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Volume 827 - Sell! Sell!


Thurs    June 27, 2002 

 I have one, simple question:

 How would you feel if the Pledge of Allegiance closed with,
 "one nation, under Mohammed...."

 You like that?
 You ready to swear your allegiance to Mohammed?

 But you want me to swear my loyalty to your God?
 Has there ever been a more clear-cut and obvious argument?

 In times like this, I wish there was a conservative on the web
 who would agree to go a few rounds with me, but nooooooo.
 They can't get in the ring and argue the facts because if they did,
 they'd get the Mohammed question and then they'd be screwed.

 One of the planks in the BartCop Quiz has always been,
 "Who picks the prayer?"   It's a show stopper.
 There's no good answer to "Who picks the prayer," so the answer = no prayer.

 All day today, you're going to hear "Let won't let us pray," but anyone who says
 that is either stupid or a Republican. No power on Earth can stop you from praying
 and they know it.  They don't want to pray, they want to make a big peer-pressure
 production out of prayer to force children to follow the "true" God, and if your true
 God is Mohammed, you can just go screw yourself.

 This is insulting, illegal, unconstitutional, and aren't we lucky that there's
 one court who followed the law instead of their misguided hearts
 Of course, the Scalia thugs will overturn this and force federal prayer
 back into the mouths of children who don't want to pray, making a
 mockery of ther pledge of allegiance and that's a goddamn shame.

 We'll decide which God you pray to, you don't have that freedom in Bush's America.


"I’ve always worked hard to be fair, to ask challenging questions of both sides,
  to make sure that I was being analytical without being ideological."
         – ABC’s George (Judas Maximus) Stephanopoulos on TomPaine.com

  Oh, so that's why you were the first person to mention impeachment in 1998?

 What Went Wrong on 9/11?
  For Starters, The CIA ordered the US Embassy
  In Saudi Arabia To Issue Visas To Terrorists    from Democrats.com

  Click  Here

"The Sept. 11 attacks were the result of the 'colossal incompetence' of the U.S. Government.
 [The citizens group unansweredquestions.org] wants an independent probe to explore Sept. 11.
 [A lawyer representing families of the 9/11 victims, who is a former DOT Inspector General]
 noted that aviation disasters in the past have involved criminal investigations. That is not the case
 in the 9/11 situation... One of the more disturbing revelations from the June 10 session came [from a]
 former chief of the Visa Section at the U.S. Embassy in Saudi Arabia. He claimed that many times
 he would reject visa applications for people that he was suspicious of, and whose credentials didn't
 check out -- only to have the CIA officer over him tell him he had to issue the visas.
 "Hundreds of people got visas because I was overruled.
   I protested this -- I was told to 'shut up.'"

Subject: Please thank Julie for us

Dear Bartcop,

Please forward this to Julie Hiatt-Steele:
Her courage, heroism, speak for themselves. But we would never have
really known if it wasn't for all the great work you have done on her behalf.
My wife and I are moved to tears by both of your commitment to integrity.
God Bless You.

Michael and Katherine

Michael and Katherine,
Julie sacrificed her Tara for a principle, ...whereas I am ...Tequilaboy.
My name doesn't belong in the same sentence as Julie Hiatt Steele.

You should go to JulieFestWest in Las Vegas on Sept 28
and look her in the eye and say, "We're proud of you, Julie!"


What Happened to the Humility President?
    by Joseph Arrieta, as seen on DemocraticUnderground.com

   Click  Here

 Bush ran and lost the third-closest Presidential race in US history, losing by 540,000 votes.
 Pure luck in the butterfly ballot, disenfranchisement of minority votes, and theft of the process
 by the Supreme Court handed the Presidency to Bush. But no one thinks he actually won it
 - no matter the rationalizations for Florida, the popular vote says it all.

Subject: JulieFestWest

i am most likely coming to this exciting event (my bday is Sept.12, so it'll be a present from me to me).
I checked plane tickets, and for $240 Delta will take me there and back.  I just gotta check a couple of things.
Hopefully you'll have the hotel stuff settled soon.  What are we looking at for prices?

This sounds like it'll be fun.
It would be my first time in Vegas, I've be dying to go for some time.


PS: How do you spell 'dooshbag'?  I am writing Rosie O'Donnell a letter

ha ha

Ain't nothing in the whole world like Las Vegas.
Room prices at The Rio are $169 plus tax on that Fri & Sat.

If that's too high for you, there are tons of other options.
Gens has created a special bulletin board for people who are going.
As soon as we officially sell some JFW tickets, we'll post that URL,
but downtown Vegas is very cheap and the Motel 6 there is $65.

It will be great to meet you.

 The 9/11 Evidence that May Hang George W. Bush
      By Cheryl Seal

  Click  Here

"Let's hold a preliminary hearing in the "Court of Common sense".

click to order


 Hiya Bart, I am getting this tape for two reasons:

 1. The proceeds go to that brave fair maiden--Julie Hyatt Steele.

 2. I will finally get to see (in the flesh), some of the many wonderful friends I have
     made in the Bartcop Forum. These "Bartfriends" have given me a place to rant.
     They have also been very supportive during an emotionally tough last three months.
     Keep up the good work; and maybe I will see you at Juliefest West.
     (I may even forego the Chinaco Reposado in favor of the REAL DEAL!)


 I know you've been thru hell, but one thing we can all get from Julie is
 the idea that you can make it thru the worst of times if you just keep pushing.

 Any chance you can make JulieFestWest?
 It's party of the century, Dude.

Subject: Bartcop Hex!

 Click  Here

So Salon.com is $76M in the hole.
How did these dumbfucks spend $76 million on a website that displays articles?
No clue.

Anyway, now "substantial doubt exists as to its ability to continue" (shocking),
according to their most recent 10-K filing...

Rumor has it Salon.com will officially go out of business August 13, 2002.


Billy, trust me,  bartcop.com  is not $76M in the hole.
bartcop.com  is actually in the black, but it's sliver black.

One thing's for sure: You do not want to be victim of the BartCop Hex.
It's kinda sad about Salon.com.
They were a website that, in the nineties, had credibility...

 ...before they turned whore.

 Recently I mentioned "Easter eggs," the hidden goodies on DVDs.

 Looks like  dvdeastereggs.com  is the biggest of the bunch.

  Click  Here  to see the hidden goodies on The Godfather Collection.

 There's only one person who can clarify the Pledge of Allegiance matter.

 Click  Here  to see what Betty Bowers has to say.

 She's so close to Jesus, they hate all the same people.

 We were honored to have Betty in the chat room the other night.
 You should join the chat fun.


"Give a man a fish, feed him for a day.
  Give a man religion, watch him starve to death praying for fish."
           -- Scott Stockdale


 The evil Post Office monopoly is about to skyrocket their rates!
 Yes, it's true, folks.

 Postal prices are about to shoot to astronomical, unprecedented levels.
 Postal rates are going up so high, I suspect the B.F.E.E. had a hand in it,
 so get your JulieFest2002-DC tape before these rates shoot out of sight.

 This is the LAST WEEK to get this unique, once-in-a-lifetime video
 at the unheard of price of  FREE  with a minimum $25 donation for Julie.
 So beat the rate increase. As Martha Stewart (R-Goingtojail) says
 "Saving money - it's a good thing!"

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 The Pledge is unconstitutional
    by Marc Perkel

 As the founder of the Church of Reality, I support the decision of the 9th Circuit Court
 of Appeals in declaring the phrase "Under God" unconstitutional. I would not even support
 changing it to “Under Reality” because freedom of religion includes the freedom to believe
 in things other than what is real, and I would not impose my beliefs on others.

 Personally - I believe that the whole pledge is unconstitutional because the United States
 was founded as a government of the People, by the People, and for the People.
 Therefore the People should not be pledging to the Government, but the Government
 should be pledging to the People.

 Government workers should have to recite, "We pledge Allegiance to the People of the
 United States of America. And for the People whom we serve, to protect Personal Liberty,
 Freedom, and Justice for all."

 Today's  bartcop.com  Bonus Issue has a whole lotta Rosie,
 a whole lotta toons and even my favorite - some Monkey Mail

 Click  Here


 "If I were biased, I don’t believe I would have gotten the job."
      – ABC’s George (Judas Maximus) Stephanopoulos to Newsday

 No, Judas.
 If you were a Democrat, you never would've gotten the job.
 ABC knows you stuck a knife in Clinton's back, so they know
 you can be counted on to run a pro-Bush show every Sunday.

 Do you like your extra money, Judas?


 We have an update on The Rio

           click on The Rio for today's important update

Party all night Carnival-style facing The Strip at this adventure in
    the paradise of Rio de Janeiro, the only all-suite hotel in Las Vegas.

Named "Best Hotel Value in the World" by Travel & Leisure magazine,
   The Rio offers extravagant suite living, top-notch shows and lounges,
   and non-stop gaming action.

Treat your palate to a wealth of distinctive flavors from around the globe
   at the award-winning Carnival World Buffet.

Go tequila crazy at any of their dozen agave shops.

 September 27-29th

 Let me hear from you 

 The Meaning of Patriotism
       by James Higdon

  Click  Here

 True patriots will stand and confront the threat to freedom in whatever shape it comes.
 Whether it is in the shape of a fanatic who seeks to spread terror, or from the weak wills
 of those within our government who seek to spread rumors of terror in order extract
 liberty from a frightened public.

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 They read it in Perth.
 They read it in Lyon.
 They read it in Brentwood California as they letter their 'toons.



"Karl Rove declared war on the estate tax....
 You know, the tax only one-half of one percent of Americans pay?
 Falsely cloaking themselves in concern for family businesses already protected,
 the Bush administration refused all compromise, like raising the already generous
 exemption to $7 million. What will fathers say to the age-old question now:
 ‘What did you do during the war, Daddy?’ Fight to destroy al-Qaeda and avenge the deaths
 of three thousand U.S. citizens? Or wage war to protect America’s luckiest and wealthiest?"
      –  Margaret Carlson, weekend liberal, on Capital Gang

 There are JulieFest2002-DC tapes stacked and ready to ship,
 and the Post Office is about to explode their rates into the stratosphere.
 Tapes shipped before Sunday will be less expensive.

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 BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you.
 BartCop, over 90 different tequilas at the Hard Rock.....
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

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