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Volume 806 - In the shuffling madness...


Thursday   May 30, 2002 


"When adults have sex with children, the children seduced them.
  Children may later regret having caused someone to go to prison,
  knowing that they are the guilty ones."
     -- from a 1985 speech by former priest Paul Shanley, now awaiting trial

 That's not even the worst part:

 According to May 29 USA Today, Page 4A, six years AFTER that speech,
 after warning after warning that Shanley was raping like crazy, Cardinal Law
 thanked  Shanley for nearly 30 years in the priesthood, "an impressive record."

 When Shanley needed a letter of recommendation to rape California boys,
 "Boston officials" called Shanley a "priest in good standing," on medical leave,
 with "no problem that would be a concern to your diocese."

 This is going to get worse day by day.
 They are still lying to us as to themselves, and still denying the truth - these "men of God."

 Justice Department suit a sham to protect Harris, Bush
    from GregPalast.com

  Click  Here

  If Greg Palast said it - it's true.

 By the way, that raping priest Paul Shanley?

 Isn't he the guy who does Rush's musical parodies?

 Is this why Bush closed his eyes on September 11th?

 Click  Here

 US energy company Unocal was the "lead company" among those that would build
 the Afghan pipeline and make the Bush Family Evil Empite hundreds of millions.

 Cockpit guns could've stopped 9-11,
 but Bush outlawed them 60 days before.

 Click  Here

 Armed pilots banned 2 months before 9-11
 FAA rescinded rule allowing guns in cockpits just before terror attacks

 How many "coincidences" before we demand a real inquiry?


 Since the B.F.E.E. stole our right to vote,
 since the votes weren't going to be counted anyway,
 since they were going to install a puppet over our wishes,
 why did they install a really, really stupid one?

 I mean, why not just install Cheney or Rumsfeld as president?
 Why put a brainless, can't-think, can't-speak chimp on the throne?

 Cheney under investigation?

  Click  Here

 The Times report said that under Cheney's watch, Halliburton "altered its accounting policies so
 it could report as revenue more than $100 million in disputed costs on big construction projects"
 according to public filings, and that the company did not disclose the change to investors for more
 than a year. Halliburton's total revenue for 1998 was about $17 billion. . . .

 The change, approved by Arthur Andersen, the company's auditor at the time, came as Halliburton
 was suffering losses on some long-term contracts, according to the filings. . .

Subject: Jeb is terrified to run against McBride

Buzzflash recently asked me if I thought that this guy (McBride) could win.
And my answer was absolutely YES.  Jeb would much rather run against Janet
Reno than Bill McBride and here's why:

McBride is a Vietnam Veteran who VOLUNTEERED to serve in the Marines and
graduated #1 from the Army Ranger School and earned the Bronze Star.

McBride is a product of Public Schools in FLORIDA- his two children attend Public Schools.
McBride worked his way through college and law school (you know that good 'ol pull yourself
by the bootstraps stuff that Republicans love.'  He gave back a football scholarship in college
when he became injured because, "it was the right thing to do."

McBride ran a successful business. His former business colleagues are not being investigated
by the DOJ.  He litigated a certain number of civil rights cases every year pro-bono and
installed a living wage to all that worked at his law firm.

I'm pretty sure that his wife, Alex, (who is very active with Emily's list)
has never tried to smuggle $14,000 worth of goods into the country.
And his kids are in Little League, not rehab.


 The power behind the throne
   by Mike Hersh

  Click  Here

 James A. Baker III was the "power behind the throne" during Reagan's and GHW Bush's White House years.
 He led the  efforts to throw out votes in Florida and seize power in 2000.

 Baker and the Bush family put their special interest over our national interest.
 They can serve only one master.  We're paying them to serve us, but the Saudis outbid us.
 Bush's and Baker's negligence and double-dealing rewarded them well, but cost us dearly.

 Got a passion for sports?

 The new  is up.

 New web site - Left of Center


 The rumor at ABC is that news anchor Sam Donaldson is going to be fired
 and replaced with someone younger and more hip. Apparently Donaldson is
 worried because today he showed up to work and his toupee was in cornrows.
   -- Conan

 Today's Bonus Section

 Click  Here

 Not retreads, not flashbacks - it's top shelf stuff!

 "There are no friendly forces"

  Click  Here

"We were told there were no friendly forces," said Guckenheimer, an assistant gunner with
  the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum. "If there was anybody there, they were the enemy.
 We were told specifically that if there were women and children to kill them."

 Hey, if the Fuhrer says he needs a pipeline, he needs a pipeline.

 I need more money!

 Kennedy's sunken PT-109 found off Solomons

  Click  Here

 A World War II patrol boat captained by JFK, sliced in two by a Japanese destroyer,
 has been found off the Solomon Islands by the man who tracked down the Titanic.

 The remains of wooden boat PT-109 was found on the seabed of the Blanket Strait northwest
 of the Solomons capital Honiara, by a team led by U.S. oceanographer Robert Ballard.

 I assume the Republicans will want to posthumously impeach Kennedy for destruction
 of government property, ...after a "fair and impartial" investigation, of course.

 They read it in Jakarta.
 They read it in Vienna.
 They read it in Kansas City.


Ask BartCop

Ken Lay, Dick Cheney, Bernie Ebbers, Global Crossing, Dynegy, CMS, El Paso.

Has Georgy been teaching these guys accounting?
How can they ALL be found using the same fraudulent accounting?

Does Monkey Boy have any friends who are not crooks?


Craig, ...no.

is always worth a read.

 BartCop MIRC chat

 Have you checked out the chat yet?

 U.S. Loses a Ruling On Secret Detentions
  Judge Rejects Order Closing Hearings
    from the Washington Whore Post

  Click  Here

 A federal judge in New Jersey dealt a significant blow yesterday to the government's
 efforts to hold terrorism suspects in secret, ruling unconstitutional a directive closing
 immigration hearings deemed of "special interest" to the investigation into the Sept. 11 attacks.

 If upheld...,

 Well, no sense in finishing that story.
 If court rulings have to go thru Scalia and Slappy, justice has no chance.
 The Whore Court is on the B.F.E.E. payroll for big money, and we're screwed.


 The Battle of Midway is just days away.

Subject: How Can Cheney Obstruct All These Inquiries?

Ist Cheney decree:
There will be no broad congressional access to the complete Aug. 6 memorandum suggesting that
agents with ties to Osama bin Laden might be planning to hijack aircraft, and no independent investigation.

2nd Cheney decree:
Tom Ridge needn't testify before Congress on the specific work of the Office of Homeland Security.

3rd Cheney decree:
The [GAO], the investigating arm of Congress, will not get information it requested on the particulars
of Cheney's energy task force.

4th Cheney decree:
The Senate will not be made privy to particulars about administration information about Enron.

From these four Cheney decrees, one might think that Cheney is a dictator.
The problem is that we do not live under a dictatorship in America. We need
an independent investigation of all four of these issues despite the Cheney decrees.

I don't remember Dan Quayle or Al Gore having all this power that apparently Cheney now has.

Jim in Rochester, MI

Jim, of course, and they'll keep breaking laws and stealing billions until
some Democrat has the balls to stand up and says,"Stop, you bastards!"

 Crimes? What crimes?
 George Bush is my President!

 Today in History

 In 1854, the territories of Nebraska and Kansas were established.
 The following Saturday, the Oklahoma Sooners kicked their ass in football.

 One year ago: Standing among trees in Sequoia National Park, Bush pledged
 to protect "these works of God" and other natural treasures from mankind.
 Then he proposed drilling in ANWR so the B.F.E.E. could make a buck or two, God be damned.

 (If I had a staff, I would've found and printed that picture of Bush with a chain saw.)

From: billfolkner@fastermail.com

I am tired of your stupid pictures of President Bush and
the slander and libel you make against him every day.
You distort pictures of Bush and make him look evil or awful.

Just think, you jerk, if your buddy Al Gore was elected, he would
have surrendered to the Taliban and we would be subject to Afghani law.
You would be marched out of Oklahoma and into a Tora Bora prison.

ha ha


Just received this email from the diehard - see below.

I saw this coming, as diehard has been telling everyone over the past month about being
harrassed by the local authorities in Cocoa Florida. She claims that some foot powder
accidently got inside her water bill that she mailed in - along with a signed personal check
- and they're saying it contained anthrax.

Something doesn't add up here.
I think what they're really trying to do is silence an outspoken voice of dissent.

Question is - what can we do to help the diehard?

Warren in Florida

----- Original Message -----
From: thediehard

Subject: I've Been Arrested

> 0905 - the Cocoa cops showed up, charging me with being a terrorist.

Warren, first, can we confirm there's been an arrest?
I doubt they let Diehard shoot off a few emails while handcuffed.
If Diehard is out on bail, we need more story.

Keep us posted...

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 I shudder to think about what will be written on this page after President Extra-Stoopid
 steers this planet into its first exchange of nuclear weapons.

 Boy, that Peace and Prosperity Clinton gave us is going to look real good when
 the CDC says you can't let the kids play outside until the nuclear clouds settle,
 which could be 90 days to ten years, depending on the number of blasts.

 I sure wish I lived in a country where votes counted for something.

Diehard Arrest Update
Diehard is in Brevard County jail on $5000.00 bond


I just called the Brevard County jail on Diehard, and they confirmed that she
is being held on $5000.00 bond for perpetrating a hoax terrorist threat.
She will be appearing before the judge tomorrow morning.

What a crock of shit.  This is harrassment pure and simple.
The takeover by the police state goons is complete.


If I remember the details, she said she accidentally spilled some foot powder
into her water bill envelope, which she mailed along with her personal check.

Doesn't sound like a terrorist threat to me.
Keep us updated, please.

 Imagine Bush's words coming from President Gore

  Click  Here

 Imagine earlier intelligence reports projecting a new terrorist strategy of flying airliners into buildings.
 Imagine President Gore.
 Hours into the news story - a Republican congressman would have introduced an impeachment resolution.

 By the next day, about at the point when the Bush administration started explaining that nobody had ever
 provided detailed specifics on the planning of the Sept. 11 attacks, the Gore White House would have
 vanished under a blizzard of faxes generated by talk radio.

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"According to the UN, roughly three billion people do not have acess to safe sewers,
 1.5 billion lack clean water, 1.25 billion don't have minimally adequate housing, one billion
 have no health care, and a half-billion don't get the minimum daily caloric requirement.
 An unknown but very large number are illiterate.   Among the world's poorest fifth,
 between 30,000 and 40,000 children under five die each day from malnutrition and infection;
 another 180 million barely hang on. The UN estimates that all these needs could be met,
 at a basic level, for a yearly expenditure equal to 10 percent of the U.S. military budget
 -- or slightly less than Americans and Europeans spend annually on pet food and ice cream."
     --  George Scialabba, "Fiddling with Nature",  The American Prospect, June 3, 2002, p. 37.

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