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Volume 849 - 13 x Forever

Gladshot is a new band from Debbie Andrews and Mike Blaxill,
 "literate, finely-wrought 90s power pop"


 Wednesday   July 24, 2002..................................................................................
 After 3 years, Yahoo says there is no BartCop mail box, so don't send anything there until they
 manage to locate the damn thing.  Send everything to except business mail.
 That goes to and if it's "must see" send it to Christian at
 VCR Alert
- Tonight, one of my favorite West Wings - The First Lady gets a load on with the gals.
  Channing and Moloney probably got their Emmy nominations from this episode, says USA Today.


"Government isn't the answer - government is the problem.
  If government would just get out of the way, America's
  economic engines would roar to their full potential."
    -- Ronald Reagan, creator of today's Wall Street problems

 That "less government" horseshit was carried on by Newt's gang of trolls.
 They passed legislation that kept federal regulators away from the books
 and looked what happened as a result.

 Bush signs Yucca Mountain radioactive waste bill
  Hands Nevada's electoral votes to the Democrats

  Click  Here

 Three days before the election, Dick the Heartless gave a speech in Nevada and said
 they would NOT put nuke waste here "without the sound science," to back it up.

 Now, twenty months after that broken promise, Ari the Truthless says,
 "After two decades of study..." they've decided the science is there.
 So if this study is 20 years old, why didn't they know about it 20 months ago?

 The answer is very clear.
 The Bush boy and his handlers lied to the people of Nevada,
 and they knew it was a lied when they told it.

 Nevada - never trust the B.F.E.E. - they'll screw you every time.

 BTW, Yucca Mountain just had an earthquake...

Subject: It's A Good Thing Bush Took All Those Vacations

Bush took more vacations last year than any other president in our nation's history.
Everything is so screwed up with terrorist attacks, stock market crashing, joblessness,
squandered budget surplus, it's a good thing that he only worked part time.

Yeah George, take off all the time you want.
We'll call you when we need you.

Greg Whitman

 GOP Pollsters Warn of Economic News


 Corporate wrongdoing and economic jitters have soured the national mood
 noticeably in recent weeks, according to prominent Republican pollsters who
 warn of "GOP turnout problems" in midterm elections if the trend persists.

"The bottom has fallen out on the mood of the country," Public Opinion
 Strategies cautioned party strategists in and out of Congress in recent days.

 Ann Coulter, it's time to meet the truth police

  Click  Here

"Coulter also has a habit of chastising liberals for their methodology and then using the same techniques
 to make her own points. She argues that it's wrong for liberals to compare Rush Limbaugh to the major
 news organizations because Limbaugh is "a noted polemicist" engaging in "satirical commentary," yet
 when Coulter needs examples to back up her claims that news organizations target conservatives,
 she routinely quotes columnists. Um, aren't they supposed to have opinions?"

Subject: Tax cuts for the rich

Hey, BC,

Most treasury bills are bought by rich people. So, if a tax cut for the rich leads to deficit spending,
then the sources of the government's funding stay unchanged. The only difference is that some of the
rich people's money that used to be taken as taxes is now borrowed from them instead.

The rest of us (and our children) must eventually pay back those loans, plus interest, to the rich people.
And, in the meantime, we'll pay higher mortgage and car payments, because the deficit spending drives up interest rates.

We still haven't come close to paying off the money we borrowed during the Reagan/Bush years.  15% of the
federal budget still goes to pay the interest on those loans. 15 percent!  That's roughly the same amount we spend
on the Pentagon.  And all those billions, year after year, are a direct transfer of money from your pocket, my pocket,
and the pockets of other decent working people into the trust funds and yacht club tabs of the idle rich.


 Karl Rove made a rare appearance on The Hill today...


 Chris the Screamer is in a DC hospital "often delerious" with malaria.

 We all wish the best for Chris, and we hope he gets back to
 screaming vicious and obscene falsehoods at the Clintons real soon.

UNDER CLINTON - first budget surplus in decades, record high productivity,
low inflation, low unemployment, low interest rates, record small business start ups,
record earnings, record first time home buyers,  record high stock market,  more police
on the streets, lowered crime rate, implemented air strikes against Bin Laden immediately
after the first bombing of the Trade Center, brought Israelis and Palestinians together for
first time, and could put together complex sentences without help from an aide.

Oh yea...and got a blow job that got him in trouble.

UNDER BUSH - reintroduced deficit spending, a terrible economy, a terrible stock market,
rising crime rates, nowhere near getting Bin Laden after nearly 10 months of military action,
foreign policy disaster in the Mid East, and a drunk driving, Vietnam dodging, election stealing,
corporate lacky who can't put together a simple sentence without help from an aide.

Oh yea...and lied about committing illegal insider trading, yet refuses to have
an independent investigation done to him like the one done to Clinton.

We love you, Bill Clinton!
We wish we could have had 4 more years!

By NolQBush

 Bush’s Tangled Past Is Relevant Today
      by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Unfortunately, Mr. Bush and his insider-infested administration meet none of these criteria.
 He is a lifelong beneficiary of crony capitalism, as were his father and grandfather before him.
 He has no quarrel with that system and is blind to its defects.  He cannot raise his hand against
 what Teddy Roosevelt called the "malefactors of great wealth," because they’re his backers,
 his colleagues, his friends and his family.

 I'm listening to Bill O'Reilly on the radio tell a black man he's lying
 about blacks sometimes getting roughed up by the cops.

"Statistics show less than one percent of traffic stops go bad,"
  says the very wealthy and very white O'Reilly.

 O'Reilly knows better.
 He's just spinning lies for that ditto-monkey dollar.

Subject: The Simpsons edited out specific reference to Bush in rerun

Saw the Simpsons rerun Sunday on Faux;
I believe they changed Homer Simpson's original  line which was something like
"I can blow smoke right in George Bush's monkey face!"

They changed it to "...the President's monkey face!"!
What the frokkin frook?

I know you quoted the original line on your site.

Jedgar Oreck.

Hey, are you related to the vacuum Oreck guy?
I need a fan belt for an 1100G hand-held.

I believe it was "blow smoke right in George Bush's stupid monkey face."

I hear the Bush boy cried the first time that ran.
Poor thing - I understand he's very sensitive...

 Reminder: Joe Conason is daily now at


"Will the highways on the Internet become more few?"
      -- thestupidest president in history

 I woke up today feeling very strange.
 No, it wasn't a hangover.
 When you get my age, one can't help but become attuned to one's body and I knew
 something really strange was going on, so I made an appointment with Dr. Sharrif.
 The staffer said it was a slow day and I could come right in.

 When I got there, I said,
"Doctor, Doctor. Mister MD.
  Can you tell me what's ailing me?"
 He did the usual - looked at my throat, took my blood pressure, listened to my heart.

 A nurse took some blood, (it was red) but you can't tell Jack from looking at it.
 When the exam was over, Dr. Sharrif said he couldn't be sure until the blood work came back,
 but his preliminary diagnosis was that I was suffering from Vegas Fever!!!

 ha ha

 We watched Inside Caesars Palace and Venice in Vegas last night.
 That'll give anybody Vegas Fever.

 Go to  and book a $95 flight to Vegas.

 Last October, Congress passed the USA PATRIOT Act, that incorporated Ashcroft's recommendations.
 In doing so, it nullified large portions of the Bill of Rights.

"Oddly," since the post-9/11 crackdown on civil liberties began, the Bush Administration has refused
 to extend their scrutiny-and-security measures to one particular area: offshore tax havens that frequently
 facilitate the funding of terrorists. Why?  Because they also protect tax evasion and drug-money laundering!
 The sacrifices Americans are supposed to make don't extend to the Administration's and their wealthiest
 campaign donor's ability to move large sums of money around in total secrecy.

 Full Story

 More billions for the Bush Family Evil Empire.
 He's a dirty, rotten crook of the highest order.

Subject: re the letter From: Megan Mac

> "Name calling.  Although this is guaranteed in your right to free speech...
> what has anyone gained from listening to your ranting????  NOTHING!"

I gain a lot from READING your ranting.  First of all, I gain peace of mind, knowing that there are
other people out there who feel the way I do.  Secondly, more often than not, you use a lot of humor
in your rants which makes me laugh.  Laughter is something that I need and that most people need
right now while we helplessly watch the country go to hell.  So your rants are good for our sanity.

If I want to read some kind of "intellectual" article where the author dances around the issues and
avoids offending anyone, especially Karl Rove, I will read the NY Times or Washington Post.
When I want to read articles or "rants" where someone tells it like it is and helps me feel better
by making me laugh, I go to Bartcop.  We need more sites like Bartcop because the only thing
that can keep us going sometimes is the ability to laugh, our sense of humor.  There are countless
sites that have brilliant articles with nothing but bad news on them and those are fine, but I love
Bartcop (and RB Ham) because it balances the bad news with some humor to ease the pain of it all.
So, for that, I am very grateful!


 This may be our last chance to party as free people.
 Southwest Airlines has $95 fares to Las Vegas
  I just checked - it's only $95  from K-Drag and it's non-stop.
 You can't beat non-stop to Vegas. People on a flight to Las Vegas
 are the luckiest peopllllllllllllle the wooooooooorld.
 That's my Barbara Streisand impression - bet you didn't know I could sing!!
 Matter of fact, I'm think about entertaining at BartFest with my show tunes.
 Ooooooooooooooklahoma where the people stop at green lights!

 BartFest2002 - Party of the Year

 Make your own hotel reservations.

 Reminder: Las Vegas is NOT  Rush Street in Chicago.

 BTW, can I say one thing?

 We are in negotiations with the most exciting non-Clinton guest you could imagine.
 If negotiations are successful, ticket prices will be going up.  If they went up in proportion
 to the excitement, they'd be $300, but I wouldn't do that to you.  But if you're thinking
 about coming, you can save some money by getting in at the low, low price of just $75.

 Remember: The last time I said this, we ended up with Carville, Conason and Steele,
 with a little David Brock thrown in for good measure.       Trust me.     Party in Vegas!

 September 28th -  tickets on sale!

People are coming from as far as Europe to attend BartFest.


33. The South's Finest Chocolate  has agreed to send the best chocolate in the world.
   Hell, that's worth a thousand dollars right there.

34. The Pre-Party  This is a possibility more than an outright offer, but maybe we tequila
   connie, ...connass, ..coonosu, ...maybe the tequila lovers could band together the night before
   the actual Fest at the Pink Taco and sample the extra fine luxury tequilas Mary has.
   Y'know, I wonder if we could rent an expert? Maybe Mary knows a local tequila lover
   who could provide some expert guidance thru the tricky agave jungle - I'll ask her.
   (I should list Mary as an attraction, but that would anger the feminists, so I won't)

35. Free liquor from the cute cocktail waitresses
  Actually, you can lose $50 gambling while waiting for your free drink, so it's not really
  the deal of the century, but when you're busy gambling, it's always fun to have the scanty
  clads ask if you'd like another shot of The Miracle at Canaan, but have you ever heard
  the story of why liquor is free in Las Vegas?
  Years ago, the casinos were trying to out-do each other to attract customers.
  One casino went to dollar drinks, so the other casino went to 75 cent drinks,
  so the first casino went to 50 cents drinks, so the other casino said "F-it" and
  went to free drinks for anybody gambling and here we are.

  Click  Here  to see Bart's Thirty two things to do in Vegas!

  Click  Here  to see Dave's 100 Things to do in Vegas 

  20 days from today...The Rio needs a large check.
  The party's on either way, but we have to know how big a room to buy.
  If we only get sixty people, maybe we'll rent ten limos & party on the go!


"President Bush, who marked his 18th month in office this weekend, is off to the worst start
 of any president in the last 75 years...With the plunge in stock prices over the last nine weeks,
 the S.& P. 500 has now fallen 36.9 percent since Mr. Bush was sworn in on Jan. 20, 2001.
 That is the worst record for any president, as measured by the S.& P., which dates back to
 1927, and is nearly twice as bad as the first 18 months of Hoover's administration."

Am I in trouble?
I'm not a one-termer
like my loser daddy... I?

 Christopher Reeve IS Superman
     by Mo Paul

   Click  Here

  Note: I knew Mo could draw, didn't know he could write, too...

    ...and don't be drinking any milk


If you bought $1000.00 worth of WorldCom stock a year ago, it would now be worth $4.
If you bought $1000.00 worth of Bud Tallboys, drank all the beer and traded in the empty
cans to a recycling center, you would have received $106 for them.

Given Bush's economy, my advice is to drink heavily and recycle.

 Subject: Liberal Media

 Good to see the media going after Cheney and Bush
 with the same ferocious intensity that they went after Clinton.

 They're not.
 Oh, never mind.

 Joe F

 Just a reminder - entire cable channels came into existence to chase Clinton's zipper.
 MSNBC, CNBC, Fox Whore News and others were formed for the singular purpose
 of lying about Bill Clinton because the right wing was so ravenous for white trash bullshit.

 Nobody ever heard of Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Barbara Olson, Andy Sullivan, Drudge
 and a hundred just like them until Bill Clinton came along and saved us from the Reagan error.
 When scumbags like Scaife saw that Clinton was taking the Reagan/Bush hellhole and changing
 it into a great, peaceful nation with a surplus and 22 million new jobs, they fabricated lies trying
 to destroy him and then then installed Chimpy the Wonder Dog as president against our will.

 ...and the American whore press helped them every step of the way.

 Someone suggested if I calmly and respectfully plant the seed in the reader's mind
 that a few quid each month towards making the hammer higher might eventually pay off.

 Somehow,  has become more than a tequila treehouse.
 People are meeting here and a convergence of non-ditto ideas has happened.

 If you enter the MIRC Chat, almost any time of the day or night, you'll find real people there.
 If you post an idea on The BartCop Forum, thousands of like-minded people might see it.
 If your letter or your cartoon gets posted on this page, dozens might see it.

 How much do give, you ask?
 The $17 figure was suggested as a reasonable monthly amount.
 That's 54 cents a day.
 Is  worth 54 cents a day?

 Click to subscribe for $17 a month.

 From Rush's web site...

 When you click, you should be taken to a site that says,
"The Unelected Moron is trashing the economy
  so his billionaire friends can buy it for a song,"
 ...which actually is a pretty good reason to buy gold.

 They read it in Berlin.
 They read it in Namyangjoo
 They read it in Castle Creek, New York after the Little League game is over.


"I don't care what anybody says.
  I think Bill Clinton and I did a damn good job."
   -- Al Gore, twenty three months late.

 BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you.
 BartCop, over 90 different tequilas at the Hard Rock.....
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

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