinguished scholar in California once said "On a clear day, you can 'foresee' forever".
 If you could print what Bush could specifically have done to prevent the events of 9/11,
 I'd sure like to read them.   By the way, be sure and print what Clinton did in 1998
 when he received word that OBL was planning attacks on New York City and
 Washington, D.C. per Time Magazine Dec. 21 issue.

 Mary Anne, I'll bet you're not going to like this next story.

 James Woods

 Is James Woods (D-Actor, Clinton-hater, back-stabber) the guy who can prove
 that Governor Bush had advance warning about the terrors of September 11th?

 Buried in the back issues somewhere is a story I wrote about an appearance
 on Jay Leno by James Woods.  This is one of those this-is-how-I-remember-it stories.
 I might get a detail wrong but most of this is correct.

 Around August 11th, Woods took Flight 175 from Boston to Los Angeles,
 which is the exact same flight Muhammed Atta flew into the WTC a month later.

 During the flight, Woods saw that the four Middle Eastern men weren't speaking
 but they seemed to be communicating. Woods cornered a stewardess and said,
"I know this sounds crazy because there hasn't been a hijacking in a decade
 or two but I'm fairly certain that those four men are going to hijack this plane."

 The stewardess thanked him for the warning and assured Woods that she would
 tell the pilot and they agreed to keep an eye on the four suspicious Saudi passengers.
 Nothing happened, but Woods told Leno that the FBI met him when the plane landed.
 They took his statement and asked him not to reveal any of the details about what he told them.

 Woods said 30 days later he turned on the TV in Los Angeles and saw the WTC burning.
 He learned from the TV that it was Flight 175 from Boston to LA that crashed.
 He said his first thought was "Those bastards from my flight did this."

 Do you realize what this means?

 The White House, the FBI, the CIA - everybody knew bin Laden and Al Qaeda were planning
 SOMETHING involing a hijacked plane. Now we add James Woods's story and that proves the
 FBI knew the flight number, the take off location, and they certainly had to know the passenger's
 names who were secretly communicating without using language.

 When this "What did Bush know?" story hit Wednesday, everyone's first reaction was
 "they had no specifics on which to act" but now we know that's not true.

 Atta and his sidekicks were doing a dry run.
 They were acting suspicious because Woods was right - they WERE hijackers.
 How could the FBI bungle this so badly?

 Woods handed it to them in black and white.

 The FBI learned the who - Atta and his elves.
 The FBI learned the what - a hijacking
 The FBI learned the how - armed takeover by four men
 The FBI learned the where - out of Logan airport, Flight 175 to LA.
 The FBI learned the when - it had to be soon if they were rehearsing.

 ...and all this time they knew Al Qaeda was planning to hijack planes?

 They didn't even put a security watch on THOSE four men buying tickets
 for the same flight when they were acting suspicious on the Woods flight?

 Did the FBI lie about checking those suspicious passengers?
 Wasn't Atta on an expired VISA?  If I had a staff, I'd have some answers.
 But some of the 19 hijackers were here legally and some weren't.

 Of course, if the FBI learned that a possible Clinton girlfriend was on this flight,
 they would've tracked her as far away as Japan. Remember Elizabeth Ward Gracen?
 When the FBI wants to find somebody bad enough - they find them.

 If the FBI had just done their jobs and investigated the suspicious Saudi passengers,
 KNOWING bin Laden was planning a hijacking very soon, lives would've been saved
 and terrorists would have been jailed instead of martyred for Allah.

 How could they possibly screw this up and let them get on that same flight 30 days later?


 Maybe we're still not getting the real story.

 Wednesday, Team Bush had to admit they knew more than they let on.
 Why do we think they are telling us the truth now,
 when they had to admit Wednesday that they've been  misleading us?

 Expect Team Bush to pull out all the stops to kill this investigation.
 This publicity is interfering with their stealing hundreds of billions.

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