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Volume 848 - Seems so empty without me


 Tuesday   July 23, 2002....................................................................................Our search engine is back
 After 3 years,
Yahoo mail says there is no BartCop mail box, so don't send anything there until they
 manage to locate the damn thing.  I guess send everything to except business mail.
 That goes to and lawsuits and complaints go to
  VCR Alert -
Catch  tonight on the Travel Channel!
  At 9 EST Inside Caesars Palace and then at 10 Venice in Vegas - The Venetian


"It bugs me to see Bush, tacking on another agenda to the war on terrorism
  by saying 'Drugs fund terrorism.'    Trust me, ...SUVs fund terrorism."
        -- Bill Maher, fired for telling the truth


 OK Sen Pissquik (R-Caveman) Inhofe Story!!
 Major Ties to Enron and WillCo!
 Top Story on K-Drag GOP TV Monday Night

  But, of course, I can't find any mention of it on the www...

 Liars, Morons or Both
    by Ted Rall

  Click  Here

"Under normal circumstances, even the suggestion that a president would deliberately
 stand idly by as his citizens were slaughtered en masse would be appalling. George W. Bush,
 however, tells Congress to go to hell whenever it requests documents or summons his staff
 to testify. Such a man is capable of anything.  There's no smoking gun-evidence that Bush was
 told about the exact specifics of 9-11-so far. But it's hard to escape an inevitable, disturbing
 conclusion that itself bears consideration: We are in the hands of liars, morons or both."

 I know this Ted Rall fella.
 He's Al Qaeda - I can smell it!
 I'll bet he's bin Laden's top lieutenant.
 This is Field Marshall Ashcroft!
 I need a torture chopper at right now!
 These punks need to know what patriotism feels like.
 It feels like 10,000 volts to the gonads, that's what!

Subject: Bush Failed Presidency Enhances Clinton Legacy

Every day George Bush is frustrated by another failure.
Contrast his failures with the enormous success enjoyed by Bill Clinton.
Quite possibly we have gone from the most successful presidency to the
least successful in just 18 months. Let's look at the report cards for each.

1.    Cultivate and maintain consumer confidence.
             Clinton  A         Bush  F

2.    Cultivate and maintain investors' confidence.
             Clinton A          Bush F

3.    Attain and Maintain a budget surplus.
             Clinton A          Bush F

4.    Create jobs.
             Clinton A          Bush F

5.   Anticipate national security threats and protect America.
              Clinton A         Bush F

6.    Protect our environment.
              Clinton A         Bush F

Gee, this looks like the same report card that these guys earned in college.
Clinton was first in his class, and George didn't do as well.

Greg Whitman

 'Paper' losses, real-world impact
   As stocks losses mount -  now $8 trillion since peak
   - tough choices face retirees, colleges, and nonprofits.

   Click  Here

 Squeeze on schools
 There will be some serious cuts in ... operating expenses this coming year.
 Some will need Draconian plans.

 Business climate soured
 When the market is going down, they become reluctant to invest in their
 own business, including new hires.

 (Sidebar: I just heard Rush imitator Glenn Beck say "this was only paper money...")

 Retired? Maybe not
"I made arrangements to be comfortable in my golden years
 and markets have betrayed me."

  The markets betrayed you?
  No, Sir, you were betrayed by
 the Bush Family Evil Empire,
 the media who lied to elect him,
 insatiable Republican greed and
 the pink tutu Democrats who kiss Bush's ass.

 Bart, please, those are such harsh words!
 Dubya's a good and honest man.
 Smart, too. You just wait and see...
 Be a patriot, Bart.   Lie back and take it!

 His past business practices have stripped Bush
  of his pretensions to moral leadership

  Click  Here

"Bush still has high job approval ratings in the 62 percent to 72 percent range because we
 have no choice --he's the only president we've got. But he's getting tiresome. Even his boyish
 crinkly-eyed winks at "press conferences" are becoming annoying.  His demands for cleaning up
 business are undercut by his own self-serving behavior 12 years ago. And when asked for details
 to clear up doubts about whether he had insider trading knowledge at Harken Energy Corp. when
 he made $850,000 on stock sales, he rebuffs the request."

 Everybody likes prayer in school, right?

  Click  Here


 Are there any queers in the theater tonight?
 Get them up against the wall!
 There's one in the spotlight,
 he don't look right to me,
 Get him up against the wall!

 That one looks Jewish! And that one's a coon!
 Who let all of this riff-raff into the room?
 There's one smoking a joint, And another with spots!
 If I had my way, I'd have all of you shot!
   --Field Marshall Ashcroft, fighting terra

 Keep it up, Funny boy.
 Your time is coming...

 Today's Big Bonus Issue
  not retreads, not a flashback,
  not a repeat, but the real deal

  Click  Here

 Subject: Possible Minefields: Pitt's client list

"Below is a list of SEC Chairman Harvey Pitt's law clients at Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson.
 The list was filed by Pitt with the U.S. Office of Government Ethics on May 24, 2001.
 It contains only clients from whom he received $5,000 or more since Jan. 1, 1999."

 Click  Here

 Comment: You will NOT believe how long this list is.
                    It goes on longer than the Rodney King beating

 ...and this is the guy Bush hired to protect investors from the Wall Street jackals?

 Freepers agree: Bush/Ridge have gone crazy 

   Click  Here

  Excerpts - each phrase is from a different FREEPER poster:
This is probably the most dangerous period in American history.
This is frightening on an Orwellian scale.
We are being sold down the river by republicans,
That was an asinine thing to say "giving soldiers arrest powers".
America is dead .... the police state curtains are descending.

   ...did I mention these are Freepers saying these things?

March along, single file, "citizen" and be prepared to 'show your papers' as required...
Bush hasn't a clue. I doubt he has even read the US Constitution
Dubya can be trusted with these powers, he's our king!
Beware, that is what Hitler promised his people as he guided their neck into the noose.
I'd say many Americans are making the French look bold as of late. It's embarrassing.

 This is what the hard right Freepers are saying about theUnelected Fraud!

But Bart, why can't we just blindly follow?
Why can't you and the Freepers just bend over like we did?

The only way this could get worse is if Bush had tanks in the street.


 Alabama Activates Tank Unit

  Click  Here

 A day after President Bush's release of a homeland defense strategy calling for
 the possible domestic use of U.S. military forces, Alabama activated a 300-soldier
 Army National Guard tank battalion as part of a homeland defense force.

 In a statement released Wednesday, Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman said the Ozark,
 Ala.-based 1st Battalion, 131st Armor "is equipped with modern battle tanks, the
 M1A1 Abrams" and "will serve in the homeland defense role within the United States."

 Holy Jesus!

 ...and you still don't own a gun?

 Do you realize if Bush goes completely crazy,
 it'll be up to me and the Freepers to save you?

 Chicken Fried Stakes at WorldCom
   Click  Here

 Before aggrieved Republicans complain again that linking them to the corporate malefactors is unfair,
 they (and everyone else) should read Neil Weinberg's fascinating Forbes scoop on the WorldCom
 implosion. Weinberg reveals that the fraudulent accounting maneuvers now considered so shocking
 by everyone from WorldCom directors to SEC chairman Harvey Pitt were exposed more than a
 year ago in a shareholder lawsuit that included copious evidence...the judge dismissed the shareholder
 lawsuit last March with prejudice, indicating in his opinion that the plaintiffs had fabricated their
 amazing allegations about the company's chicken-fried books."

 Hey, a crooked judge is something every Republican needs

 Reminder: Joe Conason is daily now at


"The Bush administration's post-Sept. 11 anti-terrorism tactics secret detentions
 of suspects, denial of the right to trial and now citizen spying have in common a
 lack of faith in democratic institutions and a free society. If TIPS is ever put into effect,
 the first people who should be turned in as a threat to our way of life are the Justice
 Department officials who thought up this most un-American of programs."
   -- The New York Whore Times

 Hey, NYWT,
 Why are you turning on your boy, after working (and lying) so hard to get him elected?

 Yet Another Pay Raise

 Congress again for the fourth year in a row voted themselves yet another pay raise
 just before leaving on a month long vacation. The rest of the country is in a recession
 and the stock market is crashing. Corporate thieves stealing billions as people's retirements
 are being wiped out. Yet Congress feels they deserve a raise while the nation suffers.

 I still believe that the salaries of congress should be tied to the minimum wage so that those
 at the bottom, who also deserve a raise, can make a living. It seems to me that Congress
 voting themselves another big raise ($5000/year) is fundamentally unfair.

 Marc Perkel

 No Confidence;
 Bush Cabal Drives US to the Brink of Collapse
   by Al Martin

   Click  Here

 Another week has passed, as we inch ever closer to the economic collapse
 of the United States. During this week we have reached several new important
 milestones. Another $750 billion of market capitalization has been lost, thus
 bringing the total loss in market capitalization (during the eighteen months of
 the George Bush II Regime) to $4.75 trillion.

 Southwest Airlines has $99 fares to Las Vegas
 Go to  - see what kind of deal you can get.

 This may be our last chance to party as a free people.

 BartFest2002 - Party of the Year

 Make your own hotel reservations.

 Reminder: Las Vegas is NOT  Peachtree Street in Atlanta.

 September 28th -  tickets on sale!Now with working link!

People are coming from as far as Europe to attend BartFest.


  Click  Here  to see Bart's Thirty two things to do in Vegas!

  Click  Here  to see Dave's 100 Things to do in Vegas 

  22 days from today...The Rio will demand a large check.
  The party's on either way, but we have to know how big a room to buy.
  If we only get sixty people, maybe we'll rent ten limos & party on the go!

 The Bourne Identity

 I used to say Matt Damon couldn't act, but then I was impressed with his work in
 The Talented Mr Ripley. Now, he's getting better every film.

 Damon must've spent weeks working on the fighting scenes, they are the best!
 Plus, it has one of the great chase scenes ever put on film.

 This film does not insult your intelligence - how rare is that?
 Go see it - be impressed.

 Connect the Dots for a Disturbing Picture
   by Todd Gotlin

  Click  Here

 There's been a lot of talk recently about connecting dots--at least when the enemy is terrorism.
 Connecting the dots: That's what the FBI, CIA, NSA and the rest of the so-called intelligence
 agencies failed to do before Sept. 11.   Important facts got to somebody's files, but the crucial
 work of interpreting them, of connecting them to other important facts, never happened, and so
 the full picture remained hidden. Thanks to whistle-blowers and belatedly mobilized members
 of Congress,  the difference between dots and pictures is now well understood.

 Join the BartCop...

 Maybe that bit's getting old.

 Someone suggested if I calmly and respectfully plant the seed in the reader's mind
 that a few quid each month towards making the hammer higher might eventually pay off.

 Damned if I know how or why, but  has become more than a tequila treehouse.
 People are meeting here and a convergence of ideas has happened.

 If you enter the MIRC Chat, almost any time of the day or night, you'll find real people there.
 If you post an idea on The BartCop Forum, thousands of like-minded people might see it.
 If your letter or your cartoon gets posted on this page, dozens might see it.

 If you post a death threat to Bush & Cheney, will find it and act like
 and MWO is the "Deaththreat Capital of the Internet," the motherless and clueless whores.

 Click  Here for the ugly angry side rant.

 Calmly, ...calmly...

 So, was suggested instead of the hard sell, I might mention that a few pence
 would make the Hammer more powerful, and then people like Salon and Slate
 would be afraid to try to stamp us out.

 I'm so old, I remember when Salon & Slate weren't trying to suppress the left.

 How much do give, you ask?
 The $17 figure was suggested as a reasonable monthly amount.
 That's 54 cents a day.
 Is  worth 54 cents a day?

 I think so, but that's because it takes about 8 hours to produce an issue.
 Smart people could probably do it in 5, but it takes me longer, I'm Catholic.

 Click to subscribe for $17 a month.

 Bush & Ridge, in the name of "stopping terra," have suggested using the military on us.
 Would it hurt to fund those who vigorously oppose ideas like that?

 They read it in Palea Epidavros, where they smoke their hookas.
 They read it in Montreux, where Blackmore wrote Smoke on the Water.
 They read it in Odessa, Texas just before buss open from the heat.

 BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you.
 BartCop, over 90 different tequilas at the Hard Rock.....
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

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