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Volume 828 - Behind Blue Eyes

Brian Hollister Davis for Congress in '02
For Maryland's Second District

Friday    June 28, 2002 


"This decision is profoundly misguided. Whenever we remove a brick from the wall
   that was designed to separate religion and government, we increase the risk of
   religious strife and weaken the foundation of democracy."
    --Justice John Paul Stevens, on the school vouchers attack on education,
       fretting about the religiously insane takeover of the highest court.

  Full Sad Story

 Bush to Be Sedated for Colonoscopy

  Click  Here

 President Bush said he will undergo a colon check Saturday that will require him to be sedated.
"The powers of the presidency will be briefly transferred to Unka Dick", he said.

 They're searching for his head.

                              John Entwistle

 Millions of Who fans are grieving today, and fans from all over
 the world are in Las Vegas today, walking around in shock.
 The tour was supposed to start tonight at the Hard Rock.
 I can't imagine what it would be like to be all set up for a great
 concert and a weekend in Vegas and have it all turn to dust.

 When I heard the news, I turned on Tulsa's classic rock station,
 figuring to hear a 24-block of Who songs - but I got nothing.
 Lynyrd Skynyrd, Jethro Tull, ZZ Top - the same old, same old.

 No mention, no tribute, nothing at all.
 The Clear Channel mega-corporation can't divert from their
 precious computer-generated song list when an icon dies?

 Thursday night, it was THE top story on Yahoo news,
 but classic rock radio can't even give the man a mention?
 That's fucked up.

 The Hard Rock should seal that room and not rent it again.
 I'd hate to see the "Entwistle Room" become another rock trophy.

  Read this fast - before MSNBC pulls it down and fires the writer.

 Hitting the trifecta
  Bush’s favorite joke about 9/11 is not only in bad taste, it’s a lie.

  Click  Here

 Bush never told any audience, or any reporter, in  Chicago that he could foresee
 three conditions under which deficit spending might be necessary. In fact, throughout
 the entire campaign, Bush had been insistent that budget surpluses would continue,

 Calling Bush on one of his lies?
 Was MSNBC recently sold?

I don't have to tell the truth.
I always get what I want.
They all fall in line for me.

 Supreme Court strikes down 4th Amendment

 Yesterday, Bush's robed lackeys ruled 5-4 that schools' interest in ridding their campuses of drugs
 outweighs an individual's right to privacy, allowing random drug tests for many public high school
 students, not just student athletes. This action repeals the 4th Amendment which used to say,

 'The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against
 unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no
 Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation,
 and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.'

 Guilty until proven innocent - that's Bush's America

 Hey, what if some mayor wants to rid his town of guns?
 He gets to search every square inch of that city?
 After all, the public has a right to be safe, right?

 Could somebody make a list of the rights that have been trampled since we lost the vote?

click on Bozo

 Hey, Bart!

 I learned just today that the Vice Horsethief is going to be here in Wichita next week.
 Have you heard of any protests that might be going on?

 I sure don't want to be standing around out there by myself.
 I'm self-conscious that way.  ^.^;


 I'd sure like to run a picture of you holding a Buck Fush sign...

 This is Field Marshall Ashcroft.
 We have an Al Qaeda meeting we need to break up.
 Yeah, that's right, in kansas City next week.
 Send the black choppers with the Zyklon B, but I want
 this "Wildcat" fella alive - you hear me?
 Repeat - I want "Wildcat" kept alive.  We'll give him a
 session with the Taliban telephone wired to his genitals
 and see what his smart mouth has to say then!

Subject: Julie Fest Video Review!

I received my video just a couple of days after ordering it - thanks for your efficient assembly line!
I couldn't attend, but the tape is so good that I'm savoring it by rationing myself rather than watching it
all at once. The editing is absolutely professional - it makes the tape come alive.

I thought one of the most impressive people appearing was Ms Steele's attorney, Nancy Luque.
Not only is she very intelligent, but she also has what seems to be a personal, not just professional,
interest in exposing the motives of Ken Starr and his cronies. She's worth buying the video for, all by herself.

Excellent job!

And it was good to see Bartcop on the video - you're a real inspiration.
Thanks for all the sweat and dollars you put into the fight!

PS - the video inspired me to contribute to JHS, but the link on your website in her area that is supposed
to go to Paypal doesn't; it just creates an email to Ms Steele. I'll keep checking to see if it starts working.

Hey, thanks for caring , thanks for helping Julie,
and damn, that link has been broken since forever.

  to PayPal Julie Hiatt Steele

Subject: Clinton and definitions


About The Big Dog and his answers under oath - but in the deposition about Monica, lawyers for
each side had to come to agreement on the definition of sexual relations. Clinton's lawyer, the IOC and
the judge drafted the "legal definitions" used. When he looked them over, he saw that what they did was
not covered - they f-ed up and didn't include him receiving oral sex in the definition, so when asked he
answered truthfully. He was not going to volunteer anything. Would you? Would Rosie?

Obviously not, or she would have come out years ago when we all knew the truth
about her but she kept fawning over Tom Cruise.


Joe, great point.
Rosie has been lying for what, a decade about her personal sexual piccadillos*?
Of course, her sex life isn't my business just as Clinton's sex life isn't Rosie's business.
But trust me, she did what she did for publicity - she needs more money.

 Xerox caught in $2B Accounting Fraud

  Click  Here

 I think when corporate America saw President Oil coming, they knew they had
 a blank check to rape and pillage and they took advantage of it. The American
 economy can't take many moreanother dozen of thse scandals before the whole
 shebang starts to crumble.

 When the economy crashes, they'll blame Clinton, and Bush's good puppy press will
 agree 100 percent, and then Bush will say we need another tax cut for the super-rich

 Then Bush's billionaire friends can swoop in and buy America for a song.

by Wizard of Whimsy

  Underage public drunks caught again
 For Bush Daughters, (Night) Life Isn't Fair

   Click  Here

 We hope those fun-loving first twins, Jenna and Barbara Bush, had a good time
 Wednesday night at Stetson's, the Texas-themed Washington saloon where they
 were spotted by multiple witnesses sucking down Budweisers and chain-smoking
 cigarettes with a group of friends till well past midnight.

 The Bush daughters?
 Openly breaking the liquor laws?

 I see nothing wrong with that. After all, they're royalty
 and when you're royalty you know laws are for the little people.

 Watch for another story about Chelsea, because whenever the Bush twins
 break the law, the good puppy press runs a derogatory story about Chelsea.

 The Talibanization Of America


Don't blame me!
I voted with the majority!

Click to order

 Maybe the pledge should read,

 "one nation, under the illegal occupation of an unelected fraud..."


 We have an update on The Rio

The only all-suite hotel in Las Vegas.

Named "Best Hotel Value in the World" by Travel & Leisure magazine,
   The Rio offers extravagant suite living, top-notch shows and lounges,
   and non-stop gaming action.

Treat your palate to a wealth of distinctive flavors from around the globe
   at the award-winning Carnival World Buffet.

Go tequila crazy at any of their dozen agave shops.

 September 27-29th - tickets on sale soon!

 Let me hear from you 

 Consumer Consumption
  The Search for Quality!


 In Depth JulieFest2002-DC Video Review

 Click  Here

 I am here to say, that I will no longer entertain the thought that Bartcop engages
 in hyperbole. When he is dead serious - and you can tell - you can, as someone
 said, “take that to the bank”. If anything, Bartcop is perhaps too modest when
 he talks about this video.

“Amateur” Kent Bye has, in my opinion, created a fully professional, and profoundly
 important, documentary film.  I received this video on Friday, June 21, 2002. I watched
 it by myself after work that day - I shook with anger, I laughed, I grinned, and yes,
 I got misty eyed. But that’s just me - and I was there. I watched it again later that night,
 with my family, and my parents - who recently arrived from FL for the summer, and they
 weren’t there. They loved the video, they loved Julie, and they were appalled by what
 had happened to her. This video is powerful stuff!

 We have JulieFest2002-DC tapes stacked and ready to ship,

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
  PayPal to  bartcop@bartcop.com

 Subject: In Praise of your sponsor, Harmony Cedar

 Hi BC,
 Kudos' to Harmony Cedar.
 I placed a gift order late last night and got an immediate and personal
 reply from Erik telling me the order would be shipped today!

 I'm sure my daughter will be thrilled with the basket and
 I just wanted to give you some feedback.


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 Last day for June, 2002!

 From: meatman42@insightbb.com

 You wrote:

 > All day today, you're going to hear "Let won't let us pray,"
 > but anyone who says that is either stupid or a Republican.>>>

 When all of the Senators stand up and endorse the Pledge, it makes your
 above statement look really ignorant.
 This was my first visit to your web-site,
 What an impression you made!

 What A Hoot
 Todd Hyle

 Todd, you cheated.
 You failed to answer the question.
 How would you feel if YOU were forced to pledge to one nation, under Allah or Budda?

 ...suddenly, you're very quiet.

 They read it in Pango Pango.
 They read it in North Yemen.
 They read it in Newark, DE after they watch their Juliefest tape


 Guest Editorial

 Honest Liberty-Loving Gore

 Republicans got what they wanted when they forced Bush the puppet of invisible fascist kings
 onto the American people. For eight years they projected this image of a corrupt greedy fascist
 tyrannical dictator, and this mental projection resulted in the installation of George Bush in the
 White House against the will of the American people. Bush is the corrupt greedy dictator that
 Republicans wanted.

 But we all know Bush is evil.
 We are preaching to the choir constantly listing Bush's vile accomplishments.
 Time to parallel every corrupt action of his with actions of a good person doing the right things.

 Now it is time for us to project the image of an honest hard-working people-caring compassionate
 business-savvy law-enforcing generous person and beat the drum every day about what kind of
 person would make an excellent president. The kind of person we want. Worked for the Republicans.
 Would work well for Democrats.

 Never lose sight of what Bush is doing wrong, yet we could also parallel each evil deed with what
 the right thing would have been in each situation. Millions of people in Church every sunday project
 the image of a good honest compassionate person and this mass mind beam channels flow of human
 energy which becomes personified by the next man to attain the White House by the well-spoken
 will of all the people of this land.

 Bush turned himself into the anti-Clinton. We don't just want an anti-Bush. We want a pro-Good
 pro-honest pro-compassion pro-prosperity pro-environment pro-liberty pro-rights individual whose
 integrity inspires everyone on this land and in the whole world to be the best they can be each day,
 just like Clinton did. Like Honest Liberty-Loving Gore. Honest Liberty-Loving Gore.

 Simon Seamount

 BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you.
 BartCop, over 90 different tequilas at the Hard Rock.....
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

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