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Volume 805 - Death or Glory


Wednesday   May 29, 2002 


"...alert Minnesota agents didn’t just passively push the case up the chain of command.
 They became, in Rowley’s words, “desperate to search his computer laptop.” ...In this case
 a federal judge in Washington, Royce C. Lambreth, grew annoyed at the poor documentation
 involved in requests from federal prosecutors for search warrants and wiretaps. One prosecutor
 so angered Lambreth that he was actually barred from seeking any more approvals from judges,
 a move that sent a chilling career message down through the ranks of the Justice Department.
 So Frasca, knowing which way the wind was blowing in Washington, wasn’t just going to rubber
 stamp the Minneapolis request."
        --Jonathan Alter, Who let the terrorists succeed?, newsweek.com

 Heir to the Holocaust
  Prescott Bush, 1.5 million dollars, and Auschwitz
  How the Bush Family wealth is linked to the Jewish Holocaust

 Click  Here

 But while President Bush publicly embraced the community of holocaust
 survivors in Washington last spring, he and his family have been keeping a
 secret from them for over 50 years about Prescott Bush, the president's
 grandfather. According to classified documents from Dutch intelligence and US
 government archives, President George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush
 made considerable profits off Auschwitz slave labor. In fact, President Bush
 himself is an heir to these profits from the holocaust which were placed in a blind
 trust in 1980 by his father, former president George Herbert Walker Bush.

 For years, the conservative cheats railed against Clinton's mother because
 she  liked to sit on a barstool and play the ponies in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
 Meanwhile, the only elected Bush's father was arming Hitler, and that's OK,
 because the Bush Family Evil Empire controls what we see on the news.

 Lucky for the B.F.E.E. that, besides a few web sites, America has no free press.

 Joan Collins, Star Trek and Midway


Not all women are jealous of other women's good looks.
Many of us are adult enough to say "You go, girl."

"City on the Edge of Forever" was the best of the original series,
but TV Guide was right, "All Good Things" was the best Trek 'sode.
It's nice to think that old NCC-1701D is still out there walking the parameter.

If you want the best take on Midway, read Herman Wouk's "War and Remembrance".
If the section on the battle doesn't move you to tears, you have a heart of stone.


 This is probably more suited for Media Whores Online, but
 I have a question for Howie Kurtz.

 Howie, each week on CNN's Reliable Sources when you take your "critical look at the media,"
 [ha ha, who thought of that piece of crap slogan?] why do you always have Jay Nordlinger or
 Rick Lowry, who both work for the Clinton-hating National Review, to help you?

 Have you ever had a non-Clinton-hating guest on?

 If Clinton-hater from the National Review is obligatory,
 have tyou ever consider having a pro-Clinton pundit on?

 ...or are there none left in Washington DC?

 The new  is up.

 To kick it off, he's got a story by Mike Malloy, running back!

 Curious about that Bush-ordered, no-guns rule?

  Click  Here

 ...a spokesman for the Air Line Pilots Association said the FAA directive rescinding
 the armed-pilot rule was issued July 17, 2001 and took effect much later – on Nov. 14, 2001.

 That means the FAA was not only actively working to prohibit pilots from carrying weapons
 despite increased hijacking risks to the airlines, but agency officials also consciously rescinded
 the only regulation that might have protected flight crews against terrorist hijackers.

 So, Bush wants millions of Texas Bubbas to bring their guns into churches, stadiums
 and neighborhood Wal-Marts, but our trained pilots can't be trusted with them?

 I think Bush is succeeding (ever seen those words together before?) at becoming the anti-Clinton.

 Truth or Consequences  Pt 2
   by Isaac

  Click  Here

 They read it in Tehran.
 They read it in Sao Paulo.
 They read it in Nashville.


is always worth a read.

 Holding Bush Accountable
    by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 As the un-Clinton, Bush didn't want to hear about al-Qaida. Newsweek reports that Attorney General
 John Ashcroft had an "extraordinary confrontation" with then-FBI director Louis Freeh, informing him
 that drugs, violent crime and child pornography were the agency's new priorities, not counter-terrorism.
 Agents in Minneapolis, who correctly believed they had an al-Qaida suspect in custody, met so many
 bureaucratic roadblocks they joked that bin Laden must have infiltrated FBI headquarters. The Bush
 administration's determination to avoid a probe of intelligence failures appears to have less to do with
 protecting  national security than hiding its own blunders.

 A great Doonesbury, explaining what criminals Reagan/Bush are.

 Click  Here


 Canadian Extremism

 My Meeting with Dan Rather
   by Elliot Mathias

  Click  Here

 "You'll have to excuse my ignorance, but what exactly are we looking at?"

 My stomach instantly dropped. Maybe she was unsure of a specific building?

 "No, what is this entire area we are looking at?"

 "The Temple Mount!!" I wanted to scream.
 "It's the most important spot in the entire region!"

 BartCop MIRC chat

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 Guess who turned three today?

 Today in History

 In 1765, Patrick Henry, the inventor of Ebonics,  denounced the Stamp Act
 before Virginia's House of Burgesses, saying, "If this be treason, make the most of it!"

 In 1903, Bob Hope was born, probably in Jersey.

 In 1917, John F. Kennedy, was born in Brookline, Mass.

 In 1942, Bing Crosby, at the end of the month of May, recorded "White Christmas" in Los Angeles.
 Years later, Mel Torme will write "The Christmas Song" in Palms Springs while broiling in 104 degree heat.

 In 1997, in closing arguments, Timothy McVeigh's attorney urged jurors not to be swayed by
 the mountain of evidence against his "Government is the problem" client in the OKC bombing trial
 after the prosecution delivered a wrenching summation that portrayed McVeigh as a terrorist who killed
 children in the warped belief he was a patriot.

 In 2001, four followers of Osama bin Laden were convicted in New York of a global conspiracy to
 kill Americans, including the 1998 bombings of two U.S. embassies in Africa that killed 224 people.

 Note: That must be an error, because the GOP constantly says Clinton NEVER took ANY action
           against ANY terrorist because he was too busy having sex and didn't care.

 Also in 2001, President Dork met with Gray Davis and rejected a plea for federal caps on electricity,
 claiming "Enron can earn whatever the market will bear."
 Luckily for Bush, the press is covering up his multi-billion-dollar rape.

 How does a priest know he's gay?

 He's not allowed to have sexual urges - ever.
 Not on his birthday, not on New Year's Eve, not on Christmas Eve.
 He's never allowed to have sexual thoughts of any kind.

 If he has sexual thoughts while alseep, he has committed a mortal sin,
 which is the same as murder in the eyes of the Catholic Church.

 If a priest says, "I'm not homosexual," doesn't that mean he's
 admitting to having sexual thoughts and urges towards women?

 Since God installed runaway sexual urges in every living creature, (without permission}
 why does the Church fight that "gift" which God has given to every living being?
 Why fight God's wishes?

 Think how muich cheaper it would be to change the celibacy rule than to pay
 millions of dollars to the families of hundreds of young boys

 There's also a credibility boost that you're not a serial-raping monster.

by Wizard of Whimsy

 If you wanted Clinton impeached, take a look at Bush

  Click  Here

 The list of Enron cronies in the Bush-Cheney administration goes on and on. The White House
 announced its opposition to price caps on electricity during the California power crisis the day
 after Cheney's meeting, in the White House, with Enron officials. And we have Karl Rove who
 helped Intel gain government approval of a merger that enriched him personally since Rove failed
 to reveal and sell his stake in Intel until after the merger had taken place and the stock's value had
 risen considerably. To me at least, this kind of whoring is far more disturbing than the juvenile
 antics of Bill and Monica."

 Why is the New York Times defending
 Bush's September 11 cover-up?
   By Barry Grey

   Click  Here

 The aversion of Apple and the Times to “gotcha politics” is of recent vintage.
 During the year-long political witch-hunt against Bill Clinton mounted by the
 Republican right and headed by Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr—which
 culminated in the first-ever impeachment of an elected president—the New
 York Times consistently backed Starr against his critics. It defended all of the
 efforts to pollute public opinion with salacious gossip and endorsed Starr’s
 pornographic report on the Lewinsky affair, which included the most intimate
 details of Clinton’s private life. The Times played an indispensable role in the
 attempted political coup, providing a cloak of legitimacy to the conspiracy to
 undermine the Clinton White House and ultimately bring it down.

"I've never worked a
   day in my damn life!"

 W's Spaghetti Western
   by Maureen the Sour  -- she hates everybody, today it's Governor Bush

  Click  Here

 At the summit here yesterday, Mr. Putin dryly suggested that the NATO headquarters in Brussels
 be renamed: "We should call ourselves the House of the Soviets."   Naturellement, the Frenchies were
 both jealous and contemptuous of Mr. Bush's buddy act with Mr. Putin, sniffing that the American was
 getting played by the former K.G.B. chief in a roundelay called "The snoop and the dupe."

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 No, wait, that's the competition - ...nevermind.

 Jeb must be punished for quick-calling the 2000 election.
 But do we replace him with Reno or McBride?



 Sorry you lost your political guru -- I lost mine in 1996 when my mom died, and I still
 miss those discussions and swear sessions.  She was much more radical than even I am!

 I'd love to know what she thinks of this mess today
 -- she HATED the Bushes, particularly Barbara!  ;o)

 Anyways, I wanted to put my money where your mouth is, what you do is soooooo important!!!
 Just trying to do my part.  Part of the first month was my renewal for Salon that I didn't send them
 because of Horowitz ...... who once called me a barking dog


 Suzanne, thanks, and isn't it sad what salon.com has become?
 I wonder if they'd let bin Laden write a column, to increase profits, I mean.

 They were once a liberal web site, even mentioned by name by Big Dog at the WHCD,
 but now they are Horowitz's rag so people are left with mediawhoresonline, buzzflash and bartcop.com

 Note: If you send salon.com money, you might as well send it directly to the Bush campaign.
           Salon gives your money to David Horowitz to attack people like you and me.

 Bungling Bushies Wrong About Cuba
    by smoking Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 The most troubling aspect of that episode wasn’t the scornful response of the White House
 to Jimmy Carter’s remarkable visit or Fidel Castro’s unprecedented welcome. After all, nobody
 expected the Bush administration to revise our pointless, punitive policies toward Havana simply
 because they have failed to achieve any of their objectives for 40 years.

 No, the disturbing moment came just before Mr. Carter’s trip, when a top State Department official
 duplicitously spoke of "terrorism" and "weapons of mass destruction" to help justify the same old
 stupid policies. We now know for certain that there was absolutely no basis for those alarmist words.

 Conspiracy Theory

 On the morning of Sept. 11, Tatlock herself had just arrived with a small group of
 business leaders at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha for a charity event hosted by
 Warren Buffett. She then heard the news of the first plane hitting the north tower.

  Click  Here

 I did a quick Google search. There it was. He had been right after all.
 Financial CEOs with offices in the World Trade Center had been evacuated to
 Offutt AFB the morning of 9/11. Smirk hid out like a scared rabbit at that same air base.

 Instead of trying to prove this is true, could somebody do some digging
 and find out how many CEOs died on September 11th?

 It's my guess that the WTC held at least 100 CEOs.
 If every one of them was with Warren Buffet in Nebraska that day,
 (at an Air Force Base, no less) that would seem to prove a conspiracy.

 Would any CEO sit idly by and allow his co-workers to be slaughtered?
 Did the CEO at Cantor-Fitzgerald lose 700 employees and save himself?
 There would need to be hundreds of people in on this conspiracy.
 How do you keep them all quiet, considering the carnage of the day?

 Is it a coincidence that Offutt AFB was one of Bush's hidey-holes?

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 BartCop, ...BartCop...

 BartCop - come to Vegas...

 You have another chance

 The Shield, the best new drama of the year, is re-running every show starting tonight on FX.
 When the season started, they said 24 was the big drama, but The Shield stole their thunder
 and is recognized as the best new drama of the year.

 Last night was Part One of the explosive season finale.
 To celebrate, FX is running the original two shows tonight, the next two tomorrow night,
 and thru the next six days until next Tuesday when you'll you see the exiciting season finale.

 Watch the first two shows tonight - you'll be hooked.
 I've seen every show and they've never done a "good" show.
 They've all been either "very good" or "excellent."
 How many shows, even The Sopranos and West Wing, can say
 every episode of their first year was "very good" or "excellent?"

 In last night's top shelve episode, the crooked cop tried to help his crooked former boss,
 but the boss set him up, instead. After Vic pulled a gang-banger out of a crowd, his crooked boss
 murdered him, so now Vic has to explain and coverup a murder he didn't want to be involved in.

 Everyone is closing in on Vic and the streets are in flames because the crooked boss
 made sure the cops took 45 mninutes to respond to critical emergency calls.

 If you likes Hill Street, Homicide, and NYPD Blue in its prime, you'll agree
 that The Shield is the best new drama, and best cop show on TV - period.

 The subliminal presidency
    by Kathy Wilson

   Click  Here

 Iran and Iraq may export terrorism and that’s bad.... maybe even evil. That coupled with the fact
 that the Iranian and Iraqi Governments oppress their own people could put Iran and Iraq on the "S" list,
 but that is not why they are proud members of the "Axis of Evil". I thoroughly believe that Iran and Iraq
 earned this badge of honor by being anti-American OPEC nations and (as anyone knows) only grief
 and woe of Biblical proportions shall come to he who stands between the Bushies and any oil anywhere.

 Before 9/11, who had information about a terrorist plot against the United States?

 a) John Walker Lindh
 b) George W. Bush

 Who is on trial for treason?

 a) John Walker Lindh
 b) George W. Bush

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