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Volume 838 - Night Train 

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 Wednesday    July 10, 2002 


"Every scandal, it seems, produces at least one classic and defining euphemism
 -- a judiciously chosen word or phrase diligently employed to sugarcoat the sour
 reality at hand...And now we have corporate America's glittering contribution:
 "restatement of earnings." It sounds so innocuous and benign. Possibly even
 a good thing. Earnings are good after all. And "restating" is just the boardroom
 equivalent of asking for a do-over on the playground. It connotes a slip of the
 tongue, a wrongly chosen word, a failure to carry the 1 when doing your math
 homework. What it doesn't sound like is, well, what it is: out-and-out fraud
 involving the fleecing of billions of dollars from shareholders and pension funds."
     --Arianna Huffington

  Heir to the Holocaust
  Prescott Bush, 1.5 million dollars and Auschitz:
  How the Bush Family wealth is linked to the Jewish Holocaust

   Click  Here

  Two Excerpts:
 According to classified documents from Dutch intelligence and US government archives,
 President George W. Bush's grandfather, Prescott Bush made considerable profits off
 Auschwitz slave labor. In fact, President Bush himself is an heir to these profits from the
 holocaust which were placed in a blind trust in 1980 by his father, former president
 George Herbert Walker Bush.


 Six days after Pearl Harbor and the US declaration of war at the end of 1941,
 FDR signed the Trading With the Enemy Act, which banned any business interests
 with US enemies of war. Prescott Bush continued with business as usual, aiding the
 Nazi invasion of Europe and supplying resources for weaponry that would eventually
 be turned on American solders in combat against Germany.

 You should read this article

 Cheney, Oil Co. Face Fraud Suit

  Click  Here

 Larry Klayman said Wednesday he was suing Vice President Oil and Halliburton,
 alleging fraudulent accounting practices at the company.

 The lawsuit alleges that the accounting fraud led to shareholder losses, claiming
 Halliburton overstated revenues by $445 million from 1999 through the end of 2001.

 Corporate Rogues Count on the G.O.P.
     by Joe Conason

   Click Here

 The funding contributed by business to Democrats is a fraction of what those same interests
 regularly give to Republicans, for one obvious reason: Republican policy is utterly reliable in
 its deference to their demands. This week's news of revenue "enhancement" by Merck & Co.
 offered an indirect reminder of those basic facts. Merck's political contributions are heavily
 Republican, and its C.E.O. was selected by President Bush to chair the administration's
 transition panel on health care.

  From  foreign correspondent MC, in Saudi Arabia
 Arab boycott affecting US,
 though its cause is not understood

  Click  Here

 The terrorism attacks of Sept. 11 also deeply effected US-Arab tourism, education
 and trade, which once strengthened ties between the US and the Arab world,
 despite quarrels over US support for Israel and other foreign affair disputes.

 The Saudis, for example, used to flock to Disney World on Saudi Arabia Airlines’
 weekly flights from Jeddah to Orlando. Now demand has evaporated and the flights
 have been canceled.

 If the Diet doesn't kill you the food will!


 Bush calls for his own crooked ass to be arrested!

  Full Crazy Story

"My administration will end the days of cooking the books, shading the truth and breaking our laws."
"We will use the full weight of the law to expose and root out corruption."
"We need a financial crimes SWAT team, overseeing the abuse."

 ...then, just like Jim Livingston, he said, "and just to prove I mean business,
 ...just to show I can take my own advice ...arrest my crooked ass."

 It was the first time I've been able to respect something President Junior has done.

 Do As I Say Not As I Did


 Things to do in Vegas without drinking or gambling:

  1. Desert Demonstration Gardens
  2. Red Rock Canyon Vermillion Wonderland
  3. The Grand Canyon  More than a big whole
  4. The Mirage Volcano and White Tigers
  5. The Stratosphere Tower and it's mile-high roller coaster
  6. New York, New York  The greatest city in Las Vegas!
  7. The Fremont Experience  brought downtown back to life
  8. Star Trek The Experience, Las Vegas Hilton
  9. Area 51  What the hell did I just see?
10. Mandalay Bay   The Sharks! The Sharks!
11. The lakes and the boating  Ain't nothing like it!

12. The Bellagio   One of the nicest hotels in the world.
 From Christmas in Vegas:
 We walked in the lobby of The Bellagio and were slammed by the aroma
 of fresh-cut flowers.  You can't fake that.
 The lobby is chock-full of fresh flowers, and it hits you like a wave.

 Mrs. BartCop grabbed my arm and made me stop.
 She looked up at the ceiling with it's 5,000 just-cut fresh flowers
 and took a deep breath.  "This doesn't smell like Oklahoma," she said.

 Plus, Click  Here  to see a short video of the Bellagio Fountains,
 courtesy of Dave's The Vegas Report

 The Bellagio is so classy, on the walls of their restaurants,
 they have paintings by Van Gogh, Picasso and Monet.

13. Hear the Juliefest Soundtrack  The best music ever!
 There's a whole lotta Garbage, but also the best tracks from The Clash,
 King's X, Van Halen, The Beatles, Hendrix, Stevie Wonder, Frank Zappa,
 Stevie Ray Vaughn, Shania Twain, Led Zeppelin, Queen and more!

  Click  Here  to see details of the first eleven suggestions Now with working link!

 More Things to do in Las Vegas tomorrow...

 J.Lo and Ben Check in at Deli

 Report: Jennifer Lopez and my good friend Ben Affleck
               are so close, they even shop for groceries together.

  Click  Here

 Talk about a high maintenance gal!

 Careful, Ben!

 We've been thrown a curve.
 Julie is unable to be in Las Vegas on September 28th.

 That would seem to leave us with at least two options:

 If you're like me (Koresh help you) and already have your airfare locked in,
 we can still have a reduced-cost, less-than celebrity party and have a good time.
 We can take over the Pink Taco and run them out of ultra-fine, luxury tequila.
 What the hell - we can call it "BartFest."

 We've been talking about doing one of these for years anyway, and frankly,
 the Julie fundraiser in D.C. put us in a slightly negative asset situation.

 This, of course, depends on you-all.  If you would like to attend a party in Vegas
 on that weekend, let us know and we will move forward with the planning.

 I think we should party, but then, that's my answer to everything.

 Ticket prices would be lowered to $75, and the proceeds would be used to
 support the Web site and to reimburse us for out-of-pocket expenses incurred
 at JulieFest2002-DC (and obviously to pay for the Vegas party itself).

 If you're not interested, we will refund whatever money you've sent in.

 So let us know what you want to do. Hope we see you in Vegas.


 It can still be the Party of the Year at The Rio

              Party info reing re-written

 Just a reminder: Las Vegas is NOT Six Flags over Texas

 September 28th - tickets on sale!

 Pants on Fire
   by The Daily Brew

   Click  Here  for the superior today version
   Click  Here  for the inferior, forever version.

 It was Limbaugh's GOP majority who then changed the law in 1995, shielding
 outside accountants, law firms, CEOs and directors from liability for false
 corporate reporting. Limbaugh and his 20 million listeners cheered them on
 every step of the way as they passed the bill over President Clinton's veto.

 Now see?
 I didn't know that.
 The reason I didn't know that is because nobody told me.
 The Democrats refuse to stand up and defend themselves, or Bill Clinton.
 The whore press is certainly not going to give us the facts.  If it wasn't for
 The Daily Brew I STILL wouldn't know it, and maybe you wouldn't, either.


 "Every good Christian ought to kick Jerry Falwell right in the ass."
     -- Barry Goldwater, 1981

Milt's back, and he still has ten fingers!!

 Join the BartCop Pink Tutu Ballet
  Wear your surrender flag around your waist, just like senate Democrats

  Click for Details

 Click to join the Corona corps de ballet for just $10 a month

 Click to join the Chinaco Silver Silver soloist for just $25 a month.

 Click to join the Chinaco Reposado Reposado principal for only $50 a month

 How sweet, Bart!
 We thought you were angry with us.

 Join today!

 They read it in Balzers.
 They read it in Tombouctou
 They read it in their room at the Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood.

 Can you hear that?

 If you listen real close, you can hear the sound of Nevada's electoral votes falling
 into the pocket of the Democratic nominee in 2004.  The GOP is forcing a vote to
 make Nevada eat America's nuclear waste, after Smirk promised he wouldn't.

 Hey, don't laugh!

 If Gore had won Nevada last time,
 September 11th would've been just another day in the Clinton Miracle.

 BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you.
 BartCop, over 90 different tequilas at the Hard Rock.....
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

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