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Volume 854 - Beam Him Up


 Tuesday   July 30, 2002.................................................................................. 
 VCR Alert - Tonight on the History Channel - The History of Las Vegas
  I suggest you watch the first ten minutes and the last 30 (2 hour show) You'll get Vegas Fever!


"When there are reports of corporate fraud the American people
  can be certain that the government will fully investigate and prosecute
  any wrongdoers. That system will be stronger and better."
    -- Whistle Dick Cheney, who made $30M in ONE year at Halliburton
        and he did it, according to Joe Liebermen, "without any help from the government."

 Traficant gets beamed up for eight years

   Click  Here


 "That ain't nothing - I can do that standing on my basket."

 The Roadblock

  Click  Here

"The federal government is out of control.
 It is careening madly, like Buzz Lightyear gone bad, to Infinite Tyranny and beyond.
 If you think you still have rights, it is probably because you have not tried to exercise them recently.
 You have not yet uttered heresies like, "Hey, wouldn't it be swell if Congress actually declared war
 on Iraq before we invaded it?" or "Hang on just one second there Mister Ashcroft. I live in a sovereign
 state, remember?" or "Say, shouldn't Dick Cheney be accountable for his actions?"
 George Bush now exercises absolute control over every man, woman, and child in this country.
 Right now; not at some unspecified time in the future when "this thing" happens or "that thing" happens.
 We hit that point flying when the PATRIOT Act passed."

Do we really need all those rights?
Dubya's a man we can trust - he's an oilman!
We recommend you just lie back and enjoy it.
Bend over for your overlords - we did - why not?
Trust Dubya and Whistle Dick. Trust your government!
What do you have to lose?

Subject: Halliburton/Gitmo Contract

    About your comment about the probable size of the Halliburton contract for the new cells in Cuba
being probably over $100M instead of $10M - shoulda read the linked article!  To quote:

    "But the Pentagon suggested on Friday that the facility could grow even more
and that the contract could eventually total as much as *$300 million* if additional
options were exercised over the next four years."

    OPTIONS?!  I thought this was a contract to build a prison, not a stock
deal!  How could a $9.8M deal to build a bunch of torture chambers - uh, I
mean prison vells - POSSIBLY escalate by a factor of more than 30 times?!

    Actually, if you do the math, 204 cells @ $9.8M translates into, for $300M, 6,245 cells!!
I wonder who they're got in mind for all that prison space?  And, where are they going to put them all?
    Must be a lot of dirty money in need of a government laundromat.


 Howard, that just proves when you'ru trying to pin down B.F.E.E. global greed, you first take your
 wildest guess and then multiply that times three.  PLUS, if they're confessing to $300M now, you can bet
 they're stealing a cool billion, cause gubment contracts always run over by a factor of at least three.

 Some day, history books will say nobody saw the B.F.E.E. takeover coming,
 except one obscure, under-funded tequila treehouse called  bartcop.com

 The Little Guy Takes It On The Chin -- And In The Wallet
    by Arianna Huffington

  Click  Here

 "Itís the first law of politico-dynamics: You sign a Presidentís checks, heíll sign your bill.
 Anyone can buy public policy, but itís not cheap. If you have to ask, you probably canít afford it."

 The '"Enough!" - President snorts' Asticle*


"Clearly, in a region where we desperately need friends and supporters,
 their number is dwindling, and we are increasingly on the defensive." 

Subject: You Are Brilliant ... and right on

Thanks -- Lloyd S

Dear Lloyd,

Somehow, your e-mail was accidentally routed to me - BartCop.
I wanted to let you know so you could re-send to the proper recipient.



 We need an Independent Investigation of the B.F.E.E.
  Please join us in demanding it.


Subject: Zero Excellence for Faux

Here comes news that the Faux Propaganda Network was shut out in Emmy nominations.
Shocking.  There is NO category for "Arm of the RNC"?

This morning the 3 Twits in the Morning (officially, "Faux and Friends") were absolutely
spewing their wingnut venom: Everything was either, "Are the Dems playing politics?" and
"Is it CLINTON's responsibility?" It's always 1-2-3, Number 1-  being "Hail to the Thief,"
then those other two.  Come to think of it, the CAUSES of the lack of nominations MUST be that
"the Dems are playing politics" and "It's CLINTON's fault." 

They have the answers that fit ANY situation.

John G

Democrats always do good.
GOP always robs us blind.

Subject: Vote for Bartfest Guest

I'd like to hear Stephen Sacco, True King of Israel and Rightful Ruler of All Palestine speak at Bartfest.
And I think he should get a big, big, huge speaking fee.  And free booze.  And girls, lots and lots of girls.

A Concerned Citizen

Subject: freepers are using credit card fraud again

The freepers are engaging in a credit card attack on the Clinton Library, making donations
of a few cents that will cost the Library a lot of money. This is what they did to Julie!

Here's one thread from November calling for the attacks. http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/fr/565748/posts

A newer thread was pulled by Robinson in the last couple of days. But the initial post on
that thread was preserved and is copied as follows, titled "How To Bankrupt the Clinton Library"

Freepers: Go to the Clinton Presidential Library's contribution form.  Enter one cent as your donation.
Put in your credit card info and send it. It costs them maybe 25 cents to process, and I bet dollars to
donuts nobody reviews them before processing; they just go through in a batch.
If a lot of people did this all in one month, then they'd end up with a huge negative balance.

ha ha

When was the like time a ditto-monkey outsmarted The Big Dog?

I feel so sorry for those Freepers.
They live and breathe the inside of Clinton's zipper.
They always have, since April of 1992, and they can' t even get a taste!

They are in severe CC withdrawal and they can't stand never getting any.

Thanks to Chookie for these

 Bush Official: One More Attack, Goodbye Civil Rights
        By Chris Floyd   Global Eye -- Strange Fruit
   Click  Here

 The acorns of any presidential administration never fall very far from the tree -- thus,
 the remarks made last week by one of George W. Bush's appointees to the U.S.
 Civil Rights Commission give us a pretty fair indication of what the future will look
 like if the Regime's seeds of tyranny ever come to full flower.

 Bush emissary Peter Kirsanow told a Detroit crowd last week that America could
 "forget about civil rights" if there is another terrorist attack on the United States by
 "the same ethnic group that attacked the World Trade Center," the Detroit Free Press reports.


 Bankruptcy Bill Goes After Consumers in Hard Times
  While WorldCom, Enron Remain Protected  (friends of Dubya)
  Group Calls Bankruptcy Bill Unfair

  Click  Here

"There is a double standard in Washington that says it's OK for corporations to get

  a full range of bankruptcy protections, but consumers should be left to struggle on their own."

Democrats always do good.
GOP always robs us blind.

 We've had a request for some ani-gifs of Ann Coulter, author of "Slender.".

 Must as you're tempted, don't make them X-rated, OK?



 From: Stalker Number 3
 You wrote:

>"These [Bush} people ran on responsibility, but as soon as you scratch them they go straight to blame.
>  Now you know, I didn't blame his father for Somalia  ...I didn't do that."
>      -- Bill Clinton, reminding us that HE never sent a man into battle who didn't come home.

 The Somailia disaster occured nine months into Clinton's term, of course he couldn't blame Bush.
 Remember, it was Clinton who turned down the request for tanks and other equipment that could have
 prevented the death of many of the servicemen over there. 

 No, Bush sent those men into the desert without the proper equipment.
 That's my whole point. 
 Why didn't Bush give those men the tools they needed?
 Bush's CIA knew Al Qaeda was all over Somalia, but he sent those men in naked.
 Why did he do that?
 Did his old friend Osama break a promise?

 Remember, Bush sent those men over there at Christmas to feed the starving so his legacy would
 show what a tender, caring and compassionate man he was.  Instead, he got our boys killed.

 It is one thing for you to support Clinton, but to ignore his responsiblity for the Somalia mess
 and the deaths of those US servicemen over there makes you just another member of the whore media.

 First, a whore gets paid, I don't.
 My opinions are my own, Mr Scaife hasn't liked anything I've written, so he hasn't sent any money.

 Second, why do ditto-monkeys see such a catastrophe when Bush's mission went bad and 21 brave men
 lost their lives, but when Reagan sent 241 men to their deaths, that fact is always glossed over?

 Even a ditto-monkey can add and subtract, ...probably.

 Tell me, Sir, which is the greater tragedy?
  The 21 lives lost when Bush bungled Somalia?
  Or the 241 lives lost when Reagan bungled Lebanon?

 Of course, ditto-monkeys always answer "Somalia,"
 because Saint Reagan's memory can't be tainted by the facts.

 BartFest2002 - Party of the Year

 Southwest Airlines
 Ontario is $19 to Las Vegas
 Burbank is $19 to Las Vegas
 Los Angeles is $19 to Las Vegas
 Orange County is $19 to Las Vegas

 Make your own hotel reservations.


 Big News: Nothing yet, but that could change in a heartbeat.

 Who would you like to see at BartFest in Las Vegas??

 Let's vote, in alphabetical order:
 (Hint: We're not going to get either Clinton.)

 Paul Begala
 Al Gore
 Ted Kennedy
 Gene Lyons
 Susan McDougal

 Who else?
 Other: __________

 Also, vote for TWO people.
 This is a PARTY!

 Vote here --->  and put your answer in the subject box, OK?
 Comments are welcome, as are other suggestions you may have.

 Y'know, in a way, it's kind of exciting - the danger behind the BartFest.
 Right now, it's still a cozy get-together with just a few friends.

 But if the special guests come thru, it'll grow like Ari Fliescher's nose.
 On the other hand, I can't officially invite the special guests without a budget, but I'm inclined
 to roll the dice - and invite them - and "bet on the come" as they say at the crap tables.

 Can my credit cards stand the strain?

 Isn't this exciting?
 When I'm gambling, I'd much rather have a pool cue in my hand.

 Back in the Hard Rock Island days, we'd book a really expensive band for the weekend,
 but then we had seven ice storms on seven consecutive Fridays in 1986.
 I lost my ass.
 Not only do you have to pay the band, but, expecting a big crowd, we had to stock up
 on extra whiskey, extra beer, more bouncers, more waitresses, more advertising, etc.

 We have two really, really exciting "bands" who we're trying to convince to play.
 If Vegas doesn't have an ice storm ( ha ha ) this might actually work out.

 Of course, the smart move is to keep this low-key and not go out on a limb,
 but my IQ of 64 wants more, more, more.

 This may turn out like the Hard Rock - we had the time of our life but we lost $40K.
 NO way I could lose $40K this September in Vegas,
 and we're guaranteed to have a monster weekend, so it's a win-win, right?
 ha ha

 16 days from today...The Rio will ask "Bart, you in or out?"

 Isn't this exciting?

 September 28th -  tickets on sale!

                                                   The most exciting city in the world.

37. Indoor Sky Diving
 As a first time flyer, participants attend a 15-minute safety training class.
 Body control techniques and safety procedures are discussed. Your flight suit
 and all protective equipment is included with your flight ticket. Participants fly in
 a column of air 12 feet across and 21 feet high moving at airspeeds up to 120 MPH.
38. Map of how to get to Area 51

 You've read what people said about our first gathering.
 We intend to top that in Sin City come September.

39. Rent a Harley - Cruise the Strip in style  From Dave's 100 things to do in Vegas

 Click  Here  to see Bart's 39 (so far) things to do in Vegas.

 Click  Here  to see Dave's 100 Things to do in Vegas

 Talk to me!

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  With a crooked president and a paid-off Supreme Court, I know it's tough to survive.
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The eternal gratitude of the entire BartCop Team, and the
   satisfaction of knowing you have made the hammer higher.

  We're spreading the truth about Dim Son and Whistle Dick Cheney.
  Help if you can, if you can't, that's OK, too.

 Subject: BartCop is getting smarter

 As you suggested, I checked out issue #104 and found this juicy little tidbit (in answer to first MM):

    "You know, I have an IQ just under 60..."

 Now Bart, I have always known you to claim an IQ of 64.
 When did you get an upgrade?


 Wallace P.

 Wallace, happy honeymooning!

 Actually, that "under 60" test was given by Catholics.
 I had another more recent test done trying to get into Mensa.
 (I hope that fella who was laughing so hard he fell off his chair and broke his wrist is OK)

Thanks to Chookie for these.

 Enronomics, energy enemas and corporate bad boys
   by Molly Ivins

  Click  Here

 If the choice is between some ideological pinhead like Tom DeLay - The Wall Street Journal
 once asked DeLay if there was any regulation on the books that he favored retaining, and he replied,
 "I can't think of one" - and Sen. Joe Lieberman, who has totally sold out to the accounting industry,
 what's to choose?

 Anyway, the "Litigation Reform Act" (beware anything with tort "reform" in the title) among other things
 made it harder to sue executives and accountants - lawsuits that the corporate world invariably describe
 as "frivolous." This is the bill that made accounting firms "sue-proof" for aiding and abetting securities fraud.

 Hey - who you calling pinhead?

 They read it in Valasske Mezirící.
 They read it in Ubon Ratchathani.
 They read it in PittsburgH where the Cowboy-stomping Steelers play.


BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you.
 BartCop, over 90 different tequilas at the Hard Rock.....
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

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