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Volume 796 - What is Bush Hiding? 


 Saturday   May 18, 2002     

 The Vegas Report Updates

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1.  Going Out to Stud - a guide to improving your 7 Card Stud Poker Game
2.  No Tresspassing Allowed, Use of Deadly Force is Authorized
    (Myths or Truths?) about Groom Lake and Area 51
3.  Kicking Ass and Taking Names - The Culinary Union is About to Flex its Muscles...
     But Don't Cancel Your Trip to Vegas

 BartCop, ...BartCop...
 BartCop - come to Vegas...

 Why did Jeb call up the Florida National Guard on
 Sept 7, 2001 if his brother had no idea what was coming?
  Why did Jeb get a warning, but New York was left high and dry?

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 Based on the potential massive damage to life and property that may result from an act of terrorism
 at a Florida port, the necessity to protect life and property from such acts of terrorism, and inhibiting
 the smuggling of illegal drugs into the State of Florida, the use of the Florida National Guard to support
 FDLE in accomplishing port security training and inspections is "extraordinary support to law enforcement"
 as used in Section 250.06(4), Florida Statutes.

 I have hereunto set my hand and have caused the Great Seal of the State of Florida
 to be affixed at Tallahassee, the Capitol, this 7th day of September 2001.

 If Governor Bush told his brother Jed an attack was coming,
 why couldn't he tell us?


"Never in anybody's thought process...about how to protect
  America did we ever think that the evildoers would fly not one,
  but four commercial aircraft into precious US targets - never."
     -- Governor Bush, Sept 16, 2001, from USA Today, 5/17 Page 2A

 Rep Ray LaHood (R-Illionois) called the first oparagraph the the
 FBI agent's memo "heart-stopping." A month after the memo was
 written, Zaccarias Moussouai was detained by federal authorities.
 The arrest came ten days after Bush's briefing and prompted an FBI
 agent to speculate in case notes that Moussouai might be training
 for a suicide hijacking mission at the World Trade Center.
   -- from USA Today,  5/17 Page 2A

 Nobody had a clue, George?

The FBI assumed Moussouai planned a suicide hijacking attack on the WTC.
 The agent put it in his report - in the FIRST PARAGRAPH, and before the
 right-wing spinners like Fox News, Rush, Laura, Hannity, Matthews and CNN say,
"There's no way to know or read every report from every field agent,"
 remember that Moussouai was the ONLY American arrest of an Al Qaeda member.
 If they didn't read that memo, what the hell were they reading?

The FBI talked to James Woods about Atta and his elves on Flight 175.
They KNEW an Al Qaeda hijacking was coming.
George Bush isn't smart enough to be president, that's obvious to all but those
     who need a big tax cut, and apparently his help isn't as sharp as advertised, either.

      Under Clinton, we had peace and prosperity.
With Bush, we got death, war, recession and debt.
If only Scalia allowed us to count those ballots.

"Voters are stupid."


 Republicans said it was our business to have every salacious detail of Bill's naughty
 trysts with Monica, and John Ashcroft was pushing for those details more than anybody
 because he is a partisan whore with sex hangups and this gave him an excuse to play with it.

...but now that we have 3,000 dead due to Bush's bungling (or worse, his blessing)
 and the Republicans say it's none of our business because asking questions "helps terra?"

We tell what you need to know.
Why can't you just trust us?
Bush won the election. didn't he?


 "If I had know that terrorists were going to use airplanes to kill people
  on that morning, I would've done everything in my power to stop them."
      -- President  Lucky-Me-I-Hit-the-Trifecta, Friday morning.

 Don't you hate hearing those statements that have qualifiers like on that morning?

 We need to put this liar under oath and have question put to him  by someone sharp enough
 to prevent Bush from using those Texas-sized loopholes to slick his way out of a clear answer.

 Nobody has accused him of knowing September 11th was his "lucky" day
 when he'd become King of America and suspend the Constitution and declare
 everything would now be "top secret" so his crime family could loot Social Security.

 White House Reveals Pre-9/11 Plan

   Click  Here

 The White House acknowledged Friday it had a battle plan to topple bin Laden
 awaiting President Bush approval in the days before the Sept. 11 attacks.

 So, the truth continues to trickle out.
 1. Bush KNEW bin Laden was planning some kind of hijacking - and soon.
 2. bin Laden was such a threat to America, Bush was presented with a plan
     to topple him in the days before September 11th.
 3. An FBI agent wrote in the first paragraph of the ONLY Al Qaeda arrest
     that he suspected a suicide hijacking on the WTC was coming.
 4. They had the James Woods dry run information, too, which included Atta's name
     the flight they'd take, how many there were, the city they'd fly out of etc.
 5. When the first plane hit, Bush said, "Must be a bad pilot."

 The Bush boy is either lying about what he knew,


 The Bush boy is too stupid to be the President of the United States.

 The last X-Files is a two-hour "television event" starring David Duchovny.

 It'll be sad losing X-Files, even if they should've quit a year earlier.

 BartCop MIRC chat

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Wizard of Whimsy


 "President Bush strongly disagrees with this Cuba trip by Jimmy Carter.
   He said that he would remove the embargo against Cuba only if Castro
   would resign and allow a free election which the people are allowed to
   decide the president by the popular vote. And today Castro said 'you first.'"
         óJay Leno

Unka Dick, we got us a real shitstorm here.
The press isn't backing off like they used to.
Can we get Karen Hughes back?
Why did she quit, Unka Dick?

...and can the family still earn during the investigation?

 Vatican knew of scandal coverup in 1973

  Click  Here

 Previously sealed records in the case of defrocked pedophile priest James A. Porter show
 Catholic church officials - including Pope Paul VI, Humberto Cardinal Medeiros
 and top aides to Richard Cardinal Cushing - knew of and took part in the coverup of cleric
 sexual abuse as far back as 1964.

 It is believed to be the first time records show Vatican officials were aware as
 long as 30 years ago that priests were molesting children and bishops were
 shuffling the pedophiles around the country and covering up their acts.

 Oh, Christ, now we have to put the Pope in jail?
 Is there a way to avoid that?

 Should that be avoided?
 They're not saying "Pope John Paul," but can he plead ignorance?
 Will he get under oath and claim he can't remember, like Cardinal Law?
 Will he claim he was "out of the loop" like George Herbert Herbert Bush?

 What do we do when the Pope seems to have helped these serial rapists
 cover up their crimes so they could rape other little boys in other parishes?

 If the Pope was caught receiving oral sex from a female Vatican intern,
 we could say "everybody does it" and let it go. But actively taking part
 in the coverup of cleric sexual abuse as far back as 1964 is a crime.

 I'll bet the Catholics are happy that Governor Bush's treasonous crimes
 have pushed their serial, sexual crimes back to Page Two.

 Problem for the GOP: How to blame this all on Clinton.

 Be sure to check 
 You learn all kinds of things by reading Marty's BartCop E!

 When Bart is psychic - from Volume 782 - Live for tomorrow  published April 24

> Quotes

> "When my son is mad at me and he looks at me and says,
>  'Mom, don't spin me,' it just hurts me."
>   --Karen Hughes, White House communications chief

> ha ha

> Hughes's kid, begging his Mom to stop lying to him.

> What's the real reason Hughes quit?
> Because she couldn't stand working for a failure and a fraud?
> Did she get tired of the lies, like David Brock, and had to get out?
> Is she getting out before the indictments hit?
> Does she know something damaging about 9-11?

 Looks like Karen got out at the right time


 maybe now that The Dominatrix has left Washington,
 the press feels freer to write the truth about President Trifecta?

I love you too, George...

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  America's Queen travels with her royal staff
 First lady doesn't travel light on overseas trip

  Click  Here

 Thirty different outfits, 15 traveling staffers, dozens of Secret Service agents,
 scores of embassy personnel, seven pricey gifts, one professional hair stylist.

 That's what it takes to see Laura Bush through 15 days overseas.

 Notice how we're not reading any stories of villagers walking ten miles with no shoes
 just to get a glimpse of their hero, Laura Bush?  It's because her only talents are doing
 what her mentally inferior husband tells her and baking cookies for the NRA big shots.

 Laura can't inspire millions of women the way Hillary does because she's not allowed to
 have opinions. She's not even allowed to say she's pro-choice because she wears a muzzle.
 What does that tell the woman of the world when the most powerful woman in America
 has to wear a muzzle and follow orders from her pinhead husband?

 ...and if all she does is follow orders and bake cookies, why is she wasting money overseas?
 Those poor women already know how to follow orders and bake cookies.

It's not Bush's fault that he didn't give ample warning to the American people
about the 9/11 attacks. He was put into a position (President) for which he was
not prepared or qualified. The Supreme Court gets all the blame for this one.

They thumbed their nose at state's rights and refused to count every vote in Florida.
Consequently we ended up with an unqualified, unprepared, and un-elected president.
It's not Bush's fault that he is not presidential timber.

Now it is painfully obvious why we elect and don't let courts appoint presidents.

Jim in Rochester, MI

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 Over four served.

History Quiz in the year 2064:

Which of the statement's below led to the impeachment of a United States President?
Both statements were actually made by two different US presidents around the turn
of the century with both later proven to be false or misleading.

A.  "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

B.  "I did not have advance warning that terrorists were planning to use
      hijacked planes as guided missiles."

 Thanks to Ed Arvin.
 But don't bet heavily that "B" is false.

 BartCop, ...BartCop...

 BartCop - come to Vegas...


"Never in anybody's thought process...about how to protect
  America did we ever think that the evildoers would fly not one,
  but four commercial aircraft into precious US targets - never."
     -- Governor Bush, Sept 16, 2001, from USA Today, 5/17 Page 2A

  Oh, yeah?

 U.S. warned in 1995 of plot to hijack planes, attack buildings

  Click  Here

 (CNN) -- The FBI was warned six years ago of a terrorist plot to hijack
 commercial planes and slam them into the Pentagon, the CIA headquarters
 and other buildings, Philippine investigators told CNN.

 Poor Smirk, his bet bet now is to plead ignorance to the facts.
 Oh, Karen Hi\ughes, your boy needs you to speak for him.

From:Consumer Consumption Cliff

Hey, Bart:
Was reading the donations level thing and had an idea.
For your Anejo volunteers and up, we could build each contributor
their own web page which I'll host on my server for free.

All they have to do is send me an e-mail and I'll update it for them.

We'll just add a link from your page to subscribers pages.
That way they can post their own rants whenever they feel like it..

I'm pretty fast on updating sites.
Just something that might help.......

Damn, that's a nice package.
I'll bet many people have something to say who don't know html.
(You have to be a brain surgeon or rocket scientist to master html.)

Thanks, I'll add that to the list.

 We're trying to raise funds to increase the size of the hammer.
 Consider a few alms for a struggling website.

 You can  or you can snail mail
  to bartcop.com PO Box 54466 Tulsa, OK 74155

  First the White House ignored warnings about al-Qaida.
  Then it tried to stop Congress from getting the truth. Now we know why.
 The 9/11 coverup:
   by Smokin  Joe Conason

   Click  Here

 Evidently Bush and his associates wanted to ensure that nobody else connected the dots,
 because they point directly to the White House. So determined were they to prevent the
 emergence of such embarrassing facts that, with the Democrats in control of the Senate,
 Dick Cheney tried to intimidate Tom Daschle from undertaking a serious investigation of
 the Sept. 11 catastrophe. Both Newsweek and the Washington Post reported last January
 that Cheney called Daschle to warn against the investigation.

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